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    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      I could not read the locked article, but the reason superannuation was compulsory was due to the argument people would not save enough on their own…. so why give some choice on super vs wages? Keep it simple and either mandate the super increase or don’t. There is already a path to make voluntary contributions for those that would want more Super.
      A mandated wage increase is also very interesting, once it has been done i can see bodies like ACOSS calling for future increases.

  1. COVID everywhere by winter

    There’s no herd immunity happening in 2021 or ever I’m guessing. Hopefully it happens, but the odds seems against it. I think around April we’ll see cases dropping in Europe but that will be due to the change of seasons more than anything. No doubt they’ll attribute it to the vaccines.

    Isn’t anyone disturbed by the fact that China want to go to war over a diplomatic trip to Taiwan. Surely this proves we can’t have any trust or relationship with China.

    • Re: China. They’d made clear their position on Taiwan. The flailing empire (USA) is having one last spasm of stupidity before they get ejected from power. Witness the expansion of the ‘state sponsors of terrorism list’. Cuba, FFS.

      China won’t start a war over the visit. But western nations have helped China grow to the point where that threat is no longer idle.

      Ask yourself, what was the visit meant to accomplish? In the dying days of the administration?

      • Dual purpose of illustrating to the world just how extreme the CCP authoritarian urge is becoming and to also demonstrate solidarity with an imperilled and friendly sovereign democratic state and to demonstrate that liberal democracies will stand together against tyranny.

        That not enough for you ?

  2. desmodromicMEMBER

    Re article on deforestation in Australia. A few years ago a scientific paper concluded that the settled areas (urban and agricultural) in Australia were more cleared than in Europe. If that sounds fantastic or impossible watch the Tour de France and wonder at the wooded valleys and forests. Then fly from Adelaide to Melbourne or Sydney and realise that everything that is a uniform gold colour is cleared woodland, for wheat and sheep. Or look at a satellite image and note the line scratched across SW WA or VIC where we suddenly stopped in the 1980s. The devastation to natural systems is immense. In the meantime, Qld is demanding the right to catch up to the southern states and do the same.


    Auckland Council building up for sale as thousands of staff work from home … Todd Niall … Stuff NZ

    The trend of working from home has helped Auckland Council clear one of its downtown office buildings, which could now be put up for sale.

    The council said thousands of corporate staff are averaging one day a week doing their jobs away from the office.

    Bledisloe House in the CBD, which once housed 1000 staff, is now largely empty with most moved across the road into the council’s Albert St headquarters.

    The practice of working from home was boosted during the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020. In the council’s case, up to 5000 people were working remotely at the time. … read more via hyperlink above …

  4. As a non-Australian resident, Ms Casas is not eligible for public medical benefits and can only access minimal financial assistance through her health insurance.

    Adding to the difficultly of her situation, Ms Casas said she cannot return to Columbia as she will not be eligible for any health services and subsequently needs to fund her student visa to remain in Australia to seek treatment.

    • What was she doing for a crust while here? She has no money no insurance etc. 35 year old student ?? Could the” job” she was doing in Australia caused this??

  5. bolstroodMEMBER

    Earth losing roughly 1% to 2% of its insects annually, new studies suggest – CBC
    and this
    and this
    These are the reports being sidelined by the antics of political idiots around the world.
    What is more important here?
    Craig Kelly, Trump, Michael MacCormack, Kevin Rudd, Pompaeo
    are doing a great job of distracting from the snowballing extinction of life on Earth.

  6. NEW ZEALAND … Building Consents … November 2020 … Statistics NZ …

    Residential building consents jump in November, partly as COVID catchup, partly encouraged by very strong demand for housing where supply is very constrained … David Chaston … Interest Co NZ

    The annual number of new homes consented in the North Island was 29,310 in November 2020, the highest number since the regional series began in March 1991, Stats NZ said today.

    Nationally, the number of new homes consented in the year to November 2020 was 38,624, up 4.2% from 2019. The national annual total is the highest since July 1974, when 38,904 new homes were consented.

    “Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, and Taranaki had record levels of new homes consented in the November 2020 year. These consents are an intention to build, and most home construction is completed within a year or two after a consent is granted, though COVID-19 may have caused delays for some projects,” construction statistics manager Michael Heslop said. …

    … concluding …

    … Tasman is the one region where consent levels are consistently high, and they reached 10 per 1000 residents in the year to November, a level they haven’t exceeded for 17 years. Auckland has recovered from its long slumber reaching 9.5/1000 residents this year and its highest ever. Christchurch is a relatively high 9.0 on this basis. Most other regions are much lower however at about half this level or less and that helps set up a “low supply” situation that underpins high house prices – and declining affordability.
    Building Consents Issues – November 2020 – Statistics NZ
    Australia detached housing construction … massive lift …