American democracy rocks!

Grab those pearls! America is falling apart.

If I have to read this one more time from some mainstream media hysteric then I will convert to Islam.

America is not falling apart. Last week’s little riot in the US Capitol was prosecuted by a small number of frustrated, delusional loons.  To describe it as an attempted coup is like calling Australia a world power.

Given the state of the US today – halfway through a depression, on track for more dead from COVID-19 than in WWII, vicious class warfare on the poor, and a dying media – four dead in a brief and vacuous occupation of halls of power is so infinitesimal that we need a microscope to see it.

Yet the response by the mainstream media was every bit as overblown as the event was small. Apparently, this brief venting of rage by a few deranged souls in a nation with pandemic post-traumatic stress is the ‘end of the democracy’ and an ‘attempted coup’.

Poppycock. November 6 hardly registers as a protest event. It’s so small and pointless that it is insulting to compare it to post-GFC sit-ins; the marches against Iraq; the civil wars of Vietnam; the Rodney King riots; the civil rights wars, let alone shifting back in time to the formative years of American civil strife.

Indeed, at least the loons had enough get up and go to riot. Which is a damn side more constructive than all of the commentary about them, not to mention the endless torrent of fake social media response. On the day that actual US democracy (that is, the will of the people not a few disgruntled loons) threw Donald Trump, his party and his supporters onto the scrap heap of history, why did the MSM spend billions of minutes and column inches fixated with a dog that face-planted when it unexpectedly caught a car!

Last week was the affirmation of US democracy. Civil disorder sometimes takes a diversion down a rabbit hole. Is it so shocking to realise that some among us are bonkers? It is healthy for us to exercise our freedoms, even with disorder and even on pointlessness, if by doing so it helps demarcate what is sane and utilitarian.

That is not to say that occasionally those trip-ups don’t turn into yawning gulfs that swallow civility. Nor that we should not be on our guard for such. But last week was not that. It was so far from it that it says much more about weak-kneed observers than it does the event itself; the keyboard warriors so obsessed with symbolism over substance and offending nobody over freedom.

On the contrary, last week’s US politics was, ironically, a sign of fantastic hope for American democracy. The Biden Administration was voted into both houses of parliament on a platform to address the deepest underpinnings of America’s social divisions. This is not the apotheosis of Trump, it is his political end. Democrats can now pass reform to rebuild the working-class states lost by their previous globalist presidents to Trump’s populism. In particular, the vital mid-Western rust belt.

Joe Biden’s key policy ideas were all born of class war rectification:

  • raising corporate taxes;
  • raising capital gains taxes;
  • doubling the minimum wage;
  • expanding health care, and
  • a new infrastructure and green agenda.

In other words, through traumatised, virus choked lungs, America just coughed up a full-throated roar for the Biden Administration to address the anger that created Trump’s loons in the first place: the material disenfranchisement of poverty, inequity and class.

This is the first truly hopeful sign of potential healing in the American polity since Bill Clinton began the slide. Including the failed presidency of Wall St’s plaything, Barack Obama.

I might add, a not dissimilar platform was rejected in Australia at our last election, led by our self-righteous, realty-owned MSM. I can only wish that Australia had the same gumption and insight. If only we would also look beyond identity and culture wars that incense our pointless press, and drive to madness those ruined by the forgotten class wars of a left turned globalist useful idiot.

If it cost four lives and a bit of puke of the Congress floor to shunt America back towards basic class politics then, by god, we should all be deeply thankful.  It would be cheap at one million times the price.

American democracy rules and more power to it!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. It’s true that change doesn’t come from complacency. There is plenty of anger in the US, much of it misdirected but at least they have woken from their slumber. I suspect the MSM will continue to distract from what is causing this buildup of anger but hopefully you are correct in thinking Biden’s policies may be on the right path.

  2. “working-class states lost by their previous globalist”
    I sincerely hope you are right.I am worried they will mostly focus into “cancelling” the anger with the help of unnamed silicon valley IT guys and pass another insane Patriot Act (Biden basically wrote the first one), full on woke instead of solving the causes.They got financed by every single Wallstreet/large corp I doubt they will turn their back on them

    We will see (anyway the GOP is gonna be relieved of not having Trump & al around)

    • Globalization – outsourcing of simple jobs that do not require much education or training to the third world – has caused widespread resentment. But one must remember that the US has also been a huge beneficiary of said globalization due to its unique status as the sole issuer of the world’s reserve currency. The third world countries who collectively “stole” the US jobs actually parked their proceeds in a large part in the US treasury notes.

      The isolationism advocated by Trump, if materialized, would inevitably spell the end of the US’s unique status as the sole issuer of the world’s reserve currency. It may be a good thing for the world, and for the US, as the US will no longer be able to effortlessly generate its wealth at will. But I doubt that the spoilt Americans understand what Not living beyond their means might mean after the decades of overindulgence. Are they really ready for such a seismic shift?

        • The benefit does not necessarily trickle down evenly to all. But you can be certain that the tax burden would have been materially higher for all US tax payers.

          The plain fact of the matter is that the US would no longer be able to fund its military expenditure without the printing press. So, its military might will shrink materially, which incidentally is what Trump was trying to do by pulling out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.

          What might follow is anyone’s guess, but you don’t need to be an Einstein to figure out that President Putin and Chairman Xi would be among the most delighted.

