VIC records 466 new COVID-19 infections vs NSW’s 9

Victoria has recorded another 466 COVID-19 infections overnight alongside another 12 deaths:

The curve looks to finally be flattening:

NSW only recorded 9 new cases and looks to have the situation under control:

The contrast with Victoria is stark:

Victoria now has 7,808 active COVID-19, 96.2% of the nation’s total. By contrast, NSW only has 280 active COVID-19 cases, 3.4% of the nation’s total:

Since the pandemic began, Victoria has recorded 14,283 COVID-19 infections, more than triple NSW’s 3,850:

Victoria’s infection rate has now risen to 215 people per 100,000 residents, 4.5 times NSW’s infection rate (47 per 100,000):


Leith van Onselen


  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    NSW needs to Lock. Us. Down! now before those new case figures hit double digits because 2 digits placed poorly can hurt!

    • I’m not a virus denier. I’m willing to push through this difficult 6 week period if the government thinks it will work even though I believe elimination is not possible and even though all it takes is as minor slip up to be back to where we are. But if it doesn’t work and this state of lockdown is extended again then all bets are off and from the vibe I get from 3AW and the general public this city will explode. You can’t keep people locked down forever, if people were dropping dead left right and centre then people would isolate out of fear anyway but this has never been the case even in US and Sweden.

      • For this particular commenter (if that’s a word), unless you subscribe to their narrow view of the virus and how we should combat it, then you’re a virus denier. The inability to see other valid viewpoints seems impossible with this one.

        • Go ahead, post something valid. Also make sure it’s a new valid point, not just the same old crap over and over and over. We had all these arguments during the first lockdown. Nearly all the let er rip arguments were defeated with science and facts. Some arguments remain unresolved but they will only be resolved with time and endless spam posting doesn’t change that.

          And have a read of the next virus story down the page – literal denying of the existence of the virus. Add in all the other scales of denial and it just makes for endless back and forths of the same crap being rehashed. The virus is here, the VIC lockdown is happening, our lives are forever changed. Get used to it, deal with it and live the best you can.

    • Game changer 1:

      27 March 2020

      Royal Exhibition Building could be used as a giant COVID-19 hospital

      as the state government scrambles to increase its capacity to treat potentially thousands of critically ill people within weeks.

      Game changer 2:

      26 March 2020

      ResMed modifies factories, triples ventilator production

      and lift the production of its face masks by more than 10 times.

    • Robert Johnson

      The game changer was when doctors figured out that nasal oxygen worked better than ventilators. That single change meant that some hospitals would be overwhelmed to none would be overwhelmed.

      If they knew that in Italy they wouldn’t have had to triage patients and this whole thing would have been no big deal.

      People are still clinging to the temporary overcapacity in some hospitals in some cities for a couple of days in Italy and thinking COVID would run the same course everywhere else – ignoring everything that has been learnt since then.

      All that Lockdown seems to accomplish to to suppress the weaker strains of COVID (Chinese strain) and leave the more virulent strain (Italian strain, which has evolved in an environment of lockdown and is thus much better at jumping through it).

      This is the exact same thing that happened with the Spanish Flu – where the virus was only able to spread through the hospital system, the most virulent strains were selected for, to get people into those hospitals where they could spread it.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Funny we ignore those all time when it’s caused by well worn pathways… Like sugar.

          • No one is ignoring sugar


            You’re smart, try harder

            As far as I know, sugar related disease can’t be caught from other people

            Stupidity it seems is doing a fking roaring trade in infectiousness


          • migtronixMEMBER

            No but brain, nerve and organ damage can and is caused by consumption of refined sucrose and you’re very much more likely to eat it or drink it than catch covid.


          • Mig

            Drinking a black Douglas and coke

            I’m still awaiting these symptoms of which you speak

            My latest blood panel revealed elite levels of the relevant markers

            Sugar – the devil – I’m terrified


          • migtronixMEMBER

            Swampy. Living in hellbournia 24/7

            Still waiting the symptoms you speak of.

            Super scary infection? Pffft.

          • C’mon Mig, you’re just being a total wanker now. In one thread you’re saying you potentially had covid , still having dizzy spells and it’s a concerning illness and in this one you’re saying you haven’t had any symptoms and it’s not a concerning illness.

            Which one is it?

          • migtronixMEMBER

            It’s both. Like everything else in this world, the acuity makes the difference. Point being when it’s not happening to old people nobody f&#@ng cares…

            And by nobody I mean government and media.

