Time to cut Chinese immigration to zero

Via China apologist “think tank” China Matters:

Plenty of people in this country agree with some or much of what the CPC has done over the past 40 years. They are entitled to express those opinions and to try to influence government. This is normal in a democracy.

Members of Chinese communities in Australia often feel trapped between CPC intimidation and accusations that they are CPC stooges if they say anything positive about the Party publicly. The opacity of the recent ASIO decision to cancel two scholars’ visas will exacerbate this.

The attention on covert political interference and political influence takes focus away from the biggest problem of CPC interference – the successful efforts of the Party to silence people in Australia, predominantly those with links to the PRC.

People who face this intimidation rarely report it to authorities. As part of the China Matters brief, I interviewed over 30 people who claimed to be victims of CPC intimidation. Only three had reported it to authorities. The most-stated reason for this was a belief that the Australian government could not protect the victim’s family in the PRC. This is a valid concern and there is little that the Australian government can do about it.

This is a difficult problem to fix, but there are small steps Australia can undertake to improve the situation. The government could provide an encrypted portal for victims to report foreign interference. The national security hotline is currently an unencrypted line.

A Foreign Interference Commissioner in the Australian Human Rights Commission could do this. Victims of CPC coercion in this country continue to be intimidated. The Commissioner could track the experience of the victims of foreign interference.

All these efforts would provide transparency on the experience of the victims which is just as important as transparency on the actions of authorities. Australia needs to strive for a situation in which all those who live here feel free to speak about the PRC regardless of their views.

Cripes, talk about doublespeak. We shouldn’t crackdown on foreign influence because it’s normal and prevents us from dealing with foreign interference! Put that Orwellian drivel in your pipe and smoke it.

That said, the sunshine exposing corrupt CCP relationships should equally apply to our own spooks. Any greater transparency, and an intimidation commissioner, are all to the good.

Let’s not stop there. If we’re going to protect the Aussie Chinese diaspora then we should also ban WeChat and TikTok, and insist on local ownership of Chinese media.

But the biggest implication of the China Matters analysis is this. If, in the end, these measures cannot protect mainland Chinese Australians from the CCP, then obviously we should immediately cut mainland immigration to zero for the protection of those already here and Australia’s broader interests.

Consider the short and sordid history of CCP stooge, Gadlys Liu. She was elected by campaigning on the CCP platform, WeChat. She was elected by channeling millions of CCP cash into the Coalition. She basically held the Morrison Government’s majority in her hands.

One CCP-aligned seat was manageable. But push forward a few years of further mainland Chinese immigration and imagine three such seats, with major parties all censored in Beijing via WeChat as they campaign for favour. They could effectively run the election and government.

I have argued in the past that we should only cut the ethnic Chinese intake as a part of overall reductions and that would do as well. But this is pressing enough that all mainland Chinese immigrationmust be stopped now regardless.

CCP hostility is mushrooming so fast that it is simply imprudent to grow the diaspora further for everyone’s sake.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. I don’t go with the rw msm on China, but I also don’t go with P&I either. Somewhere in the middle.

    Regardless, how do they justify a gov that just jailed someone for 18 yrs after criticising Ji over cv19? You either conform and shut up or you’ll be re-educated, jailed or disappeared!

    • Australian politicians (Gladys, Kristina) who query mass migration are always offered a democratic Aussie choice – disappearance or re-education. Mysteriously, they always choose the latter.

    • FMD I’m so over the term Chyknees Australians.
      It forgives a multitude of sins & illegal activity & corruption. Shut the borders at Tulla & Sydney airport

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Yeah I love China and their superior system but I hate Chinamen, except their hot lady ones in the lounges. Oh and I love sweet and sour pork. And satay sticks. That’s all yummy!

  3. There are dangerous elements in the diaspora and those should be weeded out returned. Students represent a risk if this conflict escalates what is the government management plan. Internment?

  4. LittleEmperorMEMBER

    We should increase the humanitarian intake of Hongkongers asap. This will be quite sustainable if we cut so-called “skilled” immigration to zero.

