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  1. Arthur Schopenhauer

    “Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.”
    Some bloke from Frankfurt

      • Great vid! Watched the whole thing. One of the best points was right at the end: “Reduce the fear”.
        It was patently obvious that masks stitched up in some randoms sewing room and bought on Facebook were never going to be effective against a virus measured in microns. Here we have two ohs experts using an ohsa director’s own thesis to prove that. Bonus points that they got political themselves to roll state law.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Claw, Aaron.
        If nature fails to cull the overpopulation of the world via Covid then she will have to use human nature and activate plan B, WW3.
        Which choice would we prefer?
        Some bloke from Sydney (me)

        • Yep, like in Ghostbuster, your going to be destroyed, but you get to choose your destroyer. Let’s go for Mr Staypuft, at least we know he’s flammable.


          It’s been technology that’s got us overpopulated (sanitation, vaccines, haber process) and it’s only fitting that it’ll be tech that wipes us out (nukes)

      • So Claw, Aaron, what the vid health professionals say is that masks are a last resort and that the virus must be eliminated in the community first – basically what Vic is in fact doing.

        As an asthmatic I agree that wearing masks are awful – oxygen deprivation, Co2 overload, and breathing in your own germs…..use with caution and for as short a time as you can and don’t run or exercise in them.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          True, having a lifetime of all types of industrial respirator masks at my disposal came to that conclusion from day one. Noticed the surgical masks don’t have a snug fit so particles can enter freely in the gaps. The best respirator ones were the rubber face fitting with cartridges and the cartridge’s were of many types to choose from depending on the microns or chemicals to be filtered. They also have valves to let expelled Co2 breath out unrestricted.
          In your case if you were compelled to wear one I would choose a disposable industrial (paper one) with an exhaust valve located slightly to the side or the front
          BTW used to wear a rubber mask that looked like a gas mask in the seventies on my bike as the pollution was worse then especially up the Roseville bridge BUT it nearly caused a few accidents with drivers doing a Linda Blair.

          • I like Sundstrom masks. I’ve got the regular Sr single filter and a SR100 twin filter half mask for painting. Bought top quality after I had a DIY mishap. Mixed up the paint (POR15 chassis black), grabbed my mask and the pod broke off the side. Grabbed a P2 and shot the job rather than waste the paint. Within minutes I was overcome by the fumes and had a toxic shock reaction. Girlfriend was ready to dial 000. Learned a big lesson that day 15 years ago.

          • >BUT it nearly caused a few accidents with drivers doing a Linda Blair.

            Lol. Great image and great movie. I rode a bike back then too but am sure didn’t look as cool!

            Thanks for the link. Bought up big on N95 for the family back in January and find the ones with the valve the best too.

        • So they don’t stop a virus that is measured in microns, but keep oxygen out and co2 in? ya dreamin

          • Extra dead space. That being said you can resuscitate people with your exhaled breath so it isn’t going to kill you.

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        It all comes back to purpose. If you are only looking at protecting yourself, then it needs to be P95, and you need to take the additional precautions. Then Boom’s masks are OK (because they have side valves). If you are looking at societal protection, or protecting others, then 3 layers are enough because they significantly reduce the exhaled particle cloud (and Boom’s masks are not so OK). If you use the neckerchief single layer then it is worse than no mask at all because it aerosolises the particles further (see the Scientific American video) and makes the exhaled cloud more transmissible.

        Societies that consistently wear masks have a slower transmission rate than those that don’t, even when the masks are just triple layer cloth.

        Why are surgical masks worn in Hospitals normally – because they are enough to protect the patient. To stop the spread of infection to others. When medical personnel need to protect themselves, they wear P95 and protective outer coverings, plus are supposed to use spotters to make sure they undress safely. Even with all that care, their rate of infection is higher than the normal population.

        Cloth masks need distancing to be effective, they create smaller zones of infection and reduce droplets. They are just one step. Without the other steps they contribute less. If you are worried about yourself – go P95 or better.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Beautifully put. It’s better than nothing, and P95’s are probably rivalling the spot gold price right now.

    • Don’t agree. The greater the debtors ability (power) to lower its own rate of interest the longer it can push it’s redemption date into the future. eg. currency.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Well enough for old folks to rise early, because they have done so many mean things all their lives they can’t sleep anyhow. Don’t go to sleep, so many people die there.

      Some bloke called Mark Twain.


      If the govment keeps putting everything on the never never will it ever get paid never never some bloke from Australia. ps: iam hungry

  2. LOL at the Guardian article about Gladys’ dirty weekends in Wagga!!!

    Don’t the scumbag journo’s usually have their snouts tuned to this sort of thing, or were they too busy writing for the Politburu about you better love immigration and v1br8ncee or you are all the r8 word

    • Confidence is what everyone wants in a leader and Trump in this video just projects confidence about 100x more than Sleepy Joe ever did. Sleepy Joe just don’t project any cpnfidence ever, more like a Muppet in front of an teleprompter…

      • Jim's Central Banking

        A lot of really stupid people have confidence and I wouldn’t want them anywhere near a leadership position.

      • Yeah nah. If self-confidence were the only attribute required then this forum would boast more world leaders in attendance than Davos. I think you might be alluding to the idea that the people have confidence in the leader, not just that the leader has self-confidence. On that metric it seems that more Americans currently prefer the old yellow guy over the old orange guy. (also the ratings show that about one million more tuned into to listen to Biden than Trump).

        • Nah, there’s a difference between confidence in writing comments anonymously to a blog, versus confidence standing in front of a crowd, running for president, or turning up at Davos. Most of us here would go wobbly kneed doing any of that. Myself included. Tell me otherwise!

        • Yeah exactly. Not the same thing. Frankly watching Trump at the town hall showed me how incompetent he is. Dodged addressing the actual questions. Especially on health care. Just blame blame blame.

          • This is true, particularly at around 32min wrt Obombama Care.

            Now imagine how bad the other guy must be to make incompetent person like Trump stand so tall like MtEverest.
            Never mind policies, Sleepy Joe is an obvious teleprompter muppet and is not a Presidential material. Just the other day he said he was running for Senate and reportedly the questions at the Hall or whatever they call it were soft and not even addressing the corruption influence trading by his son, Ukraina deal, Georgia etc…

            Bottom line, like with Hitlery, Trump is simply not “the other guy” hence a lesser evil.
            My horse is not in that race

      • Djenka,

        lmao! You’re confusing confidence with narcissism. Trump’s over confidence has been his undoing, people are tired of it and only his really dumbed baked on supporters haven’t woken up to the fact that he’s a man of no substance; he’s all piss and wind.

        • Dennis,

          No I am not confusing confidence with narcissism.

          It is not what is said but how it is said that makes the distinction between narcissism (present, I agree) and confidence projected.

          Those that have made up their mind will vote their choice.
          Those that are on the fence and those that do not admit in public whom will they vote, particularly those that say Biden but at the voting time will vote notBiden will react to the confidence projected.

          • Maybe not, but you’re certainly confusing Trump’s over confidence with ability, he doesn’t have any and I think people have woken up to that.


    Watch New Zealand’s most affordable major city become increasingly affordable going forward … check out recently updated http://www.PerformanceUrbanPlanning.org

    Southern motorway already wiping time off Rolleston to Christchurch commute … Michael Hayward … The Press / Stuff NZ


    Selwyn residents are reaping the rewards of the new Christchurch Southern Motorway, though some have concerns about bottlenecks at the Rolleston end.

    The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) project is expected to halve the drive between central Christchurch and Rolleston and reduce fatal and serious crashes by 40 per cent.

    Some think it will make Rolleston a more appealing place to live for those working in the city, further-fuelling the rapid growth the township has seen since the Canterbury earthquakes. … read more via hyperlink above …
    Rush on to finalise roadworks on $290m Christchurch (northern) motorway project … The Press / Stuff NZ





      Last year may be the last “normal” year in commuting (work trip travel and access) data. After decades of relative stability in the drive alone and transit market shares, it seems likely autos and transit will show large declines in 2020, both in market shares and actual numbers. During the pandemic, telework (working at home or telecommuting) has grown strongly, as people have significantly reduced their traveling physically to work. Stanford University research reports that telework reached more than 40%, well above the 2019 rate of 5.7% A number. Stanford projects, after the pandemic, the percentage working primarily at home will stay near 20 percent.

      The 2019 Results … read more via hyperlink above …

    • Rolleston was the Back End of Nowhere for decades! A good idea that never took off – railway line in situ and all. But it was ‘saved’ by the earthquake when the Displaced had to rebuild somewhere else.
      That’s the opportunity New Zealand should have taken to re-make itself, but didn’t. We wasted that catastrophe.
      We could have halved the cost of land, and so completed buildings, at that time by scrapping onerous regulation. But we didn’t. Why? Because that would have affected the ‘wealth’ those who still owned undamaged property across the nation (well, maintained debt on it anyway) and that was to be stopped at all costs. We made those affected pay twice – once with the event itself, and secondly with the costs that we made them pay to reestablish themselves with whatever resources they had left.
      So today we have a massively unaffordable property sector (as you know!) and are staring into a future of debt servicing of 30 years and more.
      Well done, Sir John Key! (And your successors), well done…..

  4. migtronixMEMBER

    The insufferable sweepy/skippy show is on again.

    Point about my experience is it invalidates Sweepers assertions about the private sector while the evil impositions forced on all by Andrews welding dictatorial powers was felt by, well, all!! Idiots.

    • Your experience [if accurate / if not based on Stockholm Syndrome perception (unless you are are also a controlling shareholder)] simply demonstrates your inability to separate the personal from the analytical, and subject from object.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Lololol as opposed to yours based on ideology and not empirical data? FO

        The private sector, especially in IT and believe me Sweeper I basically consider you pointless in the sweep of history if you’re not in IT, have been way out in front of governments and only reason governments were even capable of their pursuing this “as strategy

        • Rubbish – governments via their role in University funding and oversight (part of government) have led the way in almost every aspect of IT – from the development of the internet at MIT – a government funded initiative – through DARPA, Raytheon etc – all government funded entities.

          We just had one of the most significant break throughs in room temperature superconductivity from a government run entity, while almost all quantum breakthroughs have been through government.

          Finally something simple like AI – people all think Google leads the way on this (or similar) while the military AI has been filtering out TO GOOGLE ! As these things always have done – from NASA to military tech has always led the way.

          Read Peter Singers book Wired For War – the US military was on the verge of full AI almost 20 years ago.

          You know nothing Mig – you use a few services from AWS and think your legit.

