A Melbourne nurse with COVID-19 tells his story

My experience as a nurse with covid in Melbourne. From my hotel quarantine.Please share so we can beat this quickly.

Posted by Daniel Collins on Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Above is a must watch video from second year nurse at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Daniel Collins, who is in hotel quarantine suffering from COVID-19.

Daniel Collins speaks of his experience fighting the pandemic and pleads with young people to take COVID-19 seriously after contracting the virus himself.

Daniel’s last statement is especially poignant:

“I just want to say that COVID’s not a conspiracy. It’s a global health emergency. I’ve seen first hand what it does. It might suck that we have to stay inside or wear masks. But the end goal is that we do reduce the cases so that life can return to some semblance of normal, and that we can go and enjoy a beer at the pub with friends again. Honestly, we have to beat it together first.

And that means staying indoors, getting tested if you’re feeling sick. Because trust me, I’ve got COVID and I’m young. And it sucks, it sucks”.

We wish him best in his recovery.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    It sucks, it sucks.

    Uh huh…

    “There are 7,637 cases currently active in Victoria. 5,829 people have recovered.”

    Where are the other 5, 828 vids?

    • billygoatMEMBER

      Fraud cry sus act whore or stay at home game whore given away by adjective overuse, twitchy demeanour, inability to make eye contact and chucking a sickie quality shortness of breath. ZERO EMOTION’ & totally unrelateable. I don’t feel an iota of empathy for the faker.

        • billygoatMEMBER

          Spare me your BS shilling.
          Yet to meet any real life person with covid only those with access to world stage…Tom hanks, uk politicians, who folk, us politicians although have buried elderly family member from old age 87 and handful of suicide which I’m tipping were financially motivated.
          My fave poo tube vids are the empty hospitals & half witted hospital staff performing practices choreographed dance moves on Tick Tock at height of spread which correlate with handful of Melbourne surgeons commenting when asked that no not busy – hospital empty – just doing courses and reading’ Enjoy your $hit $andwich.

          • I had it last September. It isn’t good. Used Ventolin a lot to get through one night in particular. Pretty sure I didn’t sleep for fear of not waking up …

            We should never have isolated the healthy. We should never have shut down / wrecked the economy for a mere 10 deaths under 60. Absolutely ridiculous / treasonous. There is something else afoot for sure.

          • @swmcl sorry to hear you got sick last Sept… and dont ask you to get too personal, but only to clarify… are you saying you got COVID before it was a global pandemic?

          • @ maddz …

            If you care to look around you will see that the Chinese are asking WHO to release the facts concerning a known instance of Covid-19 in a sample of sewerage in Spain in circa April 2019 …

            Covid-19 is not something terribly new.

          • Sunlord BCNMEMBER

            I have heard that it’s been around longer too.
            I think there is a lot we aren’t being told.

          • reusachtigeMEMBER

            I’ve heard that maybe it’s been around for ages and was triggered into action by low sunbeams or something!

          • @swmcl tks, was only askin. I had heard smthg of China’s request of WHO but yes tbh my reaction was more of disbelief. Your personal experience adds weight to “there’s more there”.

          • I doubt you’ve ever met anyone with typhoid either.
            Guess that was a scam conspiracy as well.

          • Your name says it all….billygoat.
            Go and witness firsthand A&E and hear the sounds of people drowning in their own fluild, trying to breathe and gasping for air. No the likes of your kind would never do that. A fool you will ever be. I wouldnt blame nurses for not looking after your kind if you succumbed to covid with dispicable comments like yours.


            Lol. Had enough of this conspiraty sh1te. You’re a hack. Show some evidence to back up yer beliefs.. or yer just another hack having a whinge that the world isn’t the way they prefer it to be (waahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh lockdowns are the worst wahhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and putting your opinions out there without any epistemic filter.

            Go catch HIV, Ebola, the pneumonic plague. Survive them without treatment. Then report back. The same infectious disease experts, the same healthcare community that have suppressed and treated those horrendous diseases are telling us repeatedly that Covid-19 needs attention.

          • If you lived in north or west of Melbourne you would not say that. A mother of 3 in her 40s who I know and works in aged care has spent the last week in the Alfred on deaths door. Recently improved to only(!) be on a ventilator. If she survives there is no guarantee she will work again and no guarantee non lethal plesantries such as chronic fatigue are not in her future. Do us all a favour and get educated before your next bout of verbal diarrohea, which I fear for you is an incurable condition.

