Angry China blacks itself out with Aussie trade war

The local CCP apologists always see Bejing “playing the long game”, even when all it is doing is following the blundering dictates of an angry tyrant. The Times:

China is suffering mass power cuts in the south, prompting cities to dim street lights, suspend factory production and tell office blocks to turn off heating unless the temperature falls below 3C.

The electricity crisis appears to have been prompted by a shortage of coal after Beijing banned imports from Australia. China imposed trade bans against Australia after Canberra demanded an inquiry into the origins of coronavirus and criticised Beijing’s treatment of the people of Hong Kong.

…China has insisted it is trying to reduce its dependence on coal. However, the combined effect of a surge in demand for electricity prompted by a colder than usual winter and the economic rebound following lockdown suggests that the country may not be able to wean itself off Australian coal so rapidly.

In the southern province of Hunan an energy official said that coal reserves had fallen 18.5 per cent and that generators may not be able to run at full capacity. Zhang Xiaojun, an assistant general manager of the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company, told state media that electricity generated from wind and solar power would not make up the shortfall.

“When the coal reserve is inadequate, you immediately see the drop in the power generated,” an unnamed electric engineer told state media.

“We would be lying if we say this has nothing to do with the China-Australia tensions,” a former electricity official said.

March that truth-teller off for re-education. Or give him a job at the treasonous ABC, which does its best to defend Beijing again.

While Xi Jinping’s preposterous trade war on himself has forced millions of Chinese to shiver in bed, led to huge price spikes for steel, coke and iron ore, the shortage of Aussie coal has also launched gas demand, including for Aussie LNG, which has now sharply reversed its falling volume growth into China, up 32% last month:

This has helped drive the price of Asian spot LNG to $12mmBtu, up 600% from earlier this year. These price rises are so sharp that various Chinese industrial users have been priced out, have stopped buying and are shutting down.

Along with a rising Brent oil gas benchmark, Australian LNG export revenues have taken off. The net effect of Xi Jinping’s trade war on himself has Australia laughing all the way to the bank as the small losers are swamped by the big winners:

The income boom will come off in H2, 2021 as iron ore supply normalises but that was coming anyway and so long as the trade war persists it will pull back to much higher levels than otherwise.

To anyone not already “re-educated” by the treasonous ABC, “playing the long game” looks a lot more like shooting yourself in the commodity supply chain foot.

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  1. The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.

  2. To China, on behalf of my country Australia: sorry

    Dear China,

    As an Australian, I would like to apologise to you for the way we have treated you. We have called out drug cheats when we have our own drug cheats. We have criticised your human rights record when we have an appalling history of mistreating our indigenous people as well, and what we do to refugees is tantamount to torture (“Australia is in no position to criticise China on human rights abuses”, December 15).

    We banned Huawei with no apparent evidence that it was a threat to our country. We called for an investigation into the origins of Covid-19, although I believe that your country acted honourably in this area.

    So, please accept an apology from me on behalf of our country, as you know our prime minister is only doing as he is told to by our big brother, who doesn’t always have our best interests at heart.

    Doug Cliff, New South Wales

    Dear Doug,

    Thank you for your apology which we accept.

    The Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, extends to you the thought that your current big brother is tired and feeble and will need a nap, and offers to you a future where we could assume the role of your nation’s protector and guide.

    As our first exhortation we encourage you to think larger. To ‘lift your eyes’ as we understand the coaches say in the football of your nation. Think of drug cheating not as an individual action, but as a state sponsored programme involving sports officials, pharmaceutical industry representatives and the intelligence world focused on accruing awards and medals which lends lustre to the state.

    Similarly think of human rights abuse not as a policy of isolating peoples and neglecting them, and not as acts of violence by administrations in days gone by, no matter how profound the scarring on the national psyche is today. Think of Human Rights abuse as a deliberate and refined policy of intimidation by all forms of police and the military, backed by every arm of the State – from education to environment to commercial interests and access to information – and the latest technology, specifically intended to break peoples on the basis of their religion, ethnicity, language and sense of self identity, in addition to overwhelming them in their historical homelands by waves of migrants representing the peoples carrying out the intimidation. While we know and have no doubt that Australian treatment of refugees is often torture, with the right application of force and the use of science and technology and facial recognition software we believe we can take the concept of ‘torture’ to a whole new level.