  5. For me personally China does matter and when something matters to me I increase my engagement.
    Decreasing one’s engagement with any systemically important topic is akin to running away with your hands over your ears screaming “I can’t hear you” at best we call this childish behavior. Childish might be one step up from our head in the sand politicians but that’s about the only good thing that you can say about this form of engagement.
    Engagement on this level is disrespectful to both nations, we deserve better, they deserve better.

        • childish behavior comment is to be taken seriously, really, we HAVE been invaded by an aggressor. Chyna. And using words like “one’s” rings a bell for me, suss to the max.

          • And using words like “one’s” rings a bell for me, suss to the max.
            One’s is the Possessive pronoun with meaning, belonging to one.
            So a relationship that belongs to you is suss to the max
            weird, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

        • I know it’s your only option, you have no skills, communism has no end goal, no vision, what else can you do. You can’t escape. You know it’s wrong but you are trapped. What can you do? Sleep. Tomorrow another blog maybe an easier fight. Maybe less argument and your team leader will praise you. Tomorrow.

    • There is absolutely no obligation for any country to engage politically with another. Equally, countries don’t trade with each other, people do.

      Let entrepreneurs and business people engage with each other across borders and leave it at that. It’s not rocket science. Politics is a filthy business undertaken by generally filthy people who are trying to secure an advantage for themselves or their handlers.

      • You have some weird ideas about the separation of business and politics.
        Yes it is possible for businesses to thrive without an equivalent thriving political environment, it’s just unusual.
        High tech businesses are often the exception (whereby politics is a relatively unimportant aspect of business) but there are clear exceptions to this rule (semiconductor sales to Huawei)
        The problem is that the High tech sector is no where near as important as the sum of all the other business engagements that could exist if the two nations nations were aligned both Politiically and Economically.

        • Yeah, my ideas are really groundbreaking. Common sense is so passé. You just think political interference is normal because it’s existed for the entire time you’ve been alive. If the public were regularly beaten by paramilitaries since your birth you’d think that’s normal too.

          • You just think political interference is normal because it’s existed for the entire time you’ve been alive
            No actually I’d say that big time political interference in commerce (and life in general) has been the norm for the last millennium.
            As for international trade well that is only really possible because of a whole slew of Political agreements (aka Interference)
            If anything the last 100 years is the exception with ever reducing levels of government involvement in commerce and even something akin to freedom with respect to International commerce.

        • “No actually I’d say that big time political interference in commerce (and life in general) has been the norm for the last millennium.”

          But that doesn’t make it right …

          We’re arguing over whether there’s any need for it or not and I’m saying: No

          It’s that simple. Govts only get involved because they want a slice of the action. If they spent as much energy actually governing properly as they do trying to devise new ways to raise more money we’d be in a much better place.

          • Well Dom lets just imagine there were no governments (non at all), Do you honestly think you have what it takes to live in such a world?
            Are you such a bada55 that every real bada55 worships your shadow?
            If not they may just decide that whatever you have actually belongs to them.
            Are you comfortable delivering your own street justice with a sawed off shotgun?
            Is that how you want to live?
            See what I mean governments do have a purpose, they just need to be kept as small as possible because they love to grow way beyond their own useful bounds.

        • I'll have anotherMEMBER

          Go away CCP blogger, go bother HK, Taiwan, Northern India, South China sea, the Uyghur’s, or go steal someone else’s IP, or go get some organs of your millions of incarcerated or go accidently release a deadly virus and hide the evidence or start a war with the US or something.

          Stop sprouting your BS here.

          We’re just a bunch of bottom of shoe dwelling gumsters anyway.

        • “.. lets just imagine there were no governments (non at all), ”

          Er, that’s what’s known as a false binary, UM. Not to worry, it’s a tactic that’s used regularly around here. The truth is that Government has a much smaller role to play in this day and age than it does currently — it interferes way too much in the general running of the economy, almost exclusively to the detriment.

    • How’s your one bedroom apartment Ulrike, what do you think the future looks like for you if your team wins. Which they won’t. What is your day like, Ulrike, sad, noodles on a one burner stove, monthly visit back to your family up north. Sadness eating you? But what other choice do you have? Don’t think about it, it is dark there, very dark. In the end you make no difference the CCP doesn’t care. But you have no choice.

    • I wonder if Ulrike was around today what she might say to you. If she hadn’t died in prison maybe she would say to you, stop, we lost, more than the struggle … we lost our lives too.