        • billygoatMEMBER

          Heres a scary narrative we all had t learn at Primary School …scary stuff…
          But just then up came the big billy-goat _Gruff_.
          “TRIP, TRAP! TRIP, TRAP! TRIP, TRAP!” went the bridge, for the
          billy-goat was so heavy that the bridge creaked and groaned under
          “WHO’S THAT tramping over my bridge?” roared the _Troll_.
          “IT’S I! THE BIG BILLY-GOAT GRUFF,” said the billy-goat, who had an
          ugly hoarse voice of his own.
          “Now, I’m coming to gobble you up,” roared the _Troll_.
          “Well, come along! I’ve got two spears,
          And I’ll poke your eyeballs out at your ears;
          I’ve got besides two curling-stones,
          And I’ll crush you to bits, body and bones.”
          That was what the big billy-goat said; and so he flew at the _Troll_
          and poked his eyes out with his horns, and crushed him to bits, body
          and bones, and tossed him out into the burn, and after that he went up
          to the hill-side. There the billy-goats got so fat they were scarce
          able to walk home again; and if the fat hasn’t fallen off them, why
          they’re still fat; and so:
          Snip, snap, snout,
          This tale’s told out.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      Fraud cry sus act whore or stay at home attention seeking white given away by adjective overuse, twitchy demeanour, inability to make eye contact and chucking a sickie quality shortness of breath. ZERO EMOTION’ & totally unrelateable. I don’t feel an iota of empathy for the faker.

      • Wow so you cant pick up on his overwhelming anxiety? Clearly you lack the ability to read facial micro expressions.

        • I tried reading his posts…. not sure he can pick up on the english language let alone any emotional cues from a sick person.

    • Covid has revealed nursing a curiously attention-seeking profession. Perhaps it’s always playing third fiddle.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        I’m OK with that, they are way more likely to get infected given the environment. What I can’t abide by is the notion that if we’re all in scrubs and surgical masks somehow they won’t get infect. They only see sick people, what do they expect?

      • billygoatMEMBER

        Given the scientific evidence you’d reckon medical frontline worker heroes would have developed herd immunity by now:)

        • Idiot, what science on herd immunity are you referring to?

          Why don’t you go back to your conspiracy theory websites.

    • Sunlord BCNMEMBER


      On a another note guys a massive sunspot on the Sun is turning towards Earth and this could result in strong solar flares. The sunspot AR2770 was detected earlier this week and is expected to grow in size in the upcoming days. Strong flares can cause solar storms that can affect radio communications, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) connectivity, power grids and satellites.

      Cycle 25 is coming to life. Looks like we are headed up in Solar Cycle 25 later this year likely Q4
      I think we are going to see pretty wild weather patterns & volatile markets over the next 6 or so months.

        • Sunlord BCNMEMBER

          Just thought I’d try and lighten things up
          People would prefer to argue about COVID

          • Good try! I was only being tongue in cheek too.

            Reading an interesting book: “Living in the long emergency” by James Howard Kunstler. Chapter 5 is about an interesting and pretty smart guy who has the same interest in sunspots.

          • Sunlord BCNMEMBER

            I had a look, I’m not sure I could take any more catastrophe books
            I’m a pretty big bear on here
            But with what’s coming it scares me

        • I’m so over “The Russians did it” — give me sun spots any day.

          Vlad the Impaler must have a bare spot on the side of his head where’s been scratching it — wondering WTF these western media outlets have been gassing about these past few years.

    • 140 of the new covid cases overnight are health care workers. Why be a healthcare worker when the public says you are faking it.

  2. Gosh I’ve been a long time reader of MB and I have supported many of their views but the fearmongering and hype around Covid is insanity and I read here less and less now. What do you suggest as the solution, no one here has been able to answer that simple question. Hide at home, isolate from the world for months, years, what will our saviour be? How do we re-enter society again? It burnt through our country from Jan to Apr with no protective measures and we didn’t all die. You don’t remember all the planes from Wuhan etc flying in non-stop? We just weren’t testing, I had it but couldn’t get tested as I didn’t travel from Wuhan apparently. Get a grip ffs.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Same. Back in feb in had a brutal fever for about a week, cough that lasted for 2 months, and I’ve been wfh ever since – I called dhhs and they said because I had not been to China or in close contact with someone that had it probably wasn’t and don’t get tested!

      The position on this has been BS every step of the way. They wouldn’t even let the 6 weeks run out before imposing more lockdown..

