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  1. Manhattan’s long term decline …

    Stunning Brick & Mortar Meltdown, Manhattan Style: The Collapse of Retail Rents Before & Now During the Pandemic … Wolfstreet

    What an Ugly Year for Manhattan Luxury Condos & Co-ops, But the Market Came Unglued in 2016 … Wolfstreet

  2. Bond yield trends …

    Stocks rise and bond yields march higher, as investors focus on economic recovery, instead of Trump turmoil and COVID crisis … Business Insider

    Federal Reserve speakers have signalled they could be less likely to add to any stimulus packages and that the rise in Treasury yields is a welcome sign the central bank’s policies are working.
    Euro zone bond yields rise on U.S. reflation trade … Nasdaq com

    Rising Treasury Yields Flash a Warning Sign … OPINION … Mohamed A. El-Erian … Bloomberg


    Debt repayment issues in highly-indebted BRI countries: risks and opportunities in the new year

    “But there are a few outliers of countries that are particularly exposed to China: Tonga, Vanuatu, Djibouti, Congo Republic, Cambodia, Samoa, Lao PDR, Maldives, Angola, and Comoros will have to pay 25% to 75% of their total debt service to China between 2021 to 2024. “

    • UK Variant of the Chinese Virus

      The CCP are just less subtle in destroying someone than the left in the western world.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      ANT Group’s foray into lending is the last straw. I expect Jack Ma to die from a mishap while climbing a wall to take a selfie, and then his will says everything he owns will be donated to a charity with the son of Xi Jingping as the sole director.

      • All about private label introducing systemic risk which ultimately becomes sovereign risk, one might ask if the Chinese learned anything from the U.S. induced GFC.

        Then again I seem to remember back in Newtons days as Exchequer what the penalties were for messing with sovereign related issues, could argue there is historical precedent that transcends ideological dog whistles.