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    • Things are definitely a bit dull in Australia right now. What we need is some excitement, and bringing home a bunch of self-declared religious radicals who voluntarily went to join a murderous foreign decapitation cult will be just the ticket. What could possibly go wrong?

      • I’d rather they bring back the Yazi who have never stepped foot in Australia than a bunch of treacherous Muslim fanatics and their spawn who have an Australian connection.

      • Please Let them parade Melbourne empty streets with front line workers as we celebrate their return & FLW hero’s victory over covid whilst producing half witted tik tok dance vids to compete
        With their international counterparts in Italy USA & Middle East:) YAY medicos

    • ‘mericans vote for the Big D simply because he’s not a democrat pushing a liberal agenda.

      And Thats is __all__ you needs to know.

      • I think so. Like I said, everything is politics.

        If the fat idiot had actually done something instead of crying about being tough I’d get it but this is all just too stupid now. Shrub wasn’t exactly pro science, where was SciAm?

        • But you have to remember Bush Jr & Co crossed the unspoken line and weaponized the flyover congregations, so there is that. I also think the last big court case pushed by the evangs, judge was a full card carrying member, did not go as planned and the judge said the science was too compelling even though it messed with his faith.

          You have to remember that over time a large group of disaffected believers have moved to the U.S. and set up shop, which then in turn increases the potential for more – out there – groups. Remember when Howard had the Brethren in his office[????], Raygun had to deal with Pat Robinson as a gate keeper established by the hard core back at antiquarian HQ, tis funnie that Goldwater would not affiliate with any of these sorts.

          Back to the former and consider the stocking of the judicial pond and then Trumps antics in Florida, its just so reminiscent of former pagan kings or the Tudors ….

      • If you get tired of MSM head over to u toob.. you’ll find many vocal trump supporters believe he orchestrated covid or its a convenient cover for child slave rescue mission (thousands apparently … in Melbourne as well hence curfew) Child slaves held for their blud which is on sold to thirsty market of ‘eleets & celebs keen on youthful properties. Vatican & Hollywood saturnists rounded up for military trial & execution hence cancelled Ellen & Oprah and mo ma$$. Can wait to see the mini series made for Netflix …sequel to stranger things. Cannot make this shyte up:)) check it out when you tire of your abc 9 & 7 & 10

      • @ Revert nothing like the feel elderly mans hands 77 caressing tween & teenage skin….oh so soft like a fresh plucked chicken… parents don’t seem to mind so why should anyone else…never mind how uncomfortable every child in the vid appears to be. They’re underage and should be seen & fondled not heard. Good for Biden she’s not in Oz or would have to face indignity of Royal
        Commission…zero findings as Biden’s behaviour sanctioned by everyone that says nothing:)))

        • Donny Rotten is in big electoral trouble if this is the best his supporters can do. So I guess this is good news.

          More “pedo” and “dementia” stuff please. I love it. Smells of real desperation.

  1. For a more nuanced and less rosy view than the Guardian’s take on BP’s energy report that ‘Global oil demand may have passed peak’, see

    “The oil industry is on the cusp of a process of almost total decimation that will begin over the next 30 years, and continue through to the next century,”

    “Villamizar, Willoughby, and Mayor point out that “this future lower level of oil supply is still much higher than what the Paris Agreement on climate mitigation expects to be produced to maintain the world’s average temperature above no higher than 2 degree Celsius from the level registered during the Industrial Revolution.”

    “So it would be a huge mistake to sit back and wait casually for the oil industry to slowly die out. That approach would put us on a path to breach the scientifically recognized 2C safe limit. Beyond that level, scientists warn that we will experience an increasingly deadly and unpredictable climate….and that we may already be on the brink of triggering a runaway warming process that could culminate in an uninhabitable planet.”

    This predicament puts the task of rapidly decarbonizing our economy at the forefront of global priorities. That will, according to Villamizar and his co-authors, require huge investments in “areas like electrification, affordable long-term energy storage, and regenerative agriculture.”

    They argue it also means a change in investor mindsets, and thus a shift to a slower but perhaps more stable economy—instead of expecting quick bucks for the next quarter, investors should recognize the need to wait 10-15 years for returns.

  2. You guys don’t get T – it fully expects to be under the overbearing thumb of you censorship loving lefties and any opportunities to poke your eye is a good one.

    He’ll be hating life again when this fat idiot makes people like T the actual pariah and will be hunted down – live by the sword etc.

    • Says those that banned Marx and others, then labeled anyone not a fundie “Free Market [tm]” socialist commie scumbags – ?????? – Keynes too – ????

      You jest ….

      Some how this hyper persecution complex is strangely failure … as well its application in reality.

    • You guys don’t get T – it fully expects to be under the overbearing thumb of you censorship loving lefties and any opportunities to poke your eye is a good one.

      So standard-issue Conservative Persecution Syndrome then ? Nup, never seen that before…

    • I can’t believe you called me an it!

      Goddamn even being a mysogynist is not enough to get you referred to as a bloke.

      What does a misanthrope have to do to be taken seriously these days? Goddamn clown world.