Geoff Raby demands Australia kow tow to his CCP coal paymaster

Registered Chinese agent of influence, big coal lobbyist, and former Australian ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, is back again this time at the Press Club:

“I think that state governments and the business community have allowed themselves … to become delegitimised in this highly polarised China debate that we’re having in Australia at present,” he said.

“When industry or business speaks about its interests in the relationship, there’s a phalanx of government officials, ministers and journalists who say they’re just talking their own book and looking after their own self-interest.”

Victorian Trade Minister Martin Pakula on Wednesday criticised the Morrison government’s handling of the relationship after legislation was introduced to Parliament that will give the federal government the power to tear up deals between foreign governments, the states and universities. The legislation is expected to target Victoria’s Belt and Road Initiative deal with Beijing over national security concerns.

Mr Raby is deeply confused so let’s clarify a few things for him. By becoming an agent of influence for state-owned Chinese coal – that is, the Communist Party of China (CCP) – Mr Raby has disqualified his own voice in the Australian national interest China debate. Indeed, his conflict of interest is so huge that it is only the second man-made structure in history to be visible from space. The other is the Great Wall of China and probably we need to debate which is the more prominent.

And why is it always Labor that is on the wrong side of this debate? Chris Uhlmann sums it up:

It is also hard to discern just what Labor wants; beyond using China’s bullying and Trump’s grim reign to make grief for Scott Morrison.

Some in its ranks have ripped their analysis from the editorials of the Global Times where the Australian government is always cast as entirely responsible for any bad blood. This neatly ignores a fact personified by Beijing’s wolf warrior diplomats: China has changed.

Others in Labor like to chant that no minister can pick up the phone to a Chinese counterpart. That would be because China has blackballed Australia for calling it out on three things: alerting the entire world to its rank interference inside our borders; banning Huawei from the rollout of 5G; and calling for an inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.

Labor supports the substance of all of these actions, although it argues that we should have waited for some other nation to lead the charge on COVID-19. Why? Because we are too gutless to do it? If we aren’t prepared to speak up when the health of Australians and their livelihoods face an existential threat, when exactly would Labor lead?

…it would be good if Albanese] could convince some of his other MPs to stop parroting China’s talking points.

It’s actually worse than that. The CPP is quoting directly from Labor and Geoff Raby to form its propaganda:

Meanwhile, outside of this Borgesian feedback loop of untruth, Australia will never get a better chance than it has right now to carve out its sovereignty vis-a-vis an increasingly belligerent China.  It’s the peak of the commodity cycle and China needs our dirt more than ever. We should use this power to draw the lines in the sand that will govern China relations for decades.  If we can’t do it now, or we give in now, then we will be weak forevermore as the cycle turns, with catastrophic consequences for our democracy.

This extraordinary moment is dramatically underlined by recent developments in China itself. The CCP has chosen Australia as the test case for its new policy of imperial economic coercion. This was made plain in the Fifth Plenum which elevated economics and trade relationships into the pantheon of “Xi Jinping thought”. That is, both are now thoroughly politicised and anointed as official tools of CCP geopolitical influence.  Thus, if we give in to the CCP at this stage then it will get much worse for the entire free world.

Yet, if we resist, and prove that even China-dependent Australia can succeed in pushing back the CCP bully boy, then we will help rally the globe to the cause of defending liberalism.

I will go so far as to say that right now and right here is a defining moment for the future of regional and global liberalism as China seeks to undermine, cajole, crush and supplant it everywhere.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask the Australian people where the national interest lies:

Seriously, it’s time to stop listening to paid CCP apologists and to get on with rallying the world to what is the most just cause since 1945. To wit, at Bloomie:

President Xi Jinping effectively neutered the most democratic institution under China’s rule, sending a message to Joe Biden that no amount of pressure will prompt him to tolerate dissent against the Communist Party.

China’s top legislative body on Wednesday passed a resolution allowing for the disqualification of any Hong Kong lawmakers who aren’t deemed sufficiently loyal. Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s government immediately banished four legislators, prompting the remaining 15 in the 70-seat Legislative Council to resign en masse hours later at a joint press briefing.

“This move makes it clear that dictatorship has descended onto Hong Kong and that Chinese Communist Party can eradicate all opposing voices in the legislature,” Fernando Cheung, one of the lawmakers, told Bloomberg News. “There’s no more separation of powers, no more ‘one country, two systems,’ and therefore no more Hong Kong as we know it.”

This is the political model coming to our kids if the Mr Rabys of this world have their way.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. For some time now any purchases i have been making at local stores i check the country of origin. So far i have been able to avoid all products made in the Nazi China. for example it seems like all Woolworth brand tinned food products i have come across so far are products from the Nazi China. Im glad to say i have been able to choose Australian grown food products instead. Its a small thing but given the Nazi China wants to play funny buggers with our exports then its all i can do to stick it to them.
    In fact given what Nazi China is doing there should be a national shaming of all large food sellers to stop stocking food products sourced in the Nazi China and replace all store brand produce with Australian grown food products. A national campaign to shame the large resellers into this could have a significant impact on Nazi China imports. Screw them all.

    • Weird thing is that if you buy something from China on eBay, it now takes months and months for it to arrive. I no longer buy anything from China as a result, on eBay at least. I suspect many others are following suit.

    • I recently had to get a new set of tyres. Was going to go Goodyear but found they were made in China so got Dunlop instead (Thailand). No Australian made anymore unfortunately.