    We understand that you have banned Huawei, and reiterate our acceptance of your apology on behalf of Australia. But we understand that on occasion Nations need to ban information and technologies facilitating information transmission, in the name of ensuring that individuals within our nations are not exposed to any incorrect ideas. In this way we too have banned access to inter alia Google, Facebook, the BBC and most media arms of most Nations outside China. We hope that once we assume the role of being your new big brother we will be able to purify the Australian information and data dissemination world, and marry that with our own introduction of new systems technologies, and approaches regarding individual and social compliance, to take your own ‘brotherliness’ experience to a whole new level, and that this will enable you to experience the return of Huawei in time.

    Finally thank you for your understanding of our position on the advent of COVID-19, and the completely unfair expectation that there will be a global investigation which could impinge on a domestic Chinese issue, which would represent a form of bullying the Chinese people would not accept. We understand that many nations do not inform their peoples on the appropriate way to act and to think – leading to a surprising expectation in almost every nation on the planet by the vast bulk of the peoples in them that there will be an investigation into the

    – origins,
    – genetic basis and structure
    – means of transmission into the human race,
    – factors facilitating that transmission,
    – organisational and national responses to protect their peoples, and
    – factors influencing or determining the success of responses at a national and international level

    We too wish to have an investigation into the advent of COVID-19, and we will. We also will establish that a US Army delegation accidentally spilled some vials of the virus onto a butchers stand at Wuhan wet market which was being visited by Italians and Iranians, and that our nation is the innocent victim of clandestine operations by dark reactionary forces, aided and abetted by terrorist organisations fomented by Islamic and Buddhist fundamentalist within our nation and funded by the International Conspiracy. The report into this will be made available to all nations when it is appropriately completed.

    We understand and respect your concerns about your Prime Minister. When you get a new Big Brother we will replace him with a better performer who will utilise your national experience in leaders who do not have the national interest at heart and take this too to a whole new level of understanding obedience and compliance.

    You have the pleasure to be, Sir, our faithful and obedient servant,

    The Communist Party of China

    PS. And we assume your apology on behalf of Australia represents acceptance of China’s claim over the South China Sea and complete acquiescence with any interpretation of China’s sovereignty and its universal correctness, mandated as the one true definition of China’s rights and sovereign representation and promulgated solely through the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China.

    • Judas freekin priest what the hell is the source of that cheese eating monkey surrender letter ?
      Where did you find it ?

    • “Douglas Cliff….I live on the Central Coast of NSW. I am married and lucky enough to have two adult children, three grandchildren and a cat. I love taking pictures.”

      The whole country is full of fat white women in charge of cucked men.

      We’re going to lose our country. It’s inevitable, and frankly deserved.

      We’re so far down the track already, it’s not funny.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        For further reflection on the fabric of Straya, the front cover of the SMH liftout today on the NSW HSC merit list says a bit?

        • Yep. Anglo Australians are either on welfare, hypnotised by the block, social media, or in cream jobs like Lisa Wilkinson and Plibersek.

          Meanwhile newer Australians work their slots off, are far smarter and harder working and have the likes of Wilkinson and Plibersek to help bring their extended families here.

          I don’t blame them one bit. I blame Wilkinson and Plibersek.

          Present Australians have one single advantage. We own it. Once we give that away, it’s all over.

          Let’s face it, the stronger will prevail, and it ain’t fat white women or cucked men.

          • happy valleyMEMBER

            Yep, the new Strayans work ethic is generally better. But since Wilkinson’s and Plibersek’s kids are never likely to have job/money worries, these two are safe in carrying on their crusade?

          • “are never likely to have job/money worries, these two are safe in carrying on their crusade?”

            Yes, which is what makes it so infuriating.

            Instead of young Australians voting for immigration, they should instead be voting to redistribute the wealth of the top couple of percent.

          • “Present Australians have one single advantage. We own it.”
            This is astoundingly accurate description of the “aussie way of life of later years”

            Yep, RE “purchases” began since capt. Cook

            Last mob that thought “owning” was sufficient and working was for deplorables and those that boarded a few years later were quickly extinct by the new class of smart workers: capitalists.
            If all you have is ” owning”, the end is near.

          • “Last mob that thought “owning” was sufficient and working was for deplorables and those that boarded a few years later were quickly extinct by the new class of smart workers: capitalists.”

            They didn’t exercise the rights of ownership they had.

            We still own the sovereignty, much of the land, regulation of the land, waters, business’s, borders etc etc etc etc.

            It’s time we shut up shop to defend the future of all our kids.

          • You don’t seem to get it.