        • Lols – Stuxnet and the Vault 6 (Snowden) – all government IT operations that lead the world.

          The Idaho Data center is off the charts. .

          • Which government? I didn’t say Israel, the US, China, most of Europe, Japan, South Korean et al governments don’t spend on or know IT. Just ours…

    • Your precious corporations – Dan put in place guidelines and laws – thats his job. Meat packing corporations, private security corporations, private cruise ship companies, private cleaning and hospital services companies – all trying to cut corners are what let us down.

      You completely lack any objectivity and rationality.

      We all know you miss your “Parma and a Pint” and the Grace Darling down on Smith St mate – but your carry on over what is the most average pub, with the most average atmosphere, with the most average food and beer in Melbourne says a fair bit about you and your old timey inner metro-1980’s-yuppy mentality.


      • The angry reaction to Dan is really just Libertarians anger at themselves (turned outwards) after their worldview has been turned upside down because they spent their lives to date incorrectly imagining the State follows orders from the private sector and then a State government (who up to now was barely in the media) every single day demonstrates that industry by industry only operates with the permission of the State.
        They are still in shock.

        • You mean we thought the state would obey its own rules but here we are without parliament sitting

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Well Sweeper I read it and guess what? The CHO may make public health orders but the CHO has said he didn’t give that order.

            Now what ?

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Coronavirus: Melbourne curfew decision not mine, says Brett Sutton”

            “Mr Andrews confirmed earlier comments from the state’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton that the curfew decision was not based on his advice, nor that of health officials”

          • I’m missing the ability to leave my house and go where I please. I don’t give a s#@%^ about beer on tap and I’ll save the money. But I would like to take the beers to the river or something, but in a place I’m unlikely to run into any of the above

      • Nah. Dan chose to do it his way. NSW Police were parked outside the hotels in Sydney. I went past each day.
        This whole nefarious libertarian line is tiresome distraction.
        Diversity came and bit Dan on the bus.

  5. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Something for the Anti-Bank “Public Money” Cranks.


    “.. The European Central Bank will on Monday launch a public consultation and start experiments to help it decide whether to create a “digital euro” for the 19-nation currency club.

    The move comes as the pandemic accelerates a shift away from cash, and as policymakers nervously eye the rise of private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

    Here’s an explainer of what a “digital euro” would mean for the region’s citizens.

    – What is a digital euro? –

    A digital, or virtual, euro would be an electronic version of euro notes and coins, it would be legal tender and guaranteed by the European Central Bank.

    It would also for the first time allow individuals to have deposits directly with the ECB.

    This could be safer than with commercial banks, which could go bust, or than holding cash that could be stolen or lost.”



    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      And something for the bank lovers worried about the implications of central bank accounts or CBDC for their meal ticket


      “.. Structural bank disintermediation through CBDC
      CBDC has both found support as well as raised strong concerns with regard to its impact on the structure and scale of bank intermediation. Advocates of sovereign money see bank disintermediation as the specific goal of CBDC. Others have raised concerns about the prospect of CBDC inflating the central bank balance sheet at the expense of the deposit funding of banks. Carstens (2019) and CMPI-MC (2018) emphasise such concerns. CBDC replacing banknotes appears uncontroversial, as this would merely imply the transformation of one form of central bank money into another with no effect on the rest of the financial system. By contrast, CBDC replacing bank deposits would reduce the availability of a cheap and relatively stable source of funding for banks. Moreover, it would require an increase in the dependence of banks either on central bank credit or on bank bond issuance, in the latter case combined with an increase of the central bank’s outright holdings of securities (or both). A larger recourse to central bank credit could lead to collateral scarcity issues and make the availability of central bank collateral a crucial issue, to the point that an effective centralisation of the credit provision process could occur. Banks could react to the reduced demand for deposits by increasing their recourse to capital markets, but this would be costly and might exacerbate vulnerabilities. ..”

      • Wooow – a crypto currency AND central bank deposits, they’ll go together like Bonny and Clyde.

        Edit: Blah – a Vox article!

        4. Preserving the ability to conduct NIRP and thereby preserving the current accommodative monetary policy stance prevailing in a number of advanced economies.

        Offering a further intellectual framework for negative interest rates, and continually saving and subsidising the Financial System and the preservation of debts. Typical evil Vox.

        • pfh007.comMEMBER


          I warned you about that article

          “.. And something for the bank lovers worried about the implications of central bank accounts or CBDC for their meal ticket..”

          That will teach you not to gobble down links.


    • I watched Nugget and Raul Pal yesterday talking Crypto. The elite must be sh!tting themselves. If it cannot be debased it must get a market based return. 😁😁

      • Competing currencies. Who would have thought?

        One day, not in the too distant future, the masses will turn en masse to alternatives – they won’t be able to get rid of their fiat quickly enough.

        • When I bought my house I believe I stated here that I was worried about negative rates, QE and potential for my purchasing power to be destroyed. Despite Covid-19 coming out of the blue. I am still shocked that it’s all actually coming to fruition.

          Along with what looks to be potential cash bans also. So they can further debase money. How sad. But it’s either buy real tangible asserts, gold, or BTC as far as I’m concerned.

          • Almost certainly the right thing to do, especially as it’s OO. I’m not sure I’d punt on a IP though. Transaction costs way too high and liquidity risk too. Stocks will do just as well and you can exit positions in seconds, not months.

  6. So, here’s something from yesterday’s ABC news site that really made me want to puke:


    There are a number of things that really sh!t me about this story.

    This is the end point of what Leith has been banging on about agriculture needing to amalgamate small holdings and become proper factories. I just can’t find words to describe how wrong this is.
    The ABC journos are touting this as a “solution” for African Swine Fever (ASF). If ASF ever got into one of these factories, I’d estimate that all pigs inside would be dead within a month (and they’d have to be jamming at least a hundred thousand of them into each building).
    Notice in the photos how all the pig factory workers are wearing disposable PPE to ensure the health of the pigs is foremost in their minds all the time (NOT!!!). I mean, even the one cret!n actually wearing a mask only has it as a chin decoration. Mr. Cha Bu Duo rides again.
    APL tell me that something like 80% of the pork in this country is imported, more and more from “farms” like that in the link above. I totally wouldn’t eat that sh!t – I can even see, given conditions like these, why people choose veganism, regardless of the environmental damage caused by that choice.

    This is how pigs are meant to be raised:

    I have a friend locally who has gone through her whole life up until recently believing she was allergic to pork. She eats my pork quite happily, but still can’t eat the factory raised meat. That alone tells me how much we need to avoid factory farming…

    • PaperRooDogMEMBER

      Agree, that’s why I only eat the bacon etc that says 98% Aussie on it as a minimum standard! Having lived in an area where pig farms were common I can only imagine the stench etc from highrise farms

      • Yes, and you have to look hard to find any bacon that is Australian made, in your average supermarket.

    • ” ABC journos ” – woke apologists.

      Probably starry-eyed sh1t-for-brains straight out of Uni

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Given that the photo explicitly shows a sow stall in operation, I suspect this is a gently subversive article. The lovely little new born piglets on their comforting metal grid floor with two of them facing their stimulating concrete wall.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      I have not eaten meat for years mainly because of the approach to industrial farming. All those breaches in governance you see in banking, construction, employment, restaurant industry,… They are happening in the food chain as well. I well remember the 4 corners report on the salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour where the CEO of the second largest producer was whistle blowing that the farming intensity was too high, removing all the oxygen from the water had killed a lot of the marine flora. Nothing alive on the sea bed in the harbour. One of many such instances over the years.

      But leaving that aside. My children both had multiple peers at school with allergies. Some of them potentially fatal. I cannot recall anyone I or my brothers knew growing up a having any allergy or reaction to anything. The food chain has been trashed with industrial farming, and the junk (pollution) accumulates at the top of the food chain in animals. Clearly this is anecdotal but there is no interest in regulating or examining the food production industry with any rigor. Just look at the allegedly independent American Heart Association or the diabetes organisation, Both, like many other organizations you might think are independent of corporate interests, are sponsored by big corporate donors. Take the diabetes association


      You would hope that their focus would be prevention, particularly type 2. I highly suspect it is not. I believe to be independent your existence cannot be qualified by organizations whose aims might conflict with your own. Yet another example of the ongoing creep of soft corruption.

    • Simple fact is if you

      Want to have sustainable agriculture? Then food HAS to be more expensive.
      Want to entice Australians to pick fruit rather than imported slaves from Vanuatu? Food HAS to be more expensive.
      Want to ensure that Carbon costs are more accurate recognised? Food HAS to be more expensive.

      This doesn’t sit will with economists and most city folk, because they see it as a net inward shift in the money they can spend on other things leaving them worse off – consequently this is the where the pressure originates for the removal of food tarrifs – “It is unfair to make people pay more for food.” They are also the enablers of these meat highrises of the likes that China are building, or that already effectively exist in Australia, as anyone who has worked on a piggery, feedlot or commercial chicken farm like Inghams could attest.

      But the positive social economies are rarely recognised, especially by economists whose experience of the ‘country’ is mainly flying over it from one capital city to the next. Higher rural incomes entice people to remain in the regions rather than simply move to the large cities, and at the margins more migration from the cities to the regions – it encourages decentralisation and development. On top of that, if cheap food is really important to you, it is easier to secure in the regions straight from the farmers gate, or because you can more readily grow it yourself.

      The simple fact is if you want a society to be in more balance within itself, then it needs to be less open to the imbalances that exist external to itself in the rest of the world. External markets create large disequilibriums in everything from food to wages, not to mention capital and cost of money.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Not all city folk want cheap food. There are a lot of cafes around my area selling more expensive nutritious food some not stocking soft drinks. How they get highly nutritious food to taste so good is beyond me.
        In my experience the reginal youth are the worst offenders for eating junk food

      • But that would mean less lattes and nail salon and rub and tug visits! And maybe even a smaller television!

      • Bang on as ever stewie. a days pay for a days work is not understood anymore. The addiction to cheap will be hard to break as many will just buy the cheapest no matter where it’s from. My current aftershave balm is from China. To my disgust. I think it came in a gift set. Only Aussie products now. But the road will be painful

    • You are right, factory farming is an abomination, a source of pollution and sometimes disease, but you are going to get resistance to the higher food prices that are necessary for environmentally responsible and ethical farming so long as city people are being gouged so hard on their housing costs. New Scientist ran an article on factory farming some years ago, which claimed that factory farming is here to stay, because the cheap meat keeps the poor people quiet and the politicians in power. Never mind the animal cruelty or the pollution.