          • Its military might is sliding for more fundamental reasons. A reduced focus on and failure to understand that technology is fundamental to wealth generation. An economy that produces very little ‘physical’ product which then flows through to the need for a less sophisticated workforce and a reduced emphasis on science, maths and technology. These weaken military capabilities and national security that no amount of debt will address. A diminished ability to manufacture amplifies the Triffin Paradox. I don’t think the Russians give a stuff but China is a whole different animal that wants to be the next big boy on the block

          • You are confusing the cause and the effect. The “fundamental to wealth generation”, as you put it, is incompatible with the USD as the world’s reserve currency status – see below ( ).

            Historically, after the WWII, the US at the time thought it was a good idea. After all, the US was the sole superpower back then, with the USSR’s homeland devastated by the Germans and without its nuclear arsenal just yet. The US, which accounted for more than 50% of the world’s GDP by itself at the time, could afford to let its industrial base deteriorate a bit for the sake of controlling the world by becoming the sole issuer of the world’s reserve currency. Or so it appeared.

            The trouble is, the US kept the same policy for several decades. The chronic current account deficits that were necessary to maintain its reserve currency status inevitably took the toll.

      • The USD is long in the tooth for a reserve currency and in my opinion being run out, to be replaced by digital. I MF, dear Christine Schwab and all are in agreement and there is a Fintech statement out from the IMF. Digital money by Facebook, Twitter google and all. PayPal has Bitcoin. Ukraine has Stella, USA banks legally now have Stable coin.

        • Be that as it may, the structural problem of the USD’s reserve currency status is that it is incompatible with the US running current account surpluses. The reason is obvious.

          If the US runs current account surpluses, more USD would flow into the US than out of the US, and the rest of the world will run out of USD sooner or later. Then, USD cannot possibly serve as the world’s reserve currency. In other words, the chronic current account deficits and the endless devaluation of USD have been an essential feature of the USD’s reserve currency status over the last several decades – there is no way around it. The trouble is, as the US kept running chronic CADs, more and more US assets ended up in the hands of the foreigners, which was also inevitable. And the average Americans didn’t like this, for a good reason.

          Trump wanted to end this. It may end anyway for the reasons you listed. It is just not healthy that the US can effortlessly generate its wealth at will by simply pressing the button of the printing press.

      • Strange Economics

        And most young people are on the Bank of Mum and Dad funded from the overpriced houses of the property ponzi…They are not going to man the barricades.

        Gee perhaps the Govt could copy Bidens agenda,,, double capital gains tax for a start…

  3. I can’t decide whether the phenomenal minimisation of this weeks events are outweighed by the wild misplaced optimism in a Biden presidency, or vice versa.

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        This was executed with all the bumbling incompetence of the rest of his presidency and more closely resembles the beer hall Putsch than the night of the long knives.

        The German state’s response after the BHP was proportionate to the effect of the event, but not its intention. The result was that the enemies of the German state learned they would not face serious consequences for insurrection, and the next time were more effective in implementing their fascism.

        This is the real risk of a response that does take into account what these people were actually trying to accomplish. It leaves the less incompetent enemies of the country emboldened, more likely to try again and more effectively when they do because they have learned from the initial reality TV grade attempts.

        • “The German state’s response after the BHP was proportionate to the effect of the event, but not its intention. The result was that the enemies of the German state learned they would not face serious consequences for insurrection, and the next time were more effective in implementing their fascism.”
          Precisely. Which is why Trump needs to be impeached and prevented from running again. And prosecuted. And foot soldiers prosecuted. They have committed crimes against the State and they need to come down hard on the insurrectionists so that they don’t come back with something more competent.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            Much along the lines of what I am thinking. The optics of doing so are problematic for a range of reasons, further entrenching the persecution complex of the right and radicalising more members being the most dangerous of them. For me the historically demonstrated existential threat of inaction balances out the potential short term issues. Will be interesting to see if the democrat establishment is willing to take a stand.

    • Hey, Mig, do you still hold onto your bitcoins? I recall from my dumpling days that you went long bitcoins several years ago when they were very cheap? Your call on NST back then was also spot on.

        • Thank you troll. You refer to the unionist riot in 1996. Where no-one got as far as the Parliamentary chambers, let alone the Ministerial offices. Where the most damage done was to the entry hall and the gift shop filled with political memoirs. Bad but no gallows, no zip ties, no plan to overthrow the government. The two are not remotely equivalent. The US do not want to wait until these insurrectionists become competent, they need to come down on them like a tonne of bricks enough that no-one tries it again.

          • During a number of hours on the 6th there was no VP and no head of senate. Ie only King Trump with executive orders. But yeah little riot

          • The thing is though, the building is not magical. Walking into the oval office does not suddenly make every single person in the US obey your every command. It is purely ceremonial, the power exists by people consenting to give it to you. Invading the office of the president doesn’t give you the power of being president unless the people consent that you should have it, either of their own volition or under threat of violence. I can’t see this mob having the numbers to mount a military force able to overthrow Washington police , let alone US military.

        • bjw678, what happens in most coups in 3rd world countries? They take the ceremonial seat of power, for good reason.

          I still can’t find it in me to call it a coup, but they can’t be allowed to get away with what they did, but more importantly, Trump and his Rep Party supporters can’t be allowed to get away with it.

