UQ freaks again over Pavlou resurgence

The CCP lackeys are on the run again at UQ:

Support the Drew Pavlou Fighting fund here.

Sack Varghese and Hoj.

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  1. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    I miss student politics.
    He’ll just rebrand and probably clean up the vote backed by thousands in donations. The best is yet to come for the UQ Senate.

    • well, they’ve technically suspended him, so now they’ll hand down the no-association-or-cancellation memo to every student. They’re gonna have to think more steps ahead.

  2. Wouldn’t you think that the new VC (Terry) might learn from the very public beating that Pavlou gave the old VC (Hoy)?

    If I were her, I’d pursue a very different strategy with Pavlou.

  3. this is very troubling and everyone should be concerned but not surprised. Similar (probably worst) things are happening in Fed and State politics. We lost our democracy and I am not sure we have ability to get it back.

    • Looking back, I’m not sure we ever really had it. Democracy….
      ‘a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives’
      Yeah, nah, we’ve only ever been run by those who know better!!!!!

  4. When things go badly pear-shaped in politics the Chaps in the party will often appoint a woman who subsequently takes the fall.

    Hoj has sh1t his bed and run away to another, and now The Chaps at UQ have appointed Deborah as his replacement. Poor, poor Deborah.

    • I’ve read stories about that before. True or a cop out IDK, but she’s taken the money eyes wide open, so no sympathy from me.

    • You must be from Melbourne? Rocky is about 10,000 clicks north of St Lucia, but yeah, somewhere north of Bendigo. 🙂