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Yes that’s exactly right, in the same way that it’s now assumed because you tested positive for covid and die of coronary failure the two are linked. That’s how a pandemic works buddy and if you don’t test – which they literally told me not to do – you won’t know. How is that hard to comprehend?

          • Actually thats exactly how influenza triggers heart attacks too. Peak MIs are 2 weeks after the peak in the flu season. Everyone has plaques in their arteries, the immune system inflammation destabilises them. The more severe the immune response the more likely that you will get a clot break off in the following months.

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          His point is, you are all a bunch of chicken sh1ts taking it up the bum for the party, and not the good kind of party!

        • billygoatMEMBER

          No one has covid except in their mind. Covid is triple 777 mind f$$k. Just 7ayin….no offence to miners

      • I know lots of people who had exactly that back in Jan/Feb. Any of those who were tested had Influenza B. It was circulating in Vic at the time.

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        I think we got it as a family around the same time, was the weirdest “cold/flu”we ever had, knocked us down for a few days, then we got back on with things. I fully believe CV-19 is there, I 100% it is massively over hyped. And for the record I am what is considered a vulnerable person, so is my son. And they wouldnt test us, we didnt need to go to hospital etc etc. The whole thing is a con – con for control.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Back in February the testing advice was based on pre-test probability of returning from an endemic country – at that time the list was four places (China, South Korea, Iran, Italy). Given the limited testing capacity we had and small incidence in Australia, it made sense to only test those who had a reasonable pre-test probability, and not every Joe Bloggs off the street with an URTI.

        Safe to say, you probably didn’t have Sars-CoV-2. If you did, you would have been one of, if not the first, cases of community transmission, and it would probably have to have come from a close contact who returned from one of the four above countries.

        • BS. Safe to say I had it and so did many others but there was no testing of it. You really believe there was no community transmission back then? Please

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Just because you had a bit of man-flu in Feb doesn’t mean you had Covid. Which of your close contacts then had travelled to an endemic area?

          • Safe to say is it. Go and get a coivd anti body test and post a pic of the results on line then.
            Until that happens we can all safely say you have a p**s weak immune system and the common cold.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Had a bunch of yanks in the office during the Australian Open and people in the office – remember those? – started getting sick early Feb. Me was late Feb….

    • “I’ve been a long time reader of MB and I have supported many of their views… I read here less and less now”

      The last time I checked, you are not a paying subscriber. So why should I care?

      “…the fearmongering and hype around Covid is insanity”…

      So we should just let it rip then? Yeah, that’s working out great for the countries using that model… Not!

      I’m pretty sure medical professionals like Daniel Collins, employed to clean up the mess, would be disgusted by your view.

      “What do you suggest as the solution?”

      Pretty obvious. Go for eradication like NZ, WA, SA, TAS, NT, QLD… Then we can return to normal life minus international travel.

      However, this requires robust quarantine for returning Australians, which the Andrews Government sadly bungled.

          • I’m sure you must be wrong – I heard only the other day from Scummo’s own mouth that he and Dan are best of mates!

          • Shouldnt matter (what journos are writing), should it. As long as people can access enough of the facts and use commonsense, we arent dependent on anyone’s opinion. Unfortunately most people arent curious enough and are tuned to one train of thought.

        • wow.. This is just beyond believe – no media coverage and Dan is copping in sweet even by the MB.

          mate – thanks for this great find.

      • Please explain to me Leith, once eradicated if that is even possible how do we re-enter enter a global society, A society that other countries are moving forward with and we are not? How do we do this without any risk? Regarding subscription, while I support your views on housing and immigration, I would be disappointed if I paid a subscription to read the continuous fear mongering similar to mainstream news.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          “Re-enter the global society”? We are already part of it. There is nothing stopping Australian exports. There is nothing stopping overseas goods being imported.
          What you are asking is when will global society to re-enter us.

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            I’m with Charlie – this site was laughing about it being the “boomer doomer” i recall …but now they love covid due to it putting a stop to immigration.
            I’ve got about 160 days left of my sub here…. and it wont be renewed.

        • Please explain to me Leith, once eradicated if that is even possible how do we re-enter enter a global society, […]

          What do you mean by “re-enter” ? Trade ? Travel ? Tourism ?

          • Well some of us have family in UK etc, I guess you think I should never see my parents again, tourism, we have almost nothing to sell to anyone, how long can we continue in isolation do you think?

          • @Charlie – you’re having a whinge about not being able to see your parents again but if we let it rip like you want a lot of people won’t see their parents again because they’ll be dead. Do you see how selfish you are?