          • “They take the ceremonial seat of power, for good reason.”
            Yes, but FIRST they take the police stations, military bases and media broadcast facilities, airportsa and a whole heap of other important things. The coup is done by the time they are photo oping the presidential palace.

          • Nope. In Ukraine they didn’t do any of that for instance. They stormed the presidential Palace

  4. UK Variant of the Chinese Virus

    Correct. Compared to the riots over the US summer the riot last week was relatively peaceful and involving a relatively small number of people, there was no significant property damage to the government building.

    Their leader has basically been gagged by every major media organisation in the US and turned into a pariah. I’m not even sure he incited the riot. “Fight like hell” is a metaphor not a war cry.

    Compare it to the damage done to the Hong Kong Legislative Council last year where it was graffitied and ransacked, entire city business distracts were invaded by extremist groups in the US during their summer and set up as “autonomous zones”, Walmarts ransacked (I don’t understand how stealing a TV helps any groups plight), government buildings were defaced, small businesses burned to the ground. Many political figures who egged the rioters on still have social media accounts and are even in Congress today.

    Anyone ever asked what happened to all those BLM protests? It’s like they just stopped two months ago even though nothing has changed for black people in that time.

    No, BLM was about politics. It was about getting Biden elected. There won’t be another BLM riot for four years, black on black violent crime will still continue unabated.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      The Trump supporter “riot” was also far less interesting than when Rage Against the Machine forced the New York Stock Exchange to close 20+ years ago.

      Interestingly in that film clip there was a sign that said “Trump for President”……

      • UK Variant of the Chinese Virus

        They weren’t burning or looting last weekend. The most violent person was some stupid woman who tried to jump into police pointing guns in her direction.

        Whereas the riots during the US summer were incredibly violent and incredibly destructive and lasted for weeks on end.

  5. And what do we think those who still support Trump will do on Biden Inauguration Day? Stay at home or grab a flag and march to the event and protest? Nope. They’ll be stopped from doing that; put back in their boxes – one way or another. Can’t have any dissent against the status quo can we!
    ” He’ll take the oath in the traditional way, but all the inaugural festivities are going to be 80% — what you call virtual.”

  6. Mr Biden made the first of many bad decisions over the weekend in rushing out first doses of vaccine to people instead of holding back their second dose…same as Boris. I expect the tax increases promised to not eventuate or become minimal……because ( insert nonsense reason here )….Mr Biden is not the man the times demand.

    From the start of the year the new Civil Code gives legality to their social credit system in the PRC. In Russia from !st April all computers, smartphones and smart TVs must contain certain government mandated software. It seems obvious from the events of last week that in the West governments in concert with friendly media companies and intelligence agencies co-ordinated through the 5 eyes system will impose a similar censorship environment .

    All over the world freedom and dissent is being clamped down on as a prelude to the fight to the finish that is looming. The deep state in the US will probably try to colour revolution Pakistan as a first step….it is the obvious weak link in the Chinese BRI set up.

  7. Agree DLS. Fair number of Australian journos off work at the moment due to RSI from pulling themselves off all week about the capitol.

    Anyone checked on Peter Hartcher?

  8. MB going the whole hog on hyperbole

    “ If I have to read this one more time from some mainstream media hysteric then I will convert to Islam.”

    Looking forward to a televised conversion

  9. I certainly like the things Biden wants to do. But we’ll have to wait & see whether he will be able to achieve those things. I have my doubts.
    Biden also said that he wanted to cut Social Security.

      • On anything domestic, the parliament always outranks him, so don’t expect any progress on his policies. Trump was so effective at doing things on china because foreign policy is the remit of the president, not the parliament.

  10. Ronin8317MEMBER

    “The perception of power is power”, which is why protesters running rampart in Capital Hill is an important event. US democracy is crumbling. Trump ordered his followers to storm the capital to pressure Pence into rejecting the elector count. If Trump have picked Ted Cruz as Vice President, Trump would be declared the winner, the voters won’t matter anymore, and the US Supreme Court will pick the winner of the election from now on.

    The First Amendment of the United State guarantees the freedom of speech, and the MSM and tech companies have now gagged the sitting US president. This is unprecedented.

    The collapse of empires always started by the destruction of accepted norms of government, and they are being dismantled right now in the USA. Expect to see the end of filibuster, and at least two more Supreme Court justice being appointed. The checks and balances in government is being eroded.

    So convert to Islam, learn Mandarin and Russian, build an underground bunker and fill with with baked beans and toilet paper, etc. We are witnessing, in live stream, the end of an empire.

    • Meh. This is pure hysteria. The US empire is declining in a relative sense as it was always going to. That usually comes with a painful period of adjustment as the nation figures out what it wants to be next.

      Last week was step in the right direction not wrong.

      • The blatant politically partisan censorship amongst big tech comms companies which took a huge step forwards was not a step in the right direction and it wouldn’t have been attempted so brazenly without the cover of the terrible ,unprecedented, never before witnessed atrocities committed by a few dozen elderly MAGA guppies strolling around the Capital building.

          • And with that statement, all credibility gone? David, you literally just wrote a piece about mass media hyperbole, you run a blog where I don’t know, 50%? of the content is dedicated to calling out false narratives, poor research and blatant propaganda passed off as economic news and/or policy??

            Even if you believed such standards exist for all, any objective analysis would confirm they are applied on a highly subjective and selective basis, directly reflecting the bias of those self regulating it (Like when a senior editor of the NYT openly argues that there is no difference between journalism and activism and that it is her role to spread ‘the’ message to readers + countless other examples).

