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  1. The long reach of XXXX odour
    Just around the corner from the XXXX brewery is the Ambrose apartment site in Milton, Brisbane
    Remember I told you about giraffes posing as hippos, or vice versa.
    Looks like Melb mob the Deague family weren’t able to suss the difference, they say they were given untrue information that enticed them into making an investment in the project. (obviously a failed project, or there wouldn’t be any fuss)
    You are going to hear plenty more of instances like this as the collapse rolls on.
    You need to know who is who is the zoo.
    The Age has more info.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Our politicians are lazy and anti-intellectual. They, like most of the established Oz businesses, think the best ideas come from somewhere else, not hard work.

    • Isn’t this the way that real wealth has been created for the last 1000 years?
      The best work with the best and achieve the unimaginable while the rest F’up the simplest tasks.
      All that has changed is that this phenomenon has been globalized. Think about it for a minute, Why would anyone with any real skills hang around here and play the Real estate game?

  2. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Peter Doherty interviewed by the Jolly Swagman.

    Worth a listen. A very interesting take on Australian culture in the last third of the podcast. (Does he post here, in the comments?)

      • Yes Al Gore did a disservice by not talking about timescales enough. Every loon then latched onto this and used it as evidence that the science is completely wrong.

    • The round table between Trump and the fire chiefs was telling. The dumb and defiant look on this face suggests that he knows he will be on the wrong side of history, much like he was on SARS-CoV-2. It is what his masters and right-wing supporters demand.

      • “”I don’t think science knows, actually …”

        What a fcuking shameful statement from the most powerful man on Earth, when every scientific body on the planet unanimously agrees on the cause of global warming. 🤬

        • Calmdown, he is a manbaby after all. He has trouble concentrating long enough to throw his dummy out of the cot.
          He is the useful idiot for the USA Reactionary Right to divert attention from their looting. Scotty and BoJo fill the same roles. 🙁


    Immigration has nothing to do with making housing more expensive. Isn’t that what Mrs Jabba the Hut, sorry that’s Dr Jabba to you, kept telling us??…

    Until everything is going to sh!t so rapidly that it is time to drop that BS and put out a press release predicting imminent RE economic armageddon due to acute vybrancy deficiency.

    Fortunately the DomainFax Politburu censors seem to have trashed themselves even more than I did over the weekend and are dialling it in, letting through all manner of non woke comments!

    We just need to ‘plan better’ to somehow offload those poorly built flammable dogboxes that were way overpriced pre COVID.

    My bid would be about 10% of asking price …

    Never been a better time to be a looser™ renter, but gees this hangover is the worst …


    … Consider what Air New Zealand’s Chief Executive Greg Foran has to say today … and the readers’ poll within the article …

    … Why wasn’t the obviously unworkable ‘elimination’ strategy seriously questioned from the outset ? …

    Coronavirus: Air New Zealand CEO questions NZ’s Covid-19 strategy; is he right? … Brook Sabin OPINION … Stuff New Zealand

    … Access to a number of useful covid 19 background articles within the new ‘2020’ section of the archival website Performance Urban Planning .

    • Adern would have panicked cos the engine control levers may have been in any ahead position
      whereas, she prefers full astern, Adern
      Maybe if you put a full size mirror on the bridge of the bee hive, facing backward???
      (but then you would have to reverse the rudder controls, may be a bit difficult with the property lobby on the helm)

  5. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Death of an interesting analyst of US and world affairs.

    “Let’s stop and think. No American president has ever been accused, essentially, of treason. This is what we’re talking about here, or that his associates have committed treason… imagine if Kennedy had been accused of being a secret Soviet Kremlin agent. He’d have been crippled. And the only way he could have proved he wasn’t was to have launched a war against the Soviet Union. And at that time, the option was nuclear war.””

  6. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Democrat Tulsi Gabbard says voter fraud ‘serious threat,’ seeks to outlaw ballot harvesting

    Most Democrats have been dismissing President Trump’s warnings about voter fraud. But not Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), the former presidential candidate with a penchant for challenging her party’s positions.

    Gabbard is sponsoring a new House bill called the Election Fraud Prevention Act that seeks to outlaw the practice of ballot harvesting, a growing practices especially among Democrats in which third parties distribute and collect ballots in an effort to grow the vote.

    The functioning of the US democracy was served a huge injustice with the media conspiring with the DNC to freeze Tulsi out.

    • Haywood JablomyMEMBER

      Agree 100%. Seems like a real opportunity lost. Disappointing that so few of the puppet masters care for genuine democracy or representation. At least not while it doesn’t perfectly align with their own self interests.