          • That isn’t selfish. What is selfish is expecting society to permanently cease it’s normal social and economic function to prevent a risk of harm or death, and one risk only, when it is never asked for the accumulated risks of everything else. Even if we do, mother nature will not care and permanently attempt to ruin our arrangement.

            Being in my 30s my risk of death in any given year is 0.16%. Covid adds 0.02% to that to make 0.18%. It would be entirely selfish if I expected society to stop or bend to my will for the 8x risk of the 0.16% thus it is equally unreasonable to do so for the 0.02%.

            Even my 78 year old mother knows at her age if you have life threatening other morbidities, every day can be death row anyway. There isn’t a need to demand radical societal change just because mother nature has added a new executioner. The behavior cannot be normalised or else the point of living becomes just to avoid death.

          • Well Charlie you are whinging, you know about whinging poms.
            You have a choice, return to the land of your birth and continue as an Englishman, or embrace Australia and our future. Simple. We are far over our sustainable population level of 22 to 23 million people so letting people go home is ok by me.

          • LOL Mig that’s the monarch, Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia – not to be confused with any other legal person.

      • Sweden is an exit strategy.
        New Zealand is a delay and hope strategy, a significantly bigger gamble. It does have advantages however and beats the current suppression nonsense.

        • To be fair, given the little we know about reinfections, Sweden is a hope strategy, too.

          • +1 I don’t understand why people think they know what this virus is gonna do going forward.

      • Leith, people who think they’re getting value from your site pay, those who think you’re selling a mostly inferior product, don’t. Isn’t that how ‘free’ markets work?

      • Maybe non-subscribers offer MB something, that’s why you let them post and read certain articles.

        Perhaps they are valuable eyeballs that help get advertisers.

        Also they provide free content in the form of thoughtful comments that make the site more engaging and dynamic.

        A bit more respect of non-subscribers is important. You don’t have to kiss arse but your increasingly childish responses aren’t required..

          • LOL
            Inpoliteness seem to be a critic of prevalent line of thought as i regularly earn a ban.
            I will be banned now, or tomorrow… and my post will be redacted as i am obviously impolite now.

        • Mystic MedusaMEMBER

          Perhaps also a bit more respect for the incredible job done by Macrobusiness? It takes significant focus, money, commitment, and stamina to build an original site and this community from scratch, not to mention generating pertinent content while also handling the business end of it. My discovery of Macrobusiness several years ago was mindblowing – it was the first time I’d read a counter narrative to the ‘everything is awesome’ story.

      • 1 I’m assuming CharlieM doesn’t read any other newspapers either as most concur with MB, such as to day’s Australian:

        “Covid-infected young facing life of disability”

        The emergence of two clusters of COVID-19 in Newcastle and Sydney’s inner west with no known source has health authorities scrambling to prevent an explosion of infections across the eastern seaboard.

        Behind a paywall.

          • Really? What possible interest do the media have in destroying the economy, which if it was “just a flu” that is what they’d be doing.

            Murdoch and big business rely on immigration and an expanding population for readership and profits

            “They are also trying to justify their hyperbole.”

            Meaning of hyperbole: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

            Again, really? Why would they do that?

            These claims and conspiracy theories on MB are quite tiresome. What they are really saying is that you can’t accept that the world has a pandemic which we were warned of multiple times, both by the incidence of other viruses, and scientific experts, which will change the way the world lives and interacts, probably forever.

            Time to suck it up and move on and adjust to our new reality.

          • @drt15 your questions are odd. Clearly you are incurious about the rabid bias and hyprocrisy of the MSM for the past 5 years.

          • My understanding is quite a few Journos are on JK

            Like Philip Adams etc

            They definitely would be loving being on JK


          • I guess the Chinese welded the infected into apartments to help move this new world order along?

        • What are the statistics on the extent of young people being permanently incapacitated ? Do you think it’s acceptable practice to use the existence of a tiny minority sufferers as an example of the average experience of the virus ?

          Over 80 percent of people of all ages are symptom free.

          • ~80% have heart inflammation indefinitely after initial incidence. ~53% have altered grey matter afterward… affected lungs, organs, & on it goes. Doesn’t sound like something to trivialize or ignore to me.

          • So if you’re 1 of the unlucky ones who ends up permanently disabled. I’m guessing you’ll be fine with making the sacrifice required so we can open up economies again right? That’s awfully selfless of you.

