Huge majority of Aussies ready to boycott China

I can’t vouch for this list from News:

Australians are being urged to steer clear of 41 Australian wineries after a viral list revealed they were actually owned by Chinese companies.

…it does not reveal crucial details such as what percentage of each winery is owned by Chinese companies, and many social media users pointed out it included some wineries owned by Australian-Chinese people who weren’t to blame for Beijing’s tactics.

Another pointed out some on the list were “run by Aussie workers though, and Aussie workers are still getting paid”, indicating a boycott may cause more harm than good.

But the long list shocked many Facebook users, with dozens unaware of just how many Australian-based companies weren’t actually Australian-owned.

The Good wine buddy Vino e Amigos FB page doesn’t make clear what “Chinese owned” means. Australian Chinese owned should not be boycotted.

More interesting is News ran a survey on whether punters planned to avoid Chinese made goods this Xmas the result was unequivocal:


Typical of other survey results we’ve seen:

A huge majority of Aussie punters are ready to pull together and give China the bird despite a treasonous left media and Labor Party which, unbelievably, backed the vicious Chinese tyranny over Australian interests.

We should all boycott them as well.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Learn from Chinese tactics – boycott them, let their value drop, then hopefully an Australian can buy the winery at a reasonable price.

    • A struggling against the odds property developer can redevelop the winery to house 78,467 migrant families. Having a go and all

  2. Yeah?, I’ll believe that when I see it! Australians vote with their wallets, and that means that many don’t have the means to boycott Chinese products if they still want the item.

    • I’ve had quite a few people say to me that they are actively trying not to buy anything made in China. I think there is a huge amount of community dissatisfaction with China and the way in which our current relationship is constructed. People are aware it will cost them, but the ones who’ve brought up the topic have said they don’t care if they have to pay 20% extra. I haven’t dug for detail, but one seems ready to buy and US made battery and inverter over the Chinese one, even though the Chinese made battery & inverter has a larger capacity.

    • I don’t think it need to be a complete boycott to have an effect.

      Plus there are other choices out there.

      I’ve been avoiding Chinese food products at the supermarket for a decade, for safety reasons. I have regular items I buy, when I find a new one I look where it’s made. Was a bit of effort reading the labels at first but no trouble at all now.

      Plus the Chinese car export market is going to fall flat, given you can get better cars from Japan, Korea and Europe. And Great Wall is an amazing name for an archaeological site but not a good name for a car.

      Very easy to avoid Chinese phones given they aren’t much cheaper and may have functionality and compatibility issues in future due to the Huawei ban. Android and Apple a bargain if you avoid those problems.

      I could go on…

    • It’s hard and expensive, but it is possible.

      I recently bought a 178Kg Peter Wright anvil, made in England circa 1890. I paid $2600.

      The alternatives were steel Chinese-made anvils – of good quality as far as I can tell, and sold by Australian companies well known to blacksmiths – at $1650 (110Kg) or $880 (100Kg).

      On the food side, we’ve been avoiding CCP-made food for years because of their quality issues.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Haven’t heard from that wine maker (who lost China exports and changed to cannabis oil) for a while, He must have found new exports.

  3. Chinese manufactures must be shaking in their boots at the thought of losing a systemically important market like Australia. Absolutely shaking in their boots!,
    For some manufactures Australia has got to be at least 1% of their revenue, losing that much revenue and market share will make them think twice about messing with us Aussies.

    • Lots of Chinese manufacturers, esp of the small to mid size variety have already moved to Vietnam because their costs in China were too high and they were not making any money as their margins are so slim. So yeah we’re peanuts, but also many manufacturers are operating on a hair’s breadth of profit margin and all sales matter. But yeah made in other countries may not mean that some of that money doesn’t find it’s way into China anyway.

      • I agree, there are some manufacturers that would need at least a week to retarget their production away from plastic boomerangs and find something else to build and somewhere else to sell it. they’ll take us very seriously.
        This is make or break stuff especially in the post Xmas (Chinese new year) factory shutdown times.