      • Let’s be frank – beautiful as Italy is it’s practically a 3rd world country. I’m that country’s greatest fan and a regular visitor but I’m capable of being objective too. 😉

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Then why the knee jerk doubling down not even half way through?? Because people like you are who he listens to. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and the Premier and all the other jerks from Toorak to Beaumaris at an orgy right now laughing at us…

      • what are you saying? that masks haven’t worked?
        Look at the ‘hold the line’ chart. masks were made mandatory around about day 35 and universal take-up was probably 3 days earlier then the seven day average curve flattens. eg. compare growth in case for the 3 weeks before mask take-up to 3 weeks after.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Not at all, masks always worked that’s why it’s part of PPE wherever its requisite. What doesn’t work is gaslighting the public….

          • Sutton’s been upfront about the purpose of every single measure.
            re fear. people underestimate things which are outside their immediate circle/in the distance and then overestimate/panic when they are in them. This is why the people claiming the lockdown is hurting the economy are categorically wrong. No government lockdown would hurt the economy more it would just be delayed and accompanied by panic when the virus meets lived experience.
            The role of government is to get reality across so people don’t have to experience it. See the effectiveness of TAC advertising on the road toll and people’s awareness of road trauma.

    • You’re making a binary statement Sweep: Face-masks have worked!

      I wouldn’t disagree with that, except, how can you objectively separate the wearing of face-masks from all the other actions taken to mitigate the spread? You can only test that particular hypothesis if you take NO other action in the meanwhile to mitigate the spread of infection (including factoring for the natural decline in infection rates). How the Fck can you do that accurately? The answer is: you can’t!

      So, be intellectually honest about this and don’t be hostage to an ideological position. You’re not kidding anyone (with a brain).

  2. Security guards hired for hotel quarantine in an attempt at social inclusion

    The press release specifically referred to 450 jobs being created in the hotel quarantine program “including transport operations, security and cleaning”. International students and temporary migrants were key targets under the jobs program.

    Fark! The job guarantee only hires foreigners!

  3. There are only two ways to fight this virus.

    1.Lock down hard until elimination and then live in a bubble till a vaccine is found.

    2.Continue life as normal as if nothing happened

    Now some countries have the option of choosing one of the two options whereas some countries have option 2 thrust upon them by circumstances such as in the case of Italy,India,Brazil,US etc.Australia believe they have a choice and have gone down the route of Option 1.If there is no vaccine in the foreseeable future,Option 2 will be thrust upon Australia with its economy utterly destroyed by the hard lockdown. As a country with one of the highest private debts in the world what option would you have chosen if you were running the country?

    • +10000000.
      I think the whole elimination thing hasnt been thought through properly. I thought the game was to let it rip through the population in a controlled manner. That has now changed to elimination without being said so because every premier is looking after their own term of govt not worrying that if a vaccine is not forthcoming, the economic and human price will just be paid by the next premier.

        • Yeah.
          Though to be fair there is an option 3: let it rip but control the numbers so it does not overwhelm the health system. This was always playing tricks with mother nature trying to minimise the pound of flesh sacrificed.
          But that quickly turned into option 1 for WA and QLD when the premiers realised, as you say, that they don’t gain anything from curbing freedoms with JK/JS being funded by feds. Especially in an election yr.
          And it also turned into option 2 for victoria when their slave labor model failed them.
          Who has the guts to lead us on option 3 again? Certainly not our scotty from marketing.
          We are fooked.

          • How the hell do you control the progress of the virus when you have a significant ignorant untraceable population who have no sense of loyalty or caring about this country. Who refuse to isolate regardless if they test positive and are quite happy to go and work in areas where there are vulnerable people. How do you control the virus spread when it’s that group that are spreading it. maybe we could magical conjure tracking devices to keep tabs on those thousands.

          • Well that’s my point. Option 3 is the “middle ground” [email protected] that our politicians came up with thinking this will allow them to steer between a rock and a hard place. Except for a tinsy wincy problem – they are dealing with millions of human beings that have been taught to look after their own interests over others for last few decades by the same politicians. So.. I repeat. We are fooked.

      • The Premiers figured out the game: The Most Intolerant Wins: Nassim Taleb.
        Effectively by closing the borders, a few of the States can in drive the entire strategy. When will the borders reopen? That is now on a whim. Even in the total elimination scenario, state borders may not be opened while there is any international travel into any state. The justification would be they don’t trust the hotel quarantine system in other states, point to the Vic precedent, and thus any other state that opens to them is blocked.

        Morrison is no longer in the driving seat, the most intolerant Premier is, based on nothing more that local politics.

    • @pessimist.