      • @leith “why should I care?” Doesnt read right to me from a business point of view. Im certain this is a glitch, that you understand your business model, and want to stay attractive to potential subscribers.
        It is true, and unfortunate, that posters dont have to share the same restraints as editors, however MB as a site has benefited and cultivated posters of this ilk by virtue of being a refuge for the (market) contarian.
        Id caution there is a high mindedness, or an air to “being right” that can easily creep because we are so polarised but still it isnt attractive. All the best and stay safe and healthy Leith.

    • Could yo kindly provide evidence that Covid burnt through our country Jan to March? Thanks in advance

        • Coolcoolcoolcool

          So a claim you conveniently aren’t able to back up

          Because no evidence

          Dear me

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        From what can be gleaned from the tremendous scientific output focused on Covid, there appears to be a limited immunity of 3 to 12 months conferred.
        If that is the case, elimination would be a better strategy for island states.

        • That’s just antibodies level. You have memory T and B lymphocyte cell that last a lifetime.
          Experiments with cold coronavirus showed about 10% could be reinfected, which could be due to the lack of severity of the infection not triggering a strong immune response.

        • +1 I agree. Evidence to date is that there is limited time immunity after infection. Further there are significant bad residual effects for a lifetime. Its simple, stay home or be careful and trust it is isolated and the virus dies out,. It can be done.
          Too bad about ego or crazy thoughts, just buckle down or leave Aus for a country more to your persuasion.
          We have too many people, it’s ok to wave goodbye.

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      In most of Australia life is now fairly normal.

      We are out drinking in pubs, eating in restaurants, going to gyms and going to work.

      The only problem, if you think this is a problem, is that we have realised that lots of jobs can be done at home and THAT has undermined a bunch of business models connected to commuting and working in offices. We can thank COVID-19 for forcing us to confront the absurdity that was the daily mass commute.

      Yes, people are washing their hands and being careful with some wearing masks and international people movements will require careful quarantine measures for an extended period if not indefinitely.

      So what?

      Victoria is not doing the above because they have an incompetent government who could not operate a quarantine service and the rest of Australia don’t want to catch what thousands of Victorians are now catching.

      You may believe it just the flu but if you want to convince people of your beliefs you (and the rest of the skeptics like Andrew Bolt and SkyNews) best start making videos of people who have actually had COVID-19 (not just think they have) so the general public can watch their testimony about how it is “just the flu”.

      Maybe you will convince them but if you can’t don’t blame the public.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        5828 others out there….

        I’d rather be in the other bubble with the rest of the world than the one with the rest of Australia & NZ.

        Blessing in disguise maybe, the rest of us manage the virus and you can be pristine and bored..

        • Agree how do we re-enter the world without risk? No one can answer this here, no one! I’ve asked so many times.

          • pfh007.comMEMBER

            What do you mean “re-enter the world”?

            We never left it.

            Trade in goods has never stopped.

            Neither have communications.

            With strict quarantine long stay people movements should be possible right now or soon.

            International movement of people for short stays is the only thing that is likely to remain restricted for an extended period but so what?

            We don’t let our animals cross borders without extended quarantine for good reason what makes humans so special?

            Welcome to the new normal.

          • But it would be the ‘new normal’ for us and us alone. It absolutely is a competitive disadvantage compared to the rest of the World of which the collateral damage is felt for years. Not to mention one single seep through the crack or vaccine that just isn’t very effective and you’re dragged kicking and screaming back to everyone else’s normal anyway.

            Honestly, the new normal and what it would do to achieve and maintain scares me more than a disease with a 99.6% recovery rate and IFR for under 70s of the amount of the flu accross the population that we accept year on year.

            I realise my view is not yet the majority but 6 more months of rolling lockdowns (one over Christmas would be a disaster) may start changing some minds…

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            The problem is restricted borders destroy the Property Ponzi. Taiwan and Japan can do restricted borders because they have diverse economies based on a strong manufacturing sector.

            New Zealand will suffer, but NZ has a much smaller economy and Kiwis are used to getting by on the smell of an oily rag, in the cold.

            The Australian economy really is Houses and Holes, with only 3% or less working in the Holes part. That leaves 97% of workers in the economy adrift.

            The world has changed. It’s not going back and no one is going to bail us out this time. It’s time to diversify the economy, but we don’t have a federal government capable of entertaining the notion.

            I can’t imagine what a bunch of soft cocks you guys would be in a war.

