Man, the internet is funny

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      • Then you travel deeper into the rabbit hole oops funnel web…ooops inter web ooops whatever & see the crazy folk that reckon all these ‘events’ were planned psi operations to wreak havoc & misery in lives of everyday folk whilst administrators made out like bandits…T avi stock….Mk….etc endless list…apparently je sus is not real but a drag two sexed made up hero of story hence the robes, soft features, caring eyes & girly hair….every world leader you’ve ever heard of on main stream media an act whore puppet…not even Je sus escapes ridicule of tin hat wearing folk..Yes the inter web is funny…hours of entertainment

  1. Classic. In their wildest dreams both these monsters never could have imagined the legacy of ridicule they would leave for history.
    Someone needs to do this for Mr Pooh of the china.

  2. It’s odd because the video humanizes them actually. Makes them seem less like Monsters. Which they look like in archival footage. But here they seem softer, like they may actually have a sense of humour.

    I guess technology could make the Democrats palatable. Haha.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Stalin still looks like a prick in that clip But That other bloke looks like someone Who would be fun to punch a few cones with

  3. Today is the anniversary of Britain and France declaring war on germany in 1939.

    These two divided Poland between themselves… funny but kinda not.

  4. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    I loved it, but I didn’t get the joke beyond making fun of two evil dudes.
    Amazing technology in the facial expressions.