      For an explanation as to why you’re wrong see Sweeper’s comment (two above yours):

      Quote “…..This is why the people claiming the lockdown is hurting the economy are categorically wrong. No government lockdown would hurt the economy more, it would just be delayed and accompanied by panic when the virus meets lived experience.”

      So no option 1 or 2 – just one option for VIC given the other states are virus free.

      One would think reading the comments here that there is furious debate in the community, but all of Australia wants to be virus free except a minority of trolls and conspiracy nuts who seem to be disproportionately represented here.

      Victorians can see the other states back to some sort of normality and the other states can see what’s happening in Vic and want desperately to avoid it. Bingo. Vic had no alternative but to go into lockdown.

      As for the debt and economic collapse, that was coming anyway to a hollowed out houses and holes economy. it’s just been brought forward a few years.

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      The only bit of Australia in a hard lock down at the moment is Victoria and they are only having a hard lock down because they have an incompetent government who did not learn from NSW’s Ruby Princess debacle.

      Everywhere else in Australia life is mostly back to normal.

      All those who are grumpy about being locked down in Melbourne need to mail order pitchforks or swim the Murray for freedom. Though they will have to suffer the lack of a European sensibility and decent coffee in Sydney. 🙂

      It is true that COVID-19 forced people to use those video conferencing apps that have been around for years and they realised that they did not need to sit on public transport for 2 hours each day to hangout in battery hen factories in the CBD AND this has caused a real economic shock to all those businesses / jobs that depended on the battery hen ./ commute model BUT that is a good thing.

      It will probably also permanently destroy the bone headed “travel to australia to watch bad lectures and sit in overcrowded tutorial” model of tertiary education as universities right around the world finally start producing first rate on-line content (at the moment it is still amateurish). How is that a bad thing? COVID-19 blows a hole in our selling of citizenship business model.

      COVID-19 has changed everything and probably for the better once we accept the implications.

      Just maintain solid border quarantine, wear a mask, clean your hands, don’t be a grub and even Victorians might be allowed to mingle with the rest of Australia again sometime soon.

      • Yes some truth there, but also by extension there would no longer be any need for all these white collar works who are now ‘working for home’ in affluent, expensive middle class western cities when we can find somebody in a cheaper locale to do the same job.

        So to an extent you have to be careful what you wish for, although I think the collaborative and productive nature of face-face discussion is under-rated.
        Are people on the conference call really listening, or distracted by whatever else is going on ?
        So like everything it is a balance.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          We have a team in India I’m part managing. What’s your point? If they could fully manage it they would, IT has been at this 20 years.

        • macrofishMEMBER

          > middle class western cities when we can find somebody in a cheaper locale to do the same job.

          Thats not a new thing, anything that can be outsourced and offshored has already been done and most of it is coming back.

          • Some of it is not new, but I would posit that this ‘lockdown’ has shown companies can cut and outsource further. There was an article last week in the UK about those who have worked right through, basically carrying people ‘working from home’ who now won’t come back to the office. Interesting times, with cost escalation and crimped revenue the crunch will come. To an extent already seen with companies reducing wages during the lockdown period.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Why would we want to? What’s the upshot, happy clappers in Sydney, coal snorters in Queensland, crock vs everyone NT, f#@&*ng sandgroppers – enough said. Did I miss anyone? Didn’t think so…

      • We’ve probably got the most competent government in the country 007. How fair is this to pin this on the government or some guy in the government when we are dealing with an unknown highly infectious virus which can get out of control by a single super spreader. Where individuals have done the wrong thing every step of the way; leaving quarantine, not doing proper infection control, holding family gatherings, not getting tested, not isolating, not staying home after testing positive etc.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Individual Premier you mean? Otherwise you’re suggesting Victorians are more antiestablishmentarian than QLD and WA.

          Which is risible….

        • pfh007.comMEMBER


          We had Ruby Princess in NSW so we know what that kind of failure looks like and we have a dud LNP government that never lets reality get in the way of ideology. Plus Sydneysiders are well known for their self absorbed stuff you attitude ….at least compared to you socialists down south.

          The quarantine failure in Victoria was not a single super spreader or even a few.

          It was weeks and weeks of incompetent administration on a grand scale.

          The infection numbers you guys are still clocking up demonstrate that the government was asleep at the wheel for weeks.

          The only thing going for Andrews is that the opposition in Victoria sound like class A clowns running the sort of top shelf ‘Let it rip’ nonsense that has been filling up MB COVID-19 comments.

          So he still looks good by comparison. But that is depressing,

          • migtronixMEMBER

            If Victoria never joins the rest of Australia again it’ll be the biggest win in 200 years…

          • pfh007.comMEMBER

            According to the south eastern suburbs, Victoria has been a European principality for at least one hundred years.