    • Come on Ulrike, damn, your shift must have ended …. just one reply, Let me know if you want to be Facebook friends … oh Ulrike where are you.

  6. How much immigration does China allow from Australia, assuming anyone wanted to?

    Oh that’s right – none.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      That’s the thing that does my head in with the immigration program pre-COVID. If there was something even approaching a mutual exchange of labour between Australia and other countries, it might retain a semblance of balance. But with the top 10 or so countries we import from, it’s all net-net massive inbound…

    • You can’t become Chinese, you can only be born Chinese.

      Getting PR in China is not hard, but citizenship is another level. In theory it is possible for a non-Chinese to become a Chinese citizen, but the ‘privilege’ has only been granted to a few thousand people in 70 years since the founding of modern China.

      • I think you’ll find getting unrestricted PR in China is very hard and only recently has it become even available.

    • Agree. Maybe preventing migration from countries that don’t allow similar migration as ours would be good. If that so happens to include such countries as China, great!

    • Chinajim – and if you were a Chinese citizen in Australia on a student visa at the time of the Tiananmen massacre and spoke up, you have not been forgiven. Previously (I don’t know about the situation in the last few years) you lost many of your rights due to dual citizenship if you returned to China.

      Alternatively, if Australia imposed restrictions on duel citizens who like to do a spot of industrial espionage and political influence on the side, the cry of ‘racism’ would be shouted from the rooftop by those sad China apologists of the Greens and ALP who don’t like the concept of reciprocity.

      Racism? This is a nation that under the CCP since the 1940s has advanced the idea that Chinese people are in effect a different species! And I’m not being sarcastic:


      The CCP has also promoted a racial pecking order that has a nasty ‘eugenics’ aspect to it and has been overt with prejudice based on skin colour:


      Many mainland Chinese scientists (and educated people – of which there are very many) do not agree with this interpretation. But it was CCP propaganda and they have little way to criticise the role of the CCP in advancing a ‘racial’ policy that has held sway with the majority of the population.

      Another common idea in China in the 1990s, even among highly educated people, was that there were no gay people in China. Again, I do not jest!

      How come our ABC never discusses this? There is a large literature on these attitudes that no one wants to touch.

      I’m still waiting for Jenny Leong and Gladys to get up on the floor of the house and condemn such ‘racism’. Waiting, waiting, waiting…….. Because when they stay silent they tend to betray millions – as well as expose what they are all about – covering up politically inspired racism and bigotry on a massive scale the likes of which is in the DNA of the CCP and forms the basic morality of immigrants we have invited into Australia due to an apologetic red carpet mantra that sees ‘whites’ as the only people capable of racism.

      • adelaide_economistMEMBER

        I still remember a tutor at University and one of the students (both Chinese) high fiving each other after asking if they were Han. This same tutor had just finished complaining about redneck wh!te people.

        • I get the impression that 90% of Aussies don’t even know what Han Chinese is – and 95% seem totally ignorant to how China has run a race hierarchy for some 80 years. Penny Wong knows – but she’s a Cantonese speaking lesbian who isn’t a mainland Han who has virtually no brownie points with the CCP because of it. Instead, the moronic ALP, LNP and Greens think that a few woke and token Chinese faces and a bit of race baiting is great politics.

          These are really distasteful issues to talk about and I can well understand why they have been avoided. But if people want to race bait, let’s have a proper conversation about what has been going on in Asia.

          There are literally dozens of ethnic groups that have been used as an underclass to build the “Asian Miracle”. Those ALP “true believers” put neoliberalism well before human and worker’s rights and basic decency for > 30 years. There have been real victims of the CCP’s rise just as there were in Suharto’s time in Indonesia – something else we stayed quiet about. The ACTU can also hang its woke head in shame.

          The victims are not Gladys, Penny and the insufferable Jenny Leong. Such people have used their platform to be conversation stoppers about REAL human rights and labour abuses when it comes to understanding what has been going on. They stand for silence on such things and in doing so they are repugnant hypocrites, presenting themselves as heroes of social and cultural justice and the ‘culture’ of China.

