National property listings dropping: SQM

SQM have their latest national property figures out, with a headline decrease in listings of 4% in November and a year on year decline of nearly 13%


All capital cities recorded decreases in property listings over the month with the exception of Melbourne which recorded an increase of 1.2% in listings.

Darwin, Sydney and Hobart posted the largest decreases of 6.7%, 6.4% and 6.1% respectively.

Brisbane recorded a 3.8% decrease, Adelaide 3.0% and Canberra 3.2%.  Perth recorded the lowest decrease of 2.4%. 

National year-on-year listings reveal a decrease of 12.6% with significant decreases in Darwin (28.2%) and Hobart (26.1%) and Adelaide (21.5%).  Sydney recorded a smaller decrease of 0.7%.  Melbourne however, recorded a large increase of 11.5%.Stock on Market Table

New Listings (30 days)

Nationally, new listings (30 days) increased by a 0.48% over the course of November with 381 more properties on the market.  Darwin’s new listings increased by a significant 27.3%.  Melbourne new listings increased by 4.1%.  Sydney was the only capital city that recorded a decline in new listings.


There was a surprise decline in total listings for the month, which was predominantly driven by a decline in old listings. The fall in old listings tells me stock is being absorbed at a quicker rate than levels recorded earlier this year. It is a yet another signal that buyer activity is on the rise.

Asking Prices

Capital City Average asking prices decreased 0.1% for houses but increased 0.3% for units over the month to 1st December. Average asking prices are now $565,800 for units and $988,500 for houses.

Compared to a year ago, the capital city asking prices posted an increase of 4.2% for houses but declined by 1.2% for units.

Over the month, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin were the only capital cities to record asking price increases in both houses and units.

Sydney continues to record a decline in unit asking prices of 0.3% but recorded an increase of 1.6% for houses over the month.

Melbourne posted increases in unit asking prices of 1.4% but a 1.1% decline in house asking prices.

Perth and Hobart recorded declines in both house and unit prices over the month, 1.2% and 0.1% respectively for Perth, and Hobart declined 0.9% for houses and 1.4% for units.

Year on year, most capital cities recorded increases in house and unit asking prices with a significant increase of 19.2% in Hobart’s unit asking price. Darwin’s unit prices also increased by 13.4%.  Sydney’s unit prices declined 5.2% over the 12 months but house prices increased 5.5%.

AUCTION RESULTS for week ending 29 November 2020

Full individual auction results can be found on our website:

AUCTION LISTINGS* for week ending 6 December 2020



Rest of Week



Rest of Week


Sydney 815 148 All NSW 925 227 Auctions in NSW
Melbourne^ 799 160 All VIC 864 174 Auctions in VIC
Brisbane 69 23 All QLD 138 98 Auctions in QLD
Perth 12 3 All WA 17 6 Auctions in WA
Adelaide 69 44 All SA 69 53 Auctions in SA
Canberra 70 30 All ACT 70 30 Auctions in ACT
Darwin 2 5 All NT 2 5 Auctions in NT
Hobart 1 0 All TAS 3 1 Auctions in TAS

* The above counts of auctions represent most recent known auction dates for the coming week.  ^As at 18-Oct-20, Melbourne outdoor auctions will be allowed (max. 10 people)

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  1. innocent bystander

    listings dropping because they are being bought?

    The fall in old listings tells me stock is being absorbed at a quicker rate than levels recorded earlier this year. It is a yet another signal that buyer activity is on the rise.

    • Yes. There were other suggestions made to Louis on twitter but he dismissed them and said the most likely reason is that they are being sold.

      • They are not selling around us(3185)- inner to middle southeast of cbd.
        About half a dozen well renovated family homes in good area, great public transport, good local schools and on it goes.
        Just sitting for sale-2 years ago it would have been a bunfight to get them.
        And pretty reasonable units, or detached townhouses sitting for rent for months, and asking rents of those down 20-25%- never seen that before.
        And only small numbers going up for auction ( so far nearly all auction before up for sale).
        Huge number of apartments , townhouses for rent, mostly old and crappy flats or new development dogboxes.

    • My thought as well.
      Martin North seems to think that it is withdrawal and my observation of 5 suburbs that I follow is similar.

      Interestingly, it seems as there is a concerto of RE agents for any suburb as the numbers hover within a bracket band until they jump or slump. This supports withdrawal theory

    • “Instead of running an effective vacancy tax, which should have raised between $150 and $500 million, the government received just $6.1 million,” he said.
      inadequate collection? gee..might be a feature not a fault

    • Voluntary, self reported tax. Yeah I can see all the property investors rushing to register their empty investment properties so they can pay their fair share of tax.

  2. Does anybody know what’s up with Corelogic? Their daily indices have been off-line for several days.

  3. truthisfashionable

    As a FHB trying to capitulate in Sydney/Central Coast area the lack of available stock is really annoying.

    Lots of apartments, lots of higher end homes, not much in the PAYG serf territory.

    • Same in Port Mac/Mid-North Coast. Put an offer in on the place we’re renting yesterday for $697K (goes on the market Monday $690-720K). A year ago, looking at similar sales, this house would have gone for $630-650K.
      RE agent said owner definitely wants a 7 in front and the way places have been selling off ridiculously low stock in the last few months, I get the feeling that they’ll take it to market and get their $720K. That’s our walk-away price. Will see what happens.

      • $720K to live in the retirement capital of the east coast of NSW. It’s a nice enough place but not much there.

        • Depends what stage of life you’re at I suppose. There’s plenty to do around here for young families and the place is growing rapidly. Not a lot for young adults though. I agree $720 appears insane, but the market is what it is and we’re high-income earners so with our 20% deposit, repayments are cheaper than rent and mortgage is under 3x income. It’s a 4/2/2 on 800+sqm. Cashed up Sydney and Melbourne buyers are paying a premium for these types of properties.

          • I feel for the locals born there as I doubt many are on the income that you are. The consequences of stupidly high Sydney house prices ripples through the rest of the country unabated.

          • Same. And there is no rental stock being added as all the property sales are to owner occupiers. People are desperate That’s pretty much what forced our hand to buy now.

      • He knows an additional $3k is an easy gimmie, as you’re already in the place and it’s a very small change to your current offer.

        • Having the advantage of making a pre-market offer, I thought it was a good tactic o see if she’d come back with something under $720 or go to market with a more than fair chance someone would come in above asking.

          Anyway, she’s just come back and said she’ll take $718 so I guess I’m buying a house.