            When all you have is “own”, all you can do is sell. Until nothing more to sell.
            Work requires dirty hands and sweaty @rse. Nah…

            The best way you can defend future of your offsprings is by not cheering the warmongering.

          • “When all you have is “own”, all you can do is sell. Until nothing more to sell.
            Work requires dirty hands and sweaty @rse”

            Absolutely. Clearly the more people the more that needs to be sold, and the faster the end comes.

            “The best way you can defend future of your offsprings is by not cheering the warmongering”

            We have no choice but to do what America tell us, made worse by allowing Australia to be bought off, and populate.

            We need our heads read.

    • Gunna wasn’t it you who worked in Russia? Who’s kids speak Russian and haven’t you stated here before that yoy’re considering leaving Australia for Russia? And encouraging your kids to do the same? I mean Russia is China’s Strategic Partner so aren’t you a tad hypocritical?

        • Nice side step Gunna but no coherence. Explain to us again. How does your previously stated admiration for Russia sit coherently in the bigger geopolitical picture with your Sinophobia? Its like this blog editorialising against global warming and the coal and gas cartels one minute and then singing from the cartels hymn sheet the next minute so long as it fits with “China bad mmmm’kay?”

          • Riddle me this Batman.

            In the comments field of a piece about Australia and China and issues between the two, off the back of a comment which didnt include the word ‘Russia’ once, and which did not imply or otherwise reference the slightest thing Russian, i have someone wanting comment about my views on Russia, and attributing views about Russia to me which anyone who has ever looked at any of my comments (including those vis Russia) may find mystifying.

            Enjoy those mushrooms brother. Next time there is a Russia related piece I will be hanging out to see you there…..

            Start here brother…..

            Around the buoy nyet again in dealing with the Russians – The Russians, Ukraine, and the West in the age of Putin.

          • China apologists are boring. The whataboutism, the America is not perfect therefore China is ace arguments are tedious.
            When the Chinese can protest against Xi in Tiananmen and not get arrested come back for a chat.

          • You’re usual verbose waffle Gunna.You and most of the commentators here ironically remind me a lot of Greens voters just you drink a slightly different koolaid

          • and your grasp of English broadly akin to the usual obscurantist China apologia which drops in to bark at the moon in our midst….

            thanks for that.

        • Oh, I am certain it was well “coherent”,
          This is why it got “let go”
          If you were reading comments good few years ago, you’d understand it too.
          But, meh, one comment published or not, life still goes on and there’s a cold Pilsner Urquel in front of me.

  3. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Just got out of the surf NCCurl. So much for social distancing. Two groups of 20 & 15 on the beach then split up into 5 each running.
    btw was way out the back and man in grey suit was next to me. Didn’t think it was that big as the fin wasn’t sticking out that high but then saw how far it’s tail was from dorsal

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      “.. man in grey suit ..”


      I hoped you took the opportunity to refinance on a more attractive terms so you are prep-approved and ready to “snap” up some attractive property bait fish.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Was up your way couple of weeks ago, sniffing around Macksville and Nambucca to buy but prices have jumped lately.

        • Yep. It’s happening. When the rest of the country was going nuts with price increases it was as though this zone was exempt. Equidistant between Sydney and Brisbane without much obvious industry it was nicely overlooked. It seems that even developers are subject to the whims of fashion and this area was plain Jane. No longer.

          Stuart’s Point ( AKA Stupid’s point ) was the cheapest coastal real estate in NSW. It is still very cheap relatively. I think that around Eungai Creek will be somewhere to watch also. Beautiful, nice vibe.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Thanks, may take a look next year.
            Macksville cheap in town but not the house I was inspecting, needing huge shed & some acreage. The industrial area to the South has some huge sites and heavy industry. Too far from the beach for me anyhow.

          • Yeah. I built a house for my parents on 25 acres a few kilometres out of Bowraville . It gets very hot and you never know what the wind is doing on the coast. Beautiful and peaceful but too far from the oceanic salve for the soul !

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            I’ll reiterate on your story as was walking the dog and just skipped through it . Now that I’ve consumed it wholly have realized the extent of its brilliance.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Now back to work on the bonemans job after that WE of hair pulling.(getting less to pull, but consolation, still no grey’s).
            Son piked our spearfishing today.

      • Great piece of writing. My family comes from the North Coast, and I spent most of my youth surfing and fishing around Byron, Ballina and Evans Head. There were always shark patrols, but I can’t ever remember an attack in the course of several decades.

        Things are obviously different now.