          I’ll stand with the ethnic Chinese people of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the massive Chinese diaspora in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, San Francisco etc any day. These are the people we need in Australia because they totally get what our values are about. They are free agents and not beholden to any authoritarian state. They also know the value of democracy.

  7. Not only stop immigration but how about we stop FIRB non approved property purchases?
    It’s been a while now since approvals were handed over to the ATO. It’s been a while since we had the big song and dance that netted a Sydney waterfront trophy home illegally purchased. How about we put some pressure back on the bureaucracy to hold it to account for the rules as they stand?
    As the rules are no doubt being flouted, a few big time seizures will help send a signal. Best of all, it can’t be called racist. It’s a political winner with the electorate (but not the “mates”).

    • Lol. Canberra is completely captured by the property lobby and their own personal exposure to it. Why would they voluntarily cut off an important source of demand.

    • Lawyers and Accountants and RealEstate agents are exempted from anti money laundering laws. They just create shell companies for the buyers and then nobody needs to report anything to anybody, just smile and bank it like a gangsta

    • I will dignify that becasue I know that it will be the response of the Fake Left.

      Obviously this argument is not about race. It is about political ideology. Nobody here is saying stop immigration. Indeed we support historic average round 80-100k per annum. We also support multiculturalism.

      This is about protecting the liberal system that underpins both.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        If you aim for 80k to 100k, and “they” want 400k, if, and it’s a big if, Australians are listened to, we’re going to get a fraction less than 400k.

        The message should be ZERO until unemployment falls, housing is affordable, we work out how loading up cities prevents environmental destruction everywhere else, how infrastructure can be provided and who pays, how welfare and Medicare will be funded into the future, how we feed more and more people with declining yields, how many national assets are left to fund all the above, who’s pushing high immigration and why, …..and above all, why 99% of Australians would want any immigration at all.

        Put it to a plebiscite.

        • This. I want my plebiscite. The left used theirs on marriage equality.

          We should have a plebiscite with every election.

    • Unpopular opinion: Why was the “White Australia Policy” bad but the “Brown and Yellow Australia Policy” of the last 30 years considered superior?

        • For sure and im playing devil’s advocate here but i think its a totally valid discussion to have.

          Stewie Griffin was right, they won’t even allow dissenting opinions on any platform no matter how articulate on this topic, and it’s purely designed to get us on board with cheap wage and new debt slaves from the third world. If we could even have a valid debate on the pros and cons of multiculturalism I could get down with that, but the significant cons are considered unmentionable.

          There’s a significant gatekeeping effort from both ABC and News Corp on it. EFZKA protection racket in force.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            It is a time honored technique that has been used by ‘elites’ right back to the days of Babylon:

            But Sennacherib, king of Assyria, had already come, and through his policy of forced population transfer he had scrambled all the nations of the lands, as it is stated in reference to Sennacherib: “And I have removed the bounds of the peoples, and have robbed their treasures” This indicates that the children of Simeon were also exiled

            (Isaiah 10:13).

            It is because our new intellectual elite have never seen themselves as the part of which ever underlying society they reside in, indeed they don’t view society as a society but an economic zone, filled with competing voices. They know how temporary something like a nation or a society is, over something more enduring like culture and people. This is especially true when ‘God’ has told you that you and your people are special and has given you the world and all its animals to rule over, there is not theft or moral wrong when in taking over someone else’s society when it has already been given to you.

            If they lived in a society where everyone’s voice other than their own was similar, then do you think they’d ever be heard? Every time they spoke up they’d be seen as the enemy – far better to preach self hatred, then fill the economic zone with as many different competing voices as possible to create as much confusion and lack of consensus as possible.

            “Word Magic” is the only real magic in the world – it involves using commonly accepted words and their meanings, and claiming the opposite is true. “Diversity makes us Stronger and more United”….. yes, but who is being made stronger and more united? “Debt is an asset”…. what! Debt is an asset impossible…. yet what product makes up most of the worlds currency reserves? As an organism whose reality is essentially a social construct built around words, if you control the meaning and use of the words spoken, almost like magic, people will soon not only lack the ability to describe their situation, but eventually the ability to realise what their situation is.