            I always brush up on Esperanto before visiting.


        • @sweeper Glad you brought that up.

          Peter Van Onselen was excellent on Insiders this morning saying this:

          Quarantine is a Fed govt responsibility
          SFM wanted only home isolation – it was Andrews who insisted on hotel quarantine
          it was Morrison who urged the security firms for political reasons
          Fed govt is responsible for aged care
          Vic had a larger number of internationals returning than other states
          Vic has large migrant communities that have little fealty to Australia & communication issues

          Morrison is engineering through his Murdoch mates to bad mouth Vic at every turn. No wonder tensions are high between Fed and Vic. Behind the scenes Andrews has had little help and had to fight for what he has got.

          SFM is an incompetent, complacent, clueless grub and the entire country would be raging with virus if it hadn’t been for the states saving his bacon.

  4. The more lockdowns the better.
    Anything to fvck this garbage v1brant ponzi scheme economy and start again.

  5. call me ArtieMEMBER

    Every time I see a photo of Daniel Andrews announcing new coronavirus statistics he is wearing a prominently displayed logo of a certain outdoor clothing company. I don’t mean a couple of times…it’s every time. Right there screen centre. Look for yourself.

    So here we have the single biggest news story of the day in Victoria, every day, and the Premier is wearing the same, strongly branded jacket every time, giving that brand massive exposure. Conferring upon that brand his implied approval in extreme conditions

    What the serious fck? Seriously. WTF? I mean fvck me dead that is slimy

    Here it is, in case it has escaped your notice

    • migtronixMEMBER

      It’s virtue signalling to the yoga set. Middle class mums are his prime demographic. Just look at the twitter and who rages in defence of Andrews.

      • What’s the difference between a park bench and a Collinwood supporter? A park bench can support a family of 4.

        (just for levity)

        • Now that is some class 1 humour thanks for that. Wife and her family all pies.

          My eldest son is Dees
          The second is supposed to be pies for equity but he’s started yelling “go dees” as he thinks it’s funny

          I’ve tried to steer him back to pies as there is NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT BARRACKING FOR MELBOURNE**

          ** if reading about Melbourne demons has raised issues for you you can call the membership line of Collingwood hawthorn Geelong (and it’s looking like the Aints)

          • migtronixMEMBER

            FU. Aints are the ones who got away and still pine for hellbourne for whatever the f#@ reason.

            Saints like the rest should sell themselves to whatever hick Strayan backwater will take them and let Victoria start again with a new code – since they all ran away like you…

    • Get real. The poor bloke has been thrust into a total nightmare and no doubt falls into bed exhausted each night and puts on the same clothes the next day.

      Last thing he’s thinking of is his clothes ffs

      No end seemingly to the petty narcissistic trolls here

      • Well couldn’t care less what he wears, just so long as he is washing it once in a while, given all the interactions he has per day, no doubt interacting with some of the more vulnerable communities.

      • I agree. I actually posted here a week ago that I would have sh0t myself by now having to deal with this.

        It’s irrelevant whether you’ve done a good or bad job – the ordeal would wear down the toughest human.

      • I literally vomited at the nearest Collingwood supporter laughing at this


        It is a globalist plandemic conspiracy to get more people to buy Kathmandu (or whatever he is wearing )


    • Hahaha – the Commie’s at the ABC must kick themselves every time that logo appears on their precious airwaves!!! I’m surprised they don’t cut the feed.

  6. The FallMEMBER

    I think he just likes the jacket. I suspect North Face would be pretty happy if he didn’t wear it.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Probably. Or just part of the corporate licence. At Telstra we had them for everything! Want Splunk? Sure someone has a licence.

          Silicon Valley firms prefer free open source 😂

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Btw I don’t think NF is paying him, nor do I think they’d prefer he didn’t. It’s part of the well crafted image.

          Kinda like you 😘

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Works for everyone else on twitter. Bored and only finding solace in the very much highly taxed work I have does nothing for you, trust me.

  7. migtronixMEMBER

    I think it’s pretty obvious for anyone with eyes to see that the masks are shields against 5G and that’s why case numbers are stable.

  8. Did Codpiece J-ye threaten you guys? Can’t even mention his name without triggering the spam filter.

  9. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Anytime I read mainstream media about the China virus it screams propaganda of fear. Seriously. All of it. Farkn fearful propaganda. It’s so obvious. LOLOLOL

  10. Youse carnts are getting all bent up about CoVid while our bat munching mates have even bigger things instore.

    First of all, the rather exotic sounding bunyavirus:

    and for us commoners, the good ol every day bubonic plague.

