US sails new carrier group straight down wolf warrior throats

And we wonder why Australians have turned on Chinese investment:

A Chinese real estate company that bought an Australian island has blocked its Aussie residents from living in paradise.

Residents say they can’t go back to their homes since developer China Bloom bought a 99-year lease to take control of Keswick Island in 2019.

“I just don’t think they want Australians on the island,” former island resident Julie Willis told the news program “A Current Affair.” “I think that they want to have this island solely for the use of the Chinese tourism market.”

The Chinese developer has gone as far as banning residents from renting their homes on Airbnb, which residents say has ruined tourism, and blocking them from entering the island from air, land and sea.

“There’s been no tourists since September last year,” former resident Rayna Asbury told the news program.

This is a microcosm of what China’s 14 conditions for happy relations mean:

If we agree then Australians will become strangers in their own land as CCP investment quietly buys the joint, Chinese settlement expands and occupies the parliament, and there is nobody left to say boo about it. This is now the reality of Labor’s long-standing vision for the Asianification of Australia. It has been mugged by history as the CCP has turned engagement to occupation.

Obviously, we need to go the other way and stop any further Chinese immigration. That is not to say that Chinese Australians should have their loyalty questioned. They should not. But nor should we invite more trouble for the future of that community and wider Australian society as Bejing works assiduously to bully, bluster and bribe their loyalties.

With any luck, the fall will happen automatically as the CCP cuts students and tourism. It not, the Australian Government must stop it.

This brings us to back to treasonous Labor who will doubtless brand any such move “racist”, even though it has NOTHING to do with ethnicity, and very likely keep on carrying on with investment, immigration and taking bribes. ScoMo has chided CCP collaborator, Albo, a lot more gently than I would have:

Scott Morrison says he is “disappointed but not surprised” by Anthony Albanese’s claims he is presiding over “a complete breakdown” in China-Australia relations.

After a concerted campaign of criticism against the Prime Minister’s handling of China by Labor frontbenchers, Mr Morrison said the Opposition Leader was taking an “each way bet” on national security.

“In relation to Mr Albanese, I am disappointed but not surprised. You cannot have each way bets on national security,” he said in Canberra,

“What Australia does protect international interests. That is really all I have to say about that matter.

“Australia’s policies and plans, the rules that we make for our country are made here in Australia according to our needs and our interests and we will continue to do that.

“But I simply make this point, following on from my media conference earlier this week, and that is that my position and my government’s position is to seek constructive engagement. The relationship with China is a mutually beneficial one.”

To which Albo the collaborator replied with forked tongue:

“We have no differences with the government when it comes to standing up for Australian values and human rights,” Mr Albanese said.

“We, however, have been pointing out that the relationship with China isn’t something that’s deteriorated this week.”

Or not, from The Australian:

Labor sources have indicated that the opposition may withhold its support on the government’s Foreign Relations Bill — raising the stakes for Scott Morrison on an issue that China has identified as a key grievance.

The proposed bill would allow Foreign Minister Marise Payne to scrap agreements with foreign powers struck by universities and sub-national governments — including Victoria’s contentious Belt and Road Initiative deal with Beijing.

The Morrison government has rejected a proposed crossbench amendment that would subject any decisions made by the foreign minister under the new laws to judicial oversight.

Which has thrilled the CCP no end, at The Global Times:

“As China-Australia relations began to spiral downward this year, co-operation between China and Victoria on the BRI has embarrassed the Australian federal government. Victoria, therefore, has become a target of the federal government.”

“The fact that the legislation could be passed in the parliament shows that anti-China forces in Australian political circles are gaining the momentum. Political prejudices are coming first, overwhelming their consideration for actual interests.”

The Australian people will not be as generous as ScoMo:

Finally, in a most welcome twist, the US sent an unequivocal message to both China and Australia:

Australia will receive more port visits from United States Navy ships following the Trump administration’s decision to re-establish the nation‘s 1st Fleet as an expeditionary force in the Indo-Pacific.

Analysts said the announcement, which effectively “locks in” an incoming Biden administration, will send a message to China that “they aren’t going to have it all their own way” in the region.

US Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite said the fleet, which was disbanded in 1973, would be re-raised to patrol the waters of Southeast Asia, the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

The fleet will report to US Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii and include the Straits of Malacca – which a quarter of the world’s oil passes through – in its area of operations.

The head of the ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Brendan Sargeant, said the fleet would be a check on Chinese expansion and coercion in the region.

“It will strengthen the American presence in the region and in that sense, be a force for stability,” Professor Sargeant told The Australian.