            While I’m in total agreeance with you that the media beat-up is next level, it shouldn’t be dismissed as simply drama for profit. Sure, that’s the business model of most media! But it is very serious business for those in politics seeking to milk this for all its worth. “Never let a crisis go to waste’ is perhaps one of a few rules that transcends all political ideology. As mentioned by others above, that is almost never a good thing for ‘democracy’.

            Corporate censorship will only increase (with zero recourse or accountability), the govt of the day will seek to grab even more power with the odds of patriot act 2.0 to short to bet on now. The act will be swallowed by the public just as the first one was and it will no doubt be so broad as to cover god knows what activities and thought crimes, with the unrestricted ability to label your own citizens as terrorists at the subjective whim of the govt of the day. Just like 911, the true attack on ‘democracy’ comes after the event and the govt that exists 1,2,4 years from now is far more likely to have the kind of authoritarian powers, and a predisposition for using them than the narcissist, reality TV trust fund baby ever had or did.

          • There’s partisan programming and messaging and then there’s complete censorship extending even beyond the proprietary channels of the tech companies themselves. Apple and Amazon deplatforming Parler was like nothing I can remember.

            But sure …..hysteria. As someone else said – back to talking about the civil war ( extreme eye roll emoji )

          • Would you consider sustainable Australias message censored or ignored by the media? And what practical difference does it make?
            Compare and contrast with coverage of one nation, a similarly sized political party.

          • Like they want to do with Trump , they sent Pauline Hanson to prison long enough for her to realise the carrot was more appealing than the stick . They want Trump gone forever and salt the Earth behind him or they want him “ re-educated “ in accordance with the globalisation movement.

            That was Trump’s fault that could not be endured by the establishment. He was just as much the irredeemably greedy capitalist swine as any of them but he was not a globalist . Unforgivable !

    • The First Amendment of the United State guarantees the freedom of speech, and the MSM and tech companies have now gagged the sitting US president. This is unprecedented.

      The President is in no way, shape, or form, “gagged”. He has a multitude of official channels, in both traditional and social media, through which he can ‘talk to the people’.

  11. Encouraging your supporters to march on Congress, invade the Capitol and attempt to disrupt the confirmation of an election result seems pretty insurrectiony to me. Definitely news worthy.

  12. Display NameMEMBER

    Seeing Jake Angelis poncing around the Capitol building in furs and Viking horns, I half expected a Freddy Mercury type character to come out of one of the side corridors in heels and miniskirt, pushing a vacuum cleaner singing “I want to break free”

  13. Arthur Schopenhauer

    The response to the riot is more important than the event. Riots and political disorder have been the precursor of violent political change over the past 250 years:


    The is also the echo of Rwanda: a collective psychosis propagated through (radio) propaganda.

    Somewhere across the vastness of the US, there is a young Napoleon, organized, capable and ruthless. Will the Biden/Harris administration provide fertile ground for their growth, or not?

    I’m not arguing for the overblown interpretation of the MSM, rather that it should be taken as a possible precursor to something that may occur in a decade, if the new administration cannot address the underlying causes.

    • “if the new administration cannot address the underlying causes.”
      The new administration cannot address the underlying causes while also keeping the wealthy onside. I know which path I would be expecting them to take. The same as that of the promised cheap housing in NZ from Jacinda. Your mileage may vary.

      • What has transpired over the last few weeks is nothing other than an attempted completion of the ongoing takeover of the GOP by Trump.

        Being in government alone has a huge gravitational force – you don’t need much to keep your party together. You would need much more when you are in the wilderness, and the clock has been ticking for Trump.

    • It is completely clear he doesn’t have the ability. Legally they are the responsibility of the parliament, not the president.
      Can he convince the parliament to enact them? I have no idea, but how much has the membership of their parliament changed?

      • This is a much more interesting comment. Dems have a thin majority in the House and 50-50 in the Senate with a VP casting vote. One unhappy Senator, just one, can derail a whole vote. So Pelosi and Schumer have more important but more difficult roles now, herding cats to deliver for a President. Especially as expectations on them are much higher now than before when they simply didn’t have the numbers to deliver anything.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      Nothing can fix the US inequality except the “R” word. Redistribution. And I suspect that will be a bridge too far for some Dems lets alone the GOP or what is left of the GOP. More riots and instability to come,..


    Built into the fabric of the nation and taught to all; protest and being wary of ‘destructive’ gov’t was addressed smartly in Declaration of Independence:
    “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.’

    Nothing like that in a ‘Westminster’

  15. Wow, this is a stunningly bad America take.

    Biden squeaked the senate due to Trump screwing up their chances at the last minute. To call this a full throated endorsement of a unified America under Biden is foolish. Things will only get worse and Biden lacks the vision and charisma to fix it.

    Americans have no shared truth any more. They don’t consume the same media. Even their social networks will splinter as a result of Trump’s ban. That’s how his policies will be twisted and rejected by the very people who would benefit from them the most. The republicans have become adept at making working class white Americans vote against their own self interest for thirty years.

      • Even MSM has largely dropped the blue wave mantra given its not rooted in any real reality. the senate being decided by elections so tight they need to go to run offs and we are still suing terms like landslide and ‘waves’. Get a grip. Now that the population has been able to vent their exhaustion with the trump show, the next 4 years will be very interesting to see just how much support there is for blue liars and thieves vs red ones.

