Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Inquiry claims another scalp

Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Inquiry has claimed its third scalp – Victoria’s top health bureaucrat Kym Peake,  who resigned yesterday ahead of the Inquiry’s final report due for release next month:

During two days of at-times heated questioning [at the Inquiry], Ms Peake said it was a “matter of profound regret” that Victoria experienced a second wave.

“Kym Peake, who has served in the role for the last five years, has decided to step down from the position to pursue other opportunities,” the Government said in a statement on Thursday afternoon…

“After deep reflection, I have decided to leave the Department. I do so knowing I leave it in incredibly capable hands”…

Ms Peake revealed to the inquiry that she did always pass on issues in hotel quarantine to then-minister Jenny Mikakos, an issue that the interim report of the Coate inquiry highlighted.

Ms Peake follows former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos and for Department of Premier and Cabinet secretary Chris Eccles out the door.

The bigger issue is that after months of investigation and testimony, nobody has has been able to tell the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry who decided to use private security instead of police and ADF.

Instead, they all claim it was a collective decision (impossible in government) and a “creeping assumption”.

The whole fiasco is a farce and has “cover-up” written all over it.

The Hotel Quarantine Inquiry must get to the bottom of the issues and deliver concrete answers and accountability for what is the biggest public health and economic disaster in the state’s history.

Otherwise a royal commission is warranted.

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  1. they all claim it was a collective decision

    The art of the bureaucrat. Shared responsibility is no responsibility – the best kind!

  2. Why is it so important to blame an individual? Isn’t how not to repeat the security mistake the issue the inquiry should be pursuing?

  3. In a matter of “life and death” importance it beggars belief that such (government) decision making was not minuted in a meeting.

  4. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    Any number of senior executive directors, executive directors, directors, etc etc. in the Victorian Health Department. Check out their organisational chart on their website. Saw enough of this nonsense in a past life. Plenty of “influencers”,”actors”, assorted self-important clowns and miscellaneous “gophers” keen to stick their oar in and screw those workers at the coalface who actually crew the Titanic.