Of course we should boycott Beijing winter Olympics

What a great idea. Via Domain:

The founder of a global coalition of MPs is pushing for the International Olympic Committee to reconsider Beijing’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Games as politicians around the world voice increasing concerns over China’s human rights record.

The move paves the way for a worldwide alliance between human rights groups and conservative and progressive politicians to force a boycott of the Games. The development also could further threaten the finances of the IOC as it battles to keep the coronavirus-stricken Tokyo Olympics on track for 2021.

British MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith, co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China and former leader of the Conservative Party in Britain, said: “I have asked that the IOC thinks again about hosting in China.”

The global parliamentary alliance numbers Australian politicians Tim Wilson, Kimberley Kitching, Andrew Hastie, Eric Abetz, Kevin Andrews, James Paterson, Amanda Stoker and Raff Ciccone among its 160 members across Canada, the US, the UK, Japan, New Zealand and Europe.

Love it. We should avail ourselves of every opportunity to push forward global decoupling from the CCP-Nazis.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. If you have had any dealings with a Narcisstic relationship you will know the most dangerous time is when you cut the narcissist off. But its the only way to deal with them, nothing else works.

    We risk escalation into a world wide conflict but if we dont act we will soon be there anyway….

      • I am onboard with this but what are we going to do about Julian Assange? Our own democracies are becoming repressive.

        • NOT A GOOD IDEA. Yep what hypocrites we are rescuing 2 journos from China but not Assange from the UK? Approving Japan to hold the 2021 Olympics when Japanese immigrants cannot become citizens of Japan! Ah yes, British MP’s reliance on the equivalent of Cambridge Analytica gets the political jobs done. No thought of the athletes preparation that’s a mammoth job getting picked to represent your country. SPORT & POLITICS NEED TO BE SEPARATED. Australia should attend the Winter Olympics.

        • I am onboard with this but what are we going to do about Julian Assange? Our own democracies are becoming repressive.

          Why the self-flagellation ? Why do you hate western civilisation ?

          • It is just embarrassing to be taking the moral high ground while our governments are persecuting our own. Try calling Marise Payne’s office and see if you can get any help for Julian or any acknowledgement that we should be doing something to help him. If we can help the repressed in China then great, next job stop the crimes against humanity here and in our western democracies.

      • Do you have any evidence for anything? Or is it all based off the rumblings musings of social media, google satellite searches and unfounded accusations.

        Really – do you have anything at all?

        The actual “jails” were visited not once – but multiple times by the BBC and other journalists and absolutely nothing was found – nothing. Outside of that we have been shown footage of prisoners sitting on the ground – oooooh. And, well – nothing.

        Hair was accused of being dead prisoners – turns out it was synthetic hair pieces.

        Literally – absolutely nothing.

        And if you do supply something lets not make it from Faulun Gungs representatives in the UK, Australia and US, nor from the “Epoch Times”, Radio Free Asia or any other CIA front group.

        I’ll wait here to be banned, insulted, or ignored.


    • There is no doubt it would be extremely annoying. Somewhere along the lines of “it’s time to invade Taiwan” annoying. Even suggesting it would be highly annoying.

    • “The global parliamentary alliance numbers Australian politicians …Eric Abetz, Kevin Andrews, James Paterson…”

      You mean a man with a Nazi great uncle (Heinrich Otto Abetz), a fundamentalist God-bothering hypocrite and Australia’s own ‘Richie Rich’ comic book look-a-like are out to boycott their ideological competition?

      Sounds desperate to me and a waste of talent.

      It would have been better if this triad went on the stand-up circuit as Australia’s own 3 Stooges; “Eric, Kev and Jimbo” and poked each other in the eyes and bent pipes around each other’s necks:

      Ooo, ooo, ooo
      Yuk, yuk, yuk!
      A wise guy hey?
      Order, order in the house!

  2. The Australians who spent years training for the event should not be forced to stay in home for a pointless political gesture as vague as ‘human right record’.

    Instead, the Australian government should make a stand on the treatment of Australians in China : if the Chinese government cannot guarantee Australians will not be arbitrarily detained ‘ for questioning’ without being charged, then we have to boycott the Winter Olympics to safeguard our athletes.

    • Australians in Australia can be arbitrarily detained without charge, without lawyer and without the need to be presented to a judge for 40 days. Publicizing the information that the person has been charged or is in custody is in and of itself an offense with a custodial term. That person can then be “re-detained” without lawyer or judge.

      These are the terms of Australias new security laws – before you go pointing the finger at foreign nations – perhaps have a look in your own garden.

      We currently have a person from Sri Lanka who has been detained for 11 years and an Australian national detained without charge in the UK, without lawyers, nor representation.

      • 👍👍 And a secret trial underway in Canberra of an Australian public servant who may have highlighted that JWH and Lord Downer screwed (by Oz spying) a nearby developing country to advantage an Oz energy company.

    • He dared to tell the truth and call out Xi Jinping as ‘The emperor with no clothes’ in an article earlier this year, and he is now paying the price for it.

  3. LOL, good trolling this article…

    a global coalition
    politicians around the world
    human rights record.
    worldwide alliance
    The global parliamentary alliance

    and the mother of all arguments: Nazis.

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