Time Victorians threw Manchurian Dan out of power

Leith has exhaustively chronicled the blunders and lies of the Andrews Government over the past six months. Let me summarise:

  • An extraordinarily stupid decision by Andrews’ Premier and Cabinet to put private security in charge of quarantine hotels led directly to a second wave pandemic costing 800 deaths and tens of billions of economic fallout.
  • Despite the denials, it is obvious that the decision was made by, or approved by, Manchurian Dan himself, given his right-hand man, Dan Eccles just resigned.
  • It’s equally obvious that Manchurian Dan has covered this up, lied to a judicial inquiry and parliament, and shoved political allies under the bus instead.
  • Victoria has now been in lockdown almost non-stop since March. The pandemic is under control. We now have lower daily cases than NSW where contact tracing and testing has been effective for three months in containing Manchurian Dan’s outbreak. Yet Manchurian Dan either hasn’t used this period to prepare a contact tracing and testing regime sufficient to meet the demands of virus suppression, or he is so afraid of the political consequences for himself of the new system’s failure that he refuses to open the economy up and use it.
  • Instead, Victorians have been subjected to jackboot policing, by a force that was too cowardly to do its duty in guarding the quarantine hotels, and was pandered to by Manchurian Dan in this failure, but appears gleefully happy to shut down debate, arrest protesters, and deliver a spectacular number of fines to largely innocent people.
  • Not to mention, that Manchurian Dan has ceaselessly sought ever greater and more draconian powers to do much worse along the lines of indefinite detention for anyone that disagrees with him.

In short, a health emergency that requires the sacrifice of personal freedoms in the common good for reasonable periods of time to contain major virus outbreaks, which has been delivered with incredible generosity and grace by the Victorian people, is now being mercilessly exploited by a would-be dictator who is putting his own political interests ahead of the well-being of the denizens of his entire state.

Perhaps this should not surprise us, given Manchurian Dan’s affection for all things Chinese Communist Party. And today his tyrannical instincts have gone beyond the pale once more, at News:

The Andrews government is refusing to engage with a Senate committee probing new laws that will allow the commonwealth to rip up Victoria’s Belt and Road deal with China.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade chief legal officer Simon Newnham told the committee on Tuesday that officials “advised caution” when Victoria raised the prospect of signing the controversial agreement in 2018.

He said it was made clear to the Andrews government that the commonwealth’s position was not to sign up to the Belt and Road infrastructure initiative, and to consider projects on a case-by-case basis.

DFAT was only shown Victoria’s framework agreement on the day it was signed in 2019.

Scott Morrison is now preparing to cancel the deal with new powers giving the commonwealth oversight of agreements between the states and foreign governments.

But the Andrews government is refusing to engage with the Senate committee reviewing the laws, and a spokesman did not answer questions about the legal advice it had obtained.

…Chinese Communist Party interference expert Professor Clive Hamilton told the committee the Belt and Road deal undermined foreign policy and followed years of “careful grooming” by China of “senior political leaders” in Victoria.

Let’s not forget that during the early months of the pandemic, as the CCP demanded that Australia keep its borders open to be infected by it while using that same openness to siphon off our stock of PPE, Manchurian Dan wasn’t preparing Victorian institutions to fight the biological invader, he was busy lighting up their buildings in the colours of the CCP.

It’s time Victoria rose up and threw this Xi Jinping mini-me out of power.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    Macro Business appears to be bi-polar, swinging between supporting the lock-down and eradication one day and saying Dan must go the next. Pick a narrative and stick to it.

    • Our position has been reasoned throughout. We needed lockdown to bring the virus under control. NSW has shown the way for contact tracing since.

      If Manchurian Dan hasn’t or can’t deploy that when it’s working north of the border then he’s got to go. He’s got go for unleashing the thing in the first place.

      Not to mention his extraordinary corruption.

      When facts change we change. Der.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        Except if you throw him out you are left with the LNP and Michael O’Brian (or worse, Tim Smith) who would have opened up weeks ago and we would be back in the hundreds today. And most Victorians understand this – which is why Dan is still miles ahead in the poles.

        But, it is good you guys are buying into Murdoch’s narrative!

          • TheLambKingMEMBER

            Somebody has to give VIC contact tracing a go. You can’t lock the place forever.

            Sometimes you can do everything right, but idiots get in the way. The latest outbreak in Sheppeton (country Vic) started from the same bloke who broke the rules and spread it to Kilmore. He went to Sheppeton on the same trip AND FAILED TO TELL CONTACT TRACERS ABOUT VISITING SHEPPETON!!!. Now remember, he caught it from Chadstone – and if the LNP and Macrobusiness had their way, we would have been out of lockdown and 100,000+ people would also have visited Chadstone during the the infectious period.

