ScoMo’s dodgy vaccine doesn’t stop virus spread

As we know, ScoMo’s vaccine choice is a little bit dodgy:

then AZ released some dodgy results a few weeks back:

Today the vaccine dodgening gets wore still, at Bloomie:

A vaccine from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca Plc shows only a limited ability to stop transmission of the coronavirus despite preventing Covid-19 illness in a majority of those who are infected.

As promising vaccine data keeps rolling in, one of the central unanswered questions has been whether inoculations can not only stop people from getting sick but also slow the spread of the virus, a key element for reopening economies.

Oxford and Astra are the first vaccine developers to unveil data on asymptomatic infection rates in people who received their shot. Overall, it reduced such transmissions by 27% in a large study, according to peer-reviewed results published in the Lancet medical journal on Tuesday.

That’s well below the vaccine’s 70% effectiveness at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 cases overall, though even those results are clouded by questions over its benefits in older recipients.

In short, just forcing travelers to get the shot won’t do squat.  You will need to be shot up with ScoMo’s dodgy vaccine as well.

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      • Wow, it is like we just moved into some kind of Utopia, now, isn’t it.
        Stay alive, Jessica Hyde.

      • Some pretty serious vaccine experts over on reddit in some of the science subs are raising the alarm bells over the vaccines.

        Yes infertility but also the possibility of death when vaccinated people come into contact with the live virus….WTF ?

          • At least it works, the cheaper Oxford vaccine is not much good, efficacy now estimated at 60% (down from the 90% three weeks ago), and apparently doesn’t work well, if at all over the age of 55!

            In any case, fertility not an issue if you are in the main risk bracket (age). So its no big deal… keep giving it out.

          • Considering they are vaccinating health care and aged care workers, the majority of which are women, its most definitely a big concern.

        • Sounds like history is rhyming. Last time we had a Coronavirus doing the rounds the notional vaccine made the subsequent infections worse. Not sure about deaths in that case, though. Going without was the better option.

          It burnt out, so the public eye rapidly pointed elsewhere.

          There is a reason we haven’t had a single successful coronavirus vaccine before now. They are hellishly difficult to craft. And against this custom-made strain? With a race by big Pharma to the pot of gold, while bypassing all the time-based precautions learnt the hard way over decades?

          I’d stick with Ivermectin as a treatment and forego the vaccine entirely.

          • That’s correct. When they challenge tested vaccinated rhesus monkeys with the SARS vaccine, they all got severely ill or died when they came into contact with another coronavirus (not SARS), so basically you might not get Covid but could die from one of the common cold viruses (or the next new coronavirus ).

      • Martin North gave a video presentation re bias, cognitive dissonance and such expressed by stupid believers of fake news; objections to the vaccine was one example, querying election honesty another.

  1. I don’t think ANY vaccine will stop the spread of the virus though will it? The idea is that it stops you getting sick WHEN you catch it, but doesn’t stop you catching it.

    The above, if I understand correctly, is why Qantas jab plan doesn’t work. Who wants to catch the virus and all the unknown unknowns that may entail?? There is a bit more work to do on this before we say problem solved …. not that this uncomfortable fact will prevent Scotty from Marketing saying “problem solved”!

    • pro-scienceMEMBER

      Since 80% of people have mild or no symptoms and asymptomatic people usually don’t spread the virus and the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus and the vaccine has frequent serious adverse reactions, there is no need for any healthy person to take the vaccine. Secondly, if the vaccine has frequent, severe adverse reactions in healthy people, what will it do to unhealthy people? That leaves no-one to take the proposed vaccines.

      • Just old people, who nobody will care about if they die from some vaccine side effect in a few weeks or months – all they care about is if they die “from Covid”. So long as they don’t die “from Covid” the Govt can say the pandemic is over and we can all get back to normal.

  2. I’m trying to maintain an open mind on the vaccines – although I’d be happy to be near the back of the que – but the small samples of people actually coming in contact with the virus in these studies is concerning and when the drug companies talk about effectivenesss they are very opaque about whether they’re hitting the same strain of the virus or across multiple strains.

  3. Just read the ZH article and academic paper mentioned above. Hmm…

    Problem is, we know the politicians want, actually demand, the quickest fix possible. Big pharma wants the profits that go with it and are indemnifying themselves against any legal challenge.

    That makes a perfect recipe for a [email protected] show.

  4. How does this make the vaccine “dodgy”? If we use this as a standard there’d not be a drug we’d take, fullstop.

    I know an Australian scientist in the field in NY, was the first to raise doubts about it over the 1/2 dose saga and others are calling for a closer look at the data, which I’d have thought would be standard anyway.

    • Standard would take 5-10 years to bring to production. Nothing about this fiasco is ever going to be standard.

      • bjw, I meant if poor corporate behaviour was the standard to deny a drug instead of its efficacy, then we’d not take any drug as most seem to have been caught out in his type of behaviour. I’m not excusing it!

  5. So, it stops you getting sick but not catching it. This means that we need to keep the borders shut until everyone in the country is vaccinated… Someone who is vaccinated still needs to go through quarantine as they will bring it into the country.

    The gap between reality and PR bullsh*t emerges…