    • I do this too, luckily it helps that I mainly buy fresh produce rather than tinned stuff. Trade issues aside, no way I’d risk ingesting anything made in China.

      For clothes you can generally avoid China by looking around at bit. For electronics, it can be pretty complicated due to the supply chain but at least avoid Chinese brands.

  2. They used to just shoot running dogs in China. How the world has changed – now they put them on the payroll. One hopes that an effective vaccine against Geoff Rabies is not too far away.

  3. David.

    I happened to hear this Raby muppet talking to Phillip Adams on Radio National last night. Adams and him were
    like bosom buddies. Made me sick. ABC – neutrality and independence. NO. Disgraceful propaganda.

    • Text in to RN every time they have an apologist on. I do. Bunch of muppets. Here’s the number: 0418 226 576.

    • I'll Stir Fry You in My Woke

      Phillip Adams is a national treasure. He is fantastic on many, many things, but he is blind on China (he is an ex Communist Party member). I think MB – probably DLS – should hit him up for an interview. His personal email is available if that helps 😉

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      really Phillip is besties with someone promoting COAL

      LOL he’s always been the wankers wanker

  4. Actually “By becoming an agent of influence for state-owned Chinese coal – that is, the Communist Party of China (CCP) – Mr Raby has disqualified his own voice in the Australian national interest China debate.” is not strictly true. He is now qualified to speak but he speaks on behalf of the CCP.

    The foreign interference laws should require not only registration but also a mandatory warning to be given whenever agents speak “I am speaking on behalf of ____ and my views are not my own, do not accept my views as being Australian” similar to warnings on a cigarette packet.

  5. Looking at what’s happened to my own country; New Zealand, that used to be what I considered to be the fairest country in the World. We had a very few at The Top and a very few at The Bottom. Now we have an ever-increasing many at the bottom; the same few at The Top and a sinking level of life for those who were the vast majority of The Rest, in The Middle.
    I can’t help but recognise that it’s all be part of The Plan. We, along with you and those in Hong Kong and the USA and Europe have been Globalised and there is now not as a thing we can do about it. Nothing. We can’t beat them and we can’t even ‘join them’ now, as that will never be allowed. We will be kept in our multi-million dollar debt soaked boxes; previously known as a home, where we belong.

    • It’s not so much part of the plan as one of the consequences of a system that allows money to be lent into existence. The inflationary impact of a ballooning money supply married to a deflationary (for wages) globalist agenda means that the middle class is being summarily gutted. If I could start again I would accumulate huge numbers of assets in order to get (and stay) ahead. That is the lesson of the past 40yrs.

      • The Powell memo had nothing to do with money forms and lest some forget Bush Jr offered China increased global influence as long they did nothing to change the U.S. status as numero uno.

        Wages and productivity diverged in the 70s and had nothing to do with globalism, hit job from Volcker, and C-corps/Markets loved it – rinse and repeat for equity buffing.

        Lmmao how about Pfizer’s CEO cashed out 60% of his stock on the same day the company unveiled the results of its COVID-19 vaccine trial. See Rule 10b5-1, a predetermined trading plan that allows company staff members to sell their stock in line with insider-trading laws.

        Phuleaseeee …. the looting and hollowing out has been going on for some time from the inside by ones own countrymen … but the money did it – ??????

        • Skip, just admit it: the real Sh%t happened when the gold standard was cut. Correlation isn’t causation but, get real MOFO. Look at the dates, look at the timing. The gold standard is central to all of this — there is no fcking denying it. Only orthodox BS from some trouser-stain academics trying to look good. Modern economists are about to have their ar$eholes handed to them. Why? Because all the shyte they learned in Uni is total c**tin* BS and they’re too “Albo’ to admit it.

    • Individually we can do nothing. Enough of us together can string the ____s up and leave their bodies hanging for a few months as a warning to those who think our way of life is for sale.

  6. “When industry or business speaks about its interests in the relationship, there’s a phalanx of government officials, ministers and journalists who say they’re just talking their own book and looking after their own self-interest.”

    That may be because they’re talking their own book and looking after their own self-interest….

  7. Take the incentive away.

    Nationalise everything.

    Meanwhile…”Australia is considering opening its borders to Asian countries, including parts of China, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday, as Canberra seeks to revive an economy ravaged by COVID-19″…..

    It’s all for sale. Our future, our sovereignty, our politicians, parties, citizenship, our farms, housing, government departments, jobs, developments, opportunity, amenity, business’s, tourism, beaches…The whole lot.

    LNP and Labor have for sale signs everywhere we look.

  8. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Good to see Sydney University going the full China approach . Nothing a lazy 50 gorillas won’t fix .
    These “students “ will fit right in to the new Australia.

    “”He added that censure motions were rare in the student council. “We might do it more often now, as a revenue raiser,” he said.””

    Now your talking son …..

  9. I think at some point we need to accept that “face” is important to our Chinese paymasters.
    We can conduct our affairs in such a manner as to give face or conversely in such a manner as to embarrass and we shouldn’t be at all surprised when they adjust their conduct accordingly.
    Of course we could conclude that this is all just about price.
    Maybe it’s about the price that they pay for Iron Ore
    or maybe it’s about the price that we pay for liberty
    or maybe it’s just all some complicated equation by which Tribute is calculated
    I don’t know for sure but one thing I do know is that it is high time that we figured this all out.
    We need to know exactly whose coin it is that we are taking and what expectation this creates, it’s beyond naïve to not understand this relationships, as seen through your counterparties eyes.