MB Fund Podcast: Aussie property and COVID-19. With Martin North

In today’s investment webinar we discussed the RBA’s recently unveiled plans to drop interest rates to unprecedented levels to support the Australian economy and property market, but the million dollar question is, will it work?

To help determine this, MB Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen and Head of Advice Tim Fuller are joined by Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics to show his latest housing and economic data. This includes the latest in Australian property, covering the impacts of covid-19, household financial confidence, listings, mortgage stress and dwelling values

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Tim Fuller is Head of Advice at the MacroBusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.

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Tim Fuller


  1. I’m as much of a bear as anyone, but it’s not working out here in rural Australia, where prices are surging.

  2. Our viewer question of the week:
    Do you plan on buying investment property in 2021? If so, where?

  3. Wage growth can’t happen with the short or long immigration under the various heads which increases workforce. Very interesting for pension funds and self funded retirees,

  4. alwaysanonMEMBER

    Two things made us buy in September. First being trapped in a 1br high-rise rental unit during COVID was terrible with us both working from home and it also made us want a nicer place to live and some stability and a real house with no strata etc. Second we workout out that with our ~50% deposit that the interest (rent to the bank) was less than 1/2 of our rent. And principal payments are like forced savings (assuming it remains the same price – not even thinking of it as an investment for capital growth). What would hurt our assumptions is a huge increase in interest rates (but they could double and it would only be where our rent was) or huge price falls. With price, even if it fell by 20-30%, while that would not be ideal our deposit means we’d still have considerable equity and we are planning on staying here forever.

  5. I give up with it
    Hard work is the only thing that’s ever worked for me. I’m sticking to the pokies for easy money