Australia’s 14 demands for the resumption of ties with China

Presented with great fanfare, here are the demands from Australia to China before we’ll be doing anything to restore the relationship:

  • Free and fair elections for all repressed Chinese peoples.
  • The resignation of Xi Jinping in disgrace for human rights abuses and inflicting the worst plague in a century upon the world.
  • A full-blown international inquiry into how the virus developed in China.
  • Compensation paid on a per capita basis to every country for virus losses incurred.
  • Chinese withdrawal from disputed South China Sea islands and the “nine-dash line” in accordance with international law.
  • Full withdrawal of all United Front and CCP agents of influence from Australia.
  • Cessation of the bribery and influence peddling within the Australian Labor Party and the repatriation of Gladys Liu.
  • Closure of all Confuscious Institutes.
  • Cessation of the claim over the Chinese diaspora and abuse thereof.
  • Cessation of regular cyber-attacks disguised as somebody else.
  • An official apology for ceaseless abuse by wolf wankers and re-education of the rudest diplomatic corp in the world.
  • Repudiation of intellectual property theft and intense prosecution of offenders.
  • Unilateral removal of all trade sanctions against Australia.
  • Full access for all nations to Chinese markets.

After China has let go entirely of her sovereignty, we can be friends. OK? Good.

From the AFR:

The US government has mocked a series of threats issued by China to the Morrison government, saying Beijing was effectively demanding that Australia surrender its sovereignty.

The National Security Council, which comprises the US President’s principal national security advisers and cabinet officials, took to Twitter after the Chinese embassy in Canberra took the unusual step of listing its grievances with Australia.

What a shame the groveling AFR has been trying so hard to get Australia to agree with outrageous Chinese demands, with Chanticleer leading the way:

It is a shame Ferguson was not asked during his appearance at the conference about how to reset Australia’s broken bilateral relationship with China.

This issue ought to be a priority for Prime Minister Scott Morrison given the escalating damage to our commercial ties from Chinese bans on various products including wine, seafood and grains.

Former Australian ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, has urged Canberra to “demonstrate that it wishes to pursue an independent foreign policy towards China”.

…He is not alone in recommending Morrison repair a relationship that is so bad there has been no senior bilateral Chinese visit to Australia since March 2017.

At the weekend, former prime minister John Howard told the Asialink conference at Melbourne University that Morrison needed to seek out a face-to-face meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Former president of the Business Council of Australia, Graham Bradley, summed up the attitude of business leaders when he AFR Weekend that the Morrison government should extend an investment olive branch to China and stop listening to foreign policy hawks to show it is serious about repairing relations.

Add another business voice to that list of shame, at The Australian:

Australia must keep its economic and security relationship with China separate to ensure it avoids trouble amid a more aggressive stance from the Asian superpower, former Dow Chemicals boss Andrew Liveris said, and not rely on US-driven solutions.

Does it look like we can keep our economic and strategic interests separate, Andrew? That’s what got us into this mess. After your shockingly bad Gas Unplan, what an epic disappointment you are.

Ditto all of those “captains of the industry” so keen to sell the bottled blood of ANZACS to this self-declared enemy for a few silver pieces.

You should all be strung up given golden parachutes.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Thieving political self interest. Thieving corporate self interest. A mish-mashed disparate un-unified population brought about by rampant excessive immigration from countries with conflicting values. A left wing woke demographic made of the most stupid and ignorant who have lived a good life for so long without adverse events that they cant see beyond their own limited thinking. A right wing wealthy elite hell bent on stealing from the taxpayers at every opportunity and no consideration for anything beyond their own wealth and self interest. A Machiavellian cabal of politicians and rich mates intent on subverting democracy and the will or good of the people by denying science and sowing distrust with fake news and lies.

    This is what we are faced with. Maybe if the majority population was unified and had shared values but above all any courage at all to push back we could make the needed changes. We have as a people become disjointed and so very very timid and small. So many different groups with their own little petty ideas think what they want is the most important thing to be addressed. No one willing to put aside what they want and say what does this country need.

