ScoMo the Impaler flies pets home as Aussies wait

Yep, he’s missing the empathy gene. At the ABC:

An Australian family stranded in London have expressed frustration their pet dog and cat have already arrived in Sydney while they are still stuck overseas.

The Fotheringhams have been in the UK for the past two and a half years and were in the process of moving back to Australia.

The family of four have had flights cancelled five times, but their pets were able to travel separately as cargo and arrived in Australia last month.

“It would be hilarious if it wasn’t tragic,” Craig Fotheringham told 7.30.

‘Tickets to nowhere’

Frankie, a miniature dachshund, and Stella, a ragdoll cat, made it to Sydney airport safely and are now being cared for by relatives.

But the Fotheringhams’ case highlights the predicament facing 26,000 Australians the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) estimates still want to come home.

Many have faced round after round of flight cancellations.

“Tickets to nowhere. It’s thousands and thousands of dollars,” Mr Fotheringham said.

Australians stranded overseas face two big problems: National Cabinet’s strict limits on international arrivals into Australia in line with hotel quarantine capacity, and the commercial realities faced by airlines which are struggling to remain viable in a global pandemic.

Travellers have told 7.30 they’ve been regularly bumped from economy in favour of business class passengers.

“These airlines are losing millions and millions of dollars, it’s about containing those losses,” said aviation analyst Geoffrey Thomas.

“They’re simply not going to fly a 365-passenger plane to Australia with 20 economy class passengers paying $1,000 each. Not a chance.”

Stars, billionaires taking citizens’ airline seats

Caps on international arrivals have created a bottleneck into Australia, with those who can’t pay big sums of money priced out.

The recent decisions to allow actor Tom Hanks and British billionaire Lord Alan Sugar in for film and TV productions has angered some.

“Celebrities, movie stars, lords and ladies are coming into Australia,” said Adrian Lister, an Australian stranded in Kazan, Russia.

The former Navy lieutenant commander told 7.30 the Federal Government should be doing more to repatriate Australians by opening up more quarantine facilities.

“People are taking up seats on flights that could otherwise be taken up by citizens who actually have distressing emotional situations,” he said.

The National Cabinet has agreed to gradually increase the international intake so that by mid-October, about 5,500 international passengers a week will be allowed in.

That is an increase of about 1,600 arrivals a week.

The National Cabinet also agreed that special commercial services may operate through Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart subject to quarantine capacity.

But Mr Thomas doubts it will be enough.

“Lifting the caps a little helps, but they have to lift them a lot more to make these flights viable,” he said.

So far the Government has resisted calls from the Federal Opposition to organise charter flights as it has done in the past.

‘Family comes first’

For Australian resident Saskia Kleijn, it’s been a tough seven months in the Netherlands, after her mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She left Australia for the city of Utrecht in February, well before the travel ban came into effect.

“Family comes first,” she told 7.30.

“When I got here, she was close to death, that’s how sick she was.

With her mum now on the mend, Ms Kleijn has been trying to travel back to her husband and two boys in Brisbane without success.

“These kids need their mum,” she said.

Ms Kleijn hoped the Federal Government would do more to help stranded Australians return home before Christmas.

“Families are supposed to be together at that time of year,” she said.

“It’s important to be back together and for my own wellbeing too, for everyone involved, we just need to be together.”

As far as I’m concerned, ScoMo the Impaler’s primary job description is to protect Australians wherever they are.

If not that, then what’s the good of him?

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  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    To be fair, this treatment of Australian citizens as less than internationals (whether ‘students’, movie actors or lords) is consistent with the treatment of Australians in the country itself. Legacy citizens are so passe.

  2. at this point I am totally for the military to step in and take over, jail these pr1cks, charge them with treason organise new elections in six months.

  3. “Tickets to Nowhere”, and Scummo’s energy plan is a “Road to Nowhere”. I sense a theme developing …

    • They need to pi$$ off all talk of road map as all clearly incompetent drivers.. with any luck an old bundy bottle will beach on shore at Altona or Brighton with a treasure map. X marks the spot …would be equally as promising and the electorate love a fantasy…just look at their embrace of all things covid restrictions & rights infringements …ships ahoy

  4. I think we should open up Trump and Sweden style we aren’t willing to let citizens back into their country.

  5. An Australian family stranded in London have expressed frustration their pet dog and cat have already arrived in Sydney while they are still stuck overseas.

    When asked about how the flight was, the dog replied “ruff”, and the cat gave a little mew of distaste.

  6. To be fair, the Federal gubmint has copped a bit of flack over this. Even the usually supine media has woken up and doing what they’re meant to be doing.

    • the media is worried that these are about 30k votes that will not go to the scum. otherwise msm wouldn’t worry at all.

  7. There was ample and timely advice provided to these snowflakes earlier in the year about returning home. They rolled the dice and lost. Plenty here wanting to blame everything on the Government. Time people assumed responsibility for their own actions.

    • That’s right.
      Blame the govt for everything.
      MB siding with the pathetic ABC. YAWN.

      You predicted 100 000 deaths in Australia. How is that looking?
      I think we are going ok.

      Airlines are running a business. They have no moral duty what so ever.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Possibly they noticed Tom ‘covid19’ Hanks get it, leave the country and come back? Maybe they couldn’t help but notice all the talk about letting thousands of international ‘students’ back in? Mining billionaires and D-list celebs free to jet in and out and quarantine in their luxury villas and so forth? Naively they probably thought as citizens of this country paying their own airfare and with a demonstrated commitment to this country (family, jobs, homes) they would be allowed to return.

  8. Yeah well maybe if those making it on the limited seats were real Australians instead of foreigners with Australia residency.

  9. Arthur Schopenhauer

    How the Morrison Government behaves towards stranded Australians, telegraphs how they will behave toward the rest of us, in other contexts.

    If you’re not a Mate, you don’t rate.

  10. Charter the flights, use the old immigration detention centres for quarantine and get it done.
    This is all about using propping up the hotel mates.

    • It really should not be beyond the capability of the federal government to get it done. But actually doing stuff invites criticism and it’s much easier to pretend your running ‘national cabinet’ and attempt to own all the good news and sling muck at others when there’s bad news. What an unbelievably corrupted and inept bunch of unmentionable scum.

  11. I don’t understand how they keep reporting each week for at least a month now that an estimated 26,000 aussies want to return home and that number has never gone down even though 5000 are allowed in a week?

    • Yes agreed. I feel absolutely far call for these mostly dual national tards who complain. I mean who takes pets abroad and like that fit blonde who flew to Africa to get get a dose of BBC while Covid was taking off, and left her kid in Australia.

      Sympathy none.

    • Have wondered same thing for a while. It’s been 4 months like that. Either hardly any of the 4000 arrivals are taken from the list or the list is BS.