How Australia could break into civil war

Via the FMG true believers:

Sitting atop a cash machine disguised as Australia’s third-largest iron ore miner, Fortescue Metals Group chief executive Elizabeth Gaines was justifiably emphatic about the importance of Australia’s increasingly testy trade relationship with China.

“We can’t lose sight that we are a trading nation,” she implored, adding that the miner “didn’t need to remind anybody” – here’s looking at you Canberra – about the importance of the bilateral relationship, when asked about the frosty ties between Australia and China.

Forthcoming soon will be the Twiggy Forrest Boyer Lectures which will say the same thing over and again.

The problem is, FMG is fighting the tide. Australia has not forgotten it is a trading nation. But nor has it forgotten that it is a democratic nation:

And that is FMG’s problem. It is now obvious that Beijing will not do business with a democratic Australia. Instead, it will seek to destroy its freedoms via the sharp power tools of bribery, co-opting business, trade bullying and controlling the ethnic Chinese diaspora.

At first, this will only damage iron ore exports via Beijing seeding global competition. The CCP needs Aussie iron ore for now.

But that is before we get into geopolitical considerations of what ANZUS will do to iron ore when it confronts the reality of Australian made bullets and missiles killing its own as the Cold War turns hot in the years ahead. The US will eventually stop the iron ore trade. It is such an easy way to smash the CCP.

Canberra is willing to take the CCP bribe to a point. But this emerging political reality limits it. Labor is currently unelectable because it is on the wrong side of that boundary.

Unless Twiggy and Gina at some later date want to fund a private army of mercenaries to take on the ADF and US Marines, perhaps in conjunction with the People’s Liberation Army and a WA secession push, then they face a simple choice. Risk everything or get out while the going is damn good.

Basic risk management says that they should float pronto.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Achilles Tskakis

    >” Labor is currently unelectable because it is on the wrong side of that [CCP} boundary.”
    Labor just has a spin problem. Sam Dastyari was small fry.

    Let’s not forget that the LNP government’s majority is due to a CCP member, Gladys Liu, sitting as an MP in Canberra.

    The CCP has bought both sides already. Don’t forget Julie Bishop got $450,000 via her CCP-linked Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation while foreign minister.
    Andrew Robb cost the CCP $780,000 to sell the Port of Darwin to China.

    • okradovicMEMBER

      Hey, I love how you are piling on those traitors and sellouts, especially that k♤nt Robb. I am curious what are the implications for defamation on public comments on websites such as this? Could they potentially sue MB and under subpoena MB would have to reveal commenter identity? In other words, how careful do we have to be?

  2. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Don’t think Gina would have any problems floating……but I digress.
    These treasonist enemies of the state have only taken the leash as far as the gov has allowed them. Australia has been failed by multiple governments for allowing our dirt to be dug up, sold and us getting nothing for it. This is the time to throw this on the revolution pile as well.

    • okradovicMEMBER

      Mmm… revolution. I know it would overall end bad, I mean revolutions most often do. But does it make me a bad person if I often catch myself indulging in (wet?) daydreams of our corrupt political, corporate and institutional elite facing the glistening, sharp blades of a nicely lubed up guillotine?

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Despite his popularity, Gina destroyed Rudd. Can Twiggy do the same and destroy ScoMo? And if that happens, we should revisit the premise about Australia being a democracy.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Would be a sinch.

      Pinpoint and get on board a couple of well placed party operatives who need a gig post politics (interest in iron ore not a requirement) and away you go. Would be sewn up in a couple of days.


    Grimes can rationalise the behavior of her ‘top’ client’s behavior all she wants.
    Hey! It’s just business;
    However, from an Aussie ( and world) perpsective, China is a clear and present danger; reflected in their increasingly belligerent behavior in the So China sea.
    We’d be stupid (er) to let their expansionist and control objectives just continue without any push back and we won’t- nor will the Yanks or the Japanese!
    Time to proritize ‘citizen’ value over ‘shareholder’ value.

    “A less well known, but highly consequential implication of this militarisation is the vastly increased capacity it gives China to project power not only to control the reefs and rocks of the South China Sea, but, in the future, to assert control over the high seas and airspace above it”

  5. ashentegraMEMBER

    “a cash machine disguised as Australia’s third-largest iron ore miner,”

    Begs the question, what are BHP and RIO doing to protect their even larger positions. Their machinations are unseen; are certain to exist, in spades. They are majority foreign owned and, as such, would regard the Australian polity as damage to be bypassed. They tore down Rudd, who for all his flaws was our elected Prime Minister – just to prevent a legitimate and appropriate tax on the export of our minerals.