“It will send a big message to China that they aren’t going to have it all their own way.”

He said the announcement was a response to China and its “increasingly expansionist and assertive tendencies”.

“It’s also an attempt to give expression to rhetoric coming out of Washington that the Indo-Pacific is important, and that they’re not leaving,” Professor Sargeant said.

…“In order to improve our posture in the Indo-Pacific we will reconstitute the 1st Fleet, assigning it primary responsibility for the Indo and South Asian region as an expeditionary fleet,” Mr Braithwaite told the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

“This will reassure our partners and allies of our presence and commitment to this region while ensuring any potential adversary knows we are committed to global presence, to ensure rule of law and freedom of the seas.”

A few days ago I was worried that the US was too busy with itself to support the alliance network. While this Ist Fleet plan has no doubt been in the works, the US has proved my concerns groundless.

The 1st Fleet is a permanent plug in China’s most critical commodity supply pipeline, including iron ore shipping routes. There are two messages here loud and clear.

A new carrier group sailing straight down wolf warrior throats is a direct warning to China to shut it unless it wants to derail its globalisation entirely.

Second, any CCP interests in Australia that think they can ship dirt to China without the goodwill of the US should take an icy cold shower.

As Mao once said, when the enemy advances, retreat.

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    Perth’s new museum has removed a reference to COVID-19 “originating in mainland China” after multiple complaints, including from the Chinese consul-general.

    A spokesperson for the WA Museum Boola Bardip said it was advised last Friday of two “factual errors” on labels in a multimedia display at the Connections gallery.

    “The museum was also contacted by the acting consul-general in Perth on Monday about the factual errors,” the spokesperson said on Thursday.
    “We were able to advise that the mistakes had already been rectified.”

    Judas priest WTF is going on in this state. Just bend over and let the foul Nazi china stick it up you.

  2. You know this carrier group reformation and patrol of the pacific is not Drumpfs doing. This is the military and civilian administration taking it upon its own self to progress this now that Drumpfs is fully engaged in his own psychotic spiral of doom and is not even bothering with a pretense of governance.

    • Wow. Your right angry. We are lucky your here to remind us trump never does anything good. I was realy hoping Trump Deangement Syndrome symptoms would easy after he lost the election.

      • Yep. That post reveals quite the depth of crazy. It’d be amusing if it wasn’t a common belief.

      • Actually i think Drumpf has done some good things. But by accident. There are things he has enacted that i agree with but he did them for his own selfish reasons, not to benefit the country. That they are correct decisions is pure happen stance. That you refuse to accept what a draft dodging narcissistic lame ass coward and buffoon he is, is really your problem not anyone elses.

        • As evolution biologist will tell you ‘every decision we make is in our own interest. Now that’s science. Get your head around that one. Or you could deny science.
          So yes trump does make decisions in his own interest. Just like everyone else.

          • Anyone is entitled to make decisions in their own interests, when those decisions are for him and about his own interests. Except that he is a public servant like all politicians and their job is to make decisions that affect the country that are in the best interests of the country and its people. Otherwise its corruption. Following your rational he should just be able to get the treasury to put 1 billion dollars in his personal accounts and it its fine with you apparently. He has treated the office of the presidency and the justice institutions with utter contempt. All the cowards masquerading as republicans have.
            I expect you know that already you just want to keep supporting him for some reason. Go ahead. Just dont pretend that he is anything more than a deranged spoiled vacuous coward who avoided the draft and earned the moniker Captain Bonespurs.
            He and his corrupt thieving family deserve nothing more than to be in jail along with a host of politicians who supported him.
            He is frankly too stupid to even realize when foreign leaders manipulate him. He is so stupid, if his father had not gifted him wealth and he had to actually work for a living he would not be able to hold down a job collecting garbage.

          • Your wrong on Trump. Do you think putting tarriffs on china was designed to fill his own wallet. No. This point needs to be hammered home to people like you who ignore the fact that the tarriffs were put in place for the people. In the end he won that trade war by making China blink first. Just sit and think about this before you write back ‘ Trump Bad Trump Dumb.

          • Jumping jack flash

            “Do you think putting tarriffs on china was designed to fill his own wallet”

            Agree. Whatever your opinion of Trump, he certainly had nostalgia for 60’s US of A. China was a huuge barrier to that so he acted accordingly.

            The very fact that we’re even having this conversation about China is because of Trump. Like it or not.