  4. Last week I was paddling out to my mates Yacht on Lake Macquarie to do some maintenance on it.

    Couldn’t be bothered taking the tender so I just went on my board,

    The guy whos boat is moored next to our Yacht Bundy On
    ( Cap loves his Bundy and Coke) turns up as Im approaching the transom and calls out

    “Mate! Aren’t you worried about the Grinners?


    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Probably safer than the bone crunchers, (shories) that I sought shelter to.
      Never was a shore hugger.
      Those FIRE are also grinners, notice same trademark smirk

  5. It gets cold in southern China in winter. It’s an insidious wet cold that sinks into your bones (and lungs) and is difficult to get rid off. A lot of immune systems will be weakened from the lack of heating. If they get a winter wave of Covid it won’t be good as my wechat feed is full of photos of big crowds and life as normal and no one wearing masks. I wonder how tptb will spin this as being our fault for theChinese audience. Did we ship faulty coal and that’s why it can’t be unloaded? This could get even more messy

    • The D614G mutation, the most virulent so far needs 1,000 virions to infect you…..the new one only needs 300 virions to infect you. China needs to stop flights from Europe and the UK now.

      They don’t want to do a Boris Johnson like NSW is doing, the hit to the world economy would be fierce

      • My understanding is that not many flights are coming from high virus areas of the world, and that their quarantine measures would not be considered not half arsed by anyone’s standards. However if it does manage to slip through, esp in multiple locations, there is a good chance it’ll rip, esp if they get the more transmissible variant.

  6. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    But china is a world leader in environmental everything they don’t burn coal or build new coal fired generators, never, not once, Stan Grant told me so

  7. At the moment, what’s important (from China’s perspective) is that Australia is considered to be a hostile nation taking steps to ensure that the Chinese people suffer.
    When your average Chinese citizen hears that Iron Ore has doubled or tripled in price they don’t hear the free market forces reacting to geopolitical tensions, rather all they hear is the big wigs at BHP and RIO gloating. They can charge China any price they dream up and China must pay, for us it’s simple supply and demand economics., however for China it’s capitalist oppression all over again.
    Unfortunately this is also the fuel that lights a fire under Nationalism. When you are cold and shivering and discover that neither the electricity nor the Gas heating works, well you’re left to endure the cold and it’s a cold that eats at your heart. There’s no logic in ultra nationalism but the belief that someone, external to your society, is making you shiver, well that does somewhat focus the mind and helps identify their boogieman.

      • Yep it’s worth remembering the “Mukden Incident” and the euphoric effect that the successful, albeit unauthorized, military operations of the Kwantung Army had on the Japanese public.
        Lots of similarities

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      There’s a couple of fully loaded boats which have been anchored off the coast for a couple of months now which has been the subject of much chest beating and Wolf Warrior bleating.

      They are starting to look a bit foolish and I wonder if your average punter will start blaming a foreign government or their own for worse living conditions.

      Social mandate vs political point scoring – dangerous game in that system.

      • China controls the local narrative, and most Chinese are more than willing to suspend the need for believability if the narrative comes with an opportunity for a little nationalistic chest thumping.
        I guess they’re not alone with this ( Trump republicans definitely share this trait) so I wouldn’t count on Chinese in China ever deciding to blame the party for their woes, even if they clearly are to blame. I don’t think they are alone in this trait because i still remember how the US threw logical thought out the window when it came time for 9/11 reprisals. China will be no different, so we just have to avoid being their Iraq…when it comes time for vengeance, responsibility for their plight has very little to do with meting out vengeance.

  8. Can’t trust a commie like Winnie the Pooh to understand economics and free markets. Their feeble attempt to weaponise trade and ‘punish’ Australia will only reveal to the world how vulnerable their supply chains are and how, so very easily, the entire facade of a mighty and rising China can come crumbling down quickly when little ole’ Straya removes just one input (coal) from the supply lines. And believe me the CCP will be keenly aware that the more they push the more they hurt themselves. We have all the leverage.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Dispatch Reusa ( male ,tall ,dark and handsome) with a lump of coal for Hogmanay …that should be well received

  9. This proves conclusively that the Chinese ‘Wolf Wankers’ never operated under a strategy. I expect a few heads will roll soon.

  10. China doesnt care. Millions might die from hypothermia but they’ll just cover it up like they did with all the deaths from Covid.

  11. “Playing the long game” is basically the same as believing in conspiracy theories. Is China smarter than everyone else and has everything worked out? Is there a secret cabal basically running the world and everything happening according to their dictates?