            There is a reason why the great Christian prophet Martin Luther was vehemently opposed to a certain group’s teachings, and insisted that their places of worship be torn down, the books burnt and their people either forced to convert or expelled from the nation… he realised the white anting effects on a cohesive society that their animosity to other groups and their teachings brought. Yet the majority of all those private institutes today that preach policies and programs that fly in the direct face of the interests of Europeans and their descendants, like the Lowy Institute in Aust, the ADL or the SPLC in the US, and many, many other such institutions all draw water from the well of another cultures well of ideas.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Because apart from achieving a stable society, deep social capital and a welfare system that was the envy of the world our society wasn’t complete because we didn’t have zucchinis at our green grocers and drank tea instead of semi decaffeinated slave harvested burnt bean water accompanied by lightly warmed cow phlegm.

          • Good thing Scomo has learned how to cook curries and post them on social media. For a second I thought it might be necessary to import another 100k people from India to cook it for him, because he would be unable to learn how to.

          • I’m pretty sure all the Zucchini munchers and espresso swillers came in under the White Australia assisted passage schemes of the 50s and 60s although it’s fair to the Italians in particular were not welcomed with open arms.

            What followed from the 1980s on has been a switch to cheap third world labour from Asia, rather than displaced Europeans from the post war period who weren’t culturally or racially all that different from the British or Irish.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Honestly challenge business men or news journalist on this question and nearly always they will provide the simple explanation “We need these immigrants from India or China or the Middle East, so those nations would do business with us. Because if we don’t have Indians or Chinese running our companies or free to run our companies, and or have people who are familiar with all their cultural querks, then they might think we are rac!st and will be distrustful of us, so they won’t buy our wheat or iron ore from us.” Of course the reverse is never true.

            The other common explanation is that we need all these people because the people and culture that discovered penicillin, invented the microchip and put man on the moon, can only achieve further great things when surrounded by people whose highest cultural achievement in 100,000 years was the mud hut and advance throwing sticks.

            The final explanation is that despite living in the freest, least rac!st and most inclusive societies to have ever existed at any time anywhere in the world, can only be made more free, less rac!st and more inclusive, by importing people from the least free, most rac!st and least inclusive societies and cultures in the world.

            Word magic at play again.

          • Stewie; this group you speak of…….
            Are they practiced in the art of simultaneously being over-represented in positions of influence; academia, finance, business, mainstream media and politics (particularly in the United States) yet will cry persecution at the merest hint of critique?
            I believe some in the US have openly referred to them as Cultural Termites.

      • The ‘Brown and Yellow Australian policy’ is based on two pillars : selling residency to the Chinese via education, and importing ‘coolies’ workers from the sub-continent. Get rid of the pathway to citizenship for overseas students and temporary work visas, and the Asians will no longer dominate the immigration numbers. It is really as simple as that. That however will mean we need to cap university places, and business need to pay higher wages to workers.

      • The Brown and Yellow component is in part an insurance policy for Big Australia – to challenge a Big Australia would be racist.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Come now, we can already see the official pivot to India has begun. There’s still going to be just as much third world migration regardless of the source.

  8. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Has Jordies questioned what we’ll build growing cities with, if we do what he wants and ban new gravel quarries to save koalas?

    • These ideologues don’t ask themselves the tough questions. It’s assumed it’ll all be built with fairy farts.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        I used to put such things to smithy. He’d reply “you don’t understand”.

        The Greens (and now Labor) are a national embarrassment. Actually they’re far more dangerous than that.

        • I used to put such things to smithy. He’d reply “you don’t understand”.


          Pretty sure what I would have actually said (eventually, not like I don’t try) was that it’s impossible to meaningfully engage with someone constantly peddling an incoherent smorgasboard of fallacies.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            What you actually told me was it makes no difference if people are in Australia or overseas. They still exist.

            A concept now known by MOST, to be astoundingly stupid.

            You also used to conflate Australia’s population growth with global population growth and suggest its impossible to control.

            You are a liar.

    • Actually, not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to save koalas.

      To prioritise endless quarries over our animals is rather how shall I say, psychotic.

      • We can save koalas and a lot of other flora and fauna by abandoning the population ponzi and actually producing goods of real value on the international stage. But it’s way too hard for our elected reps. They only care about pumping up their property wealth.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        You can choose one or the other. Population growth or koalas (as well as 1000s of other species).