    The best you could say was that loyalty and common purpose was exemplified in our military. But now we are going to tear that apart too all because of bogus unwarranted accusations from cowardly accusers hidden in the shadows infected by the disease of the left wing woke morons.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Come on the Twitter warriors amongst you. Link this article and tag some Chinamen wolf wankers! If you’re lucky you can help start a diplomatic incident. LOLOLOL!!!

  3. But hang on…..
    Toddle out into the street; any street around you, and have a good look about.
    Is what you see; what we’ve created any good?
    Isn’t it all falling apart at the seams? It looks that way to me, and more importantly, to my children.
    So what exactly is it that we are ‘preserving’? Is what we now have ‘it’?
    Maybe The China Solution; Oligarchy is the way to go because from what I see today, we don’t have a clue beyond” How much is my property portfolio worth? I’m rich!”

      • So long ago the date doesn’t matter, but I remember a story of someone in Sydney, who was selling his home into a booming property market, and the highest offers he got were from Japanese businessmen. But he refused to sell to either them or any other Japanese entity because his father had been a prisoner in Changi and he couldn’t forgive his treatment.
        That kind of belief in patriotism, right or wrong, died several decades ago and is what will stop us frustrating China, in what it sees as it’s right to govern the Asian area.

          • Not sure that is right, many are grateful for the generosity this country has shown. I think it depends on religion. Some carry with them a sense of superiority and require others to accommodate them which diminishes local laws and culture. They set up parallel societies, do not try to integrate and Balkanise the host society, diminish mutual trust and use that society as a stepping stone to diminish the freedoms and goodwill of everybody else.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            I know an Irish chick who hates the warbling of magpies. Wants to fill every available space with migrants.

            She’s worth a gazillion, and doesn’t mean she should sacrifice one single thing, and nor should her privately schooled kids.

            My personal experience in life is very often the second generation are as patriotic as anyone else.

            We’re just humans being humans.

        • And yet he was perfectly happy to buy and own the land that was stolen from it’s owners of 40,000 years in an arguable genocide without a single concern. Perspective is such a wonderful thing. How long into the past does it have to go before it becomes irrelevant?

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            FFS, the left are ridiculous. Did we steal it? Me?

            Many of us were dragged here unwillingly. What about them and their descendants?

            I was born here to a migrant parent. Is it my fault? My dads fault?

            This is what and why the left have falling credibility. They’re just squawking spoiled brats, wanting everything their own way without actually thinking about others (ironically thinking they’re supreme while everyone else is ignorant).

            Yes it’s sad and wrong what happened. How do you fix it? YOU CAN’T.

            Find ways to help these people now, today, in this era.

            Grow the Fup. YOU are doing more harm than good.

          • That’s not a fair comment. The gentleman may have been deeply concerned about Aboriginal history and about unfair land tenure systems, but simply unable to do anything about either.
            He did what he could that was in accordance with his beliefs.

          • It sometimes needs to become irrelevant. There is no such thing as collective guilt. No sane person blames the child for the sins of the parent. It leads to the total BS in Germany where the local population fails to stand up for itself because of what happened long before by people who are dead. What should trouble people today are today’s problems, not the grievances of people who are long dead. Its not as if we don’t have enough of those.

            To answer your question. One generation. Thereafter you deal with the current problem.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            You want to do the best thing by native Australians by a million miles? Stop immigration.

            The woke left are one big stupid humongous naive lolol.

          • Did the japanese wanting to buy the guys property in the story run changi?
            You really should calm down a bit and conduct in some rationale thought. If my statement is not factually accurate then maybe argue the point but you clearly agree that it is essentially true.
            So maybe answer the actual question, should he have sold the property to the japanese, and if not, why not? how long ago does it have to be to no longer be relevant.

            And to argue your final point, indigenous people are disadvantaged because they are more likely to be poor. They require no special help today other than the help that would be provided to all poor people in a reasonable society and special treatment merely makes things worse. Of course the white poor are just as screwed currently.

            @Fitzroy, that would be the sensible suggestion, unfortunately most people have an agenda they are pushing and will use whatever narrative pushes that,

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “And to argue your final point, indigenous people are disadvantaged because they are more likely to be poor”

            Incorrect. Indigenous Australians have more access to services, housing, health and welfare than pretty much any other group. Money is not the problem nor the solution.