  6. Lang argued that Britian should reduce the interest rate it demanded of Australia from 5% to 3%, as the American had done for the British, and that Britain owed this to Australia as a moral debt, for the 60000 men we lost fighting for them.
    The bank of England refused to reduce the debt burden. Lang then declared his debt moratorium against the City of London. The Governor of NSW Sir Philip Game sacked the Lang government after this announcement. On the 5th of June 1932 over 500,000 people rally in Sydney’s Moore Park in support of the Lang government, nothing changed as the NSW GG up held his own decision, and the Depression just kept on rolling on.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Wow!,….Twice a Democratically Elected Labor government got Sacked by Corporate Plutocracy.
      I didn’t know that part of my history.
      .No wonder the ambitious, Careerist leadership of the Labor party fears challenging to power of our treasonous corporate masters.
      Rank and file democratic control over all policy formation is the only way to bypass that cowardly, self interested, careerist fear.

      • Ermo, Ermo, Ermo. An important part of history has passed you by. Do you know that Keating used to sit on Lang’s knee and inhale greatness? Given how the late 20th century played out, I wonder what Keating’s excuse is.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          Met Keating at Palm Beach. He was crossing over the Palmarine slipway from one of his rich mates place to his other mate.
          Sometimes we would do some work in those houses.
          I was quite rude to him.

    • Problem is that the labor party will never get elected as the control of the national narrative is in the hands of the Murdoch press. Many, many people have tried to warn about this eg Rudd, Turnbull.

    • Don’t forget:
      – the Bank of England was nationalised in 1946
      – until then it was PRIVATELY owned by that exclusive group of bankers that told the UK government and monarchy what to do.
      – NB : this is primarily the same PRIVATE group that own the current US Federal Reserve after installing themselves with the Federal Reserve Act 1913 after their secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Florida.
      – The Federal Reserve, as a result of its PRIVATE ownership is neither ‘federal’, nor is it a ‘reserve’ – it is a private group of bankers, a significant number are based in London & Europe – not the US.
      – These private owners now own most of the US media (apart from Fox), Hollywood and have bought a significant amount of the US congress – particularly the Democratic Party.
      – The dynamics are currently very interesting to watch.
      – And wow! Isn’t their balance sheet nice and big!
      – And wow! Haven’t their share portfolios done so well since money printing started!

      • okradovicMEMBER

        On that note, these private central [email protected] are often characterised by various conspiracy theorists as being the gews, Rot$ch!lds and the like. Any truth to that or is that just pure ant!s3mit!sm?

        • – I will let you do your own research – books and the internet reveals many interesting things!

  7. Bit late to worry about that. We have already ceased being a democracy.
    No freedom of movement
    Troops patrolling a civilian population
    No leaving the country, state or even your house without permission and papers
    And, the list goes on.
    Where is this democracy you’re worried about.

    • I think Guns n’ Roses call it Chinese Democracy.

      My hands are tied
      The billions shift from side to side
      And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
      For the love of God and our human rights
      And all these things are swept aside
      By bloody hands time can’t deny
      And are washed away by your genocide
      And history hides the lies of our civil wars

      Where do we go now?
      Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
      Where do we go now?

    • If you think the pink peroxide hair dyed, nose ringed millennials are going to rise up in anger and revolt then you clearly do not have teenage children. Too distracted by the latest tik tok vid, it has never been a better time for those in power to cement the two tiers of laws and rules – one for themselves and one for the plebs.

      • Thinking more the 35+, they have tried and lost or losing the dream…they will rise…millennials will be our slaves…

  8. So 5% DON’T want to reduce our economic dependence on China?

    I wonder if those respondents came from suburbs ending in “wood”.

  9. If not a civil war, dissolution of the federation is quite a possibility when states borders are harder than many borders between countries in a war not so long ago and when federal government is reduced to a taxmen that gives from everyone and gives back more to some.

  10. I have no doubt that if push comes to shove with China, Twiggy would throw his lot in with China while McGowan would push for WA independence. Twiggy has zero loyalty to Australia and I wouldn’t put it past him to create an army of insurgents or mercenaries to push back against Canberra.