CEDA demands $10b welfare payments to temporary migrants

Business lobby, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), has long been a shill for the ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy, frequently releasing illogical and contradictory ‘research’ supporting the cause.

Today, CEDA has released a paper demanding that Australian taxpayers provide JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments to temporary visa holders in order to make Australian a more attractive destination for migrants and international students:

When the pandemic hit, like many countries Australia rapidly put in place additional income and wage support for unemployed and furloughed workers. Australia did not extend these benefits to those who weren’t either citizens or permanent residents. This left many temporary migrants in the lurch – unable to return home and unable to receive income support in Australia…

Support from state governments has been piecemeal and councils like the City of Melbourne have created meal programs and vouchers for students. These programs have been so heavily subscribed they have been temporarily shut down. The state governments have offered some financial relief for students, to be administered by the universities, but the funds for some universities were exhausted in weeks.

States should top-up the relief packages that were made available to students earlier in the year, particularly in Victoria where the impact of a second lockdown is negatively affecting international students. Many of them worked in casual employment and in jobs that have been disproportionately affected by the downturn. The decision of the government to rule temporary migrants (including international students) ineligible for support further disadvantaged this group.

The government has offered minimal financial support pathways to temporary migrants. The ineligibility of temporary migrants for JobKeeper results in an incentive for employers to keep workers who are Australian citizens and permanent residents over temporary migrants. The government has chosen so far not to extend JobKeeper to temporary migrants, even after updated forecasts suggested the program would cost less than first thought due to shorter than expected lockdowns and associated contractions in economic activity…

JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments should be extended to temporary migrants… In absence of an extension to JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments, states should top up their relief packages for international students, particularly in Victoria where students are experiencing the impact of a second lockdown…

International education is Australia’s largest service export, contributing $37.6 billion to the Australian economy last year and supporting 240,000 jobs. This sector cannot be left to wither on the vine.

The claim that “international education is Australia’s largest service export, contributing $37.6 billion to the Australian economy last year and supporting 240,000 jobs” is certainly fake given most international students rely on employment to pay their bills and have been left destitute by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Money earned in Australia by international students is not an export, yet it is wrongly treated as such. Seriously, what other ‘export’ requires welfare payments from taxpayers?

Moreover, CEDA explicitly notes in its report that “61 per cent of international student visa holders were employed”. Given there are 555,000 student visas currently on issue, this means that the number of jobs ‘taken’ by international students (338,550) far outweighs the 240,000 jobs that they supposedly support.

Either way, the so-called economic benefits of international education to the Australian economy are wildly overestimated.

According to the Grattan Institute, extending JobKeeper to temporary migrants would cost Australian taxpayers a whopping $10 billion over six months. Adding JobSeeker and other support programs into the mix would obviously cost Australian taxpayers billions more.

In addition to costing a fortune, extending welfare to temporary migrants would incentivise them to stay in Australia to compete against locals for increasingly scarce jobs.

CEDA makes this point explicitly:

“The ineligibility of temporary migrants for JobKeeper results in an incentive for employers to keep workers who are Australian citizens and permanent residents over temporary migrants”.

This completely contradicts the initial purpose of Australia’s temporary migration program, which was developed to help plug “skills shortages” across the economy.

Temporary visas were also marketed as giving the economy flexibility: the migrant intake could quickly expand when skills were needed but then in times of strife those on temporary visas could return to their home countries.

Temporary visas were supposed to act as a shock absorber for the Australian economy.

Now that the Australian economy is facing its biggest decline since the Great depression, and labour underutilisation has surged, it is time for this “flexibility” to be allowed to take effect and a large chunk of the 2 million-plus temporary migrants in Australia to return home.

Keeping so many temporary visa holders in Australia would only worsen the unemployment queues and further depress wages, smashing Australia’s working class.

The migrant workforce should never have been allowed to grow so large in the first place. It must be allowed to fall away with the economic cycle.

If the Australian Government can work with universities to charter flights to bring international students into Australia, it can also work with embassies to charter flights to repatriate foreign nationals.

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    • The economy is clearly suffering from a lack of ‘skilled’ workers:

      Recent job ad: “Food Service Assistant” – the Mater Group (I assume hospitals). Multiple casual positions available.

  1. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    In EZFKA existing consumption units represent a sunk cost, what the zone requires is additional consumption units.

    In order to attract them existing actors in the economic zone should collectively share the burden of enticing new consumption units to Aust.

    The appropriate non-discriminatory way in which this should be done is by offering up the same dividend stipend that existing consumption units already receive to newly imported consumption units, regardless of their short or long term value to the economy.

    Makes sense.

    • We should put on special flights for them to get home (and extract Aussies from OS) given that due to the cap on incoming flights the number of outgoing flights is quite low. Just get them out of the country if the jobs aren’t there (which they aren’t) and we aren’t going to support them (we shouldn’t). It is torture all round, for the TMs, Aussies OS and the rest of the population who has to listen to all this and wonder what taxes are going to be used for next/or support them via charitable donations.

  2. This “committee” has no standing whatsoever. It’s just some bunch of [email protected] from the big end of town who get together to talk their own book under the guise of a fancy name. I could form an impressive sounding “committee” consisting of me and my mates to argue for free beer, and that would be just as valid.