      • Like all things, it won’t last as the world’s topsoil is nearly gone, water sources drying up, climate change exacerbating the woes facing farming and farmers. As with everything we fail to fix, nature will eventually fix it in ways we don’t like. When she does relatively soon, food will become unavailable for most and prohibitively expensive for the lucky few.

        Nature bats last

    • Well said. Great that you raise your own pigs – intelligent and sentient. Small and local is the only way for all animals to be raised and slaughtered

      It will come eventually as the entire globalised world collapses and those who survive will pay far more for food.

  7. From Germany watching Australia-China relationship with great concern, most liked comment:
    1 DAY AGO
    We can see by Maguires Cash for Visa scheme, the Premiers knowledge of it, and the Universties being encouraged to be a back door for immigration programs, that our whole government is in on the short term cash for long term sale of Australia to Beijing – to a handful of ex-communist elite who have become insanely rich through privatisation and industrialisation of China, but who want a place like Sydney, with a better climate and unpolluted, in which to live.
    RESPECT: 107

      • Talked yesterday to an old lady, a neighbor, and housing prices came up in the context of the neighbors selling before the auction within the first 30 minutes of the open house. This is northern NSW, so I asked ‘ok, what’s the average pull home that someone does around here?’. Apparently if you bring home 50 grand a year, you’re really made it in the local 1%ers. So, then I asked: “ok, so what’s the deal with house prices here being in the high 7-800 thousand?, how do you even have a hope in hell to own the place?” … she agreed it’s utter madness. I then went out to point that this is the reason there are not too many young people here, that the entire area looks like a retirement village.

        She then tried to mount a defense that “oh, but missus may have a job too… so that’s double, you know?” To which I said: “right, how many times have you seen that? Oh, and what if she’s pregnant? Oh, and just for the fun of it, how stable are these jobs?” Turns out that the answers were not what she considered too closely.

        She went away quite despondent and saddened. I’m a horrible horrible person, beating up old ladies like that!

        PS: I’m also quite certain that she’ll brighten up considerably when she sells up her place she bought for a BJ 30 years ago and makes a nice tidy windfall sum… of that I’m quite certain!

        • Isn’t it weird how easily these Boomers and per Boomers escape from the real world to occupy their place in Real Estate fantasy land. As much as you say she walked away despondent, may I politely suggest that those head shakes were not despondence but rather astonishment that one so young could not see the glorious gilded wealth generation machine (RE Ponzi) which their generation would ultimately bequeath us. We are the unworthy ones. This magical machine made millionaires of their generation and they didn’t have to lift a finger to make it happen, it just kinda happened behind their backs. Day by day, week by week, year by year, their house prices went up and up and up.
          Why wouldn’t she shake her head, this magic is something which she is trying to share with you, but you’re blinded by economic logic, you’re nothing but a rent slave and will never raise above that status until you properly recognize the one true all Aussie religion of RE speculation.
          She was properly muttering words to the effect of ….”There are none so blind….”

          • Quite likely, ol’chap, quite likely! I generally say that something surprises me, but in truth, it’s just a turn of the phrase. Nothing surprises me anymore…

          • Even if her house is worth a lot of money, she still has to live somewhere, and all the other houses in her town have also gone up by the same amount.Owner occupiers don’t benefit from high house prices unless they intend to sell up and move far away from their families and friends to someplace where housing is cheap. All that they get out of it otherwise is higher rates and insurance premiums. Reverse mortgages have extortionate interest rates that will snowball to devour everything, The real beneficiaries will be her children, or her nursing home proprietor if she is unlucky.

          • Ah the Boomer Tania has returned but be aware that she’s a super-spreader, her specialty is spreading economic illiteracy. It’s no less contagious among the general population than Covid19, however there’s a big difference with respect to those aged under 30, who have already been inoculated from repeated exposure to similar REvirus’ over the last 20 plus years.
            Apparently, according to her unique (lets just call it sheltered) world view, Boomers have in no way benefitted from this house price insanity, just try telling that to some 30 year old with two young kids that just want’s to put a roof over their heads. Try tell that young farther that this Re price insanity doesn’t cost them anything, because it cost them their lives, it costs them their economic security, it costs them their independence….it’s the choices that they have to make (ultimately buying despite the stupidity) and the choices that they can’t make (doing something that they’d rather be doing with their wages) these “choices” are shaping the lives of an entire generation of young Aussies.

          • Most young Australians are voting for this.

            How can your cohort vote for it, and complain about the outcome?

        • Mrs was chatting with retired lady while waiting for a coffee this morning. She reckons McGrath Ballina have been knocking back interstate buyers who want to buy site unseen to help people already living in the region transact. Reckon they’ll be a homeless problem before too long here.

          • Before too long
            I’ll be repeating
            What’s happened before in my mind

            Before too long
            Over and over
            Just like a hammer inside

          • There’d be two sales in it for them that way.

            With real estate types there’s always an ulterior motive. It’s who’s attracted to that kind of business. Much like politics.

            Ballina is cool, but what’s the hype ATM about? It’s featured on channel 9 this morning too.

          • I think it’s the Byron vortex expanding outwards. 🤷🏿‍♂️

            Great place to live and plenty of jobs available at present.

            Jobs and unemployment is the real factor to watch as stimulus is wound down. I am feeling more optimistic that this part of the country may just do ok through 2021 and beyond. If the jobs go, then there’ll be strife!

            Also average salary is a lot lower than capital cities. Income to house prices ratio is ramping up and up and up.

          • ‘Cause I’m movin’ on up, you’re movin’ on out
            Movin’ on up, nothin’ can stop me
            Movin’ on up, you’re movin’ on out
            Time to break free, nothin’ can stop me, yeah
            They brag a man has walked in space
            But you can’t even find a place
            There ain’t nothin’ you can do
            ‘Cause I’ve had enough of me, baby, bein’ part of you

          • Hah! They surely care…

            *lovingly gazing out as a dense flock of porcines is taking flight majestically*

        • I’m only working 3 days a week atm. Due to the little 1 only being 2 months old. So I’m only pulling in 70k odd at the moment. Even with a small mortgage half my income is spent on bills. (Min mortgage repayment). The other half I’m saving for now.

          What kills me at the moment is not the mortgage per se, but the other bills. Eg: council wants $70 just for pool registration. But they know I have a pool? Which has been here since the 80s. Then I need to get it inspected for $300-$400 certificate (every 4 years apparently).. then there is council rates of $500 P/quarter and house and car insurance. Despite not being able to drive anywhere this year. Then we have rego coming up in January …

          So..all these misc bills are the killer. Not to mention Gas / Electricity bills in winter.

          So how any young person is able to afford $700k for their mortgage etc.. is beyond my comprehension. There would be nothing left over.

          Thankfully the missus is getting some maternity leave (minimum wage, which is ridiculous really if we want young people to have kids), and I withdrew my Super when unemployed as a buffer. Thankfully I haven’t spent it. But plan to restore my roof, install solar and maybe if some money is left over redo fence on 1 side, plus replace pool pump. (Did I say I hate pools yet?). But also hate mowing. So can’t win.

          Anyway that’s my long winded way of saying despite the fact we are surviving ok, I’m not sure how those on less are able to do it and not be living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve never put things on credit, so given the average punter had credit cards I just can’t see how they afford flash new cars and toys.

          Things will get a lot easier for me though when the missus is working part time again. Since we split expenses between us.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            These things I’ve been banging on about for years. The council rates in Sydney are cheaper than the Central Coast and regionals bar a few exceptions, probably because those costs are shared between more people and are less costs anyhow due to proximity of distance related items incurring costs. A lot of things are also cheaper in the cities except housing.
            Another reason I would have liked to see you put that spare cash you had into your mortgage is to take a leaf out of my book and just leave a couple of hundred $ mortgaged for the redraw for whatever reason if needed.
            Had very little work this year, but not having those costs you mentioned made it very a comfortable relaxing first (stay at home) holiday in 30 years.( the wife’s a homebody). Luckily I’ve worked O/S and interstate to relieve the itchy feet.
            BTW the missus hasn’t worked for years ( no gov’t handouts just me supporting)

          • Hey Boom,
            I had originally planned to put the $20k I withdrew on the Mortgage, but as mentioned above my Mortgage whilst it takes a portion of income it’s actually things like electricity bills, gas and groceries that eat up my income.

            I can’t really lower the gas bill unless I can convince the missus to use less heating and the groceries we are very reasonable as we are not eating out. So saving money. But electricity I can offset with solar.

            I still have the offset account and have put $30k+ extra in this year (end of employment payout). So that’s reduced my costs.

  8. “Cuba prepares for ‘profound transformation’ of its monetary system, urges calm”

    Ruh-roh …

    • So will Australia in 3-5 years – Central bank digital currency with negative interest rates, MMT, behavioural economics, cash ban

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Mind you, Cuba has in essence two currencies, one 25:1 to the other (tourist vs local money), and are embargoed from US payment systems. It is a rather unique situation in the world.

      • I’m not aware whether Cuba is excluded from the US payments system or not – but if true it would certainly be an inconvenience. That said, there is nothing to stop any country from going it alone outside the dollar system. The reason they (countries like Cuba) don’t is that they’re a banana republic and they are naturally inclined to print lots of money. A gold standard is a pipe dream for socialist countries.

  9. Why is Gladys still NSW Premier?
    What being reported is 10 times worse then anything that Barry O’Farrell did, or was accused of doing, yet Barry’s gone and Gladys looks like she is superglued to the seat.
    It’s politics so it’s guaranteed that someone is gunning for her, someone else wants to be top dog, so I guess we have to conclude they just can’t win a party room ballot. Or maybe there are other positions within the NSW cabinet that are more valuable then Premier (dog whistle’s Eddie, where’s Eddie?)

        • I thought you hated lockdown Dan? Or do you support the method now? I’m confused. Look I get it, lockdown sucks and I’m not entirely sure I’m a fan of Dan sticking around, but he has delivered. So I can’t fault him for that. He also did cause the mess through hotel quarantine, but when I see how other places in the world have handled this, I actually put more stock in Dan. So I feel conflicted in that sense.

          • I don’t have support anything to see clearly with my eyes. You lot do and the stupid number has become the end all of everything

          • I agree re: the number. Too much focus on it. There are indeed other and probably better ways to manage this, but I’m not sure those in charge are capable of delivering an alternative that would be successful.

            I think China did a great job in managing the virus given the size of their populations etc.. but this is Straya.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Maybe there are worse than Teflon Gladys in the NSW “pardy”?
      Anyway, Bazza is doing just fine thanks as Oz High Commissioner to India – as long as he doesn’t get a dose of ScoVID-19, but all the ambassadors etc in India are probably living in gated estates?

