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  1. WORKING FROM HOME TRENDS … New Zealand and Australia …

    … New Zealand …

    Wanted: Bigger houses, to work from home … Colleen Hawkes … Stuff New Zealand

    Just look around the office and it’s easy to see the whole idea of working from home has taken root.

    But while bums on seats are down, most often productivity is not. Successive Covid-19 lockdowns and level changes have acclimatised many of us to a “new norm”, and we quite like it. Or perhaps, more accurately, we really like having the flexibility to work from home or the office.

    So, it’s not unexpected to see Google trend reports showing that the term “work from home” was searched by more New Zealanders than ever during March, when the entire country went into lockdown level 4. And Google reports searches are still up on the same time last year. … read more via hyperlink above …

    • … and Australia … important public sector survey …

      APS managers won over by working from home … Judy Skatssoon …(Australian) Government News

      A survey of more than 6,000 Australian Public Service employees, including nearly 1,400 managers, has found that working from home has been an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ experience.

      The study suggests that making employees go back to the office full time could erode some significant gains, researchers say.

      They outline their findings in a report titled Working during the Pandemic: From Resistance to revolution.

      The report found that managers were highly supportive of working from home, representing a major mindset shift. … read more via hyperlink above …
      Working during the Pandemic:: From resistance to revolution? … University of New South Wales (Canberra) pdf – Working From Home Report_Final (1).pdf

  2. AECOM cuts Sydney office footprint as staff work from home (behind paywall) … Michael Blebby … Australian Financiual Review

    AECOM has broken its lease with Investa two years early and cut two floors from the space it occupies at the landlord’s 420 George Street tower in central Sydney in response to more staff working from home. Read more via hyperlink above …

    … and in the UK …

    Corporate giant Deloitte is permanently closing 4 offices, putting 500 staff on work-from-home contracts … Reuters / Business Insider

    • China PlateMEMBER

      Not just Aecom, Hugh, Jacobs another multi-disciplined engineering firm have cut floors at their North Sydney office.
      But is the cash saved going to trickle down to the “workers”

  3. “IMF managing director calls for a new Bretton Woods moment” ???

    See who is promoting this “news” ? someone from”Bitcoin News”. Well, Bitcoin is never going to be a reserve currency. Dream on …………..

  4. Check out the wokeness!!

    [Migrant families] don’t really understand how a modern Australian 21st century democracy works — where everyone has a voice,

    Yeah, well, unless you are questioning the woke mass migration narrative and / or are a w____ male. Then you are SOL.

    But wait, do I sense an opportunity for taxpayers to fund more migrant friendly activities? I thought so!!!

    While Mr West recognised language was one of the main barriers to voting for migrants, he said the grassroots program only had the capacity to offer the workshop in English due to a lack of funding.

    “Interpreters come with a price tag,” he said.

    “This program is run off the scent of an oil rag and, unfortunately at the moment, it’s just not possible for us to provide that service.

    “Hence my belief that that is a gap that needs support and attention from the Government.”


  5. Desperate libertardian right working with Russians to invent numerous ‘water damaged’ Hunter Biden computers. Two drunks, Bannon and Giuliani, at centre of the scam. Russian agent Daniel Ivandjiiski, owner and chief editor of far right blog Zero Hedge, admits he personally knows the father of the ‘computer repairman’ who started sending the hard drives to all and sundry.

    Stinks to high heaven …. of desperation! 💩💩

    • Let us not conflate progressive with woke left totalitarianism. (waves at Dom)

      To the kind of people who use “woke” as anything more than an ironic punchline, they’re basically synonymous.