CCP Nazis imprison half a million Tibetens

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Comment: We still have only sketchy details of what was decided at the recent 7th Tibet Work Conference, but perhaps they decided to take some of the “successes” from Xinjiang and apply them back into Tibet?

Exclusive: China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet | Reuters

Beijing has set quotas for the mass transfer of rural laborers within Tibet and to other parts of China, according to over a hundred state media reports, policy documents from government bureaus in Tibet and procurement requests released between 2016-2020 and reviewed by Reuters. The quota effort marks a rapid expansion of an initiative designed to provide loyal workers for Chinese industry.

A notice posted to the website of Tibet’s regional government website last month said over half a million people were trained as part of the project in the first seven months of 2020 – around 15% of the region’s population. Of this total, almost 50,000 have been transferred into jobs within Tibet, and several thousand have been sent to other parts of China. Many end up in low paid work, including textile manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

“This is now, in my opinion, the strongest, most clear and targeted attack on traditional Tibetan livelihoods that we have seen almost since the Cultural Revolution” of 1966 to 1976, said Adrian Zenz, an independent Tibet and Xinjiang researcher, who compiled the core findings about the program..

Reuters corroborated Zenz’s findings and found additional policy documents, company reports, procurement filings and state media reports that describe the program.

Jamestown Early Warning Brief: Xinjiang’s System of Militarized Vocational Training Comes to Tibet – Jamestown

The labor transfer policy mandates that pastoralists and farmers are to be subjected to centralized “military-style” (军旅式, junlüshi) vocational training, which aims to reform “backward thinking” and includes training in “work discipline,” law, and the Chinese language. Examples from the TAR’s Chamdo region indicate that the militarized training regimen is supervised by People’s Armed Police drill sergeants, and training photos published by state media show Tibetan trainees dressed in military fatigues (see accompanying images).

Poverty alleviation reports bluntly say that the state must “stop raising up lazy people.” Documents state that the “strict military-style management” of the vocational training process “strengthens [the Tibetans’] weak work discipline” and reforms their “backward thinking.” Tibetans are to be transformed from “[being] unwilling to move” to becoming willing to participate, a process that requires “diluting the negative influence of religion.” This is aided by a worrisome new scheme that “encourages” Tibetans to hand over their land and herds to government-run cooperatives, turning them into wage laborers…

Coercive elements play an important role during the recruitment process. Village-based work teams, an intrusive social control mechanism pioneered by Chen Quanguo, go from door to door to “help transform the thinking and views of poor households.” [17] The descriptions of these processes, and the extensive government resources invested to ensure their operation, overlap to a high degree with those that are commonly practiced in Xinjiang (The China Quarterly, July 12, 2019). As is the case in Xinjiang, poverty-alleviation work in the TAR is tightly linked to social control mechanisms and key aspects of the security apparatus. To quote one government document, “By combining grid management and the ‘double-linked household’ management model, [we must] organize, educate, and guide the people to participate and to support the fine-grained poverty alleviation … work.”

赵克志在甘肃和青海调研时强调 : 全面贯彻新时代党的治藏方略 切实维护国家安全社会稳定民族团结–法治–人民网

Zhao Kezhi on Gansu and Qinghai inspection tour, stresses comprehensively implementing the Party’s strategy for governing Tibet in the new era and effectively safeguarding national security, social stability and national unity.

Strip the Winter Olympics.

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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Taiwan next ….they are really in need if some proper re-education ……then once straya has a large enough Chinese population it will also need to be unified with the motherland and re educated ….

    • Yes, this… I hear Xi is aiming to officially recognise Australia as a Chinese territory by 2030.

      It may even come quicker if he can win a few more seats in the Australian senate to back up Gladys Liu, Andrew Robb and Sam Dastyari

    • – Based on his ‘Belt & Road’ tie-up Dan Andrews is clearly good mates with Xi.
      – One of the the first moves of any communist regime is to eliminate the middle class – they think too much and challenge.
      – The Melbourne CV19 shutdown is a more efficient extermination method than having to set up a network of Gulags
      – Sweden is starting to look good without any shutdowns.

      • Andrews is a full commie nutcase like xi ,checkout his new bill for arbitrary detention.
        Never vote labor

        • Andrews is a fake left neoliberal as evidenced by his government farming out biosecurity on the cheap to the private security industry.

          I doubt those surprisingly popular Nordic socialists, the Swedes, will be lining up to follow his decidedly Thatcherite lead anytime soon.