    • Cos she’s a woman and according to the woke gospel, can do no wrong.

      If Gladys were a bloke she’d have been kicked out already, instead she gets the “pussy pass”.

      • There’s many reasons never to vote for women. This is one of them.

        Heard women interviewed outside Gladys’ office, all said “wouldn’t be an issue if she were a he”

        Sensible impartial people know a he would be long gone.

        I vow to never vote for a woman. No exceptions.

        • Really? So if, say, Sustainable Australia were running a woman candidate and all the male candidates were Big Australia types, you would vote for one of them?

          • I love woman Tania, I really do. Some of my best friends in life have been women. My sister and daughters are probably my favourite people on earth.

            Yes, okay, you got me, under the circumstances you outline, I’d vote for a woman.

            BTW, the reasons i love woman (caring, soft, nice, giving) are the reasons I typically wouldn’t vote for them.

            And I must say, you’ve contributed some of my favourite comments recently. So if you ran, I’d vote for you.

      • I don’t believe that anything like a “pussy pass” exists in Australian politics.
        I suspect that there is a simpler explanation, given the lack of LNP party leadership rivals suddenly appearing in the news I’d wager that this whole thing comes as a surprise to many of her political foes. Of course another explanation is that there’s a second shoe that’s ready to drop and this one will stink so bad that she’ll have no options, so they are simply keeping their political powder dry until it’s time to act.

      • Rubbish. Gladys is LNP Compare the appalling misogynistic crucification of Julia Gillard by the MSM and all and sundry and you have your answer:-

        Gladys is LNP.

  10. migtronixMEMBER

    1 case today! But by the magic of government I still can’t leave the house for more than 2 hours and not for any reason other than exercise and maybe shopping for essentials at least until Monday 12am….

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It’s because the Chief Health Officer in Victoria is a complete moron. Locking everyone up is ok, but looking at the phone record of someone who is infected is a ‘volition of human right’, so they will only ask someone where they have been on a form..

    • Alternatively you could be thankful that the State has been able to reduce case numbers from 700 to 1 in spite of libertarian selfishness.

      • Lol!!! Or you could thank the individuals keeping locked in, and the IT CEOs that made it happen…

        • IT CEO’s ?

          At the meat packing CEO’s ? At the cruise ship CEO’s ? At the hotel and security CEO’s ? At the hopsital services CEO’s ? At the private nursing home CEO’s ?

          You know the CEO’s who caused the spread, failed to abide by basic rules because they are essentially driven by a profit motive that when measured on the Hare Psychopathy index would come out somewhere near “never to be released”

          Those CEO’s mate ? Or the one who sent you home to be on your own without a pint from the Grace. Are you just sobering up? Is that what all this rage is? Sobriety?

        • Who knew that legislation duly passed by parliament in the 1980s depended on IT CEOs “disruptive thinking” in 2020

          • Don’t tell him its a fad and make busy work Sweeper … epic level of fail rates that challenge the F-35 and capital blown up the wall.

    • my toranaMEMBER

      Oh yeah, it’s great! I was checking here before I said the same thing in the supplement. I like the bit about all the banks’ economists being on a payroll beholden to China so true valuation of the economy is false. 3rd or fourth biggest economy in the world. Russia should cheer up.

      • Agree. Trump’s done more range to the western alliance that Xi or Putin could ever hope to do.

      • What ? Now I’ve heard everything.

        But in case you’re being genuine – do you seriously think a drug taking, hooker using, dead beat who is always desperate for cash would not be an easy target for Chinese ?

        Both Hunter and Jo are up to their eye balls.

      • Xi doesn’t call the Trump presidency ‘a great historic opportunity for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’ for nothing.

    • The liberal media in the US are doing their damnedest to ignore it. As you’d expect. Has the media ever been this partisan?

      There is no shame anymore. The NY Times is a shadow of its former self. Little more than a propaganda mouthpiece these days. No wonder people are turning to the internet for their information (and no wonder the MSM want internet-based news sources shut down).

      • +many
        The FBI and Biden campaign are quiet, Biden waiting for the next shoe to drop and no lawyers threatening although the Dems have so many lined up to dispute the election.
        The FBI agent that was investigating works exclusively on Pedo cases….Joshua Wilson.

        The FBI are in damage control and Biden knows what’s on the hard drive because the FBI has informed him.

        Oh, you won’t read about this in the MSM or in MB links.

    • The detail is interesting. The teacher raised the class discussion 10 days before the murder. One of the parents of the children in the class made a complaint against the teacher. Then the teacher is hacked to death. Gees if I were running that country all hell would reign down on that parent and every one of their fellow travellers.

    • The BBC were very upset that Macron described this as an ‘Islamist’ terror attack. Even though that’s what it was.

      If I lived in the UK I’d refuse to pay my licence fee. The BBC are consumed by wokeness these days — in a way we’ll never see here.

  11. PalimpsestMEMBER

    So China (Chyna) is now the World’s largest economy, and growing while the US is in decline. The trade deficit between US and China has also increased. Trump has proved as effective in his China trade war as everything else he handles. Leaving Australia so exposed Germany is starting to be concerned. Great job all round.

    • lol. We should cosy up to China and divorce America yeah? Trump should allow China to steal its technology and industry?

      I wouldn’t believe China’s economy is bigger. Woke media was it?

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        I think the article’s take on that is quite intriguing. If a better methodology was applied to Australia, where would we come. I wonder if it reflects an unmeasured internal efficiency or reflects a form of exchange rate mismatch.

  12. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Something chunky from the BIS

    How does international capital flow?∗

    Michael Kumhof Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul Andrej Sokol

    September 28, 2020

    Understanding gross capital flows is increasingly viewed as crucial for both macroeconomic and financial stability policies, but theory is lagging behind many key policy debates. We fill this gap by developing a two-country DSGE model that tracks domestic and cross-border gross positions between banks and households, with explicit settlement of all transactions through banks. We formalise the conceptual distinction between cross-border saving and financing, which often move in opposite directions in response to shocks.

    This matters for at least four policy debates.

    First, current accounts are poor indicators of financial vulnerability, because in a crisis, creditors stop financing debt rather than current accounts, and because following a crisis, current accounts are not the primary channel through which balance sheets adjust.

    Second, we reinterpret the global saving glut hypothesis by arguing that US households do not finance current account deficits with foreigners’ physical saving, but with digital purchasing power, created by banks that are more likely to be domestic than foreign.

    Third, Triffin’s current account dilemma is not in fact a dilemma, because the creation of additional US dollars requires dollar credit creation by US and non-US banks rather than US current account deficits.

    Finally, we demonstrate that the observed high correlation of gross capital inflows and outflows is overwhelmingly an automatic consequence of double entry bookkeeping, rather than the result of two separate sets of economic decisions…”


  13. migtronixMEMBER

    “Pale Rider by Laura Spinney review – the flu pandemic that killed 50 million

    the drama of the Spanish flu when “your best chance of survival was to be utterly selfish” and “jealously guard your hoard of food and water, and ignore all pleas for help”. She charts the hysteria that broke out during the three waves of infection (the second being the most deadly) which swept across the globe.”


    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      It actually is. The ocean is so large that the water they dump will add fractions of fractions of fractions of a percent to the background radiation levels and affect nothing and no one.

  14. happy valleyMEMBER

    PB Tim Wilson was just being interviewed on ABC TV with Senator Ayres speaking (sensibly) on behalf of Albottolypse – what is it with LNPers and their smirks?

    Presumably, it must be a mandatory preselection criterion? Oh and very good of SFM/Josh Rainbowberg to cut the ANAO’s funding by $14m for next year – obviously, punishment for doing their job?

    • Seba’s been giving basically the same talk for (at least) 5-6 years and the problem remains the same – his timeline is way too aggressive (10-15 years too early) and his ideas about transport are pretty much only applicable in very dense urban areas.

      For example, I skipped through that video and he still reckons that there’s going to be no private vehicle ownership by 2024. Zero chance of that happening (at least due to everyone giving them up for autonomous Ubers).

  15. Here is an add-on for the google chrome browser for domain. Highly recommend it.

    From the creator:
    A free chrome extension that helps buyers and renters to navigate the Australian real estate market.

    The goal is to bring transparency in order to help people to make an informed decision for the biggest purchase of their life.

    Here are the features currently supported at the moment on domain.com.au:
    – The price history, search price range and date of the creation for listings (including rentals).
    – User comments on listings to provide auction results and general information.
    – The price extracted from the Statement of Information when agents don’t advertise a price (no more “Price on application”/”Contact agent” BS in VIC).

    There are now more than 1500 users across all states and territories. I’m very grateful for all the support and I’d like to keep improving it (many of the features and improvements come from suggestions here). One of the users suggested I create a thread for the app so here we go.

    I would like to understand how you’re using the app, if you find any bugs and which kind of features you would like to see added in the future.

    Thank you 🙂


    • How funny, so basically it’s a level of data overlay on top of domain content so that individual users can have a voice. So DomainFax is gonna lose control over the narrative. I wonder how long until the IT boffins restrict access to the site by sniffing out the browser extension (like they do with adBlocker) extensions ..

      • Or hopefully they’ll offer Shawn mega $$$ to buy it and then they can get rid of it or write their own narrative. Good on you Shawn

      • It’s been going a few months now, still working. I guess it’s not being used by enough people for domain to give sh1t.

  16. Rorke's DriftMEMBER

    Just vomiting up my breakfast reading Chris Joye in his AFR article RBA crushing loan costs. Talking about the real hero’s of covid being Phil Lowe, Guy Debelle, Matt Comyn of CBA, Frydenburg, a couple of others, being “Team Australia” coming together to save the country……faaaaaarck!!!!!!!

    Separate article talks about RBA Lowe speech
    this week: Removed responsible lending, Lowe saying rates locked low for three years, some form of QE I think, wants an asset bubble to support the economy

    At what point do I give up on this country and leave it to the CCP-owned politicians, British-American corporate interests, instagram-influencers, immigration agents and rorters and other assorted sellouts and their insider mates. How do you even fight for your nation when it is so far gone.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Yep – totally vomit worthy. I’ve lost all hope of any decency about the sh.thole that is Straya. And then after the next election, we’ll have a full-blown dictatorship?

    • The ‘system’ is Australia for these people. Without the ‘system’ their Australia dies. Therefore they will burn the whole place down to save it.

      • I must confess that I’m positioned (from an investment perspective) for the outright failure of the system. I’m pretty certain I’ll be vindicated — but there’s a small chance ‘they’ will see sense.