        And as for ‘go away online troll’ Jesus David, what was that about Prozac?

        • Quite right BB_AU. DLS is very good at trying to shoehorn things into his worldview. This is not a blue wave. Biden will probably lose the house in the mid-terms as the incumbent presidential party historically loses seats. The Senate would have stayed Republican had the Republican party not had to try and contort itself into a position of claiming that the election was rigged but that every vote mattered.

          And as for random online troll – well, this is my real name, and I’ve been a subscriber here for years. Most of them as a paying member. This sort of response is part of why I’m now a former paying member not a current one.

        • I’m not so sure about that. Look at Georgia, NC and Texas. Ironically, those places are business-friendly because of GOP ideals and they’re being overrun by blue-staters. The popular vote is moving into the red areas. Eventually the Electoral vote is going to look more like the popular vote. And the more disenfranchised people become, they will vote for the party that promises entitlements.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      I watched Bret Weinsteins latest Podcast last night. He appears to be fairly well connected in the academic world. He is not very upbeat about the next 12 months or Bidens ability to bring it all together. Also watched his interview with Douglass Murray (The Madness of crowds) . Douglass had visited Weinstein in Portland in the US (he is British) and the description of the Portland riots, which had been every night for some time at the point of that podcast was very 3rd world. The problems appear intractable.

    • I don’t see how your take and DLS’s are fundamentally different. I can get on board with much of what you’ve said here, but DLS isn’t wrong, either. At least with his takeaway of the events this past week.

  16. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    January 11, 2021 at 7:38 am
    “It’s only really an attempted coup when it is the other side doing it.
    Otherwise, if it is your team it is variously a sit in, a mostly peaceful protest or a righteous expression of rage.”

    Though my left leaning partisan comrades will be annoyed by me saying this I’m gunna say it anyway.
    The BLM “protests’/riots were heaps more menacing and destructive to the broader community than Trump’s pathetic little last hurrah.

    Ineffectual, broken people like this confused, lied to, working class bloke below are the ones that made up the vast majority of Trump supporters.
    Suggesting they have the ability to pull of a coup is laughable.

    • BLM were larger, more widespread, and hit by a considerably more aggressive police presence and counter-protestors. Hard to compare the two, to be honest, but I agree.

      On the other hand you’ve got a whole political system that is clearly broken that needs an overhaul, and as many people have said, how often does that happen without a revolution? The constitution needs to be fixed by competent people who represent the populus, not the plutocracy.

      “The constitution needs to be fixed by competent people who represent the populus, not the plutocracy.”

      And there is the problem. The chances of getting anyone into a position of power, let alone a majority of them so they can dictate policy change without obstruction and corruption is zero. It would be easier to crowdfund a lunar base for those who give a toss and move there than try and pull that off.

      The US is broken, there is no long term fix available, and while it’s still not in a terrible way, it’s a long way from good too.

  17. In bidens first speech after the confirmation he stated that the rioters would have been treated more harshly of they had been black. Wow, with no evidence whatsoever the president is accusing the police of racism despite data clearly showing systemic racism does not exist in the american police. Not one high ranking drmocrat has denounced blm violence in unequivocal terms. Who exactly is doing the dividing here?

      • Ah yes, another wonderfully balanced article dripping in false equivalencies.

        1. The capital hill events clearly caught authorities by surprise (who knows why, but apparently it was an inside job as pedaled by a few commentators).
        2. How a handful of officers respond in the moment is very different to the coordinated and escalating response to weeks of ongoing violence during BLM.
        3. The BLM police response was almost entirely state driven, including multiple democrat controlled cities? ‘Calling in the tough guys’ only occurred after night after night after night of violence looting and property destruction.
        4. The footage I have seen shows that once most of the violent protestors where controlled, most others followed instructions and left.
        5. I don’t recall any of the thousands of individuals at the capital hill incident taking a detour to the local wall mart or best buy for a bit of pre/post protest looting? could be wrong, happy to be proved otherwise?
        6. The lafeyette park incident was escalated by the fact the US President was directly exposed to the protests, potentially leading to heavy handed tactics. Are you suggesting that if trump supporters ramp up their demonstrations, start nightly lootings and burnings and then turn up to Biden’s enorgeration that they will not be met with full, brutal police response?
        7. Plenty of instances of police trying to assist BLM, FFS, autonomous zones were seized in Seattle, Portland and Washington, in some cases by armed gang members. Police were ordered to completely leave these zones until they were eventually disbanded (what was that about insurrection?)
        7. The article basically insinuates that everyone from DC police to the Pentagon was complicit, and why…..?

        Oh that’s right, very simple answer to all of it: “The fact that the mob of Trump supporters was largely white likely played a major role in the disparate enforcement approach”

        Straight off the old ABC check list “does your article contain reference to an appropriate amount of ism’s?” no attempt at nuance, no analysis or acknowledgment of the clear difference in timelines, location or circumstances. all of the above occurred because of….. .

        • UK Variant of the Chinese Virus

          There was virtually no response by police to the BLM riots. There was lawlessness across the entire US. Police even made to kneel in front of groups of BLM rioters otherwise they were going to get it.