            BTW, I thought you said their problem was their land was stolen.

            As usual the woke do not understand the situation, the problem nor the solution, but instead throw around “stolen from 40k years”.

            Like I said, people like you cause more problems than you fix because you’re clueless, typically vote Greens which has destroyed the Labor party which has destroyed Australia. For indigenous Australians as well.

            Wake up and grow up mate. You’re on the completely wrong path to solutions.


          • @ the claw,
            The man is entirely hypothetical from my viewpoint, He may have existed but I have no way of knowing either way. What his viewpoint may have been is completely irrelevant.
            The point is to make the reader consider what their values actually are. Why is the japanese behaviour in the 20th century the very worst of humanity but the british behaviour in the 18th century mostly ignored despite being far worse objectively(at least much more successful) IMHO.

          • @Totes,
            You really need to stop projecting. ALL I said was their land was stolen. Are you saying it wasn’t?
            Anything further you have added yourself.
            And how about telling us what the problems ARE, instead of what they aren’t.
            I’ll give you a free hint, given they have barely been in power, it isn’t the ALP.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “I’ll give you a free hint, given they have barely been in power, it isn’t the ALP.”

            lol. You’re still going with that?

            You want to know why Labor’s not in power?

            People like you. That’s why.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “their land was stolen. Are you saying it wasn’t?”

            Who cares? How do you answer that? Who stole it? Me? Capt Cook? Whoever sent him? The convicts, the migrants who have come since? The one’s coming next week?

            It’s not a question worth considering. It’s rhetorical with no answer. No point.

            What’s in our control right now is preventing everything we love, including our indigenous Australians, including our beautiful diversity, being destroyed by further immigration. You should consider that.

          • “What’s in our control right now is preventing everything we love, including our indigenous Australians, including our beautiful diversity, being destroyed by further immigration. You should consider that.”
            Except in case you hadn’t noticed, it isn’t actually within our control. It is within the control of a handful of politicians. YOU CAN’T/WON’T DO A SINGLE THING ABOUT IT, except scream it’s all labors fault like a mentally deficient parrot.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “except scream it’s all labors fault like a mentally deficient parrot”

            I have successfully convinced thousands of people it’s Labor’s fault. I’ve hurt Labor, and hopefully had something no matter how small, to do with their humiliation at the election.

            The bit I think you struggle with is it doesn’t matter if it’s LNP or Labor that won, the big Australia, globalist path we’re on, we’re going to lose everything. I’m fighting that. You’re not.

            There’s only one solution to fix Australia. The smart one’s get it, the dumb ones don’t.

            Labor will change, or die. They’re the only two options for Australia.

            BTW, I’ve asked you a number of times. Why do you say you don’t defend them, and then defend them, AND, apparently have such a low opinion of them?

            “Except in case you hadn’t noticed, it isn’t actually within our control”

            We both know that’s not true don’t we, so why do you keep saying it? Australia is well on the way to finishing off the Labor party. Hopefully that results in independents keeping LNP far more honest than Labor does.

          • How have the democrats and greens gone for keeping them honest??
            That is the path your independents will take if they achieve any sort of actual power.
            As they say, power corrupts, or more likely attracts the corrupt.

            Edit, lets be realistic, the most likely result of the labor party disappearing is a wholesale movement of former labor party members to the greens and the greens replacing them as the other member of the duopoly. Does that sound appealing.

          • How far back do you want to go? The archaeological evidence is very strong that people all over the world, including Aboriginal people, have been invading and dispossessing each other for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years.


            Apart from Antarctica and a few very remote islands, you would be very hard put to find any land on earth that hasn’t been stolen at some stage. The current population of Europe is largely descended from Indo-European speaking invaders (the Yamnaya culture) who entered Europe about 5,000 years ago. For a long time archaeologists couldn’t decide the cause of the very sharp change in material culture, invasion or the spread of new fashions (pots not people). Now that we can reconstruct ancient DNA, the answer is clear (people not pots).