    Unfortunately, the linked twitter was removed. Basically, a bunch of brainwashed CCP supporters believe Taiwan was taken away and it is their right to invade, imprison and re-educate, rape, capture or kill all dissidents. They just want the “land and resources”, not the people. They do not advocate for a peaceful reunion because they know the Taiwanese people are so brainwashed to not accept it.

    • Mate I’m all for standing up to the thin end of the wedge and I do not believe the Vic police have covered themselves in glory over the past couple of months but your comment displays an astounding level of naivety if you are equating what is happening in western China with what we are experiencing in lock down Melbourne.

  3. To add to my above flippant comment I find it astounding that Australians can rail against the lack of civil liberties in other countries whilst at the same time supporting the ongoing, and ever increasing, imprisonment, beatings, arrests, curfews, fines and two tier society we now live in here in Australia.

      • Ah, there you are, back again arguing for more ‘Police State’ to keep you safe from the nasty virus. I am amazed that you are able to get out of bed in the mornings.
        The answer to your question is yes, but not only mine, little by little everyone’s (including yours-not that you seem to care).

        • I’d far FAR rather have a “police state” when it comes to controlling a pandemic than a ‘laissez faire’, free-for-all, absolute ballsup such as what’s happened in “freedumb-lovin'” America, if you don’t mind!

          • Interesting comment.
            It’s my understanding that the CDC had to revise their COVID death numbers down to 9,000 when they were forced to remove all the people they’d used to pump up the figures who died with an average of 2.6 co-morbidities (Cancer, heart disease etc etc).
            So, for a population of 300m 9,000 deaths is about the same as die in car accidents. I haven’t heard you wailing about the 1.5 million that died of TB last year, are we having a lockdown for that as well or don’t you care about them?

          • @r2m
            Interesting. I didn’t know that COVID could give you cancer then you die of cancer but it’s actually COVID’s fault.
            Perhaps you should communicate that to the CDC so they can revise their figures back to 200k

          • You might want to look further into how that 9K figure came about. Then ponder, if it’s true, that would mean almost every single country on the planet is engaged in a huge cover up. If you that’s feasible, you should then do some research as to just how many people can be involved in a conspiracy before it falls apart under the weight of its own numbers.

          • Mr Walker

            Even 90% of the smartest people on the planet follow the herd…
            For most, no conspiracy is required.

          • @Mr Walker
            Perhaps that is why Thailand has only 56 COVID deaths, no financial remuneration to the hospitals if that is the cause as opposed to America where traffic accidents and gunshots are apparently Covid deaths.

          • @r2m
            You didn’t answer my question about how you would deal with the 1.5 million deaths from TB. Of course that figure is increasing now as Immunisation programs have been disrupted by the Covid nonsense.
            Mandatory masks, lockdowns, curfews, travel bans? What do you suggest?

          • TW, IMO your arguments are absurd, and because of Brandolini’s Law I regret engaging with you and will try to avoid doing it again. Bye.

          • Cheerio R2M, I shall miss your fear mongerIng nonsense.
            If only we could all live in a state of perpetual terror life would be perfect for you.

      • I do Arthur, that’s why I’m so terrified of how it is repeating.
        Based on a fear campaign then a state sponsored solution to ‘make us all safe’ we are slowly, slowly losing all our rights and freedoms.
        At this point not many have woken up to it and by the time they do it will be too late.

    • No. The equivalent here would be if Aus goes over to NZ and starts door knocking and containing people there claiming “NZ is really part of Aus” to occupy and convert.
      OR Australia curtailing freedoms of people within its country based on one’s religion, not based on their proximity to a bigger case load of virus.
      Drawing parallels is one thing, but using one to draw very long bow and twist the meaning of another scenario is just manipulative and doesn’t land anyway. We can see through this.

      • @divya Ok. Just to be clear, if you oppress your own people it’s ok but if it is people in, or from, another country or religion then that’s naughty.

        • Well duh.
          Just like if you lock the front door of your own home so your kids dont get run over by the car on the road than if you locked up someone elses kids.. vs also if you locked up onr of your kids that played the guitar instead of the one that plays thw piano for no other reason than that difference. That you cant work through those nuances is a bit concerning.
          All they’ve done is mandate what the virus did already.. people locked themselves up first before isloation measures came in. Convinient that everyone forgets that.
          The issue here is going for elimination than the hammer and dance stuff. It seems to be that premiers have implicitly guaranteed noone will die from this virus when the aim was always to just ensure the hospital capacity remains viable… long term effects aside, this is the sh1t you get when you open up to third worlds like china who pretend to be first world without any of the safety measures… that we now think we can get out of this without paying with our lives is a bit laughable. Mother nature is demanding some flesh.
          Alternatively the other option is elmination without international borders ever being open.
          Our problem is “they” – premiers and fed – want both elimination and open borders. The people that pick up the bill is the public by needing to be locked up every now and then when the virus escapes.
          The issue isnt the lockdown.. once it gets out, whether govt does or people will eventually, lockdown just happens. Issue is their quest for “profit seeking growth model” which means these recurring lockdowns are all but guaranteed whether they are opressive by govt or opt in by joe public.