            No one is saying we are locked down forever. Dan is not saying that. He is easing things some more this weekend. It is all about degrees of easing. What is the right thing to do? It is mostly guesswork based on assumptions that go into modelling (just like economic modelling). Looking at what has happened in the last 3 weeks (when you guys were screaming to open up) Dan was right to stay locked down.

        • Was just about to point out the same, left with the devil you know or the devil unknown.

          People should start accepting that the cavalry is not coming, there will be no hero, there are no good guys, decades and generations have been conditioned to accept what is, let alone consider anything else.

          The proverbial thousand screams from the suburbs – and inner city rings …

        • A-ha. Slowly but surely more and more are coming to the appropriate conclusion: this isn’t a debate between Red and Blue.

          Both sides are as sh#t and corrupt as the other. Politics is rotten to the core and brimming with rotten people.

          • Yet the corruption has a source and an agenda which some seem to focus on the product and not its Mfg’er. So whilst the product becomes the focus of most peoples ire the Mfg’er keep on keeping on with no responsibility for their actions.

            Though the bill black NEP link would have illuminated that for you.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          If O’Brien/Smith were in charge we would never had lockdown part1 happen, nor would hotel quarantine been put in place as ScoMo was content to let in international travellers with them promising to stay at home for 14 days.

          > It’s equally obvious that Manchurian Dan has covered this up, lied to a judicial inquiry and parliament, and shoved political allies under the bus instead.

          For that alone he needs to go. The ALP needs to replace him with a leader who can be honest with the people, not another Liberal-esque character who tries to cover up.

          • If Godwin was knighted for his services to censorship we would have to call it “Sir Godwin’s Law”

      • A temporary degree of limited restrictions was warranted after we buggered up the virus response initially. What we got (and still have) is over the top, immoral, inappropriate, crazily expensive and creating more problems than it is solving. Of course it slowed the spread of the virus (temporarily) but it was massive overkill and the obvious side effects cannot be ignored. Why anyone supported this is beyond me, everyone has the opportunity to stay locked in their homes voluntarily, when lockdowns are lifted the virus doesn’t go away, we are back to square one but with the added negative impacts of poverty and a mental health crisis to boot. It was obvious from the beginning. It was always a half a plan with no exit strategy, which is not a plan at all. Limited restrictions to enable a flattening of the curve so as not to overwhelm our health system was understandable, what we got is something else entirely. MB seems to have come around now but the support it gave to the severe Vic lockdowns was inexcusable. The facts haven’t changed, they were always staring us in the face.

        • Agreed. Might I add this lock down had broad initial support but it has been handled so poorly and extended so capricious lye that there will be zero chance of ever convincing Victorians during a future real pandemic that lock down is a viable strategy. That has public health ramifications long term.

        • When you have academics (who have never had a real job but are filled with their own hubris) playing with ‘models’ in their ivory towers (which always seen to be totally and embarassingly wrong) and refusing to pay any regard to others with decades of experience in the real world the outcome is always disaster.
          We are now shut off from the entire world on a prison Island under a police state blathering on about how many cases there are and trying to ignore the fact that this virus is harmless to 99.7% of the population.
          So where to from here? Sit around hoping for a flu vaccine for years (bearing in mind we’ve never achieved an affective one for any flu) watching the economy and peoples lives collapse living under what is now undeniably a police state.
          Great plan.

          • billygoatMEMBER

            And the irony that a flu vaccine is being sought for covid which is the flu / common cold etc. More folk will be suffering fatigue, chronic sinus infections, septic throat, depression, reduced vitality & skin conditions than THE COVID due to masks covering mouth & nose. Beyond imbecilic:) Folk should wake up to themselves and stop wearing masks:))

          • @billygoat
            Totally agree. I think these were some of the reasons the ‘experts’ told the great unwashed not to wear them initially before doing a complete 180.
            Now I understand that they are purely for the confidence factor to make people feel safe even though they are likely to produce the opposite outcome.
            Total insanity.

          • re masks, not to mention the average layman would have issues with: wearing them correctly, touching them too often, wearing the same one over-and-over again. apparently only those N95 masks truly prevent spread, but only health professionals really know how to put those on correctly. I recall these were some of the reasons that that WHO and other epidemiologists were saying masks were not effective, at least at the outset. before the subsequent backflip. but yeah lets just all wear them, even in the office. better safe than sorry. remember, we’re all in this together.