            That doesn’t make such things morally right, but Fitzroy’s point about one generation is correct. Rights of action should die with the parties.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            ….”How have the democrats and greens gone for keeping them honest??”…

            GST isn’t the end of the world is it? One big mistake. Nothing to do with honesty. I genuinely believe Lee’s thought it was the right thing for the country. Democrats lost the plot in many ways prior too though I guess. More being the candidates. Either way, not a relevant example you’re making.

            Greens are delusional, and dishonest in a sense, but IMO, their motivation isn’t endorsing immigration for the benefit of the elites.

            …”That is the path your independents will take if they achieve any sort of actual power”…

            There is literally nothing to lose trying. BTW, democrats and Greens are/were parties. If Independents are put there by us in a coordinated way, we can remove them just as easily.

            Greens replace Labor? Are you serious? Maybe as 4 MPs left in Sydney and Melbourne, but certainly not running the country.

            Labor’s in severe trouble as a party. I predicted the election loss, and I’m predicting wipe out without radical change.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER


            Good comment.

            Not in the delusional world of the woke. Humans are brutal, just like all other animals. Only the insanely privileged world of the spoiled rotten Westerner could we ignore what Humans are. Seems to me the more privileged the more removed from reality (inner city, celebrities, elites).

            Having said that, I absolutely want indigenous Australians to be given opportunity beyond everyone else. They’re a unique people as are most native populations across the globe.

            By pushing for more more more more, Greens and Labor undermine all that and turn Australians against it.

    • Yes this. I’m a parochial Qldr and IMHO Sydney and Melbourne are too far gone. Whenever I read the calls of final resistance to the next colonisation I agree, but even in Brisbane at any public event pre covid I would think the Australia I once knew is gone.

      I’ve just been made redundant again, not long after the employer hired some Chinaman and Chinaman female graduate s. My European employer with his British revenge fantasies. So many like this in Australia who’ve imported their prejudice s , and I’d be called the rascist one for pointing this out. This is despite myself being brown.

      Just look to blighty to see Australia s future. Property to the moon.

    • Circa 1992, Hitchens faxed his copy through as regards Columbus Day. And if you’ll permit me the conceit of a posthumous critique, I’ll paraphrase: “My colourful, exotic friend; respectable, well spoken — unlike the rest of them — as you know I’m colour-blind and you’re a credit to your kind; this silly talk of resurgence, ceremony, communion with an unconquered natural world; tell me, where is your gratitude for all we’ve done for you? This paradise. Eden. Empire. Kingdom. This boundless epoch we’ve bestowed upon your savage, empty lands; well of course mistakes were made! But as far as human progress goes welcome to a slightly higher plane of innovation and opportunity for your trampled communities! The treaties that we broke; The lands that we filched; The settlements put to the torch; The children we abused; all for your own good of course! It just happens to to be the way history has has been made! Just don’t play with a toy gun or change lanes without signalling. Don’t comply, don’t resist cuz it don’t make no difference. Comply? Resist? No difference. Resist? Comply? You die. The funny names you give your kids; the silly ways you do your hair; the jungle music that you blare; we snicker and we sneer for they do not revere the incessant gadgetry we incessantly deploy to incessantly extract and incessantly destroy. You don’t worship us. Oh why don’t you worship us? Resist? Comply? You die.”

      Toit AF – >–BMNVwSYlQ

  4. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    My immigrant mate from Northern England would like to add to that list of demands.
    He would like to see all of Our Chinese restaurants server all their dishes with generous portions of Hot Chips.
    This is something he misses a great deal from his mother country.

      • I don’t doubt that rotating muppets periodically is the only way of prosper and democracy from your perspective. Alas…
        That said, the list above is still just a humorous click bait bucket list for shrinking audience and should be looked at as only for entertainment purpose.

        • GunnamattaMEMBER

          Yeah, a muppet with the ring for life is far more entertaining!

          The statues, the honoraria, the town names, and the vanity projects……..why not a palace!

          • Yeah, a muppet with the ring for life is far more entertaining!

