Can Labor break Keating’s China chokehold?

Who knows? All of the evidence says not. But it needs to happen, at the AFR is former Costello staffer David Alexander:

The benign view of the rise of authoritarian China, a view underpinning three decades of policymakers pressing for ever greater integration with that country, suffered a mortal blow when the superpower handed over its list of 14 grievances against Australia…What the 14 grievances made clear was that authoritarian China expected Australia to fundamentally subsume its rights as an independent liberal democratic country and bow to Chinese government interests.

…The collapse of the benign China assumption has been difficult for Australian policymaking elites to process. Our integration with China was supposed to provide us with security, and now it’s being used against us. The author and prime promoter of Australian integration with Asia, Paul Keating, has become increasingly intemperate as the cracks in his vision have grown wider…Keating’s praise for the Chinese government has become extreme in recent years (‘‘the best government in the world in the last 30 years. Full stop’’). He belittles the concern that Australians have about authoritarianism (‘‘Don’t get too hung up on the words democrat and democracy’’). He has insulted our security agency chiefs for combating Chinese interference in our political system (‘‘the nutters are in charge’’) and called for the Australian government to ‘‘clean them out’’. He has said Australia should ‘‘cut the tag’’ with United States’ foreign policy and seek a better relationship with China.

The bullying of Australia by the regional superpower raises wider questions about the Keating drive to integrate and redefine ourselves as an Asian country. Are we being drawn – or pushed – into a Sinosphere of authoritarian influence that is fundamentally inimical to our values and interests? Why would we want to be an Asian country if that means being forced by the regional hegemon to forgo our liberal democratic nature?

Whether it is Asian engagement is beside the point. It could be Martian engagement and the conclusion would be the same. It is self-evident that Australia can have no part in it. As it would be to any free people. Indeed, Australians see it precisely this way:

That it is not self-evident to the Australian Labor Party or the ABC tells you just one thing: the CCP chokehold on their collective imaginations is strong.

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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Back when ah were a lad we were taught that there were 5 continents and straya was one of them

    By a bit of historical luck one of them ended up as one country with one language ( first peoples plight recognised ) . Why would such a country rush to be part of another continent if it didn’t have to ? Unless of course Asia ( China ) would like to subsume it .

    Bapak Keating was wrong and most Australians never bought in to his vision as this latest survey clearly shows

    The thing is, will what could not be achieved by sneaky
    underhanded operations still be achieved by political capture ….or in the end by force .

    Those 14 demands should be a mighty wake up call

    Now how are house prices going and are we still selling our children’s homes as part of the great integration ?

    • “Bapak Keating was wrong and most Australians never bought in to his vision as this latest survey clearly shows”

      Not saying I disagree with you, BUT, considering voters gave us Morrison, Abbott, Taylor, Christensen, Joyce etc doesn’t mean they can necessarily think. And afai can recall Keating wasn’t talking China, it was Asia as a whole.

      • Fairly cheap shot against some LNP folk there.
        You do realise that there are people outside of your friendship/social media bubble who think differently.
        Couple of years ago I saw an ABC documentary on the aftermath of one of the cyclones in Far North Queensland which featured quite a number of the locals plus Bob Katter. It was quite a shock to realise that the sanest voice in that entire program was “Mad as a” Katter himself. And all these folk are all Aussies and have the same 1 vote as you do.
        Unfortunately being an elite thinker like yourself makes you a minority, especially if the ignorance of the majority is used to oppress you. Exploiting that ignorance requires a conman’s skills, at which Trump shows sustained elite performance.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Yes it was Asia as a whole
        And just before the election that Keating lost
        his foreign minister Gareth Gareth Evans was furiously back peddling on the “we are part of Asia “ position
        …but just think how easier it would be for bully China
        to control if we were just another little Asian country .

  2. I know people who have voted Labor all there life. They wont be voting Labor at the next election.

    Why? … Because of China.

    Its pretty clear that Labor wants to lose another election.

  3. I’m not confident that they can. The CCP United front has been working on them for DECADES. Working for the CCP is what all of them plan/planned to do post politics.

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