          • When I heard about how Victoria was setting-up all those speed camera and viciously fining people for driving literally 3kph over the dump speed limit I wondered what else this would lead to. We now have the answer.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “He’s got go for unleashing the thing in the first place.

        Not to mention his extraordinary corruption”

        And placing orders to buy Chinese made rolling stock!
        WTF Dan!

    • “Pick a narrative and stick to it.”

      John Maynard Keynes — ‘When the facts change, I change my mind – what do you do, sir?’

      Anyone who picks a narrative and sticks to it is an ideologue. If they have power they are a dangerous ideologue. If they call themselves a journalist they have yet to find out that they are really a propagandist of an Orwellian ilk.

      There is no statement that better exemplifies the political and cultural malaise of western discourse than: “Pick a narrative and stick to it.”

      Visit a hospital for the mentally ill and one thing that strikes you is the consistency of a patient’s delusional narrative that is used to diagnose insanity.

      Let’s put that slogan on the new Victorian rego plates. “Pick a narrative and stick to it.”

      Who gives a [email protected] about narrative in the search for truth? Cart – horse. Which one comes first?

        • If you’d like to see what facts change with Covid-19 – here’s a link for you:


          Facts are changing by the minute – literally. Politics applies a narrative to cope with an inability to keep pace with changing facts and deal with the management of fluidity. Only the profoundly ignorant and gullible believe that static political positions can keep up with a changing world. Such people expect to be insulated from facts by comforting narrative. This is infantilising.

          • Mate, if they’re facts, they don’t change. Its the assumptions based on the facts that are changing. And the narrative that is changing along with it. You’ve got it backwards. Sure we are discovering more about COVID every day, that doesn’t change the facts, it just highlights that the assumptions weren’t facts in the first place. Non of the basic facts have changed, be sure to let us know me when 1 + 1 /= 2.

          • billygoatMEMBER

            Too right. COVID is a never ending story with mutating narrative scripted by tav is tok and acted by govt, Mexico’s & assorted lodge folk to mess with general population. Social engineering 101.
            Even the road blocks are an epic revenue earner not because folk travelling without permit but zero effort required as camera records every rego place passing at 40kms through checkpoint Charlie…straight into Vic road & fines vic data base. Follow the $$

          • Dylan: the precise nature of the quote has been debated for years (see my link) because it arose from a personal communication attributed to John Maynard Keynes at a meeting by another party as the primary source. If someone afterwards adopted it or said something similar it does not mean that the primary pers. comm. is no longer valid. However I grant you that it all depends upon the accuracy of the original second-hand report!

  2. Andrews is a disingenuous dissembler whose inclination is to appropriate more and more power to himself in the name of “protecting Victorians”.
    In another country or at another time perhaps he could have run the Utopia he craves in the way he wants to.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      Can’t wait for him to release his own version of the Social Credit System.
      If Dan was smart, his next election campaign would be built on this foundation.

      • I’m really looking forward to it tbh. It would be great to see people that have no regard for each other lose privileges, get called out, etc. Never understood why a millionaire gets fined the same as someone on the dole. Would have helped us with compliance and provide another non custodial method of dealing with unsocial behaviour.

          • dont fancy it there as a westerner tbh, but I’d love to see penalties related to wealth, and better methods of stopping $untz destroying the social contract.

          • @3ris – be careful what you wish for. I would imagine “social credit” would be as easily gamed by wealthy and powerful as any other system. Or if not gamed – would not cause any significant harm, to the extent that it could be ignored. I imagine where these social credit systems come most into effect is in the casual workforce (think Uber driver ratings etc).

            As for penalties / fines related to wealth, several countries in Europe in fact do apply this. A wealthy person receiving a speeding ticket will get a higher monetary penalty than someone on the equivalent of the dole. They calculate this relating it back to tax returns. For what you’re after, no ‘social scoring’ system is needed.

  3. He has made some mistakes.
    But, I feel like this could be one of those moments where relentless drum beating by Murdoch just leads to this overwhelming inevitable sense of walls closing in on the current Labour target. As happened with Rudd, Gillard, Shorten etc.

    Imagine if the same drum beating had of occurred for Dutton or Gladys re. Ruby Princess.
    That’s right no one can imagine.

    Then in 4 mths when peoples heads cool down they will do the post mortem and realise…. oh … maybe we were lead by the nose, again, just like franking credits, mining tax etc

    Plus if Dan were to resign would that help control the virus in Victoria?