            True, but i did not say that.
            There is by far more democracy and benefit from true leaders staying at the tiller of the nation than ehat comes from revolving game of arbitrary period muppets.
            Amassing power and influence is what creates monsters and as we can see from the ongoing coup in US, 4+4yrs muppets system made zero difference.

  5. Arthur Schopenhauer

    They are using the technique of Gleichschaltung.

    They are trying to systematically co-opt Australian organizations that could potentially influence people, and eliminate non-aligned voices with the help of their proxies (AFR, Universities, corrupt Stooges etc).

    In doing this, they are working to establish an ideological alignment of business, institutions and individuals by forcing them to publicly declare loyalty. No declaration, no trade. No trade, no income.

    • Much the same as the globalists. Most people don’t like labels as they deny any nuance and as such are usually false. The response to such declarations, racist, denier, etc is problematic because they require an examination of argument where such a response is socially inappropriate.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Yep, you see it in the polarization on Social Media. Get into alignment or be cancelled. Algorithmic tribalism.

        There is the potential for these techniques, amplified by technology, to lead us into a very dark period of human history.

        In the French Revolution it was the printing press, along with the spreading ability to read.

        During the 1930s, Radio.

        And now, social media.

  6. The ‘list of demand’ shows a lack of understanding of China. Going through it point by point

    Free and fair elections for all repressed Chinese peoples.

    Election is meaningless without reform of the government structure.. Hong Kong has free and fair elections, but they can only elect 1/3 of the seats. In Tibet and Xinjiang the Han Chinese outnumber the original inhabitants, so an election will become tyranny of the majority. The starting point is to give the Chinese National People Congress a role beyond rubber stamping the policies they’re told to vote on.

    The resignation of Xi Jinping in disgrace for human rights abuses and inflicting the worst plague in a century upon the world.

    Replacing Xi with another “Princeling” won’t have any difference to CCP policy. When the system is rotten, changing the figurehead makes very little difference.

    A full-blown international inquiry into how the virus developed in China.

    All the evidences is already destroyed by the local government in January, so what conclusion can be drawn by any investigation beyond that?

    Compensation paid on a per capita basis to every country for virus losses incurred.

    So it’s China fault that people around the world believes “it is just a flu”? Unfair demand for war repatriation is how Nazi Germany came into being. If the aim is to start World War III, that’s the way to do it.

    Chinese withdrawal from disputed South China Sea islands and the “nine-dash line” in accordance with international law.

    The region will then be handed to who? What is needed is an international framework so everyone have access, but nobody owns the region.

    Full withdrawal of all United Front and CCP agents of influence from Australia.

    As long as Australian politicians are for sale, China will buy them.

    Cessation of the bribery and influence peddling within the Australian Labor Party and the repatriation of Gladys Liu.

    Glady Liu may be accepting money from the CPP, but she is Australian. So her citizenship needs to be revoked because she forgot about membership in some Chinese cultural organization? Belonging to those organization is how you raise money after all, and there are a LOT of them.

    Closure of all Confuscious Institutes.

    No objection there. Despite the name, they are not promoting Confucianism at all.

    Cessation of the claim over the Chinese diaspora and abuse thereof.

    Unlike a lot of European countries, China does not grant citizenship based on bloodline alone. Even when both parents are Chinese citizens, any child board aboard do not get Chinese citizenship unless the child will otherwise be stateless.

    People who were once Chinese citizens on the other hand is regarded as ‘fair game’.

    Cessation of regular cyber-attacks disguised as somebody else.

    This is CIA propaganda. So even if the hacking is not from China, it’s done by.. China?

    An official apology for ceaseless abuse by wolf wankers and re-education of the rudest diplomatic corp in the world.

    The wolf wankers should all be made into eunuchs. That’s exactly how they’re behaving anyway.

    Repudiation of intellectual property theft and intense prosecution of offenders.

    International copyright violation do get enforced in China. Patent on the other hand is a complete mess as it is very biased. The US granted Apple a patent on ‘a rectangle’, and Apple won that court case against Samsung. After that, nobody respects the US patent system anymore.

    Unilateral removal of all trade sanctions against Australia.

    Except for lobsters.

    Full access for all nations to Chinese markets.

