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    • And they are having a covid investigation! Much face lost. (even if it’s only a 2wk inquiry which CCP have control over and won’t be worth the paper its written on, it gets a little lol)

  1. migtronixMEMBER

    I have the best words. Now nobody gets to see them…

    Big Tech is really very terrible, i mean they let me create an account for nothing. Can you believe it? Nobody can believe it. Lots of people tell me they don’t even notice that I’m gone. Many people, many many people, its really amazing you know. We will not like, we will not retweet, and we will never ever post a même. Can’t do it!

    • I’ll forgive and forget
      If you say, you’ll never go
      ‘Cos it’s true what they say
      It’s better the devil you know

    • When the pool cracks and shifts, tipping into the harbour, taking the north pylon with it, guess who will get the contract to rebuild the bridge?

    • alwaysanonMEMBER

      We do want to keep them in business so they have the money/responsibility to fix their buildings…

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Fascinating case. While the USA legal system is very separate to Aust, and the Flint case had both bad decisions and huge delays, it does open the notion in Aust about how bad an official decision can be before criminal charges should be laid.

    • Brain washing .. programming through de your fingertips: social media, MSM cinema, TV, streaming, magazines, books, literature, popular culture – mould, education, religion etc…plenty welded shut many simply closed…and some folk no idea the key is to open your own mind rather than leaving keys laying about so anyone can can get in and drive:)

      • Reminds me of a discussion I heard on a radio program years ago.

        Person 1: There is absolutely no evidence that TV, movies, and radio programs have any effect on people, or their behaviour.
        Person 2: Sure, so why do you charge for advertising?
        Person 1: Good question.


        ^ Precisely!
        ‘Question’ authority has become ‘obey’ authority in a stunningly brief period of time.
        Couldn’t possibly correspond with explosion of big n little tech systems.
        No swimming upstream anymore; was formerly respected. Current is now too strong.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Brainwashing isn’t about “welding shut” anything, it’s about leveraging suggestibility into innate concetes such you are certain the suggestion was nothing of the sort and is instead a universal truth.

        Case in point: the insurrectionists riot in DC was nothing of the sort and no buildings were set on fire. But you know, because they didn’t listen to us, *now*, we should suceded and/or rise up against them.

  2. Here’s a thought that I can’t get out of my head
    Did Dick Cheney play a role in the Don’s final downfall?
    His dislike of the Don is no secret and he always was a sneaky ba5tard
    I wonder if it happened something like this
    1) remove as many of the Don’s team as possible (especially those that rescue him from his own excesses)
    2) Maybe pay some activists to get a little out of hand, but make sure they’re not the ones that get arrested
    3) Ensure that the Capitol Police underestimates the security team needed to handle Don’s Mob
    4) Sit back and enjoy the show
    I know that the Don doesn’t need anyone’s help to create the Stupidity we all observed, but wouldn’t it be funny if the Republican old guard actually had a hand in the Don’s demise all 100% deniable naturally
    From my experience, Killing two birds with one stone has all the hallmarks of a Dick Cheney move
    not to forget (Halliburton is the Precious) Pity I can’t find that Classic Robin Willimans standup routine

    • I wouldn’t put anything past the former VP (aka c#nt) Cheney….since Trump’s greatest achievement has been pealing back the curtain and exposing the GOP for what it is, so yeah interesting theory that Cheney would want that pushed back into the shadows.

      • Interesting that Liz Cheney has joined the anti – D camp. Too bad she threw her gay sister under the bus. Just like Tones.

      • Talking about “the shadows”
        wouldn’t Eric Prince be the perfect person to orchestrate this whole shindig? (Not forgetting Project Veritas)
        Eric certainly knows all the right people to get the ball rolling and could probably lend a hand with the Capitol Police (check on how many of these Capital security are ex Blackwater employees)
        Hmmm Can anyone think of any reason that Eric might owe Dick a favor ? Or maybe it’s the other way around
        If there is anything to this, All I can say is well played Dick and good riddance Don
        Business as usual was always very profitable for me, so I definitely wouldn’t say no to a well paid gig inside a reborn Blackwater…see what I mean? lots of reasons to believe that this is what might have happened.

          • This is a comments section, therefore no evidence required. (Has someone done up the Phil Collins album cover to say that? If not, they should.) Pose a theory, set it free. May it find someone who can yell loud enough at people for whom it scratches the itch about whatever it is that is bothering them.

          • Evidence??? Why the F#ck would you leave evidence lying around?
            Secure comms (No problem)
            Experienced people who’ve kept their mouths shut for years already through worse than this
            A system that’s not interested searching for nor finding these answer (especially after its all said and done)
            Fait accompli