The good people of Georgia can save the world

The latest 538 polls have the US Georgia senate runoff vote tightening:

My thoughts on this are pretty grave. If the Dems win then the shackles come off for stimulus, corrective class policies of higher wages, capital gains and corporate taxes. This will aid the party to bed down the swing in the mid-west “blue wall” that is critical to Democratic power. It would make an eight-year term in the White House more likely.

If they lose then the opposite is true. With a newly-minted autocratic Republican Party running interference of everything then blaming the Biden Administration for the failures. That’s a scenario in which a twice as mad Donald Trump could be resurgent.

At 80 years old, he may still have a shot. But at 84 years old he’s cooked and GOP bastardry with him as the Dems stack everything in sight for eight years.

That is the outcome that the world, and Australia in particular, needs. The Trump Administration did a great job of correcting propaganda-driven views of China’s “peaceful rise”. That’s something we should all be grateful for.

But with the contest now genuinely afoot, a mad US Government, peopled by conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and loons of all stripe, is not as reliable as the solid institutions that will support democracies of the world in the fight to come.

The good people of Georgia can save the world a whole lot of trouble.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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      • Just because Trump will stand against China for US interests doesn’t mean he will put US lives on the line for our interests. He is about himself, his base and the US. A lot of his base are isolationists (as is he) that are weary of war so they are less likely to come to our aid – not more.

      • Obama an appeaser? How about his entering war on Libya without congressional approval,

        SO LOT OF bombing of :Syria,iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia. What about Mali and the Sudan. Record bombings and drone strikes only exceeded by Trump. Then what about the activities in the Ukraine,?

        And then his huge number of executive orders did not appease, just bypassed the elected congress.

        Right now the Ukraine and the USA are still protecting Nazis in the Ukraine against a vote initiated by Russia which all others support.

        And his portrait with the giant sperm on his temple and erection up his left blue suit sleeve definitely was not appeasing.
        I am not picking on Obama particularly, they all leave a lot to be desired.

  1. Mr Trump hasn’t signed any money bills yet, especially the Defence bill which has language in it to ban anonymous shell companies. The Republican party are hoping like hell he doesn’t do anything to put Georgia voters offside before this upcoming vote

  2. If we have to rely on the good people of Gerogia to save the world, then the world is doomed. Polls aside, the Democrats will need a miracle to win both seats.

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    If the Dems win then the shackles come off for stimulus, corrective class policies of higher wages, capital gains and corporate taxes.

    Blah ha ha ha ha ha hah!… sorry, sorry…..Blah ha ha ha ha ha hah!

    If the Democrats win the Senate and end up with a clean sweep this is what you will get:

    i) Massive stimulus;
    ii) Massive wage crushing immigration;
    iii) Booming asset prices and ZERO real wage growth – I’d put my money on negative;
    v) Booming corporate profits.

    My best is that all the supposed tax reform will still end up stalling in the Senate, because there will be some outraged Democrat senators horrified at the ‘confiscatory nature’ of the proposed taxes and will side with the Republicans. Whatever tax reform that emerges will be little more than a damp squib for Corporates and that what little punitive measures are actually enacted will fall mainly on higher wage earners. Capital will escape largely unharmed, like it has done in the past – by parking itself and profits overseas. Think Australia’s Royal commission into Banks for all the effective reform that will actually see the light of day.

    Meanwhile for distractions to all of the above, there will be a total sh!t show side distraction with their ideological war on rac!sm and implementation of active ‘anti-rac!sm’ policies. Not to mention the slow burn corruption and tax probes against Biden’s son, and by implication Biden himself (which the press all knew about BEFORE the election, but chose to ignore or paint as a ‘conspiracy theory’). That sideshow will probably accompanied with some counter retaliatory trumped up electioneering charges of some sort against Trump in order to neuter his ‘shadow presidency’, and the controversy he is likely to sustain in regards to the election.

    …and all of that will come before the true grand spectacle of Biden Administration – either Biden dying or sliding into dementia triggering a constitutional crisis as the real President Elect, a hollow Ring Wrath of a woman, Kamila Harris, is slide into power. She is imho someone who stands for absolutely nothing other than whatever values the Corporatocracy choose to put in front of her, as her agreement for them getting her into power.

    The same as above if the Republican’s end up controlling the Senate, except for the massive stimulus, which means the crush and destruction of real wages for the working class will be even greater, while the Fed will be forced to go even harder to MMT leading to even higher asset prices and corporate profits.

    That is IMHO what lies ahead for America.

  4. Checkmate Australia

    Calling Republicans white supremacists, loons and conspiracy theorists isn’t helpful.

    And ironic too because the biggest conspiracy theory in recent times is that “Russian collusion” goose chase the media and Democrats went on for three years.

  5. Daamn auto-correct software.

    “…unDemocratic Party running interference of everything then blaming the Trump Administration for the failures.”

    Joe Biden to rich donors: “Nothing would fundamentally change” if he’s elected
    Along with praise for the “civility” of racists, Biden assures donors “no one’s standard of living will change”
    “I mean what I say when I say it. I MEAN WHAT I SAY WHEN I SAY IT!”

    Sorry, but Joe ain’t saving nothing. Just wait until the midterms in 2 years when the Dems are ousted from the majority in the House and in 4 when we get a competent strong man in the White House.

    We can’t even manage to muster an up/down vote on universal healthcare in a pandemic, and even if we did Joe’s promised to veto it. America is lost, no matter the moron at the helm. Hell, just look at Joe’s shockingly nonsensical cabinet picks based purely on who his buddies are –

    I got suckered into voting for Obama’s “hope” and “change” twice. No way a third bite at the apple is going to change anything of consequence (save the return of deporting more people of color as Trump only managed to reach ~55% of Obama’s first 4 years numbers thanks to people actually WATCHING what the US does).