    When China won’t have full access to other nation’s market? Australia is pretty unique in how we destroy all our industries, with the exception of car dealers. (not car manufacturing).

    The most important demand is left out though

    Stop exporting the Chinese property bubble overseas

    This is China’s real crime against the world. It’s why the young people in HK are rioting, why Australian families need two jobs to support a mortgage, why our building industry is obsessed with building crumbling dog boxes unfit for human habitation, and why there is a ‘housing shortage’ when 10% of the houses are empty. High house prices destroys human society.

    • If you really want to p1ss them off, demand their property market be given 100% unfettered access to foreigners to park their ill gotten gains and speculated on with printed confetti. For those silly enough to want to acquire land in a sh1thole.

    • Close but no cigar.
      It was our willingness to sell the RE to “stupid” highest bidder (chinese) and to watch our wealth grow whilst surfing the waves and holidaying abroad that made the hyperinflation RE prices.
      2. To have ‘fair war repatriations’ a war crime is required. Nazism just used results of incorrectly set war repatriation delivery. Germany was paying war repatriations until late 80’s and unlike after GW, after WW2 it was actively invested in after the war.
      Imagine “international” governed waters in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of US where Chinese or Russian military naval vessels can just navigate at free will. Because China did not claim that projection of power in the past, it means jack sheet for today. It is unrealistic demand. Otoh, US annexed and occupied countries around it that it could (Hawaii wtc) or made them sockpuppet states (apart from Cuba)

  7. There is a 15th demand from Australia of China that needs to be at the top of the list.

    #15 The forced repatriation of over 1 million Chinese mainland born currently in Australia back to China.

    And Australia would not be the first nation to forcibly expel large numbers of unwelcome Chinese.


    China does not generally allow dual passports.

    We have in Australia 1.45 million Mainland born Chinese in Australia.

    1.3 million or 90% of these Chinese mainland born are concentrated in vast Sydney and Melbourne non assimilated replica Chinese slums.

    750,000 of these Chinese are in Sydney and 550,000 in Melbourne.

    They are the epi-centre of Chinese foreign political & criminal activity in the Chinese colonisation of Australia.

    The epi-centre of dirty money laundering into modest established Australian housing – to convert into fetid migrant only cash in hand bunk share.

    The epi-centre of drugs, labor racketeering, prostitution and black market activity.

    An overwhelming attribute is that they are all low life Chinese Hukuo* Internal illegals.

    (*Hukuo – Chinese internal passport system)

    They are the Hukuo illegal spawn of the Chinese peasantry who migrated to the Chinese tier 1 cities during China’s industrialisation, and now exist in vast internal illegals squatter camps around the main Chinese cities.

    They have no residency rights in these China cities. They are denied education, health care and services.

    This Hukuo underclass refused to go to the ghost cities built for them.

    Fearing rebellion, China then started to export these Hukuo internal illegals and misfit peasant class to foreign countries.

    To get rid of them and for the foreign money laundering, remittances and colonisation of that foreign country.

    Chinese has now exported over these 9 million Hukuo low life peasant spawn internal illegals.

    They are poorly educated, low skill & hardcore Chinese First Communist.

    Australia has nearly 1.1 million of this low life peasant spawned Hukuo underclass mostly as PR, TR and via the NZ SCV racket in exploiting our broken borders and totally corrupted visa system.

    🇨🇳360,000 of these Chinese mainland born are so called ‘Australian citizens’.

    An earlier wave, now elderly, the advance guard of Chinese misfits and dissidents going right back to Hawke and his mistake to grant many of these Chinese Australia permanent residency and citizenship, then the numbers exploding in chain migration and visa fraud.

    Are they really Australian?
    Do they have loyalty to Australia?
    Can they even speak English?

    Or are they part of a hard core ‘China First’ political organising group in infiltration, destabilisation and subversion of Australia.

    At least half should have their Australian citizenship revoked and be packed off back to China also.

    🇨🇳565,000 Chinese mainland born as PR – a number have been in Australia for over a decade but chose to stay as Chinese foreign nationals and PR.

    Many still can’t speak English even after a decade & will never assimilate.

