Chief international student lobbyist demands open borders

CEO of International Education Association of Australia, Phil Honeywood, has demanded states lift their caps on international arrivals so that Australia can welcome thousands of international students:

First of all, Phil Honeywood should get his facts straight. According to the ABS, NSW accepted 52% of international arrivals between April and October, not 80%.

Second, no international students should arrive in Australia until all citizens and permanent residents stranded abroad have returned home. Once that has been achieved, international students should be allowed to return in a managed way via hotel quarantine at their own expense (not taxpayers’).

Third, we have witnessed international education lobbyists like Phil Honeywood display classic moral hazard behaviour throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

In February, the international education lobby demanded Australia lift its travel ban on China. Then they paid Chinese students to circumvent the travel ban via transiting through third countries like Thailand and Dubai. Then they lobbied for students to jump the arrival queue via so-called ‘safe corridors’ hotel quarantine. Now they want Australia to stress its hotel quarantine system to allow students to return, thus risking further virus outbreaks.

Professor Salvatore Babones was among the first to ridicule the industry’s self-interest, penning the following in February:

Moral hazard is the expectation that organisations (and their leaders) will reap the rewards of their successes while others will bear the burdens of their failures. If the government lifts its travel ban and 100,000 Chinese students fly into Australia, university revenues will continue the robust growth that has propelled Australia up the international rankings.

But if those students introduce coronavirus into the general population, Medicare — which means taxpayers — will pick up the bill.

Thank goodness the federal government did not kowtow to the education industry’s pressure to open Australia’s international border. Otherwise we would have had an even bigger virus threat on our hands.

The federal government should again ignore Phil Honeywood’s special pleading. He is talking his own book and does not represent the interests of Australians.

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  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    The sh*t eating grins on all of these empty vessels known as the Australian ‘elite’ seems to be a common characteristic. I’m pleased to see Phil’s twitter post has very few replies, most of whom come from two ‘students’ complaining (of course) about their rights, what they want and naturally a mention of how much they ‘contribute’ to the economy. I like that they’ve absorbed the propaganda so effortlessly although the desperation to enter this country seems odd if it’s them who are doing the ‘contributing’. Desperate to come here just so they can ‘contribute’ to our economy? Very altruistic of them indeed.

    • Here to contribute to using Western Union’s in 7/11, sending tax free money offshore. And also contributing to the road toll in the transport and food delivery industry.

  2. “Thank goodness the federal government did not kowtow to the education industry’s pressure to open Australia’s international border”

    More like

    “Thank goodness the state governments did not kowtow…”

  3. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Aaron Ponton asked: “I was born and grew up in Western Sydney and it has changed a great deal especially with immigrants. I feel we have an “inundation” of immigrants and there are too many from too many different countries. Why can’t we just lower the immigration levels? This is our country, we have a right to lower immigration levels. Other countries such as the USA have much lower rate. And shouldn’t we stop labelling people opposed to immigration as racist?”

    After completely NOT answering any of his concerns.

    Labor, LNP, everyone on the panel agreed, we must restart immigration.

    McDonald asked “would Labor increase population”

    Marles avoided the Q, 3 times, and then said the rate should be “about the same as pre covid”.

    Getting the vibe Labor finally know this policy is toxic. ….even on QandA.

    How does Geelong vote for this bloke?