    Chinese city issues warning after bubonic plague patient dies

    Something for everyone. Enjoy!

      • Are kids having to hide under their school desks in random drills at the drop of a hat, watch the tele at night only to hear the adults lose the plot about all life as they know it go poof in milliseconds, and it was their creators will they all sacrifice themselves to stop the evil machinations of those that did not believe in the creator. Then when old enough fight endless wars to make sure such could never occur again ….

        Its a virus and not an ideological attack, not that certain aspects of some ideologies are being called into question due to its inability too adapt to a known possibility with a high probability in the near term.

        What is curious is those that are exhibiting irrational fear at the moment and how they are manipulating the circumstances to forward an ideologically based agenda regardless of the long term greater good to humanity and society at large. Seems that is dependent on being on their terms and all others are forfeit … they said.

    • Interesting. Thanks for posting.

      US 20-30% unemployed/homeless translates to 5-7 million Strayans.

      And Straya has far higher house prices, far higher private debt, and a more hollowed out economy.

      “Change is slow, very slow, until it is fast. People who live in the slow period, of long decline, don’t really believe in collapse, they assume that things will get worse in a steady line.”

      Like lemmings, we never see the cliff until we’re over the edge.

      White trash of Asia.

      • Disagree that Australia is anywhere like the U.S. because a couple of economic metrics does not even begin to deal with huge differences between the two.

        • I don’t think its hard to watch what is transpiring in the U.S. and then look at Australia and see the huge difference.

          At the end of the day this is global and will play out depending on environmental and sociopolitical factors, were not as exposed or have the same demands as others.

          • I think we’re pretty exposed on all fronts.

            Although we don’t have the polarisation or poverty (yet) of the US, we’re at the bottom of the world with few friends, a hollowed out Ponzi economy, pathetic leaders (akka managers), massive private debt. And environmentally we’re the GW canary in the coalmine with fragile, ancient, nutrient-depleted soils on the driest inhabited continent.

            To boot, probably the biggie – there’s precious little oil left and with a bloated population totally dependent on it for every drop of water and morsel of food – I see a cliff ahead.

          • Less than 25 million with a land mass the size of the US and more than enough resources if supply side is given the flick. Management is a tricky question but not insurmountable, PR only works when doubt can be suspended.

            At the end of the day how the U.S. and China game plays out has more to do with our lot, China controlling the south seas and road to Europe vs the U.S. diminished force over previous nations. Who knows.

            Still would rather be here than there.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Although we don’t have the polarisation or poverty (yet) of the US […]

            Sadly I have to disagree on the polarisation, these days.

            We can probably still claim to be better off in terms of poverty and inequality, best efforts of the Liberal Party notwithstanding.

    • “Living in the Long Emergency” by James Howard Kunstler is an interesting read along the same lines – the long descent, punctuated by sudden steps down. He maintains that the virus has brought forward the energy peak which he now puts at 2018 due to the fracking debacle.

      • Kunstler is a died in the wool conservative and Trump-supporting idiot (despite his frequent claims of being a card carrying democrat). His latest ramblings have jumped the shark. All he talks about now is how the Dems are criminals that should be locked up, how the Green New Deal is a fantasy, and how Trump represents “strong” leadership. Pfffft, what a moron

        • Kunstler goes back a long way and has written and done a much research on the environmental, social, resource and economic issues confronting the US, and by extension, the rest of the world.

          He’s particularly scornful of the woke and fake left, I imagine from bitter disappointment of a party that should have been able to wrest power from the destructive forces on the right and repair the damage, but which has instead morphed into something as weakly pontificating, ineffectual and corrupt as the democrats under Hillary and Biden – as many here regard the Greens.

          Rather like Michael Moore, Kunstler can be a divisive and bitter maverick, but he’s not a moron or an idiot, and his book is a balanced, insightful and well written exposé on the tragedy unfolding globally. Well worth a read.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          He’s particularly scornful of the woke and fake left, I imagine from bitter disappointment of a party that should have been able to wrest power from the destructive forces on the right and repair the damage, but which has instead morphed into something as weakly pontificating, ineffectual and corrupt as the democrats under Hillary and Biden – as many here regard the Greens.

          The Greens certainly have their issues, but they are not even remotely comparable to contemporary Democrats and Labo[u]r, which are centrist (in their so-called “left factions”) to centre-right (everyone else) parties.

          Wrest control ? How could anyone wrest control when the narrative is pretty much entirely controlled by the centre- and far-right ? I mean, the farthest left you can get is the ABC or Granuiad, both of which are firmly centrist (ie: socially liberal, politically conservative, economically neoliberal).