    • This is the rub … how many political kicks to the curb have actually fixed anything since Rudd, one could argue just the opposite has occurred, but this time is the charm. WA and Qld seem the only exception at this moment.

      Same could be said of all the presidents in the U.S. since Bush Jr, so it would seem there are bigger forces at play and picking a new jockey, riding the same horse, on the same track, does little to change its direction except for the speed its moving at and the noises it makes.

    • It’s not about controlling the virus at this point.

      It’s about unlocking a city in lockdown for far too long. Mental health is now a serious concern, yet he continues stubbornly, trying to reduce 10 daily cases to 5… Which is also against the WHO recommendations mind you.

      • Mental health would be a problem also if let it rip was allowed, it cuts both ways because it messes with peoples concept of normality. The big issue with the aforementioned is overwhelming systems and loss of critical staff for various reasons.

        The rub is with which has the most acute loss that can’t be filled in short notice because there is no depth in supply.

        Then some wonder how WWII was won, you know everyone going mental due to rationing and loss of freedoms or whatever. But yeah that consumer conditioning with a side of freedom sure puts the concrete in your coffee in a international emergency, its all about meeeeeeee …. oh sorry …. the projection of ideological preferences on everyone else self awarded style.

      • >Which is against the WHO recommendations.

        Not true. What the WHO actually said is that lockdowns are an integral part of getting on top of the virus and are valid until such time as community transmission is under control.

        Victoria/Dan/the entire world has seen that it’s impossible to reinstate lock downs and we have one chance at this. The Vic strategy actually closely follows the WHO multi-pronged recommendations.

        It’s not 5 or 10 cases that are the point – it’s the number of unknown community transmissions that, as we are seeing right now in NSW, can quickly lead to an explosion of numbers.

        Yes, everyone is sick to death of the lock down, but for the sake of another week, it would be a shame to blow it now.


    • the whole media/Fed push has been to let the virus go, with Dan being the convenient scapegoat. Not that he didn’t fvck up, but he’s not dumb enough to not see what’s going to happen if he doesn’t push the numbers down significantly below NSW for an extended period of time – he’ll carry the can for the spread across the country.

      as it is, the inevitable ‘genie out of the bottle’ is going to come from NSW – the idea that NSW contact tracing is so efficient as to stop the spread is childish. it’s inevitable that it comes back, inevitable that we open the borders before we should, the population is tired of lockdowns, the media/big business are tired of losing money…we’re going to have 10,000 dead by this time next year…barring a miracle.

      • Sigh … the ability of the government to respond was white anted long ago and out sourced, so Dan enacted a policy and it was enacted as the system was designed – same problem with pink batts, building inspection, national power line maintenance, PPP toll roads, you get the idea.

        There is a reason Howard said he wanted people to sleep through it all … because by the time they woke up it would be too late.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      Nothing to do with Murdoch beating the drum. They have their own agenda & no doubt direction from lodge affiliates red vs blue. Any sane rational folk can see Dan a is a cretin of the highest order ..dishonest, deceitful cheater:)) cheating on Victorian’s with Choi nah

    • The Frankston household that started the Chadstone outbreak had 10 people living there. Migrant slum houses with minimal English don’t make for easy communication.

      • Agree. And both the cleaner for the Chadstone butcher, and the truck driver, lied. Not much contract tracers can do when people lie or omit critical details such as where they work and where they’ve been. It’s complex as the ABC nailed today.


        As for ‘draconian’ (a word I’m so very weary of, and hope to never read again) from friends’ and family anecdotal reports, practically nobody is being fined – for eg. gatherings in the Edinburgh Gardens of 20 people with police strolling by and no fines being issued, and only 5% of all fines issued having actually been paid, and from personal experience – police politely waving people through at check points on the flimsiest of reasons for traveling or not checking at all cos it’s raining.

        So much for the police state. So much for the whinging woosies. They should just suck it up for another week FFS.

  4. Most of the comments on here (with no dissent allowed) were screaming for more lock down.
    Well, you’ve got exactly what you asked for, too late to cry now.

    • I beg to differ. Unfortunately it’s exactly the type of biased, ill considered and inaccurate reporting that MB railes against in the MSM, and is on a par with MB’s ill considered and ill informed rants against farmers.

      And increasingly, the type of biased and extreme commentary occurring all too frequently now on MB comments is a reflection of this.

  5. GunnamattaMEMBER

    It is actually time for Australians to throw Australian politicians out of power – per se.

    In NSW we have Premier [Liberal] who has been rogering an openly corrupt parliamentarian [also Liberal] selling visas and cashing in.  She has a deputy [National] who has been openly exposed for funding his own business interests from the public decisionmaking he is party to.  In Opposition we have an ALP openly compromised by China funding links, and the usual batch of Sydney ALP style dubiosity.