      • To change the world in any way your actions actually have to make a difference.
        No difference = No change
        Which would be all OK with me if these pointless actions didn’t cost us Political and Social capital.
        When there are a limited number of actions you can take, (which make a difference), you need to focus your attention on just these things and forget the distractions.
        If your pointless distractions make you feel better about the situation then go for it, however don’t fall into the trap of believing that simply because you are distracted by your actions, they must also be distracted by your actions.
        that’s a fools paradise!

    • You’re right none of this will hurt China, it’s mainly symbolic.
      But it is a good first step in diversifying what has been a single sourcing policy by the whole country.

  4. TailorTrashMEMBER

    House in my street on leafy north shore sold last week to (shock horror ) a young Anglo Australian family …..needs a lot of work so may not have appealed to Chinese interests …..but a definitely a rare thing to see young Anglo families get a look in in this area (Which used to be their spiritual home ).

  5. Yes, when I finally get round to renovating my bathroom, kitchen and laundry, my purchase of European appliances – huh, try buying Australian! – will coincide with a blip down in Chinese GDP. That it’s so difficult to buy Australian made appliances is a sad reflection on this country and its governments.

    • Wander in to Bunnings… looking for non-Chinese made gear/tools or just about anything else is like a needle in a haystack. If it’s under $100 its nearly 100% made in CCP-land

      • Lol. Maybe 25 years ago I accompanied my partner to Ikea. I wasn’t interested in anything, or even being there, but set out on a mission to find something actually made in Sweden. I found it! “It” as in it was the only item in an admittedly exhaustible search. A really good quality iron holder for mounting on a wall. Still have it.

  6. I’ll buy the best value products at the end of the day.

    I don’t engage in mindless consumption of gadgets and toys anyway.

    China has us over a barrel. We’ll have to get used to a lower standard of living in future unless we start grovelling very quickly.

    Australia is a little bit deluded about its place in the world. The US can talk tough with China they are the biggest consumers on Earth.

    Australia talking tough to China would like Fiji doing the same to Australia. You’d just laugh it off.

    • Don’t think we talked tough. Just pointed out that maybe there should be an independent inquiry into the origins of a virus which has caused so much death and destruction around the world.
      But when you are immature and have a fragile ego and an obsession with face even a direct query is perceived as insulting tough talk.

    • “China has us over a barrel. We’ll have to get used to a lower standard of living in future unless we start grovelling very quickly.”

      No, our politicians put us over a barrel.

      Do that maths. China is an economy with 1.3 billion. In Asia alone there are about 4.5 billion. Those other 3.2 billion are in rapidly growing economies and many of them geographically closer than China. Prior to Covid it was estimated that SE Asia would be the next decade’s high growth region with manufacturing relocating from China, often due to concerns about poor financial transparency and a nasty nationalism that has been hostile to western values for quite some time. Those journalists who prattle on about the inevitability of a Chinese future only do so because of lazy politics and lazier analysis. Clearly Stan Grant has never done business in China. It’s much easier and more secure to deal with half a dozen major ASEAN nations who more closely share Western values and norms and at least aspire to democracy and reject authoritarianism.

      Only those with no vision and grasp on reality have begun to grovel. There is a far bigger opportunity for Australia in the long term than a down side. Only those members of the ALP who have spent 30 years on obligatory ‘study tours’ of China would disagree. Such rusted on Sinophiles sold us down the river as they all but ignored Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, India etc in their 30 year grovel fest that got some to the point of wanting to grovel some more. It is 30 years of riding a one trick pony that was always going to buck.

      Enough. Stuff your current living standards. Let’s take a dip and build an economy that is actually sustainable and not dependent upon the glass jawed dragon and Wolf Wanker Dynasty of cry babies in knock-off suits and post Mao hair styles. And we can do it mainly because no sane person aspires to make their country in the image of China.

      • Personally I keep wondering if there’s a Chinese character for Pogrom
        Given their past it would seem likely that they’d have a dedicated character
        Maybe it’s high time we all learned to write this character correctly
        I wouldn’t want my aggressive strokes to be misunderstood.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        ONYA Clive …..nailed it as always ….
        I often wonder what you do as a day job ….
        ….but mate, what ever it is you are wasted …..ever thought of being a journalist ? (god knows the country is crying out for them )

      • I don’t care about lower living standards I live within my means, keep my consumption to what is required to not be left behind in the modern world.