            What few realise though is that the enormous debt that is absolutely necessary and that everyone owns now is a massive problem and thwarts all attempts at fixing the problems

          • Yes Col, and we thought with him gone, people like you would go back to the mental institution you escaped from.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          Trump killing the TPP was one of the best things he did for Australia. Then treasonous Turnbull supported by a really dump decision by the ALP resurrected it and signed us up.

          • I think Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is still out there and once signed it is could trash our public services like health.

    • And the world must pay for the power shield, so there is little chance of a USD collapse interest rate up dollar up, stocks down. Not from politicians but the power behind the power

  3. The deployment of the 1st Fleet is a welcome development for Australian Citizens.

    Would the more informed amongst you know how many carrier groups would be active?

    Are attack submarines a given?

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Talking of US naval fleets, we haven’t heard anything about another outbreak of COVID-19 on any of their vessels, so presumably all good, nothing to see here, move on?

    • It will probably be formed mostly of units from the 7th fleet out of Japan. They have a couple of Burke destroyers and Litoral combat ships which hang around Singapore usually, and the odd LHA training in the area.

      They probably won’t have a carrier attached to the fleet unless there is a specific exercise with India which calls for it. They don’t have enough carriers currently, and it wouldn’t really be needed. All you need is a bunch of destroyers and subs which can shut down Sunda and Malaga straits, and threaten Chinese ships in the south China sea…and sink anything Chinese sniffing around Sri Lanka.

      None of that requires a carrier.

    • A carrier group has combination of warships that give the group 360 degrees of operational effectiveness. Both 2D and 3D aspects.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      This will encourage Scrotty to bring our first fleet out of mothballs.
      He will send it on a circumnavigation of the continent.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Does this mean us locals will have to compete with more American sailors at the lounges? I hate that.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      A small price to pay for our freedom Reusa.

      You could always travel to the outer suburban lounges if you felt the sailor occupied, city establishments were making you wait to long.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Bloke, I shouldn’t have to cross ANZAC Parade / Bourke Street to get a massage! The Cross is for locals nowadays not seaman.

        • Yeah whatever happened to over payed, over sexed, and over here … oh yeah … those travailing minstrels from the Bernays PR marketing firm from overseas rubbishing the tall poppy syndrome some OZians had and how we should all worship the successes of the hardworking-bootstrapping wealthy betters … they ***earned*** it …

          In other news it seems we have a property rights issue and notions of breaching contracts … will the Market [tm] reward or punish such transgressions. Stay tuned ….

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            My dad’s father disappeared when he was 6 so he and his siblings were brought by their mum.
            My Dad always had an extreme dislike and contempt of Americans without ever articulating why.
            It wasn’t until my adult years that my Gran (my mum’s mum) told me that,…Nanny got around a bit with them US sailors when your dad was a boy in WW2.

            I reckon that makes Nanny a patriot.

    • Aren’t you one of the Big Dawg’s that gets access to the delights behind the VIP secure area anyway?

  5. Yeah… but its good we have high house prices and Australians are living homeless. Sovereignty is an important thing. I agree with that whole heartedly… but does that mean the Government is our friend?

    • I’m with you Matthias. How can people who express concern about our children’s future also push endlessly for lower interest rates and state that they “love the bubble”?

    • In a real war, well military action by China eg to take Taiwan or sink an Aussie naval ship with their hypersonic missile I’d very much hope they have no need to protect convoys as all countries that benefit from stable rules based world order we currently all benefit from would stop trading with them immediately. Though of course they would likely still get commodities from some nations eg in central Asia, Africa (iron ore from Guinea) which they would want to escort.

  6. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Singapore will be the new bases, without ever being asked. Trump doesn’t care as it’ll be Biden’s problem.

    It is welcomed news for Australia as it eliminates our biggest strategic threat.

    • No, No…..anywhere but Singapore ( History rhyming )……why does this Quad set up remind me so much of the awful ABDA kludge from early in WW2 ? Lets have a little strategic thinking this time please. Don’t know if Darwin can handle a couple of Expeditionary Fleets at once but would be ideal in these times of cruise missile carrying subs and drone swarms………distance will be the only real protection for irreplaceable assets and it would be hard to block up with a Russian Poseidon giant torpedo.

  7. Agree. it is time to call a halt to Chinese immigration. It is clear that Beijing expects to maintain control of them. The consequences if that were successful would be catastrophic.

  8. …”Chinese society strongly advocates resolute and lasting punishments against Australia, to let the world see clearly – one will eventually pay a price for taking the US side and requiting kindness with ingratitude toward China.”….

    This is language that implies ownership. It’s not “boycott, take our business elsewhere”…’s….”punishments”.