        Actually …. nah. Pedal to the metal – straight over the cliff.

    • Well the first step is to vote these people out. If I was in charge I’d gut the RBA pronto. And employee pf007 here to run monetary policy with Leith, Gunna and David from MB as advisors.

      Infact I’d put Reusa in charge of foreign relations.

      • Dom chief economist
        Niko gold reserves manager
        TTW operations manager
        Bcnich forecasting department manager
        Skippy public relations
        Reusa international affairs manager

        • Naw …my forte has always been grounded in system analysis and compliance, although once fixed and running some just minted Uni grad gets the job for peanuts and I get moved to face time client – supplier point monkey …

    • Where does she live? Sydney? Probably can’t work remotely because she’s not got any skills with that doctorate.

      It’s funny a lot of comments saying people can’t buy housing in Australia. What they mean is they can’t buy a house in the big cities. You can buy plenty of houses in smaller cities towns around $200k despite super low rates.

      So there is some truth to getting a better job. You need to be a CEO to buy in Hunters Hill for example or come from a family with money. I knew a bloke living in Hunters Hill (Fairfax family). It’s just the way it is..

      Growing up I had a friend I played soccer with at the Brighton Junior football club. He lived in a mansion a street away from the beach. We couldn’t afford to I’ve there back then, couldn’t afford it now. It’s just the way things are.

      It just goes to show though that Liz Allen is a useful idiot. Who’s head is in the sand when it comes to inequality but wide open on racism issues. But also proves you can have a doctorate and still be an idiot.

    • A good mate of mine’s flat mate (who had a PhD in something useless) once launched into me, saying she deserved to be paid more than me because she had superior tertiary qualifications. I just smiled and refilled my glass.

      Very briefly though I had thoughts about what I could do right then with a toilet brush.

    • The fact that the FBI is STILL claiming Russian collusion with what we now know regarding their role in the Steele Dossier is beyond ridiculous – it really is a broken agency.

      Calls for its overt politicization – much like our own AFP – have morphed into a push to have it taken over by the DHS and disbanded.

      It is a broken corrupt arm of the Democrats much like our own AFP are a corrupt arm of the LNP.

      Ridiculous behaviour.

    • The story about the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden makes no sense. It is a MacBook Pro. it’ll be send to an Apple store for repair.

  17. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I can not hand over my cash for an off the shelf, Large framed, GT Avalanche Expert or Trek Marlin 7 anywhere in Sydney or on the Central Coast!
    Told by all shops I’ve called (over 10 of em!) next shipments not coming till December!
    I’m not buying without a test Ride.
    Got a few to admit that sales are not as High as during the shutdown but supply chain issues are not going away and the primary reason I can’t even see one let alone test ride one.

    • Enjoy China cutting off the supply chain – we are borderline nothing to them – and the time it takes to ramp up and replace that supply chain is far longer than you will be alive for.

      • We can always recycle and repair.. not everything has to be shiny and new. Humanity would be better for it. But people think they need new cars for example every 10 years. Absurd.

        • I’m not going to begrudge people getting new(er) cars every decade. That sort of timeframe comes with substantial capability and safety upgrades – [adaptive] cruise control, more airbags, traction and stability control, AEB, ABS, fuel economy, crumple zones, etc.

          A ten-year-newer car (all else being equal) will be substantially better in basically every measurable way, and usually a few of those will be pretty significant.

          • Not so important for city commuters whom by a default buy small featureless cars.

            6yo CC i got 2yrs ago has abot 20× more safety than most sub $40k brand new cars and about 100x more active safety than top of the line Corolla.
            A car with half a dozen 3 letter acronyims but with 60,000km tyres (treadwear 400 or more) and no-dust pads will be less safe than 20yo commodore with good brakes and grippy tyres. Traction/braking is one of the most important safety feature

            Status symbols are the best value after the symbolic has departed them with a later model. 20% of new after 6-10 yrs.

          • Also @ Djenka what is CC?

            A fastback Passat.

            (At least, I’m assuming it’s not a Peugot 206 CC.)

          • I’ve been toying with getting a new car for ages, but there are none I like better than my Bayern V6. Its growl is very …. civilised.

            If my arm was twisted, I would go to Carsales and get the absolute cheapest 2yo city car with <40k kms, like a mirage and repeat every time it began to need rego checks (after 5 years).

          • Not so important for city commuters whom by a default buy small featureless cars.

            Yeah. Cuz rural vehicles are renowned for being stylish and unique.

            I’m not sure anyone driving a VW Passat is in a position to be too judgy about “featureless cars” either. 😀

            6yo CC i got 2yrs ago has abot 20× more safety than most sub $40k brand new cars and about 100x more active safety than top of the line Corolla.

            a) No it doesn’t.

            b) “All else being equal.” Ie: similar vehicle class/cost.

            A car with half a dozen 3 letter acronyims but with 60,000km tyres (treadwear 400 or more) and no-dust pads will be less safe than 20yo commodore with good brakes and grippy tyres. Traction/braking is one of the most important safety feature

            “All else being equal.”

            Jesus wept. Anticipation of this sort of pedantic stupidity is exactly why I went back and put that in, and YET STILL…

            Status symbols are the best value after the symbolic has departed them with a later model. 20% of new after 6-10 yrs.

            Who said anything about status symbols ?

          • I’ve got just over 11 years until the e46 330i gets historic rego.

            I nearly bought an E46 M3 when we were living in the states ~10 years ago, but my head overruled since we were only going to have one car. I did enjoy the test drive though. 🙂 I was looking for a B4 S4 Avant, but they were rarer than rocking horse sh!t and I was in a rush to buy something.

            I’ve been toying with getting a new car for ages, but there are none I like better than my Bayern V6. Its growl is very …. civilised.

            Yeah, well, that’s not really very measurable is it ? 😉

          • @ Smithy.

            I knew you would do one of your signature “unpacking and debunking” stints.
            Sorry, not interested to participate in your Monty Python Argument Sketch mate.

            My point is that a secondhand 10yo feature packed car is still a better choice in almost every metric than a new, $ for $. I don’t care if you disagree, cuz that’s what you do best.

          • My point is that a secondhand 10yo feature packed car is still a better choice in almost every metric than a new, $ for $.

            You have certainly crushed that straw man !

          • Not every new car is better in regards to safety, fuel economy, quality etc.. just look at the crap being made in China.. give me a 20 year old Volvo over that.

            Then again most my newest car is from 1999 (not including the wife’s 2008 Mazda 3). But my 99 Nissan stagea has dual airbags. None of my other cars do.

            We all grew up in old unsafe cars, yet we are still here. Yes some of that stuff is nice and makes you feel all warm and safe, but I put more stock in being a good driver, good brakes and tyres and maintenance than half the wizardry they claim new cars have.

            My old Suzuki Jimny never really felt very safe, but it was the perfect city commuter, easy to park, easy to work on access wise, cheap on fuel, rego and insurance. Helped me save a lot of money too.

            But my point is we live in such a disposable society and we would all be better off if we were not so wasteful and reused / recycled / repaired.

          • But my point is we live in such a disposable society and we would all be better off if we were not so wasteful and reused / recycled / repaired.

            I understand your point and I don’t disagree with it.

            Mine is that tens years on is not an unreasonable timeframe to replace a car. A 2009 version of the Stagea, if one existed (looks like they EOLed in 2007), would be a substantial upgrade in pretty much every way (maybe not straight line performance) from your 1999 one. I don’t call that “disposable”.

            I am fairly sure Volvo will happily explain all the ways one of their 2015 cars is safer than one of their 2005 cars.

            You may not like fancy safety features on new cars, but they make the roads safer for everyone, which is reflected in a dramatically lower road toll than, say, thirty years ago. And not just safer in terms of deaths, either, but low-speed bingles or pedestrian hits that might otherwise have resulted in broken limbs, or crashes avoided all together thanks to things like AEB and sideways raders.

            You can be the best driver in the world, but that won’t save you when the worst driver in the world crosses over a median strip at 100km/h and runs into you head-on. Twenty years of advancement in materials, crumple zones, AEB, seat design and a dozen airbags around you, however, might.

          • I imagine DrSmithy rides around with whale skin hubcaps, driving really slow in the ultrafast lane, because…

        • My dad resolutely refuses to replace anything that’s faulty – he keeps getting stuff repaired (how many people even do this these days?). Good on him but I just need something working today – thus a trip to the Good Guys (or similar). The ultimate consumerist society — the pendulum will swing though and the opportunity is for people who understand this sh#t

          • Some things are difficult to repair and fix. I personally try to minimise stuff like that in my life. I honestly just don’t need it. Having said that the wife is absolutely hopeless and buys crap all the time. Drives me bonkers. I’m trying to teach her otherwise.

    • I went to buy a few Horrible Histories books for younger family members.
      It is going to take 16 weeks for them to arrive from the UK. 16 weeks!
      By boat.
      I’m not sure it took that long for the sailing ship to bring John and Elizabeth MacCarthur and family here.
      I get the feeling that supply chain issues are here for a while.

      • We found the full boxed set outside the clothes donation bin on the top carpark at Marrrickville Metro!

        • Well done. I tracked down complete boxed sets of Murderous Maths last year at the Book Grocers, and that was a coup.
          But the Horrible Histories are out all over the place, and our op shops, second hand bookshops are closed.
          Can’t even get them online in Aus.
          I’ll try Book Depositary, for a couple to tide us over,,although I try and get as much as I can from the local bookshop.

      • I feel you, looking for the ‘Voracious V—brants’ series for my 7 year old’s Modern Woke class, cannot get for love or money

        • 2 Fridays ago I ordered car parts from some mob in Estonia.
          They shipped on Monday 17h, it arrived the very next Friday because it missed Thursday delivery truck by 15 min.
          Startrack regularly takes 3 days for packaging sent between Mel and Syd “overnight”.

    • innocent bystander

      get LVO to do a post on new/used sales ala cars, where he will conclude new sales are down cause consumers are scared and frugal. no such thing as supply chain disruptions.

      • I was wondering if people are turning in leased cars ( as they lose jobs, or hours reduced), and buying second hand to fill the gap.
        Certainly see the supply chain issues for new cars.

      • Supply chain disruptions mean “inflation”

        Wouldn’t want to destroy the current narrative of ‘low inflation’ for ever, now would we?

  18. Biden is a redical socialist /s – https://www.theage.com.au/world/north-america/trump-defeat-will-transform-us-in-way-we-haven-t-seen-in-decades-20201015-p565ew.html
    To quote Switzer : “In these pages in September 2016, I argued Trump could win an Electoral College majority if he suppressed the Democratic base vote and at the same time turned out enough of the “great unwashed”, especially white working-class constituencies in the Midwestern rust-belt states”. So voter suppression is a feature of right-wing politics in a “democracy”?

