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  1. The German coronavirus mystery –

    Twitter, Facebook censor NY Post over Hunter Biden exposé –

    Hunter Biden appears to have been very busy collecting money in China too:

    Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm –

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Indeed, but 56 minutes to tell us about it when a few minutes in he tells us all you need to know: he’s not scared of the virus (SARS-2), but doesn’t want the disease (COVID-19) and he says don’t trust him and don’t trust anybody. Thanks for nuthin’.

    • No point fearing something that doesn’t exist except in format of common cold with a name delivered in heavy angst ridden tones by media.
      Aside from this many media & politicians know it a hex …it’s all about $ not health.
      Vic & Melbourne as usual ground zero to test how big a $hit $andwich the ignorant dumbed populace will consume before throwing up. Meanwhile all acting like elites in a Kubrick movie dining on morsels of human excrement in grand posh surrounds:))

      • Outsourcing with layers of subcontracting is the most economic efficient means in delivering a good or a service, additionally the primary business contact makes packet for taking the lowest tender [with possible kick backs] whilst hiving off all the down road risk. Best thing is by the time you get to people doing the actual service there is actually no bone left [rents and looting proceed] and completely dis-incentivized to do the service in a reasonable manner.

        All this stuff was baked in years and years prior under the banner of EMH and a lot of jargon filled talking points, based on some imaginary numbers and not what actually occurs on the ground and into the future.

        Best bit is it does not matter who walks through the door in public service because the system is already in place and a monster to change, albeit its super easy to push things even further in that direction, so as money as water which direction do some think it will go – ??????

        The bonus is it reinforces the anti government meme which then increases the push to privatize ever further and then some bang on about all those rents being collected by mates whilst the labour doing the job are crammed down further and why vast swaths of the population are becoming poorer.

        Look at the numbers in the U.S. and now the covid spike entering the fall – winter.

        Bad Dan Bad ….

        • Dan did do very badly. Knocked back the ADF and was supine for Victoria Police which makes most of the rest of your screed a bit moot.
          As for USA, let’s wait and see past half way through the first half. France clocking over 20,000 cases per day and they have 1/5 the population of the US.

          • That does nothing to reconcile the system in place and I can assure you if Dan had brought in the ADF the same people trying to make this all about Dan would be screaming totalitarianism – dictator Dan is using covid as a smokescreen_insert paranoid delusion_ in crushing freedoms and liberties.

            Lmmao why do you think anyone with a few bob is moving out of big cities in to smaller regional cities in the U.S., because of risk factors whilst still finding employment and reasonable good/services – life style. All due to covid exposing reality.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            It’s all moot because no other Australian state had these issues but his idiot screed says it doesn’t matter who’s there…

          • migtronixMEMBER

            No they wouldn’t moron because they didn’t in any other state!! The totalitarianism is from the police actions and “emergency” measures which the ADF would have prevented

          • Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

            Jesus H Christ. Now that was a magnificent riposte. Chapeau for the use of “screed” on a Friday. And so early!

          • And that changes burned in system architecture how.

            There are 3 examples within rock throwing distance which shows positive results, yet, due to the hyper marketing for ideological style points and political disinformation this international event is being politicized by the usual suspects.

            Most of whom have never run a lemonade stand let alone be in a position of authority/responsibility over others lives.

  2. There was much ranting by three of the Revolutionary Committee at the Meating Room pub in Canberra last night, along with the consumption of Stone and Wood Pacific Ale and some Beechworth Pale Ale. One of Arrow2’s oaths relating to the housing market was so tremendous that it caused a passer by to spontaneously combust, which provided great entertainment for all.

    All beer-drinking shutins with a penchant for profanity welcome at the next session.

    • Less Woke More BlokeMEMBER

      1 for the beer from the young lad at Beechworth. Least, he was young last time I parlayed a Hotham trip into a beer and snow trip.

      I am most grateful that the Stone and Wood brewery is a mere 30 mins away from home and it proliferates the goodly taps of the Northern Rivers’ publican’s beer hauses. (apostrophe check please from the grammarians!)

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