  18. Among my many books is one called America – The Coming Crash. It was printed in 1973. For my entire life people have been predicting the collapse of the US. America has no doubt declined relatively but I agree with DLS that the reaction to this event is hysterical.
    As UK Prime Minister MacMillan described it when his whole pre monetarism Monetarist Treasury team, Peter Thorneycroft, Enoch Powell and Nigel Birch all resigned on the same day in 1958 in protest against the Budget’s spending being too expansive, “it’s a little local difficulty.” Nothing more than a little local difficulty here in the US as well. Lets not over react.
    The discontent is there but as Scaramucci says,, it will be defused as Trumps plutocratic policies are progressively dismantled and replaced.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The collapse is not coming, it has already happened. The MSM and tech companies have censored Trump and his supporters, so free speech is now a dead concept.

      • Free speech is a limited concept. It does not extend to inflammatory, deceptive and insurrectionist comment. Free speech is not free. Its a very basic legal concept.
        Libel laws and other laws restricting careless speech have been around well before these tech platforms.Clearly for a long time in the law, speech has consequences. So any idea that free speech has died as a result of the actions of Facebook, Twitter etc is a nonsense. It was always limited by boundaries, so if America was not collapsed because of the operation of laws that says speech has consequences before Facebook Twitter etc, it is not now.

      • Freedom of speech applies to the government censoring you, not private businesses. Were I to call DLS abusive names, or posted porn, I would likely be banned. Does that mean my right to free speech is then impinged upon?

        • When corp do censure in China it s ok then.Freedom of speech is not really about gov, as gov were initially not even though to be the worst offenders.When unnamed IT guys who have a pretty much monopolies on communication/payment/shop/hosting bans unilaterally/without any recourse.That s more than worrying.I hope decentralization will help but I doubt it.

          • Freedom of speech is not really about gov, as gov were initially not even though to be the worst offenders.

            Not sure if serious.


        Lol. Trumps fault for being over-reliant on a private enterprise he doesn’t own or control for most of his outreach. Having a whinge about being cut off at the source is a bit rich from someone who touts himself as the greatest business mind and stable genius of our times.

  19. sydboy007MEMBER

    If you truly believe Biden and the Democratic party actually care about the poor and working class you’ve not been paying attention for the last 40 years. The Democrats despise the workling class, especially poor whites.

    A party that thinks removing gendered language from the house is more worthy of their time than actually helping those they’ve locked down for 9 months and bakrupted is a very dark humour.

    I’m looking forward to the Democrats having relatively unfettered power fo rth enext few years. The squad and borderline communists in the party will be emoldened to push for some crazy policies.

    I do wonder if this is the end of democracy in the USA though. 70 odd million who just voted have basically been told the rules of the election no longer matter. The purge of anyone vaugely associated with Trump has been rapid. I fear many on the right will now disengage from the political process as much as they can. Community balkanisation will really take off now.

    Basically the USA is going to divide along the fault line of leave me alone and let me live my life, and the woke left using the Democratic party to force state control on much of their lives, walking hand in hand wiith the MSM and Social media companies to ensure the narrative is maintained and any dissent is labelled looney conspiracy and suppressed or outright banned.

    I don’t see there’s a way back from this, primarily due to the way the Democrats are behaving. They have no interest in compromise. When you’re building the road to Utopia does it really matter if the road becomes a cemetary as well?

    • Borderline communists in the Democrat party? Hyperbolic ridiculous nonsense. Some of the left want a universal health care system. Such as exists in the UK, Australia and all other major developed economies. That is their most left wing demand. That would make them social democrats, in political science terms. Oh did I say political science? Obviously an area of study little known to you, if you define social democrats as borderline communists. Definitions are important. A Camry is not a top line exclusive luxury car, ir is not defined as such to any one who knows anything about cars. Social Democrats calling for a single payer public health system are not borderline communists.

    • Borderline communists in the Democrat party? Hyperbolic ridiculous nonsense. Some of the left want a universal health care system. Such as exists in the UK, Australia and all other major developed economies. That is their most left wing demand. That would make them social democrats, in political science terms. Oh did I say political science? Obviously an area of study little known to you, if you define social democrats as borderline communists. Definitions are important. A Camry is not a top line exclusive luxury car, ir is not defined as such to any one who knows anything about cars. Social Democrats calling for a single payer public health system are not borderline communists. Any attempt to reverse the huge increase in wealth inequality in the US has is often hysterically defined by the plutocracy as “communism.” It obviously is not, or every western social democrat during the Cold War was a “communist.” Obviously not, regrettably having to state the obvious is necessary these days to dispel the the hot air and deliberate distortions doing the rounds

      • “Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.” — President-elect Biden

        Cause like no white people have been negatively impacted by the forced closure of their business

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Well to be fair most businesses that were looted and destroyed by BLM protesters were owned by POC.
          It’s good to see Biden taking some responsibility for that.

    • I’m looking forward to the Democrats having relatively unfettered power fo rth enext few years. The squad and borderline communists in the party will be emoldened to push for some crazy policies.

      There’s nobody in the Democrats even on the same continent as communism, let alone bordering it.

      I do wonder if this is the end of democracy in the USA though. 70 odd million who just voted have basically been told the rules of the election no longer matter.

      Just… Wow.

      We’ve witnessed weeks of attempts to arbitrarily overturn the results of the election, including most recently through violence, and your takeaway is the people doing that have “been told the rules of the election no longer matter” ?

      What do you think “the rules of the election” are, exactly ?