  19. It was patently obvious that masks stitched up in some randoms sewing room and bought on Facebook were never going to be effective against a virus measured in microns.

    Covid can’t fly. It hitches a ride on phlegm, water, etc. Thats why we don’t hear much about airborne spread with this virus its low enough and rare enough to not worry about. So the particle size your dealing with is two or three scales of magnitude larger than a virus particle.

    Homemade masks are not about protecting the wearer their about reducing the contamination range around you thus reducing aggregate spread. The argument that the very sick wearing masks will have a higher viral load is true, rest is out of context, poorly understood, made to fit the narrative. The Co2 part is laughable. I use n95 all the time in dusty environments and its not nice but stops the dust. You work for an hour, then rest mask free to recover. N95’s are not to be used for long term use. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20420727/

    Cloth/surgical masks are not n95.. If nurses wear them for 8 hour shifts the rest of us wearing them for 15mins when we go to the shops will be fine.

    • “The demand is still there, the consumers in China not only desire, but have become accustomed to the amazing brands, products and efficacy that Australia produces.”

      Hey Scomo. Forget advanced manufacturing.

      Our future is producing products and advanced…………efficacy!

      Chinese consumers dig Strayan efficacy.

      • As Chinese middle class grows they will demand high quality products and if Australia tried to we could make high quality stuff again. We did in the past. Just look at Australian made tools and machinery from the 50s/60s etc.. old school lathes for example. Will run forever.

    • You would have to be a special sort of stupid to drop your laptop full of child pron to a repair shop and forget to pick it up.

    • Yeah it’s everywhere. Have a look at the link, apparently (a) it was the CCP trying to send a message and it went pearshaped, or (b) something Rudy Giuliani is dropping as the October surprise, next big drop apparently 10 days before the election.

      Who knows, but it’s definitely doing the rounds.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Here’s the catch. 2016 2.0 is relying on well known worthless sources. 2016 was wikileaks.

          Everyone trusts/believes wikileaks – just look at how Trump pardons Stone and pursues Assange…

    • 28 y.o. and still leeching off her parents. Get a proper job. Last that I heard, there is high demand for fruit pickers.

        • Mao must be turning in his grave. Modern China was founded by forcing the elite class to the country to do manual labour. Maybe the country should go back to its roots rather than adopting extreme capitalism without constraints.

          • Yeah Mao be would be turning in his grave, as would a lot of older Chinese (I always used to wonder what they thought of the changes that seemingly went against everything they struggled for when i was living there). Possibly Deng too.

            I was being very obtuse wrt the types of hard labour as I know certain types of Chinese princesses are not averse to sleeping/marrying their way into getting what they want (and i do acknowledge that that is actually hard work of a sort)

    • Anecdata : Mid North Coast NSW , tiny little coastal town off the highway has been visited last few days by four Chyneze ladies who are determinedly plundering the local Op Shop. There’s a deal of $4 for a bag of gear and they e been LOADING those bags and shuffling back and forwards to their shared vehicle with the booty.

      The old biddies running it are aghast as its well contravening the spirit and function of their little community shop . The four enthusiastic shoppers were committed to ignoring each and every hint and plea from the staff to cease and desist until they were finally evicted by closing down the shop hours early.

      Is there a new Daighu market for used track suit pants , fishing beanies and old formal jackets ? Does the Middle Kingdom have a fetish for goods which reek of mothballs ?

      • That is very interesting. Clearly not an export market.

        Like the toilet paper saga, we have found that v__brants are much more ahead of the curve than us locals – although in that case the long game beat them.

        There is some upcoming arbitrage to be had, that is for sure. No doubt a play timed to the run off of JK/JS

        If so, it does suggest that things are going to get very grim for the bottom 1/3 if there is money to be made vacuuming up op shop stuff???

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Don’t think it’s a new thing. Coulda sworn I’ve seen stuff I’ve donated turn up on gumtree.

        • These people most likely have no employable skills. All they know is to buy and sell and make whatever profits from price arbitrages. That’s what happens when you jack up the population with rampant buy-a-visa rorts as so clearly revealed in the Maguire saga.

      • Nah mate. The Guardian will be out tomorrow screaming that it didn’t happen. Just like when these types weren’t cleaning out regional food shops a few months ago.

        Thanks for your eyes on the ground!

      • Th They get paidon the wechat platform so they only pay gst on the purchase end. Straya, for the residents not the Chinese tourists, misses out on all income/profit tax, which is why my sympathy is non existent but the schadenfruedgasm has no bounds

  20. Rorke's DriftMEMBER

    I made a jokey post a couple weeks back about Trumps odds. Then it started playing on my mind about actually betting on the US election. Never opened a gambling account before and had to ask someone how to do it, but the actual odds on Trump winning are so far out of kilter it’s ridiculous, clearly a manipulated market.

    They’ve been tightening a little this past week, but basically Trump on Betfair has been 3/1 and Biden 1.5/1. Converting this to percentages for simplicity means:

    Trump chance of winning = 33% (3/1)
    Biden chance of winning = 67% (1.5/1)
    Pence chance of winning = 0.2% (500/1)

    In gambling you are looking for overlays, where the odds are overpriced compared to your own, considered, rating of odds.

    My Odds (what they should be)
    Trump chance of winning = 80% (1.25/1)
    Biden chance of winning = 10%
    Pence chance of winning = 10%

    I trade financial markets for a hobby and when you think there’s an 80% chance of winning you back it. When you see gambling odds with such a huge mispricing, you back it with your ears pinned back.

    I’ve progressively built up a $50k bet on Trump. Largest gamble I’ve ever made. I might add some more this week. This is not small money to me, I had some sharemarket investment profits to place and it’s also partially hedging a BBUS position I’m intending to put on pre-election, but nevertheless as a once in a decade opportunity it needs to be appropriately staked.

    I actually think Mike Pence has as good a chance of winning as Biden and so placed a small side bet on him at 500/1.

    I don’t want to encourage anyone to gamble, and this is out of the norm for me, but just wanted to make the point that we live in such extraordinary times, with historic levels of corruption in politics, media, business, foreign relations that once you realise something about what’s going on, as best you can understand without being a player, then the world just looks a different place and opportunities open up.

    I also want to put a marker down on MB as to what I think will happen in the US election.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        Jason, I’m expecting the odds to come in a little as we get closer to the event, but should still show a large lead to Biden if they are manipulated as I think. Not intending to take it off although I have that opportunity on Betfair to take a smaller profit as odds do tighten.
        I am intending to place another investment position in BBUS, the S&P bear ETF that goes up if the US stockmarket tanks, and the two positions should cover each other loosely. i.e. If Biden wins and I lose the bet, (as well as for a Trump win) I think there will be sufficient chaos for the stockmarket to get wobbly and I partly make back my losses this way.

        • PalimpsestMEMBER

          Interesting viewpoint. If Biden wins but the Republicans retain the Senate it seems unlikely there will be any stimulus and the sharemarket in a rational world would take a dive. If the Democrats take the senate as well then there will be stimulus and you could be on the wrong side of that trade. At the moment, the Senate looks to remain Republican, so we’ll see. If Trump wins enough to contest the election, the market won’t be happy with a contested election.

          I think we will all find it exciting but none of us will find the election as exciting as you will.

          • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

            Palimpsest, it helps me with a big trading/investment decision to write out my thoughts. If MB can indulge me I’ve written out the logic of my $50k bet and put it on record here. Nothing like public ridicule when you’re wrong to put some discipline around one’s actions.

            The Betfair market rules are based on the “projected” winner of the Electoral College. (Actions such as faithless electors are ignored). If no clear winner, then whoever the House nominates as the President under the 12th Amendment.

            Put aside biases, Trump is the incumbent, a mid-term election (4 of 8years) which are the hardest to lose, massive enthusiasm on the ground, anecdotal bits of evidence popping up all over that citizens would queue hours in the rain to vote for Trump and just waiting for their chance to go and vote him back in.

            Biden I don’t believe is properly trying to win the Electoral College in terms of campaign effort. He has no enthusiasm and is doing the minimum to get out on the ground and campaign conventionally.

            I’m betting on my perspective that:

            Biden is dogged by corrupt allegations and his actions with Hunter in Ukraine and with China now coming out are possibly treasonous. He was nominated by the Democrats to avoid Trump draining the swamp and prosecuting the controllers pre-election (would be seen as a political attack). His dementia stuff is at least partly faked, I’ve spotted a couple of things watching him, I assume to give him cover if prosecuted post-election.

            Biden strategy has been to stay inside, wear his mask, talk up covid, and try to get the citizens to mail in their votes instead of in-person voting to maximum the opportunity for fraud and manipulate the results. (He is getting about and talking more lucidly in the past week).

            The democratic game appears about stealing the election. They can’t beat Trump in a genuine contest. The riots should start the day after the election and they’ll create maximum chaos and push the country towards civil war. Claim Trump manipulated the results, with evidence including the fake polls and fake betting markets that are currently being leaned on (hence ridiculous odds). Use Democratic governors to vote corruptly at the Electoral College in December or threaten to secede or whatever they’ve got cooked up.

            They’ll try to disrupt the nomination of the winner until 6th January. If no clear winner at that point, my understanding is the House gets to nominate a President. If it gets that far, with Biden’s corruption being steadily leaked by Trump forces and the country facing a constitutional crisis, I think the house would be a chance of nominating Mike Pence as the stabilising force until the Supreme Court sorts it out. Democrats would be more than happy with Pence, a swamp creature and Republicans couldn’t object. Anything to get rid of Trump.

            For betting though, I just need Trump to get the projected Electoral College vote on the Nov 3, then they can unleash hell (and my BBUS runs), (maybe my long-shot side bet that Pence also gets up even better) and I hope regardless for the world’s sake the US holds together. This is not a normal election.

          • PalimpsestMEMBER

            In the past “may you live in interesting times” was considered more a curse. Riding $50k on any horse in this race is very exciting and certainly interesting. There is still a narrow path to a Trump win. Fivethirtyeight have a commentary on how pollsters tried to remediate their approach after 2016.There’s also more frequent and possibly more accurate polling in the decider States. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The REAL poll is not far off. Let’s hope the outcome is clear.

        • taking your 50k claims at face value against my better instinct.