        If we’re going to 50m, we may as well take the easy cheap gravel now. Let the koalas die. They’re doomed anyway.

        Any pro immigration environmentalist (lol) is a liar.

        This rare honest realist environmentalist (me) has been warning what would happen to Australias flora for twenty years. I may as well have been eating koalas.

        They’re all going. The whole lot.

        The saddest most dishonest shift in Australia’s history is any environmental group agreeing to mass immigration.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        I watched that jordies. He asked a Labor mp something like “why does the LNP even need the nationals?”.

        The guy’s a naive kid. I like him, and hope he turns on Labor, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  9. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “and insist on local ownership of Chinese media”

    Maybe we could extend that to all media here and Fk news Corp out of the country and while we are at it Throw in all the resource extraction companies as well!
    Reckon that’d earn well over 10 million votes!

    • Agreed. State control of the media is the ultimate goal. Then we can finally be exposed to the truth, and only the truth!

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I wasn’t alluding to that dom.
        I’m simply advocating for Citizen only ownership and control of a public opinion influencing media companies operating in Australia (crucial for a proper functioning democracy) with strict anti trust/anti Monopoly laws.
        Same goes for strategic industries.
        It’s the only way to place our Nations productive potential and wealth under DEMOCRATIC control.

        What are you Advocating for Mate?
        More Plutocracy?

        • You should know I’m the most vocal anti-Plutocrat on these boards, Ermo.

          I just advocate for ‘freedom of speech’ — the real version, not the fake ‘freedom of speech with caveats’ variety that seems to be fairly popular these days. (The caveats being: I’m okay with freedom of speech as long as it adheres to my own personal views)

          • You haven’t got a problem with plutocracy (literally, you have stated multiple times you believe ‘money spent in markets = democracy’), so long as it’s not at the point of a gun and the raging boner of exploitation and big hairy balls of oppression are covered by a nice little black censor box with “Choice” written on it for prime time viewing.

            The “free speech” spiel is similarly disingenuous bullsh!t. Barely a month or two ago you gave the same absolutist “free speech” line then walked it back shortly afterwards to your version of “free speech with caveats” when someone highlighted a few examples of how speech can be harmful or dangerous.

          • Smithy, I’ve always implored you to try and understand the subject before opining but you’ve clearly rejected any such suggestion. Free markets are indeed democratic, for the simple fact that they represent the needs/wants of all players involved in the relevant market. The problem is that governments spend a lot of time trying to manipulate markets to bend them to their will – which makes markets ‘non-free’. Free markets are little more than a vote on a particular service (or product) by the people that care about that service or product.

            Your socialist / authoritarian stance stands at odds with the very concept of free markets and the population making their own decisions — and that infuriates you. Take a chill pill and fight the fights that are deserving of your (or anyone else’s) energy.

          • Markets are not democratic, because some people have (lots) more “votes” than others.

            Government by your idea of democracy would be plutocracy.

          • “Markets are not democratic, because some people have (lots) more “votes” than others.”

            A statement that is hard proof you have no understanding of the subject at hand. Or you grievously misunderstand it.

    • Murdoch sucks but there isn’t much on offer across MSM land at all in my view. DomainNinefax spruiking, captured ABC and anti-Australian SBS can fk off with Rupert as well.

    • We did, it’s called a Free Trade Agreement…oops, the symmetrical bit must have been overlooked by DFAT.
      That was an interesting article you linked above..bangin’ quote here…
      “Let us conjecture that the formation of moral values in society doesn’t come from the evolution of the consensus. No, it is the most intolerant person who imposes virtue on others precisely because of that intolerance. The same can apply to civil rights.”

      About sums up the Ch1na v Straya sitch.

    • Sympathetic to this but they cannot be trusted. Just tear up the free trade agreement and ban foreign purchasing of domestic property.

  10. it’s fun to see the China troll factories reaching back to soviet era heros https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulrike_Meinhof
    And more strength to that strategy as it worked so well then. China trolls in their sad little places trudging home after a day of online war must be so depressing…. so dark and lonely. Many will never even find a partner or any semblence of happiness. Ask an old soviet on how this ends for you.

  11. Democracies with immigration are far too easy to conquer. They don’t even have to go to war with us.