        • SCOTUS – The Court ruled in favor of Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the GOP in Wisconsin, saying that Wisconsin elections were wrong to assert that voters could claim the status of “indefinitely confined” because of COVID-19. Wisconsin statutory law states that a person can only classify as indefinitely confined based on his/her age, his/her physical illness (NOT the illness of someone else), or his/her infirmity – 215000 registed this election which was about 4 times as many in 2016. Biden won Wisconsin by ~20K

          Pennsylvania court: Secretary of state lacked authority to change deadline 2 days before Election Day

          Michigan courts have ruled – Election officials can obstruct observers from access to counting and canvassing

          Arizona – Election Officials have the authority to allow/deny observers access for signature verification

          4,700 of Georgia’s Absentee Votes tied to non-residential addresses

          Pensylvania – 170,830 vote discrepancy between ballots cast and voter records

          Michigan – 174,384 ballots counted by AVCBs do not link back to a voter registration number

          Pensylvania – 65,026 ballots were marked “Returned” after Nov 3rd, despite Kathy Boockvar reporting 10k

          Mihigan – 200,000 more AV ballots counted than ballots returned in single county

          138,444 swing state votes were cast from voters with residence in another state

          In Pensylvannia the court ruled you could accept postal votes up to 3 days after the election WITHOUT A POSTMARK

          Just to get an idea of how many questions have been raised check out It shows the category of the claim, the state impacted and the source material for the claim. Biden “won” by about 55K votes.

          In regards to the Dominion voting setup, it seems if the ballot reader is unable to correctly read the ballot it is sent to be adjudicated by a human to determine the voter intent. Once the ballot is adjudicated the original ballot scan is DELETED and the adjudicated ballot is now the only one iin the system. There is no ability to audit the adjudication process.

          I think many Trump supporters are rightfully questioning what happened during the election. The contstant gas lighting from the MSM that ran the Russian Collusion hoax for years, along with the fine people hox, oh at the drink bleach hoax too, will likely disengage more. I suspect home schooling is going to really take off, with people who want to be left alone, not worry about pronouns or bathrooom gender wars moving to areas that will let them.

          The USA is divided similary to a religious schism these days. As a gay man I get far more tolerance from the right these days than I do from the left, because I wont parrot their talking points.

          • I don’t know where you get these “court cases”. Trump’s lost 60 so far, with the judges throwing them out of court for being just a little bit sht. He had (limited) success in 1.

          • sydboy007MEMBER

            @Mr Walker – Trump himself has won a few and lost a few. The majority of court cases have been filed by various replucian parties, but not trump.

            Many of the law suits have not been adjudictaed by the courts. They have fobbed them off on various technicalities.

            It would have been better to get some of these cases in front of a judge and go through the evidence to see if the smoke is just smoke, or if it’s a fire.

            If trump had won by 55K votes I doubt the democrats would be so sanguine about all the procedural irregularities, the strage jumps in vote numbers.

            Was there more fraud than usual in the last election? I bet there was, simply because the people doing it felt they are justified to remove Cheetoh Hitler. Was it cordinate? Probablly not that much, but then biden did say “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Slip of the tongue, or senility letting him say the truuth?

  20. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    100% on DLS’s assessment of last weeks riot.

    -100% on his dismissal of the implications to free speech following tech Oligarchs systematically destroying free speech.

    LMAO on his optimism towards the Biden administration being the savior of the American worker

    • ” the implications to free speech following tech Oligarchs systematically destroying free speech.”
      No more so than the newspaper or radio or tv barons before them. probably far less given the widespread alternatives to self publish in the modern tech environment.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        probably far less given the widespread alternatives to self publish in the modern tech environment.

        Maybe if you crawled out from under your rock occasionally you might be aware of the systematic removal of the means to self publish, but it doesn’t just stop with the need to invent your own social media app

        – Starts with Woke Capitals banning you on Twitter
        – Then you build your own social media app
        – Woke Capitals then ban you from app stores
        – Then you build your own distribution networks
        – Woke Capitals then bans you from hosting your app on their servers
        – Then you buy your own servers to host your app
        – Woke Capitals then blacklists, you, your family and your associates from using Visa or Mastercard

        If you think the problem with Woke Capitals signaling their virtue stops with banning someone from twitter, then you live a very sheltered existence.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            People over-estimate cryptos power, and I say this as an enthusiastic supporter.

            However, short of Govt and court legal rulings, I agree that Crypto offers much protection against the powers of Woke Capital.

            PS: how did you go with playing around with those apps?

          • sydboy007MEMBER

            Unless you can do the basiics of life with Crypto it’s basically worthless. fiiat currency is the main game these days. Once Govts crack down on convertability of crypto to fiat curreny what is the crypto really worth?

      • Parler being pushed off AWS. Individuals and organisations blocked from the payment processing systems – if you can’t use Paypal or Stripe you’re basically excluded. Banks in the USA have shut personal accounts on individuals.

        We’re seriously facing a CCP social crdit score where if the mob turns on you, then you may not be able to get empliyment, access basic banking etc. In the USA people who were at the DC protest reporting on it have been put on fly lists by all the US airlines.

        • That’s what I like about BTC it’s the middle finger to banking, but on the flip side it could also be used against us in future by embedding a social credit score in money itself like say with Ethereum which is programmable money.