          I’ll suggest from your reasoning that you’re consuming a lot of right wing media and thinking that the rw narrative is being commonly adopted. a risky assumption.

          i’d give Trump 50/50. Polls are likely exaggerating Biden’s position. Trump has the incumbent advantage but trades that off against his loss of novelty value and lack of a fundamentally flawed opposing candidate.

          I’ve got $200 on Trump as a hedge – the world will be a dumber place if he wins, and ill buy a few boxes of red to digest it

      • I think 3-1 is ‘overs’ for Trump but he’s nowhere near an 80% chance of winning.

        That’s an example of ‘TDS’ in reverse.

        As the incumbent candidate, I’d give him a 50-50 chance but no more.

        He didn’t win by much in 2016 and Joe Biden is nowhere near as unpopular as Hilary Clinton.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Yep, and if you have Biden and Pence equal odds you’re very much out of kilter. I have money on Trump despite my detest of him; he is certainly not a 3-1 dog as the incumbent.

          • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

            Robot, I respect you can bet soundly in spite of your personal dislike of Trump. I’ll give you Biden and Pence may not be the same odds as they have slightly different pathways to victory, but 500/1 for Pence is the value bet.

    • Reminds me of the woman who lost hundreds of thousands betting on Hillary… Trump may be underrated but 80% to win is very excessive.

    • You do know Betfair is a P2P Marketplace right and not a fixed odds shop like Sportsbet? The odds you are seeing are because of betting clients bets and nothing to do with Betfair, they just clip the ticket on the transaction.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        Thanks Gareth, I understand that. I’ve only just discovered the Betfair exchange and think it’s a great idea. I’m not sure the point you are making though?
        Betfair are real odds. You can place a fixed bet there 24hrs a day. The election is a deep market on Betfair with $251m wagered so far between punters so it’s true odds, the price where two independent punters will meet.
        Betfair currently have Trump 2.7/1 whilst Sportsbet list him 2.5/1. So the difference is just the Sportsbet bookie taking his extra cut.

    • innocent bystander

      as much as I luv to hate em they were a machine in the first 20 mins – exploited Raiders weakness.

    • Are they the ones from Helbourne? I’m surprised they didn’t ask for asylum where ever they are

    • They sure were. I had so much money riding on them in 2018 in the GF. I could tell I’d lost my money a minute after kickoff, but you could also see it coming weeks out (my bet was put on at great odds early in the season…I should have backed roosters on the day as a hedge)

      Anyway, that’s not happening next week IMO, and I stand to win a fortune.

    • How good is Cameron Smith. His tackle to save a try was very good but his one-on-one tackle of Papali much earlier was a game turner for me. They can’t expect another 20 minutes of perfect footy like that again this year though.

    • “To be frank, I don’t really understand what the issue is. NSW are accepting flights as part of the transtasman bubble from New Zealand. There is no quarantine obligations when people go from NSW into Victoria,” Wilson said. “There is in reverse. But, once people have arrived here and have been assessed ultimately as safe, then the ordinary pathway’s for people to be able to travel into Victoria, if they wish to do so. So, I want to know what the basis of – and it’s not clear to me what the basis of – “is there a new requirement to go into Victoria?” I’m in the ACT right now. If I go to Victoria, I’m not expected to quarantine, because it isn’t a source of Covid-19.”


      • I doubt it. Morrison will blame Andrews for quarantine failures again and the media will totally, unquestionably jump on it.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Oh well, you’ve all had your chance; this would have been so much more apropos c0ming from an Australian:

      Sympathies have to be proffered to Border Force on this one, it can’t be an easy job. Finding a bunch of interstate Kiwi travellers under these conditions must be like trying to herd a flock of lost sheep.

    • Done on purpose….the Feds have never wanted elimination, they want a low level of infection in the community to justify opening back up to immigrants and overseas house buyers. Morrison really is that stupid…….what is happening overseas doesn’t register with them.

      They will never accept that it is too contagious to bargain with and the only thing keeping it in bounds is the D614G mutation…..but with so many infections coming up in the Northern Hemisphere the viral loads could easily enable a much more deadly mutation.

    • I’m pretty sure that unlike the rest of this fooked up country, Victoria does not actually have a closed border…

  21. Can someone smarter/more across the Leeton UWE Dirty Darryl saga explain for me the following:

    The Chinese firm that was supposed to buy hay from Leeton apparently did not pay up? Are the farmers down there blaming Darryl (and possibly by extension hating on Gladys) for the fact they are now massively out of pocket or is purely and issue with the Chinese? Just trying to get a sense of the extent of fallout for Gladys.

    Friendlyjordies was let into Parliament last week by Helen Dalton on 12 Oct to do an interview, plainly on a deal that he raises the issue and he leaves a cryptic message at the end of the latest Gladys instalment about the Chinese sending grass clippings back to Australia after UWE sent low quality Hay


    at 12:45

  22. Ronin8317MEMBER

    There is an auction for a ‘knocks down and rebuild’ about 50 meter down the to street from where I live. It was absolutely packed. Seems like house prices will keep rising in Sydney even if nobody buys dog boxes anymore.

  23. Just had business lunch in Eastern Europe. Can walk around, no masks, even though COVID cases are over 6,000 per day.
    Set menu for lunch at a sit down restaurant of Juice, bread, mashed potatoes, chicken schnitzel, soup, salad for $3.75. Crazy good.

  24. migtronixMEMBER

    “Coronavirus: Melbourne curfew decision not mine, says Brett Sutton”

    “Mr Andrews confirmed earlier comments from the state’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton that the curfew decision was not based on his advice, nor that of health officials”

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Courts weren’t open, blue thugs got to operate in free reign and I fully expect my well documented police brutality complaint to be “internally resolved” with zero opportunity for redress or remedy from a common law juris.

  25. Anyone know any easy overnight hikes near Sydney? I guess in the mountains but any other.

    Just firing up my Trangia!

  26. email forwarded to me…”The SA Government has produced a new ‘Pastoral Lands Bill 2020’ to replace the ‘Pastoral Land Management & Conservation Act 1989’. The clue lies in the titles – there is no mention in the new Bill of any biodiversity conservation of the pastoral lands, which make up 40% of South Australia’s land-mass.
    A brief history: most of the land tenure of outback South Australia is what are known as pastoral leases i.e. the land still belongs to the Crown (people of SA), and the occupiers (lessees) rent the land from the State, at very modest rates. Leases are held for a maximum of 42 years, and are assessed for conservation and ecological sustainability every 15 years by the Pastoral Management Branch, with annual inspections in between. Each property (pastoral lease) has, in the lease document, a maximum livestock stocking limit, and only sheep and cattle may be pastured. Overseeing all this is a Pastoral Board which included, under the old Act, a qualified ecologist, a qualified soil scientist, a nominee of the Conservation Council, (the peak body for conservation organisations in SA) and two pastoralists. At least one member had to be female and one male. Breaches of stocking limits, or any practices resulting in actual or potential land degradation, are reported by the Branch to the Board, and can result in destocking notices and/or termination of leases.
    The new ‘Bill’ is a bad joke. The leases will be extended from 42 to 100 years, as close to issuing free-hold/perpetual leases as possible without actually saying so. Capital value of the leases will immediately increase substantially, for which capital give-away, the people of SA will receive zero apart from the ongoing modest rentals. Stocking limits have been dropped altogether, and ‘alternative’ livestock such as goats, camels etc will be permitted. Various unspecified ‘alternative land uses’ will also be allowed, opening the door to irrigated pastures and crops, saltbush harvesting and any manner of other enterprises.
    The most egregious part of the new ‘Bill’ is the composition of the proposed new Board, which will be stacked to a super-majority with agricultural interests. The new seven-member Board will now have four pastoralists instead of two, one of whom will be the Chair, already a controlling majority. On top of that, Livestock Australia (a body representing meat production interests) will nominate another member, as will the Department of Primary Industries (another agricultural body). There is no longer any requirement for any member of the Board to have scientific qualifications in ecology, biodiversity conservation, soil conservation, or even in agriculture for that matter. The gender representation requirement is gone. Also, all successive Pastoral Acts in SA, over the years dating back to Proclamation, have included legislated access by indigenous people to practice traditional activities (ie SA has had ’native title’ recognised in pastoral leases all along). High time the Board had an indigenous member.
    So, if you would rather not see 40% of our SA lift off and blow away to New Zealand, and have approximately four minutes (I’ve timed it myself), please go to https://yoursay.sa.gov.au/surveys/future-of-south-australia-s-pastoral-rangelands-draft-pastoral-lands-bill and fill out the ‘feedback’ questionnaire on this horrifying new ‘Bill’. The new ‘Bill’ is already in advanced draft form, and there is a concern that the Libs might sneak it through before Christmas while everybody is distracted with Coronavirus.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Today’s “game of mates”. Which grubby, morally bankrupt gubmint’s turn is it tomorrow?

  27. migtronixMEMBER

    Kant’s Views on Space and Time
    First published Mon Sep 14, 2009; substantive revision Mon Oct 10, 2016
    Even a casual reader of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (Kritik der reinen Vernunft, first published in 1781) will notice the prominence he gives to his discussion of space and time. So the reader will not be surprised to learn that scholars consider this discussion to be central to Kant’s so-called critical philosophy. Given Kant’s reputation for developing difficult, not to say obscure, philosophical views, it will also not surprise the reader to learn that there is no consensus on how Kant’s conception of space and time ought to be characterized and explicated. So the goal of this entry is to bring some clarity to Kant’s views by situating them historically and philosophically within the milieu of some central debates concerning space and time in the early modern period, especially the rich century between the first edition of Newton’s Principia mathematica, which was first published in 1687, and the publication of the second edition of the Critique of Pure Reason, which occurred exactly a hundred years later. The difficulty of comprehending Kant’s views gives interpreters a reason to place a special emphasis on context—I will especially highlight Kant’s reactions to his most significant predecessors in this area, Leibniz and Newton. The focus throughout will be on Kant’s magnum opus, the Critique of Pure Reason. Following tradition, and to some extent Kant’s own lead, the focus will also be on space and on our representation of space, although parallel points concerning time (and its representation) will sometimes be indicated.”


    All this crep from fatty about critical race theory is actually, forget the Frankfurt School, a derivative of the Critique of Pure Reason. Critical meaning to reevaluate. Kritike meaning to evaluate, judge.

    • I thought the Einstein vs Bergson thingy was a better perspective because Kant showed flashes but then constantly required interventions by his peers.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Neither are critiques but expansions on this critique. Neither, for instance, turned back, as you do, from the a-priori postulates of, say, geometry.

        X, Y, Z stand as a priori intuition, something you so detest.

