Drew Pavlou smokes fat cigar

Sack UQ management. Reinstate Pavlou with compensation.

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  1. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Good on you son.

    Now for an inquiry into foreign interference into the LNP and Labor parties.

    • Counting chicken before the eggs are laid?
      Why would everyone presumes inquiry will aquit the “activist” of any wrong doing?

  2. I have to say, Pavlou is a hard guy to like. Not saying he wasn’t treated appallingly by an appalling organisation but he does seem to be loving the notoriety.

      • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

        C’mon DLS, university activists are painful regardless of the ideology. We need them because somebody has to give a sh1t about stuff, but they are hardly every likeable.
        The Young Libs, Young Labs, and.. there was a name for the youth of the Country Party as well, but I forget.

    • Random PunterMEMBER

      Are you kidding? A cigar! That’s some top notch shit-stirring right there. I don’t see how anyone could not like the kid.

    • A person who did not love the notoriety would never have gotten to first base. Like ambition in a leader the two are inseparable. It takes all types and thankfully Pavlou has what it takes to effect well needex change on this one

      • buttzilla twennynine

        agreed. silly enough for pm material; unfortunately fortunately he’s not from a scott/celt/albion clan or is a german pretending to be one.

    • Nah. Given the powerful interests lining up against him, he is right to take a full-on publicity-maximising middle-finger approach – and it is paying off in spades.

    • I get what you’re saying Jason, if he had a proper adviser they would be feeding him the correct ‘plays’. Go hard on the rhetoric and be humble in your victories = maintain maximum support and public sympathy. Pulling a Joe Hockey might be a good facebook stunt and the FU UQ deserves, but it’s a fine line you actions either service our cause or they don’t, almost no middle ground in today’s discourse.

  3. kid earned lot of respect from so many people and I will be shocked if no political party approached him to join ranks. Sustainable Aus should do it as his views are probably inline with SA policies.

  4. Drew’s experience is interesting… by Straya’s say rather muted standards of ‘fighting for liberty’. And good on Drew. We have 1 guy who gets it.
    But when you compare and contrast this fairly pedestrian fight here with US experience of ‘fighting for liberty’ vs Dems cancel culture…. that is on a complete and other scale. Also interesting when you consider MB has staked its ground on the side of the Dems who are the authoritarians.

    • Pavlou is a left (far left by your standards I’d imagine) “S.J.W.” whose motivation is defending human rights. Were he gaining notoriety for his views on pretty much any other such issues except the one involving China (eg: our own treatment of refugees), probably half the people here calling him a hero would be sneering at him in contempt. You do not have to spend much time in his Twitter and Facebook feeds to figure this out.

      Both the Democrats and Republicans are authoritarian. However, Republicans – especially Trump – are far more so, and with regards to far more important things (an obvious and current example being a substantial stepping-up of the usual baseline efforts towards voter suppression by trying to completely delegitimise and deny postal votes (except for elites, obviously)). They are most certainly not, “fighting for liberty”.

      • See I would agree with you again @smithy, i think he did happen to fall into a good cause here and wasnt by design. But again happy to contradict you cause I can be generous whether left, right or centre. To that end you should catch up on the news and read more widely. If Trump was kinda any way near the authoritarian you pretend he is, why is he respecting the Gov and Mayors of Blue states? Why is it Republicans are being attacked while Biden Harris Pelosi the Squad are all promoting civil unrest? And you clearly arent up with news on voter mail-in fraud which Dems have admitted to.
        @smithy just write your snide remarks and stay in your warped news bubble. Its predictable.

        • See I would agree with you again @smithy, i think he did happen to fall into a good cause here and wasnt by design

          It is absolutely by design. But his design is advocating for human rights not fighting against “China” – and advocating for human rights is absolutely a good cause.

          Voter fraud is insignificant in the US. It was in previous elections, and it will be in the upcoming one.
          (Note that the integrity of mail-in votes by elites are not in question, only the plebs.)

          @smithy just write your snide remarks and stay in your warped news bubble. Its predictable.

          Now there’s some weapons-grade irony.

        • Trump would be more authoritarian if he could – he’s stacking institutions with lackeys and rallying Brownshirts for this reason….all for the greater good, of course…