        Fact is though the country needs to grovel to China unless everyone is prepared for a drastically worse standard of living.

        Who cares though. Whether it’s 2 years or 20 years eventually the iron ore and student “export” economy comes to a halt.

        You can’t compare China to any of the ASEAN nations. They’re the countries vulnerable to Chinese economic coercion. Cambodia and Laos are basically in the pockets of the Chinese, Myanmar and Thailand getting there. The Philippines are trying to stand their ground with the SCS. Indonesians genuinely hate the Chinese that will be a tough nut to crack for China.
        No doubt the Chinese would love to see West Papua become a sovereign nation. Indonesians don’t fk around though they riot at the drop of a hat.

  7. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Let’s get back to the good old days of corrugated
    iron and fencing wire to fix all …
    …..but sadly one thinks most young strayans would prefer to have their mobile phones in the detention camps

    • Im pretty sure they just dont want to have anything to do with Boomers anymore. The Boomers have a history of exploiting them.

  8. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    Interesting. I can’t get onto the vino Ed amigos Facebook page. Facebook says the page isn’t available

  9. Deport all the Chinese foreign nationals.
    Like Indonesia & other nations did / do.

    Most Australians aren’t aware that we now have 1.4 million mainland born Chinese in Australia.

    320,000 as so called citizens, early waves, now mostly elderly useless misfits allowed in – and now as citizens suck up our health care and welfare.
    The original advance guard.

    And then in came another 1.1 million Chinese Nationals (Chinese sole passport holders) as non citizens.

    👉As PR sucking up our Centrelink & Medicare.
    👉As TR or via the NZ SCV route to steal Australian jobs & housing, and degrade Australia.

    90% in Sydney or Melbourne.
    Vast fetid Chinese racial enclaves.

    And it’s not the best or brightest from China.
    What comes into Australia are the Hukou undesirables.
    Literally Chinese ‘slum clearance’

    Over 1 million of the Chinese mainland born foreign nationals in Australia are Hukuo (Chinese internal passport) lowlife and internal illegals.

    Spawned from Chinese rural peasant stock who moved into the Chinese cities in industrialisation – now 2 and 3 generations later their spawn who still can not get Chinese tier 1 city residency, education or healthcare.

    China is actively cleansing 105 million of this peasantry lowlife spawn from their Chinese tier 1 & tier 2 cities.
    China built the ‘ghost cities’ to resettle them – but they refused to go.

    Fearing rebellion, the Chinese government and their criminal syndicates now actively trafficked them overseas.

    🔻To get rid of their problem.
    🔻To launder the dirty money.
    🔻To get the debt repayments and remittances from them .

    ▫️As ‘students’.
    ▫️As ‘skilled workers’.
    ▫️As ‘spousal’ or ‘business investment’.
    ▫️As ‘regional workers’ (eg : Gladys Berejikian & Maguire and those bribes paid in the Chinese visa racket… where exactly are those Chinese now? )

    👉$2,000 or 10k rmb buys an Australian PR for an unskilled toothless lowlife broken down factory worker in Guangzhou.
    Chain migration and family reunion and soon the entire parasite Chinese lowlife village is here, lining up for Centrelink, free Medicare and to send the PBS drugs back to China.

    Chinese foreign nationals on PR sucking up our Australian welfare and Australian Medicare.

    And why are so many still as a PR and not a citizen?
    Because they are Chinese.
    🇨🇳China First🇨🇳
    Most can’t speak English after a decade or so here.
    And why be citizen? , all you get as extra is to vote and the Chinese don’t vote – they can easily buy the politician with Aldi bags stuffed full of cash.

    Chinese TR on pretext visas stealing Australian jobs.

    China dumping its old, useless, misfits, vice workers. criminal & socially undesirables into Australia.

    👉🏻All part of the Chinese colonisation intent.