          • So you’re happy to be treated like a child, told when you can leave your house and back before curfew.
            If you wish to self isolate, go for it, no argument from me but let’s be honest this a flu virus. The chances of a successful vaccine are incredibly low so we either close the borders for decades and live on our prison island or get on with life.
            Governments are very happy to send young people off to die in war based on a lie but suddenly it’s not ok for a few old people to die of flu.
            Personally, I don’t wish to live my life in fear under a police state but many others are.

          • Personally, I don’t wish to live my life in fear under a police state but many others are.

            Then leave. It’s a free country. The majority are happy with the lockdowns and controls. Bye.

          • @r2m
            Problem is I’m not allowed to leave which is the basis for this argument.
            I love it when the intellectually impaired sheep lose an argument and resort to puerile and idiotic comments, keep it up r2m.

          • TW, >> So you’re happy to be treated like a child, told when you can leave your house and back before curfew.
            That doesn’t make your parallels between what CCP do to Tibetans + Urghur muslims and what is happening here any more valid. They aren’t the same. You aren’t being specifically targeted here for any other reason than a virus circulating. These lockdowns to have a parallel in China, they did the same to their non-tibetan and non-muslim citizens too in order to control the virus for a period.
            For what it’s worth, I have no doubt we are at the end of the road with these lockdowns.
            Either the govt gives up the pursuit of economic growth or gives up on elimination of virus. You cannot eliminate the virus or even control it in a country where the economic growth model is based on mass immigration and you’re pursuing economic growth.
            For how long do you expect the population to put up with constant lock-ins? Those who want to isolate will and those who do not, need not. Either that or shutdown the international borders and give up on the Big Australia idea and find another way to grow economically. Either way, a third lockdown in Vic is just not going to happen.

  4. There is no other word except for Nazi for this country. Its like watching the rise of the Nazi party in Germany in the 30s. no doubt the furnaces are already being built. Will the elderly, the infirm the disabled be incinerated using Australian gas and coal. Will the furnaces be built using Australian iron ore. This country has become an abomination on the world psyche.

    • Aussie gas and coal is certainly helping to heat up the globe, and behind the extended heatwaves and enormous fires we’re seeing, so you may be right.

      • The china is intent on the extermination of the peoples of the countries they have occupied by force. They will be convenient slave labor and involuntary organ banks in the mean time.

  5. Oxford University – CONCENTRATION CAMP – just like RMIT.

    Any one being forced to be educated and find meaningful work is literally being oppressed by Adolf Hitler.

    The fact people on this website swallow this jizz says a lot.

    Well played David – you’ve really found some suckers to milk.


  6. You DO realise that it was the National Socialists who fought to destroy Communism, right? This is the world Hitler was trying to prevent.

    The title is a misnomer.

    • Yo DO realize dont you that the China and the Russia have never been communists. They may use the word, but they have always been an authoritarian dictatorship. Just like Nazi Germany was. You can play all you like with the words. It does not change the reality.

      • …never been communists. They may use the word, but they have always been an authoritarian dictatorship.

        LOL, Commies and authoritarian dictatorship are not “not” mutually exclusive, actually they are almost synonyms.

  7. Criticism of China has hit the Godwin’s law. The CCP are not ‘Nazi evil’ : they’re ‘Communist evil’. Their ultimate goal for the Tibetian is not another ‘Final Solution’ and the gas chamber : rather, they want everyone to be ‘reformed’ like Winston Smith in 1984, so they’ll also love ‘Big Brother’.

    The program is not new : it’s been happening since 2012 with about 70k people trained each year. Below is the figure for 2020.

    The official Chinese government website have 70k this year, which is a bit of increase from 2019. The 525k is the cumulative total from all the program up to now, not in 7 months.

    Please at least get the numbers right.

  8. In Lancet survey, it is estimated that there were 601,027 violent deaths out of 654,965 excess deaths in period between March 2003 to June 2006.

  9. I,ve never seen such a load of ridiculous comments on MB. Suggest delete the whole thread and put it down to full moon madness. NEXT.