    But they all know how to use their Australian Centrelink and Medicare card or lend it out to other Chinese TR or visitors for the Chinese Medicare tourism racket.

    These are Chinese foreign nationals on Chinese passports, many are elderly / sick / useless on falsified documents.

    As a Foreign National PR they can’t vote federally in Australia – which is why the local government is stuffed full of corrupt Chinese property developers, brothel owners, but at our State & federal levels the Chinese just buy off our politicians with Aldi shopping bags stuffed with cash.

    Thats the Chinese way.

    These Chinese Hukuo low life misfits are sent to Australia to parasite off & burden our Centrelink and Medicare.

    $2k or 10,000 RMB buys an Australian PR in Guangzhou. (Yes).

    The more misfit, criminal class, old or sick the Chinese is, the more the Chinese government and the Chinese criminal syndicates who run the people trafficking will help in that Chinese gaining entry into Australia.

    At least 400,000 of these Mainland born Chinese PR need to have their PR entitlement cancelled and to be repatriated back to their Chinese slums.

    Thats 200,000 or so Australia jobs and 80,000 or so modest Australian dwellings returned back to Australians..

    🇨🇳610,000 mainland born Chinese communists as Temporary Residents or trafficked in via the NZ SCV racket.

    Anyone who has lived in China or familiar with the Chinese Hukuo internal passport system can see that almost all the chinese TR or as ‘NZ SCV’ are Chinese Hukuo lowlife trafficked into Australia.

    Part of China’s plan to export / dump their Hukuo underclass as an export / foreign remittances / working illegally / mules in money laundering / vice workers – sent to foreign countries as part of their internal cleansing program.

    Communist. They know no other ideology or loyalty. These are Chinese foreign nationals, born raised and indoctrinated in China first communist ideology.

    They are also a huge economic and social burden to Australia in jobs, wages, housing and congestion impact as well as being the centre of foreign run organised crime.

    🔹Cancel all the 610,000 TR & NZ SCV visas of the Chinese main born communists.

    Invariably they will be on some pretext visa and falsified documents, as any Hukuo or social credit score check will confirm.

    They should never have been allowed into Australia..

    That’s another half a million Australian jobs and over 100,000 modest ex Australian dwellings returned back to Australians.


    So there is ‘Demand #15’

    The forcible repatriation of an entire Chinese parasite Hukuo underclass of at least 1.1 million – exported to Australia to be our burden and in Chinese colonisation of Australia..
    To be rounded up, asset stripped under proceeds of crime & deported.

    50 flights a day @ 250 Chinese per plane, say 80 days or 3 months, and its all sorted.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I would like to repost Mike’s post here in today’s Arvo and Weekend links.
      This subject need to be broadly discussed and debated by our politicians, media and the entire Community.
      It can not be ignored for politically correct reasons anymore.

      • Sounds good… however the politicians, media, academics, ethnic leaders, business agree with the Third World mass immigration ideology being imposed on the people.
        The people oppose this immigration ideology, but the people are not organised so their cries can be ignored.
        We need a Great Orator… however this is extremely unlikely.
        So, I think there needs to be loud (violent?) protests delivered to our politicians… but the people are not organised.
        That leaves only one option, do not vote for any party that does not slash the mass Third World immigration program (ie max NOM 50,000).
        If enough people do this, the major parties will cave in to get the vote of the massive portion of people that are holding back their vote and change immigration policy.
        However, organising again.

  8. Interesting response from DLS
    But why are we taking this threat seriously to begin with
    It seems to me that China is only as relevant in Australia as we allow it to be
    Last I checked Australia is our country the rest of the world might give China a little latitude in the South China sea but that most certainly does not extend as far south as Australia .
    So yes it is time for Australia to tell China to go …um “fly a kite”
    but that’s not what we are actually doing when we respond with this sort of inflammatory demand
    we are not telling China that they are irrelevant, actually it’s quite the opposite we are creating and amplifying their relevance
    maybe with this in mind the best response is just a hearty belly laugh, they’d never understand the joke and the rest of the world would laugh along with us. Maybe that’s the only real win-win outcome that is possible.

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