Labor greybeard: We must kow tow to “appalling” China

Craig Emerson massively over-egging impacts of deteriorating relations with China by telling us that iron ore is at risk. Sure, by 2030.

Of course, there’ll be an adjustment as other exports fall way but we’ll be fine as the AUD craters and boosts exports to other nations. Commodities are fungible.

The only thing “stupid” here is Labor’s inability to grasp that there is no economic engagement with China without the CCP corruption, violations of sovereignty and repudiation of ANZUS.

That’s China’s choice not ours and we’ll have to live with it.

Decoupling is here. Get over it.

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  1. Mark McGowan over in the Chinese Special Resource Stripping Zone formerly known as Western Australia is pleading for the Commonwealth to “reset” relations with Beijing:

    ‘Reset’ being code for ‘just submit to whatever China wants’.


    “I just say to everyone in the Commonwealth government, it needs to be a number one priority to get back onto a proper footing with our biggest trading partner, frankly what’s going to be the biggest economy in the world with a decade or so, because it’s in our interests as a state that has a massive trade surplus to be in that position…

    “We shouldn’t damage that lightly and if there are diplomatic issues, and I understand there are, they should be dealt with diplomatically.”

    Ok, so nobody is ever going to mistake McGowan for Kissinger
    but can he really be this naive?

    • He may be no Kissinger, but I sense we’ll see a few Neville Chamberlains before this is done.

    • Reminds me of Nev Chamberlain before ww2 with that piece of paper saying “we will be ok if we just appease old mate with the funny moustache “
      Yeah worked wonders for England and the rest of the world didn’t it.

  2. Labor are doomed electorally. Nobody pays any attention to what they say any more, and I say that as a one-time rusted on Labor voter from a family of ex rusted on Labor voters. They will become an irrelevant and pointless rump party like the Democrats were, and eventually disappear up their own fundamental orifices, like the the Democrats did.

    When this happens, it will be a great thing for the country.

    • I could be wrong, but the current Labor bunch seem quite content to sit on the Opposition benches.

      Get paid nearly as much, all care and no reponsibility.

      • Where would you rather sit? On the Government side and be blamed for the mess or the opposition side and get paid to watch it unfold.

        We need a New party…. With some integrity and some testiculars….

      • It is Most Kind of Pastor Morrison to let Labor sit on the other side of His Parliament. There was that momentary lapse into common sense from the novice, Sister Kristina, but the Pastor and his Assistant, Anthony, have sorted that out.

  3. This generation of Labor politicians really needs to go. If they’re only able to win 6 years of government (and pretty torrid at that) over the course of 25 years, that tells you everything you need to know about them. Time for some fresh blood.

    • To be replaced with a generation of woke identitarians obsessed with race, gender and sexuality issues?

      I think Labor itself needs to be replaced with a party actually comprised of ordinary working-class people.

    • But think about how important those six years were ! They have basically absolved the Coalition of responsibility for any Bad Things that happen to Australia !

      • Lol. I never thought of it that way. It’s true, despite the massive incompetence of the so-called conservatives, you’re mob has been able to do nothing.

        Pretty funny actually.

    • If Labor adopted the Mette Frederiksen approach they’d win in a landslide. Unfortunately, immigration is one of Labor’s sacred cows and anyone in the party advocating that line doesn’t get far.

  4. The age of study tour junkets to China for our politicians is over. How sad.

    But when the ALP’s Old Mother Hubbard when to the paradigm cupboard they found it was bare, other than a moth-eaten Service Economy and brochure for the Rivers of Chinese Gold speeches. Such a lazy political ideology has been central to all Australia’s problems; asset bubbles, lack of innovation, flogging off amenity, abandonment of industry, mass immigration and puss-filled political-industry-slavery corruption.

    It was the ALP’s “roll over to the CCP and wag your tail” ideology that got us into this mess. The very least that this pack of yesterday’s heroes can do is to accept that they need to re-new their party and kick out the old fake wood cladding and find some brains, talent, vision, risk taking and frigging balls! Because there is absolutely none on the the other side of politics.

    The ALP shadow cabinet is presently full of the unelectable in full pursuit of the unattainable – Bill Shortens on life support; a colostomy bag for ideas with a three legged Laminex table. Zombies from another time and place when neoliberalism was as cool as ‘apartment furnisher’ and Christopher Skase.

  5. Meanwhile, 9 years ago …

    Australia is not nervous about the rising power of China, Trade Minister Craig Emerson says ahead of sweeping review of the nation’s relationship with Asia.

    The threats and opportunities posed by the rapid rise of China and India will be at the forefront of a major review, to be conducted by former Treasury head Ken Henry and released in mid-2012, of Australia’s place in the so-called Asian century.

    Dr Emerson argues Australia is well positioned to benefit from the Asian century because of good management and visionary leadership.

    He rejected suggestions there was an edge of nervousness about China’s rising power.

    “I don’t accept that (there’s nervousness),” he told ABC Radio on Thursday.

    “With the rise of economic power comes broader responsibility.

    “We’re indicating to China we want to deepen the relationship.”

    Dr Emerson said China was keen to diversify its relationship with Australia beyond mining resources and into the service economy.

    But he’s not worried about increasing foreign ownership of Australian resources.

    The foreign review board screening process was “reasonable” and provided a good balance, the minister said.

    • 100%. Bullseye.

      Will people like Craig not wake up to the fact that the people now dip into the permanent online record? No longer is the olde bag ‘o media tricks and spin going to work. To survive the ALP needs to re- learn conviction, long-form integrity and politics at the base. The chickens have come home to roost. What chickens? says Craig. Ducks are they not? Maybe dogs, should my media advisor suggest so.

      Have a frigging honest conversation with the Australian people you asinine fools! Clean out the fake wood cladding and re-set. This isn’t going to work.

      • Craig Emerson is part of our China problem, Daniel Andrews, Bob Carr, Paul Keating, Dastyari, the list goes on and on, of labor party politicians who have sold out to the CCP. Some liberals are in it up to the necks as well.

  6. Instead of ‘kow tow’, Australia should spearhead a move to get Taiwan a seat at the UN. That will get China’s attention.

    • Do we have a formal embassy with them? If not, now’s about a good time. Invite their ministry around for a chat and some trade talks.

  7. Boom – how’s this with Prudhomme testing positive !

    Are you listening to The Move? I do love Johann’s insights. Ps I got a PowerDot – they are magical

  8. Taipei is so much nicer city to visit than Beijing. I’m sure if we recognised the Republic of China as the rightful leadership, and lost the embassy in that hell hole on the border of Mongolia and replaced it with Taipei, people posted there’d be much happier. Really like Taipei.