    LNP and Labor have taken our country to dangerous places.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      Yep. The country’s increasingly blunt and tactless propaganda is highly suggestive of them viewing Australia as a now mouthy tributary country to the PRC empire, as Steve Bannon and probably others warned about a few years back.

      We earn no respect by playing softball with these folks, I certainly hope IO tarriff discussions are being at least ideated by the Fed government at this point.

      And yes both Lib/Lab have sold the country out over the past 3 decades, because the billionaire class pulls the strings in all western countries and the millionaire useful idiot C-level exec and senior political class do as they are told.

  9. Via Mr Self-Righteous ….. a lot of words not much substance

    I suppose he acknowledges that we have chased the $$$ at the cost of pretty much all else but he also suggests our Government made this decision (strategically?😂) thinking China might turn out OK . Our government hasn’t had a strategic view or bone for decades and have effectively been rolling with the punches. Their mantra is still … Australia .. the Lucky Country!

    • Yes, crazy all just chasing yield/rising prices, which they are unlikely to ever get back if they all try to cash in the CCP will just block selling as they have done before. Biden has to do something about that, at least Trump is trying to make US listed companies meet accounting standards.

  10. kierans777MEMBER

    > This brings us to back to treasonous Labor who will doubtless brand any such move “racist”, even though it has NOTHING to do with ethnicity, and very likely keep on carrying on with investment, immigration and taking bribes.

    This is the inevitable outcome of labelling everything you disagree with as bigoted. We can thank the Fake Greens for a lot of this result as they love punishing anyone who has a well thought out, yet mutually exclusive view to their group think.

    > The fleet will report to US Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii and include the Straits of Malacca

    I’ve been saying to anyone who would listen that if the CCP *really* wanted to hurt Aus, taking out oil supplies would be the first, and easy target. Our dependence on importing refined petroleum has been a problem for years (never mind that world oil supplies have peaked). Good thing I got the old pushie serviced recently.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      There were stories circulating a few months ago that the fuel stores Angus Taylor was supposed to have bought in the states don’t exist and no money had been allocated in the budget for said deal. It was all just an announcement. Apparently.

      Hope you bought a cargo bike. We’re all going to need one.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Of course it’s just an announcement. This cooking of the books by including oil in transit as part of our reserves as well is typical LNP trickery. If it’s not onshore, it’s not ours.

        Back when Jim Molan caused some waves by raising our fuel insecurity, I wrote to him asking that if our fuel security was so important why do the Libs keep pushing for car centric transport policies (this was back when the East West Link was trying to be resurrected). I never go a response, so called the office. Apparently because he’s a NSW senator, my letter got fobbed off to my local MP for a response. Good luck getting anything out of Shady Sukkar’s office unless there’s a photo op involved.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        This gives weight for moving VERY quickly to EV transport ,Industrial and Agricultural machinery, along with 100% renewable electricity.
        Oil is our strategic Achilles heal.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          Moving to electrifying our needs must happen with policy changes to reduce the scope of the transition. This will in turn make the transition cheaper and require less resources.

    • Greens and their voters are hugely responsible for much of the trouble this country is in.

      I hope their kids are drafted.

      • All the parties swallowed the globalisation kool-aid. Even as the economy turned in a debt mired mess none of them changed their policies. Australia’s economic complexity is now on the same level as that well known economic powerhouse Burkina Faso and manufacturing has dropped from near 30% of the economy to around 5%.

        • No one believed it. LNP saw money in it for themselves and the elites.

          Who knows why Labor and Greens went with it. I don’t for a second think they fell for it. Power? Money?

          It sure wasn’t for Australia. That’s why I hate them so much. Far more than I do LNP.

          • kierans777MEMBER

            The ALP does have a neoliberal faction within it that I don’t understand. If you like neoliberal economics go join the Liberal Party.

            As for the Greens, I have no idea why they’ve sold out to globalisation.

          • The90kwbeastMEMBER

            On the Greens, my first thought is rampant globalisation and multiculturalism (in Australia) were two sides of the same coin, so you can’t really be pro multiculturalism which the Greens are but against globalisation which seemingly entails a high and diverse migration intake.

            I think they were played like a fiddle by the billionaire class and let their SJW infested lefty ideals get in the way of common sense and actually caring for the environment and the already existing Aussie citizens occupying it.

            MB has covered this at length before hence the label ‘fake greens’.

        • blacktwin997MEMBER

          It’s about time we took those Burkina Faso aholes down a notch. Cower at our economic complexity!