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    What employees really think about working from home … Natasha Boddy … Australian Financial Review

    The shift to the home office may have led to longer workdays and more work, but workers are much happier and three in four are annoyed it took a pandemic for bosses to finally embrace remote work.

    A global study from Atlassian reveals that nearly seven in 10 Australian workers say their job satisfaction and work-life balance has improved since the shift to remote work. The study looked at the work-from-home experiences of more than 5000 workers in Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the US during COVID-19.

    Despite feeling more effective and productive at home, workers are concerned about recognition and career progression.

    “I love the fact I’m stress-free and really productive, but I’m afraid I lose credibility and become disposable. I feel like out of sight, out of mind kind of,” said one worker.

    Away from the gaze of the bosses, more workers feel the need to show they are being productive working remotely, Atlassian futurist Dominic Price said. … read more via hyperlink above …

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      She’s right though. Good on her! Love how the woke-not-bloke dude twists it to her blaming the old and weak for covid. No, that’s not what she said you scumbag!