Credlin smashes worker’s enemy, Innes Willox

God help me, I now agree with Peta Credlin, at least on the immigration and Innes Willox questions:

She’s wrong on reform and energy though.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Know IdeaMEMBER

    While not all that she stated resonates, there certainly were a couple of key points that hit the mark.

    Incredibly this message comes from the right wing media! I do hope the left can wake soon from its delusional mind prison of name calling. The main problem being: to escape from a prison you first have to recognise that you are in one.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      She obviously had a one-off brain explosion. What she was saying was not per the standard everyday Sky after Dark script. AJ will need to have a quiet word with her, to get her back on to the same page.
      And as for Willox, didn’t I see him on The Drum not so long ago telling us that he understood the ScoVID-19 plight of young people as he had 5 (?) late teens/early 20s kids of his own at home?

      Still, he got his AM in the June 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours list, so having watched his “p”s and “q”s until then, anything goes now?

      • “She obviously had a one-off brain explosion.”

        Except that Peta Credlin regularly criticises high immigration and the Population Ponzi.

        In truth, it’s only “right-wing” media commentators and outlets that have been prepared to honestly discuss immigration numbers.

        The ABC is hopeless.

    • Left will just double down on their crap as usual. They keep thinking they lose elections because they ain’t woke enough.

    • @ Know Idea
      “Incredibly this message comes from the right wing media!”

      Heaven help us – it will only serve to make the green left double down on their raycism cries and virtue signalling.

      Edit: didn’t see Angry man said same 🙁

  2. So Sky can occasionally read the mood of the room. This must be a topic that they no longer feel like they can control the narrative on. At least for the moment.

  3. In Australia you have to say a lot of words to avoid being called a racist instead of saying exactly the same thing succinctly – “Dear visitors, we now have a lot of unemployed Australians and they need to come 1st in the job queue. We appreciate your contributions, have a nice flight.”

  4. Credlin played a straight bat, her position is no different to yours on immigration. Not sure what her position on reform or energy policy you are referring to in your comment as they were not discussed in this clip. Maybe you can elaborate on that ? DLS vs PC

  5. can we get some DLS onto the SaD? Cougar Credlin Craves Devastatin’ Dave, Economics Slave.

  6. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    She always speaks from a right wing Pro Business position a true sycophant to plutocratic interests.
    I agree we should lower Immigration to protect the sustainability of our democraticly hard fought for welfare system and to provide greater opportunities for working class Australians,… esp young Australians.
    She is just playing a populist card in the service of her current and future employers.
    In reality she couldn’t give a Fk what our immigration numbers are.

    Little will change whilst MPs careerist ambitions trump representing the interests of those that vote for them.
    This Credlin sheila is just another one of the myriad of tools of antidemocratic corporate plutocracy.
    There is no Left or Right faction to this Plutocracy of ours on matters economic just a Social Progressive v Social Conservative circus to keep the plebs the Fk out of the way of economic decision making.

    Its the same the world over,
    “Both parties have shifted well to the right, the Republicans almost off the spectrum. Respected conservative commentator Norman Ornstein described them, plausible, as a ‘radical insurgency’ that has largely abandoned parliamentary politics. Democrats now are mostly what used to be called ‘moderate Republicans.’ There’s ample evidence that most of the population, at the lower end of the income spectrum, is effectively disenfranchised – their representatives pay no attention to their opinions. Moving up the income ladder, influence increases slowly, but it’s only at the very top that it has real impact. Plutocracy masquerading as formal democracy.”

    • Seriously, did you watch it?
      Your 1970s international socialist diatribe is so frustrating to read. So much so, that I am writing this reply, I always shake head and just close the browser.
      Sometimes, just occasionally, once in a while try and see a path to change that means you step off your soap box in fitzroy gardens or hyde park. Your heroic statements of unreachable goals only remind us all that nothing will change because…just because you stick to your locked in views and they are so staunch no one really sees how they can be achievable. Even you, I suspect. Like your insistence that we attend Labor party meetings that are without doubt stacked with your opposites will do just what?
      Credlin has a crap track record but she is what she is, however, even she now sees the chasm Australia is rushing towards that will destroy a generation. Being righteous is not being right.
      Now more than ever all australians regardless of their past greed inspired sins must unite in condemnation and action or a decade of tragic heart break is apon you.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        No real Democracy means no real change buddy.
        What 1970 socialism got to do with that?

  7. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    More dams? Wtf! Thats the last thing that we need! More water soaking into the catchments is what we need. We’ll get that if we encourage and nurture natural forest re-growth, re-vegetate the desert; it can be done given the will, train farmers to implement regenerative agricultural practices, restore damaged flood plains, rivers and creeks, stop land clearing and put a decent price on carbon so that farmers will plant trees to capture atmospheric CO2.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      There is clearly no room for you presently in Australian politics. None of what you stated implicitly or explicitly required increased immigration or big business favour.

    • Absolutely. Will never happen though with this clueless and corrupted lot.

      Instead NSW comes out today to mandate compulsory land clearing for all the idiots who build houses in forests. Again and again and again.

      • NSW comes out today to mandate compulsory land clearing for all the idiots who build houses in forests

        LOL. I hadn’t thought of it like that.

        • Yes, but nothing on the scale of NSW & QLD for cattle. ABC had a program tonight “Fight For Planet A” which painted us as the Brazil of the developed world with 350,000 hectares per *year* in QLD – for cattle – which contribute 10% to GHG.

          We’re gone. Pretty sad show except they forgot to mention the biggest emissions saving anyone can make is to have one less child – let alone take in 380,000 from other countries.

          Good ‘ol Aunty couldn’t bring itself to mention the elephant in the room. Naturally.

          • Yes, but nothing on the scale of NSW & QLD for cattle. ABC had a program tonight “Fight For Planet A” which painted us as the Brazil of the developed world with 350,000 hectares per *year* in QLD – for cattle – which contribute 10% to GHG.

            And how much do you think that would reduce if immigration stopped tomorrow ? Bearing in mind that something in the ballpark of 2/3 of our beef production is for export.

    • Did you watch ABC’s “Fight for Planet A” 8.30 tonight. Quite good but of course no mention of immigration/population numbers contribution

  8. While we are on about Willox, what ever happened to Sad Sally McManus and Willox holding hands and whispering sweet nothings? Are they still lovey-dovey?