Wolf wankers dial whaaaambulance over economic coercion

Wolf wankers at the FT:

Just two days before President Xi Jinping was scheduled to speak to Chancellor Angela Merkel last week, China blocked all pork imports from Germany.

The ostensible reason was the death of a single German wild boar from African swine fever, a disease already endemic in China. But some analysts jumped to a different conclusion. To them, this was the latest example of Beijing’s coercive commercial diplomacy — an evolving facet of Chinese statecraft that has come to dominate relations with several countries.

But these actions almost always target nations that have recently displeased Beijing; and they are intended to force a change in policy or behaviour. Blocking pork imports was a warning to Berlin not to join Washington’s campaign to isolate Beijing and to stop criticising China’s human rights record.

More wolf wankers at the FT:

Chinese state media have denounced ByteDance’s deal with Oracle and Walmart as “dirty and unfair”, saying Beijing had “no reason” to approve the agreement backed by Donald Trump.

Editorials published by several Chinese state media groups signalled Beijing may not sign off on a deal that could put control of the short-video app in the hands of Americans.

Confusion over who would own and control TikTok Global, the new US-based company that would be created by the deal, was already threatening to unwind an agreement blessed by the White House at the weekend.

China Daily, the state-owned English language newspaper, said the deal was based on “bullying and extortion” on Wednesday, a day after the nationalistic Global Times and the online edition of the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily ran similar opinion pieces.

Suck it up, wolf wankers.

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  1. There’s a good reason why diplomacy is done the way it is; coercion doesn’t work…

    Amazing that a civilisation that loves to tell everyone that it’s 5,000 years old hasn’t worked this out yet… talk about slow learners.

      • Becuase they have never had to. All they need to do is keep everyone both internal and external on a very short leash and just jerk the chain every now and again when they stray off the path. This is what has been working up til now and they have no other game plan or intention to form one. It’s amazing how a couple of innocent re-eduction camps can change ones view on the situation, that is if $$$$$’s don’t change it first! Job done!

    • 5000 years old, let’s ponder the world around 3000BCE. From the broader western regions, and anything resembling somekind of monarch, “state” (not really), a bit more than a tribal culture. There’s a a slither on either side of the Nile called (back then too) Egypt. Above Egypt, what is now called Crete was Minoan, or Minoa (who weren’t Indo-European). At the top of today’s Persian Gulf, was Sumer.

      West of Egypt were Proto Berbers, heading north, from what today is Spain, up to northern France were, Bell-Beaker Cultures, bit west of them, Globular Amphora Cultures, that is, cultures that were more tribal, than unified by somekind of state or monarch. Actually, State is a far off concept from this date.

      Heading East, Black Sea area, Yamna Cultures, heading south east, all the way down to, Indus Valley Cultures (many Indo-Europeans from here), and heading East from there, what is now the north eastern part of China, were Longshan Cultures, and south of them were, Austronesian Cultures. Again, more tribal, language, regional collectiveness (right word), than monarch or state. Longshans had some good pottery skills.

      So around 3000BCE, what today is China, back then, were cultures that were just as “messy” as European, Middle Eastern tribes\cultures were.

      And the claim on 5000 years old goes to Egypt, and Ethiopia.

      Sorry folks, just the rant that goes through my mind when I hear the, China 5000 years old spiel.

    • It’s pure hubris. It’s been the main cause of Chinese empire failing. The ‘Wolf Warriors’ are the modem day eunuch who rise to power by saying things the Emperor likes to hear.

    • Why would he go to China? he’ll be arrested for being a ‘spy’ when the authority finds pens and paper in his luggage.

    • Thank you for the link. Geremie Barme has been around for a long time as a China scholar and his books are very good. Interestingly he notes in the interview that Australia is in no position to criticise China’s human rights record given our appalling treatment of our own indigenous people………….
      马不知脸长 猴不知屁股红