    👉🏻Deport all the Hukou Chinese nationals.

    Round up at least 1 million of them, cancel their PR or TR / SCV visas and send them back to China.

    — Unwanted & damaged goods —-

      • Chinese mainland born in Australia…

        The 2016 census didn’t count (or collect) the TR, Tav or count the Chinese mainland born trafficked in via the NZ SCV or other countries. (Malaya, Indonesia, Thailand, the pacific islands) the ‘little stepping stones’ as the Chinese call them to then enter Australia or as they call it ‘South Guangzhou’
        Or the TV long stay / repeat stay categories.
        So 600,000 missing then (was 1.2 million)
        Now 800,000 in 2020.

        🇨🇳Chinese mainland born Citizens (earlier wave, old misery useless & now a parasite class – first wave )
        340,000 source ABS

        🇨🇳As PR (Chinese Nationals sole passport many here over a decade, unskilled, old, no English & mostly Hukou underclass – 405,000 (ABS / DHA)

        🇨🇳As TR (as pretext students, partners. faux regional visas, spousal visas, long stay / repeat stay) 480,000 of the 1.85 million – students, regional visas, skilled visas and partner visas in that order.
        Source – Aust DHA – ABF which has all the country of origin plus TR visa categories they enter on.

        🇨🇳NZ SCV Via the NZ loophole 85,000 mainland born Chinese of the 340,000 NON NZ born of the total 690,000 NZ SCV onshore. NZ Statistics. Country of origin and then exit destination after the NZ passport stamp.

        🇨🇳Chinese Long stay – repeat stay visitors to work in the brothers or illegally, or for the ‘Medicare tourism’ as it’s called in China to fraud our Medicare. 110,000 that’s a very conservative 10% estimate of total Chinese arrivals in long stay / repeat stay. It’s likely to be double that. Source : Austrade.

        Chinese Overstayers not counted but probably 8-10,000 of the 70,000 officially listed as Overstayers.

        = > Total 1,410,000 mainland born Chinese
        => 1,070,000 as non Australian non citizens

        90% Chinese concentration in Sydney and Melbourne Chinese enclave slums.
        Regional cities – mini me Chinese enclave slums.

        Mainland Chinese Income sources:

        🇨🇳Money laundering – in particular the Chinese PR are used to wash the Chinese criminal syndicate dirty money into Australian dwellings (to avoid FIRB) for cash in hand migrant only slum housing or black market venture.
        🇨🇳Vice which is dominated and run top to bottom by the foreign Chinese criminal syndicates.
        🇨🇳Drugs same – Chinese are the dominant players
        🇨🇳Real estate / letting / Chinese illegal cash in hand subletting for the migrant trade plus money laundering.
        🇨🇳Small business / (often loss making but used & churned over & over for the pretext of investor visas)
        🇨🇳 Migration agent – fake education industry
        🇨🇳Factory work & labouring, truck & vans
        🇨🇳Construction and home handyman
        🇨🇳 Cleaning and building services
        🇨🇳 Import of Chinese crap. And Daigou – often illegal private export of Australian goods back to China
        🇨🇳Clerical, low skill, IT,
        🇨🇳Electronic repair, shop & services work

        👉 What is striking is how few skilled high income professionals there are in the Chinese mainland born in Australia. Especially compared to say the US, Canada or UK. In the 1.4 million mainland born Chinese here – maybe less than 50,000.

        There are far more Chinese hookers, or Chinese as PR or TR mules washing the dirty Chinese money or else old sick useless Chinese PR sucking up welfare & Medicare, or Chinese on fake ABN, labor rings, factory, van drivers or phone repair… than there are Chinese white collar professionals.

        Reflecting our Australian Chinese mainland intake is totally dominated by the export of Chinese internal illegals Hukou underclass peasant stock or their spawn – along with their fake or worthless ‘educational achievements’.

        We don’t get their best or brightest.

        We get the absolutely bottom of the barrel Chinese Hukou slum clearance.

    • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

      Hey reusable, (seriously, that’s what autocomplete came up with), see my post above , it’s on daily mail