          What’s to stop central banks creating digital currencies where you pay higher interest due to a lower social score or status or blocking you from making payments because they don’t agree with spending money on alcohol or drugs or whatever it is that’s forbidden? Maybe you don’t agree there are more than 2 genders. So you cannot access you money etc..

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Yup 100%

          Bolshiviks were always in bed with Global banks, and the Cultural Marxists running the shop now are no different:

          “We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white Negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, nor a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall become a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence”

          – Leon Trotsky

    • The reason why the tech companies are not to be in control of what is published is they just do not apply their rules in anything approaching a fair and balanced way. To be honest, it is almost impossible for them to do it. However, here is a great example of rac ist content that is allowed because it is about the race that we can be rac ist towards:

        • The idea that the reason trump voters voted for him was all about racism and fascism is just laughable. People voted for trump for the same reason people vote in other elections – “which candidate is more likely going to make me better off” – lots of working class americans had seen their standard of living decline over decades and this guy was telling them that he was going to look after them. They thought “What have I to lose?”. People need to listen to Mark Blyth’s take on Trumpism to get a better idea of what the typical trump supporter looks like. Guess what…they are not raging racists and fascists!

  21. If I go blow up a Govt building in the name of Jacinda Ardern, do you think that will get rid of her? Can I get her struck off the Internet, banned from all public life, and financially defunded? I mean, if politicians are now responsible for what ordinary people do then no politician is safe. Anyone can organise anything, in the name of anyone.

    • Exactly. BLM was no grass-roots movement. Where did all those strategically-placed neat piles of bricks come from? Those were probably not Trump supporters. Probably the same people in both groups, in fact. It’s all about the narrative.

      • Whilst I of course can’t speak definitively for all of them, I’ve seen some of the piles of bricks presented as ‘proof of conspiracy’, and they’re obviously at work sites. A lot of them even had witches hats and caution tape around them.

    • What a brilliant idea!! All Trump would need to do in the next few days is to hire someone to blow up the Capitol Hill in the name of Joe Biden, if only to make a point.

      • sydboy007MEMBER

        “There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.” – Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)

        “But they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop. They’re not. This is a movement. I’m telling you. They’re not going to stop, and everyone, beware. Because they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop before election day in November, and they are not going to stop after election day. And everyone should take note of that on both levels. That they’re not going to let up. And they should not, and we should not.” – Kamala harris

        “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” – maxine waters

        “I Don’t Even Know Why There Aren’t Uprisings All Over The Country” – nancy Pelosi

  22. “Its a trap” Admiral Akbar.
    Just after the vote the director of national intelligence dropped the report on congress that stated that China interferered with the US election. Trumps Last post on twitter asked the crowd to disperse, a legal requirement of the insurrection act.
    Sit back and watch the movie.

  23. I agree with DLS. This occupation of Congress showed the strength of US democratic institutions. I was impressed. Don’t know what would have happened if the VP was Cruze instead of Pence. But I suspect he wouldn’t have prevailed.

  24. Thanks for inserting reason into the clear lack of discussion on media David, all I’ve heard from mates is their algorithmically determined points of view, whilst disregarding the mess the recent ‘protests’ have created, inclusive of actual large scale riots and declaration of an anarchist controlled zone within Seattle.

    • Don’t worry Simon, special force have infiltrated BLM/Antifa. The storming of the capital was orchestrated by Pelosi with antifa to prevent hearing of fraud evidence. White hats intercepted. Trump turned up late and was still giving speech to real supporters when police opened doors to antifa. Shooting of woman was faked. Special forces used it to confiscate Pelosi laptop.

      • All righty then. Straight off the deep end we go!

        Dare I point out that there’s been 60 plus court cases re: election fraud so far, with them almost universally being thrown out of court, and lawyers admonished? Even the Republican friendly SCOTUS (with 3 Trump appointed judges) don’t want to know about it. Is SCOTUS also part of the giant conspiracy?

        • The throwing out cases from local to state up to the supreme court without reviewing the evidence demonstrated on a step by step basis the systemic corruption and politicisation of the US legal system including the supreme court – this created a case to argue that the election was illegitimate and could never be validated. It seems that Trump set the trap with his EO in 2018 that considered the influence of foreign actors. I hope Trump signs the Insurrection Act and then the bad actors will be subject to military tribunals.

  25. What the progressives and fraudulent virtue signalling left don’t want to understand is that Trump is not the cause of the problems in the US. He is a symptom of a decaying society.

    Most of the analysis by the media is sensationalist and superficial rubbish.

    • A decay being hastened, imo, by social media. You’re no longer forced to evaluate what you hear or read any more, no more thought involved. Head straight to your favourite “non-fake” news site that just conveniently happens to align with your own political views, and voila, you have your “good” news. Then, after you have indoctrinated yourself, you head straight to your favourite echo-chamber to bleat to other like minded individuals and bask in the warm glow of your “rightness”. And in the process, we slip ever further and further to the extreme of that alignment and we reinforce our own beliefs without being forced to consider any others. It’s not a right or left thing either.

      We have more information available to us than any other generation. A large percentage of all of the philosophy, debates, theology ever written or orated is at our finger tips, and what do we do with it? Head straight to CNN, Fox, OANN, or somewhere else that tells us what we want to hear. Oh, and we look at boobs too, of course.

    • What the progressives and fraudulent virtue signalling left don’t want to understand is that Trump is not the cause of the problems in the US. He is a symptom of a decaying society.

      Pretty sure we understand that quite well.

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