CCP mouthpiece threatens war on Australia

Amusing stuff.  Keep calm and goodbye China.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. A defence policy often discussed goes along the lines of, “if you can defend against the enemies might then stab him in the eye, disable the giant”

      • Nah. The truth (which bothers me in moments of irritation because of the majority of the Aussie population trash-talking the US while ignoring essentially the same things in their own society) is that an attack on Australia is an attack on the free world and that is unacceptable. The US Navy isn’t patrolling the SCS close to the Spratlys for nothing.

        I love it when the Chinese talk like this. They’re burying themselves at no cost to us.

          • No doubt about it. Hell – if we can go to war with Iraq for invading Kuwait, we won’t go to war with China because they fire on another English-speaking country?

          • ^ ^ ^

            …if we can go to war with Iraq for invading Kuwait…

            Did you know that there’s no oil in Australia mate?

            China will never invade Australia.
            Japs did it just to see if they can reach Darwin and it was a waste of resources.
            The biggest Aus geostrategic advantage is that is in the middle of nuttin’.
            As long as we don’t harbour any WMD, we are safe from both bullies on opposite sides of the Pacific as well as the Soviets.

          • Please explain the oil argument to me, little man. You’d think it would be nuanced after years of fracking and the US being the largest oil producer on the planet. Iraq was unjustifiable. But it was never just about oil. Your brain is left half functioning decades in the past.

            This thread is bout Australian security. It’s not where you go Tourette’s man about the USA.

          • Sorry Kodiak,
            If you did not get it from implied above, can’t help you.

            But I like the eloquence and arguments you used, are you the pinnacle of the culture you come from?

        • Kodiak, I think you are right theres a lot of trash talk.

          I believe that Australians and Americans (the peoples) like each other greatly despite our minor differences.

          What is easy to call out and ridicule is another country’s government as well as our own.

          The US and Australia have, in their recent history, a more than reasonable representation of idiots in charge (Tony Abbott and Trump come to mind).

          But there’s important lesson America has taught me at least and that is you can love your country but you dont have to love your government.

          In any case no one has perfect friends. But they are your friends nonetheless.

          • North – I’m not sure if we like each other as people anymore. I don’t want to be a wet blanket. I am a dual citizen and so are my children. I want the very best for the country that we share here. Despite the cynicism around the US in terms of self-interest, there’s no way the USA throws Australia under the bus. Because it would be doing the same to itself. And I don’t want to hear about the UK in WW2 from any swinging knob on here. The US isolationism genie has long left the bottle. Ukraine can be given up. Australia? Not a chance.

        • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

          Not sure I share your confidence there Kodak. There are plenty of ways China could fuck things up without invading the mainland. A bit like when the US took Grenada…take a small island and gauge the response from Canberra or Washington. Or sign up a non-aggression pact with Indonesia and negotiate right of passage over their archipelago

          • Of course you don’t. But I’m prognosticating with the benefit of being intellectually attached to the subject and not emotionally attached.

        • I have lots of American friends some close some less so but I’ve never felt politics be the factor that create a division between us. As between people as opposed to between countries.

          One thing I’ve always found engaging about Americans is their willingness to openly talk politics. Perhaps the latest divisions aside, Americans always seemed to be able to have the ability to agree to disagree.

          I don’t think Australians’ are as capable of that as the Americans – we conflate US politics with the people. They are not the same thing.

          Perhaps similarly the Chinese people are not the CCP. And thank dog for that.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Which is only a reality because we entered wars the US did.

      Right or wrong, it was the correct choice.

      • I don’t think that Australia needed to go into Iraq or Afghanistan to guarantee security. But it didn’t hurt.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Im not sure, but I am very glad we are allied with the US. We’d be crazy to jeopardise that.

        • it was “you are with us or against us” and we had no choice if we are to be guaranteed protection from China. Yes, it was a and still a war crime what we did and why we went to Iraq but we probably had no choice. If we did not go to Iraq, I think the alliance would have been very shaky and with a wrong person in the white house we could have risked being exposed.

          • Howard didn’t need to go. Canada didn’t, although they are virtually impenetrable due to geography.

          • Half of those idiots think that the invasion will come from the south. They have built a generally fine society for themselves, but they think that they did it because of how good they are, instead of how lucky they are.

          • “Half of those idiots…”
            LOL, as nice one from someone whom cries 3x weekly how Aussies are looking at some yanks the same way you see all the Canucs

          • They have well established themselves as anti-intellectuals and hypocritically critical of the American state. The invasion isn’t coming from the south, unless it is cultural. Canada has convinced itself that everything good about comes from within. They’ve got oceans on both sides protecting them from enemies and the world’s growth engine sharing a 7000k border that is unguarded.

          • I am sure you are right, it is simple facts: everyone is an !d!ot, not just Canucs (from the perspective you meticulously repeat very often)

  2. Go to war? Who does that these days?
    Put down a p3 or coastguard rams frigate. Then see what happens.

    • If China feels they are losing control of their tightly-controlled populace, they would probably resort to drastic actions.

      • Invasion of China is a bridge too far. They’re trying the divide and conquer game to bust out the weak hands. It isn’t going to work.

  3. An appropriate retaliation to this loser would be for all tv stations here to run continuous footage of the Tienanmen square massacre footage for days at a time. Just as a reminder to the crooks and criminal politicians in this country as to what we should stand for.

    A reminder to the cowards in the china that once there was courage to stand for whats right.

  4. I’d be more than pleased if Australian govt severed all ties with the CCP. Sorry Twiggy, you have had a good run flogging your dirty to these creeps, but enough is enough.

  5. Mining BoganMEMBER

    A nice Chinamen man installed my new NBN today. Should I rip it out in case he’s spying on me?

    • …and tariff on IO export will:
      1. Bring the price up
      2. Keep the prices up
      3. get the prices up(side down)

  6. War without firing guns? Australia is well placed to play that game.

    Elsewhere, the realignment of supply chains from world-cheapest to world-second-cheapest proceeds, will cost very little and significantly boost economic activity in the rest of Asia.

    Ending the CCP foot on China’s neck is the task. They have few friends and domestic support will evaporate if jobs vanish and factories lie idle.

    • but not unexpected.
      China don’t want journalists in country, even their own. Only skill required is copy & paste from an official mouth piece.
      When the journo are getting kicked you know something is in the pipeline.
      Just when you think there’ll be no shooting ……… someone shoots !!
      China / India could be it ……. someone gonna get the sh*ts

  7. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    China must be failing badly (internally) if all these unprovoked aggressive actions and threats against virtually all of their neighbours (however distant) continue to happen. I have to imagine there is some truth to the rumours that the Xi faction is in an increasingly vicious battle with the Deng faction. Biblical floods and locust plagues can’t be helping, either.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      These are very true points you make. As we know about China, ignore what they say and look at what they do, as the truth is usually to do with domestic issues and the ongoing need to try to keep the populace under control by keeping them fed and watered. No easy task given the nature of the Chinese themselves to break the rules

  8. it has already started. there is a proxy battle going on. CCP using Au as US proxy. They are calling the shots irrespective of what we think about brown-nosing them. Time to man up and move on from China, Aus