    In Victoria we have a Premier who has (as DLS notes) – whether rightly or wrongly in relation to the actual handling of COVID 19 – obviously been party to the decision to use private security for quarantine in Melbourne hotels relating to Australians returning from offshore, and has denied this repeatedly, and has now tossed a Minister and the Head of the Vic Department of Premier and Cabinet under a steamroller.  He has been good in some respects over the years – his turfing of obviously travel allowance rorting MPs, the Somyurek man – but has obviously failed here.  The only reason he is remotely plausible remaining in the Premiers chair is because the Victorian Liberals are so obviously a pack of fruit loops and right wing nutters that the Victorian public is rightly terrified of them ever returning to somewhere near power and lining up more mega corruption of the sort they specialise in.

    Federally we have a party being fronted by a Prime Minister who is a tongue talking bible bashing nutter who tried to get his reverend into a meeting with the US President, and who is so obviously beyond the pale the Americans thought they would decline that opportunity.  The same man has the interpersonal skills of the type best carved into the public mind by his grabbing of the hand and backslapping a CFA volunteer who had requested he not shake his hand in fighting bushfires last year, and his palpable recoil in the presence of anything looking like the lived experience of ordinary Australians in almost any sense other than them expressing bonhomie in his presence.

    He fronts a party which has sown a minefield between its current location and the one at which it wants to be for the next federal election with the bringing down of a budget which has directed whatever economic stimulus it has directed – for a populace with about the worlds largest private debt burden, largely embedded in the worlds most expensive houses, with the worlds most parlous competitive position, and paying the worlds most expensive energy bills  – to those earning more than circa 150k per annum and who represent, as far as the 90% of the electorate is concerned, the 1%, and who can be guaranteed that they will not have anywhere near the same motivation to spend and contribute to aggregate demand, and to further support housing speculation by attracting first home buyers (facing the long flat parched wasteland of deflation and low incomes growth) to backstop current in market housing speculators, while doing nothing about land costs, energy costs, or overall private debt volumes.

    That of course is for those Australians who haven’t already concluded that any examination of S144 of the Constitution in relation to the current Members of Parliament – those with allegiances to other states, or those deriving a direct pecuniary interest from contractual commitments by the Federal Government in particular – raises an awful lot of questions, and before security services weigh in with any further concerns about politicians being in receipt of funding (either directly or indirectly) [See Dastayari] or the expectation of funding [see Robb] about whose interests our politicians actually do represent.  This of course would be well before any glancing over the funding of major public and private organisations in Australia [start with Universities] with a view to finding out about whose interests they too are actually serving, and contemplation of whether ordinary Australians have representatives in their parliament or whether ordinary Australians have brokers in their parliament for whom the ordinary Australians lived experience is ‘the product’ they sell to whoever pays the price (and get a margin for themselves).

    It isnt just Dan. It is the whole box and dice. And its all got to go.

  6. As a small business owner, the Victorian Government keeps giving me grants of $10K. Sure it doesn’t make up for all the revenue lost but it is some consolation in knowing that the future taxes of the lockdown brigade will be used to pay for it all.

    Like I keep saying, threaten to shutdown the wages of the Victorian public sector and assorted NGO’s, and the lockdown would be over tomorrow.

    • MCBoyah you are a man after my own heart. “We are all in this together” what a load of crap. Andrews gave himself a 50K pay rise during the pandemic whilst he was messing the whole thing up and dissembling, lying and cheating and ripping small business. In his press conferences he has said youse (sic) are interested in your “profits” on two occasions when the SME sector is trying to survive. Close the Vic public service down without pay and see what happens. At least you received some Vic state money. We did not, and pay 100K land tax and 20K rates to a labor council who are out to lunch. Yet we are all in this together. Can anyone tell me why is Ratcliff and for that matter Pakula so protected and where is Jean Dong hiding? Why is there no mention of the stolen car and strip racket in Tullamarine?

  7. >Leith has exhaustively chronicled the blunders and lies of the Andrews Government over the past six months.

    Leith’s chronicling of the Victorian Covid outbreak has been variously biased, simplistic, irrelevant and inflammatory. Ditto your own summary above.

    The standard of reporting on this topic, as with that on farmers and farming, is substandard and unworthy of MB or any publication with claims to journalistic integrity. Moreover the type of extreme readers’ comments that are occurring with increasing frequency here reflects this, and is quite possibly a result of it.

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