        • Ugh … the debate noted highlights a key blind spot and is acerbated by elite tendencies to get sucked in or enamored for a spell* by various latest fab philosopher, do I need to highlight the historical record on the supernatural hobbies of heaps of elites past and present.

          All of which is made even more ludicrous due to funding incentivization.

          Since you got nothing better to do go take the implicit test and report back.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            “In his 1966 work, Bergsonism, Deleuze restates the familiar opposition in Bergson’s thought between duration and space: that in a spatial perspective, multiplicity is seen as ‘terms juxtaposed in space’, rather than as ‘states which merge together in duration’; that conceiving things as differences of degree or intensity rather than as differences of kind is ‘perhaps the most general error of thought’; and that in adopting the spatial perspective we become ‘victims of a fundamental illusion’ which robs us of the true experience of duration by homogenizing what is heterogeneous and by representing events as a simple line where there is in fact complex, confused flow. Deleuze thus repeats Bergson’s injunction to state problems and solve them ‘in terms of time rather than of space’

            All that’s happening is moving an axis, as long as its an axis its axiomatic and Kant holds.


          • Come on mig you know I separate the atomic world from the observer dilemma, but supernatural claims require the same level of proof. Lest vast swaths of humans are influenced* by some bloke on ergot so they don’t have to think for themselves.

            I can wait.

  28. @Gunna I know you’ve featured Albert Tucker’s art work in weekend links a few times. I just came across this old photo of him with my Grandfather and Grandmother about 95? Maybe earlier. Albert has the beard on the left.


    My cousin in the background. This was my aunt’s house in East Malvern.

    Actually just realised I’m behind Albert with the 90s undercut haircut. I would have been 13-14.

  29. Hilarious convo with a few of the reno builders young chippies the other day, one German and the other Italian and both in their early 20s. Anywhoo both are working and have been living in Oz for a bit, but neither dates Ozy birds, mostly European sorts from other countries than their birth home – Italian was dating Polish bird for awhile. Best bit is both say its easier to get a job and live as a single person.

  30. PalimpsestMEMBER

    I’ve lost track of this weekend’s RE anecdata. The comments are getting too big. Have one acquaintance in CBR looking for a relatively nice place. Went to an open home that looked ‘noice’. The vendor had more than one full price offer from the first open home!
    Another auction I watched went had 5 serious bidders, went over the $1M and over the expected price by $200K.

    I’m speculating here, but I wonder if it’s related to the RBA hint that rates are on the way down. It’s only anecdata but at the upper middle it looks totally out of control. These are standalone homes of course.

    • Three bedroom ground level townhouses in my suburb of Palmerston ACT are going anywhere from $475-500k and two story from $520k. Rents are just crazy. Glad we brought a few years back.

  31. migtronixMEMBER

    Left a good job in the city
    Workin’ for the man ev’ry night and day
    And I never lost one minute of sleepin’
    Worryin’ ’bout the way things might have been
    Big wheel keep on turnin’
    Proud Mary keep on burnin’
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river
    Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis
    Pumped a lot of pane down in New Orleans
    But I never saw the good side of the city
    ‘Til I hitched a ride on a river boat queen

    • There’s mud in the water,
      Roach in the cellar,
      Bugs in the sugar,
      Mortgage on the home,
      Mortgage on the home.

      • They’re selling independence,
        Actors in the white house,
        Acid in digestion,
        Mortgage on my life,
        Mortgage on my life.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Landlord getting you down Mig?

      The Landlord’s here to visit
      They’re blasting disco down below
      Says, “I’m doubling up the rent
      ‘Cause the building’s condemned
      You’re gonna help me buy City Hall”
      But we can
      You know we can
      But we can, you know we can
      Let’s lynch the landlord man
      I tell him ‘turn on the water’
      I tell him ‘turn on the heat’
      Tells me ‘all you ever do is complain’
      Then they search the place when I’m not here
      But we can
      You know we can
      But we can
      You know we can
      Let’s lynch the landlord
      Let’s lynch the landlord
      Let’s lynch the landlord man
      There’s rats chewin’ up the kitchen
      Roaches up to my knees
      Turn the oven on, it smells like Dachau, yeah
      Till the rain pours through the ceiling
      But we can
      You know we can
      But we can
      You know we can
      Let’s lynch the landlord
      Let’s lynch the landlord
      Let’s lynch the landlord man
      The landlord man

      • I had a landlord of a house I lived in, in Malvern, once. 2 Ethel Street (the old house now demolished). Back in the 80s they rented the house to me, a mate, my then girlfriend and another woman who later became a journalist of note – it was affordable for 4 people on TEAS (plus working odd jobs). Some of the neighbours disliked having us there (mainly because my mate – a kombi van driver – used to give his vehicle an extra rev alongside a volvo parked around the corner – sufficient to set off the car alarm – quite regularly). Me and the mate used to make home brew (plenty of it) and as anyone who makes home brew cant tell you it can be a messy process. One particular batch was a distinctive brown, virtually indelible, and we managed to get it on the floor in the loungeroom (a beige carpet). They didnt even do much by way of inspections back then, so when we moved out they did the inspection after we moved out and told us they werent going to give any of our bond back as they accused us of having urinated on the carpet (noting some home brew stains). They werent expecting a batch of students to access legal people, so were rather surprised when a noted Melbourne legal type (who we knew well) popped them off a note suggesting that if they didnt give us our bond back he would legally knee them in the cods. We got the bond back.

        When I rented for a couple of years post 2012 when back in Geelong I was always careful to take a lot of photos of everything prior to moving in, and for that moving in condition report (which they do nowadays but didnt in the 1980s as far as I recall) I go right to town.

        Renting back then was another world. I can recall renting one place in Geelong West. I simply saw the joint for rent in a flyer in the window of the real estate agent. I asked the guy if I could take a look, and he simply said ‘will you bring the keys back?’. I replied yes, and he grabbed them off the wall and tossed them to me. When I came back after a counter feed at a pub nearby the abode, and said we would take it, he simply asked ‘will you pay the rent on time each month?’ I looked him in the eye and said ‘Not a worry in the world’. The lease was an afterthought – he never had to worry about the rent.

        Some of the kids I work alongside now are traumatised by the experience of going to ‘inspections’ where people are lined up around the block, and they have 20 seconds to look at each room, and having to apply in competition with 20 other ‘bidders’ – an absolute disgrace of a generational bequest. A girlfriend and I practiced our nude wrestling skills with a sparring session in the empty loungeroom of another place we ‘inspected’ (but didnt rent – there was a yapping dog next door).

  32. Two things I missed from ICAC:
    How did Mr Maguire get 1.5 million in debt?
    When did Mrs Maguire leave the marital home?

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      By purchasing $1.5m of Coles minis on the credit cards?
      After the purchasing of $1.5m of Coles minis on the credit cards?

  33. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Channel nine news just had a great segment showing that it is boom times in new apartment and house sales in Sydney. Selling like hotcakes

    Good times ahead for property investors, that is a given.

    Where’s that sick Solar Boy and his never ending in 18months time housing crash?


    • Look, going up to the moon or down to the dead sea it doesn’t matter..majority will still have to borrow

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      What I’ve loved the most about this subject over the last couple of months especially is how multiple commenters have (genuinely) pointed out that no one could have predicted this. Like the last 17 years didn’t happen.

      • Agree, the thing is every time the government dose something to boost real estate they say they are throwing the kitchen sink…if I meet Joshy or SFM my first question will be what’s the kitchen sink, so when you throw it we know that’s it!

        • happy valleyMEMBER

          And next question should be how many millions of people are they going to throw under the bus.

  34. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Arden heading for the first majority government since the adoption of the NZ MMT system.

    Haters gonna hate. 😂

    Elimination for the win.


  35. migtronixMEMBER

    Sweeper, Gavin et al.

    “oh yeah super duper computing came from government”

    Caught F#@^ all terrorists.

    Virus kills millions properly targeted AI I personally know how to run on a Spark cluster?

    “FU Miguel you worthless ‘mememe’ POS”

  36. migtronixMEMBER

    In now close to 11 months I’ve only not booked public holidays and I’ve booked quite a few weekends.

    Not only are you pro Andrews aholes unprepared for what’s coming – many of us are going to take holidays simultaneously, the ones keeping up the internet – you have no idea what’s already happened.

    If your hours didn’t dip in this, like me, you’re effectively gold. They won’t leave you alone even just for referrals

    • I’ve been SQLing like a pig harder than I ever did in the office.

      Get up, sit at desk, report, test, deploy, repeat, finish, sit at desk until 1.00am. Sometimes update data tables for quiet relief.


      Haven’t had a sick day since Feb, which reminds me.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Yep. That’s how we worthless non essential plebs do. You should try it in 23 hour lockdown

  37. TailorTrashMEMBER

    So bought a few jars ( plastic ) of apricots from woolies
    …they didn’t have any cans …..

    Woolies brand … thought they were Australian…..
    when I got home noticed they had a slightly unnatural hue to their colour ….read the pack ……made in China …… ( to be fair to woolies they had fine print to say due to shortage of local fruit they were forced to import canned ( jarred ) fruit

    Took them back and said I’ll do with out apricots if due to short term circumstances we can’t produce them ourselves

    As it so happens they had some SPC grown and packed in Shepparton so I bought those ….difference in price 60 cents per jar

    Now here’s the thing …..woolies new policy is exchange only …no cash refund (except in a few well defined conditions )

    Reason given ……people were buying extra groceries to get the bonus oshies ….then returning the groceries for a refund …….

    If a bit of shiny plastic captivates the punters like this ……
    …might be time to stop and think

  38. migtronixMEMBER

    Now, here you go again
    You say, you want your freedom
    Well, who am I to keep you down
    It’s only right that you should
    Play the way you feel it
    But listen carefully, to the sound
    Of your loneliness
    Like a heartbeat, drives you mad
    In the stillness of remembering what you had
    And what you lost
    And what you had
    And what you lost

  39. migtronixMEMBER

    What’s a little desperation between
    Those confined and confounded?
    I’ll conceed my abrasive recalcitrant
    Contenance forebares a warmer
    Requited acceptance
    But still be be not in this litany excused
    For those with eyes to see
    And ears to hear…

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Historic. Couldn’t be happier.

      The main question on NZ TV right now is, will the PM, Jacinda, invite other party MPs into cabinet (when she doesn’t need their support with an absolute majority in a parliament with no upper house) or govern as a single party Labor majority. Nice conundrum to have.

  40. migtronixMEMBER

    How can I, ever change things that I feel?
    If I could baby I’d give you my world.
    How can I, when you won’t take it from me?