    I met a bloke years ago who did just that. He had some flash sounding name like “The Institute for Public Affairs Analysis” in Canberra with letterhead paper and the whole 9 yards, but it was just him writing angrygrams to politicians and the local paper.

  3. “The ineligibility of temporary migrants for JobKeeper results in an incentive for employers to keep workers who are Australian citizens and permanent residents over temporary migrants.” – I just cannot believe someone actually wrote that.

  4. CEDA have no interest in the welfare of the temp migrant cohort.

    They are just worried that unless we treat them a bit better then more temporary migrants may not come when the borders finally re-open.

  5. 2.6 million Temporary Residents / SCV.
    Foreign nationals onshore.

    The vast majority who are third world unskilled.

    And 90% or 2.34 million of these TR foreign nationals are concentrated in just 2 of our cities, in vast fetid migrant only slums.

    Sydney 1.34 million TR, 1 in 4 people.
    Melbourne 1.01 million TR, 1 in 5 people.

    There is our equivalent of the Singaporean migrant guestworker dormitories.
    The vast fetid migrant slums of Sydney and Melbourne. Packed full of non Australians on Temporary visas.
    And as we have seen, they are the virus incubation hub and the virus transmission vector to the Australian community.
    So not just a long standing economic and social risk to Australians but also now a major bio security risk.

    Stocktake September 2020 (reference DHA)

    🔻865,000 foreign students & partners
    (803,000 as primary & 63,000 as a partner)
    Third world unskilled useless misfit Asians & Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi etc trafficked in. Arriving in debt on falsified funds for nonsense courses – many not even attending in breach of their COe.
    Only here to steal. To live & work illegally.
    75% work illegally (UTS & Sydney Uni Study) stealing some 640,000 Australian jobs.
    Costing $25 billion in Australia unemployment payments.
    More than double their fake course fees that they are not paying now but if they did it’s from from money illegally earned here.
    👉🏾Remove all work rights.
    Insect all funds & sources of income.
    Deport all the foreign students & partners in breach of their COe & visa conditions.
    That’s 700,000 plus gone.

    🔻693,000 NZ SCV
    380,000 who are third world non NZ born lowlife to be trafficked in via NZ. Asian, Indian and other third world lowlife.
    The genuine NZ born are now old & cashing out their super & going back, whilst a flood tide of the absolute bottom of the barrel third world detritus allowed in by NZ to being dumped into Australia.
    This was never the intent of the Aust/NZ SCV Trans Tasman labour mobility. To allow NZ to select & then dump their third world intake into Australia as our burden.
    Block all non NZ born from gaining any SCV entry into Australia. Remove all work rights of the non NZ SCV (380,000) & assist their passage back to NZ. NZ problem not ours.

    🔻297,000 protection visas
    9% success rate, but 5 year stay & full work rights from the appeals Tribunal anyway.
    Just another visa category to churn onto after entering on a tourist or visitor visa or having worked thru the other visa categories.
    Shut down the AAT. Deport the lot.

    🔻240,000 on long stay repeat stay visitor visas. Indian, Chinese, Asian, African third world slum & rural poor trafficked in as illegal workers, for Medicare fraud, vice etc and most in visa breach, overstaying or churning onto other visa categories.
    👉🏾Round up & deport the lot.

    🔻230,000 backpackers/working holiday
    Over 90% not even in regional areas over a 1 year period. Widespread agent & farmer racketeering for cash payment & make work.
    Cancel all visas for those who can’t show a legal rural or regional work history and have no funds.
    👉🏾That’s at least 200,000 exited.

    🔻175,000 ‘skilled’
    86,000 as fake skilled primary & 89,000 as skilled dependents. But not in skilled jobs. Earning way below the average Australian wage, and more than half as dependents. Rorted to the Max.
    👉🏾Cancel all visas & deport the lot.

    🔻35,000 on DFAT scholarship & trade or ‘special visas’
    DFAT handouts to the third world criminal elites so they can traffic their spawn into Australia via this racket.
    👉🏾Remove DFAT authority to issue visas. Move them onto other visa categories or cancel the lot. As corrupted as DHA visas.

    🔻65,000 Overstayers.
    We just can’t seem to find them…

    Yep that’s 2.6 million..


    How long would it take to remove these non Australian foreign nationals from Australia?

    From above there is at least 2 million (2.6 million less the 310,000 genuine NZ born SCV and a couple of hundred thousand other TR who are actually legal & welcome Temporary Residents)

    👉🏾2 million who are not welcome.
    Who are a burden.
    Who are are in COe or visa breach & have falsified funds & are living & working illegally here.

    2 million…
    Say 200 per plane back to their third world country of origin = 10,000 flights.

    At 100 flights a day – (well within our airport & airplane capacity), that’s 100 days or say 3 months to exit the 2 million.

    By the end of December we could have rid Australia of over 2 million of this migrant guestworker burden.

    🔹Our third world slums emptied✔️

    🔹2 million jobs back to Australians ✔️

    🔹Our education industry restored back to being for Australians, not prostituted as a migrant guestworker visa alibi ✔️

    🔹Over 400,000 modest ex Australian dwellings being used as migrant cash in hand bunk share (once disinfected) then restored back to Australian homeless or those without affordable housing✔️

    🔹Transport and public services restored✔️

    🔹Crush load on our environment, dams, power and services removed✔️

    🔹Our standard of living restored✔️

    👉🏾All Australians should be calling for this to happen.

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