          • So we opened our international border for returning residents not even long stays as you say and a small flaw still let it escape. Elimination is only a short term strategy, are you all blind?

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            The world can not function as it did before, and that includes borders. You’d be blind to think it could.

          • Uplifting to see more people on here talking common sense rather than the usual ‘echo chamber’ of lock us up.
            I’ve been asking the same questions and can never get an answer either, it’s normally just stupid abuse instead.

          • This point has been raised numerous times and, I agree, no one has offered any constructive answers. Elimination is only valuable to the extent that a vaccine is imminent. It should be clear that if a vaccine isn’t imminent then the strategy will have been a waste, other than to put life on pause for a bit. Most of my social circle understand this, which is a relief, as this is a polarising (and precarious) topic.

            Anyway, the right way forward will be known in hindsight and history will judge those whose assuredness about the correct solution will be exposed as arrogance (and/or ignorance). As an observer of the competing arguments I watch on with interest.

          • I’m shocked by the self assuredness more than anything. It’s how you can be certain that someone is wrong.

          • We don’t. Not everything has a solution. Or a good one anyway.
            Those countries that let it rip won’t be attractive for people tp go to anyway so I dont see where the disadvantage to Aus lies… and those that dont let it rip + eliminate will not want to let people in. Immigration for a long time will be at very low levels and tourism will be low. I dont think it makes the slightest diff if you let it rip or not. The elmination strategy just prioritises the incumbent population over immigrants. Dont like it? Go back to where you come from and stay closer to your parents. It is how it used to be anyway even 30 or 40 yrs ago. Plus it is good for the planet we do less of travelling all around. I am seeing fewer downsides as this thing keeps going.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            “what makes humans so special?” you mean besides the fact we make the rules and animals do whatever they want and most certainly aren’t restricted in movement – just the ones stuck to humans…

            Geez P. what makes humans so special, really?

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Elimination is only valuable to the extent that a vaccine is imminent

            Elimination is valuable if it becomes possible to quickly and reliably identify infected individuals, and especially if an effective treatment is developed.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Well HIV is a lifelong illness in the overwhelming majority of cases, so that’s hardly a reasonable comparison.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Because HIV isn’t a self-limiting illness than be passed from person to person by incidental contact. HIV will only “go away” if people with it die and don’t pass it on anymore. If we locked everyone down for 125 years, we could be 100% sure it would be eliminated.

        • pfh007.comMEMBER

          “.. I’d rather be in the other bubble with the rest of the world…”

          There is no rest of the world bubble.

          There are hundreds of bubbles.

          Some are well managed and living fairly normally and some like Victoria are a mess.

          I hope that Victoria gets on top of this outbreak fast as Trump has already volunteered 350 million Americans for the “let it rip“ experiment.

          We should observe the USA experiment from our bubble in our dank pubs with plenty of beer.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            You mean besides his country leading the world in incidence, mortality, and a lack of any coherent strategy emanating from the White House?

            None at all.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            That’s incompetence and mismanagement, not policy.

            If you’re only interested in looking at outcomes, what’s the difference ?

          • Are you kidding? Sweden’s was a coordinated policy. USA is no policy. Never attribute to malice that which can easily be attributed to ignorance.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Trump’s approach has by any objective measure been worse than Sweden’s; not only has everything been left open but the vulnerable not protected, and no central public health message has been issued.

            I don’t think you get to spin around after 6 months and go “pardon my ignorance”. If a bushfire rampaged for 6 months and nothing was done to help, do you get to turn around and go “oh, there is a fire?”

          • pfh007.comMEMBER


            “..That’s incompetence and mismanagement, not policy…”

            Agreed – but it qualifies as “..already volunteered..” which was deliberately ambiguous but was not intended to imply there is a formal policy of the Federal Government to take no measure to limit the spread of the virus.

            By the way I hope your family and friends back in the states are ok.

        • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

          Australia-the country that cannot stand to be alone. Well, if we learnt to be a little bit more independent, instead of relying on migration to define us, maybe we could grow up a little. Maybe Covid will be the circuit breaker.

      • Why should they be allowed to do that?
        There is a line somewhere. When someone’s views undermine a public health message which is crucial to managing a pandemic I really don’t why see why it should be allowed.

    • The fearmongering and hype around Covid is insanity

      Idiotic comment. The Covid-deniers are true cloaca-brains💩. Just look at what happened to 41-year old Xand van Tulleken, a young TV star doctor and his twin brother:

      ►Nearly died
      ►Now left with permanent heart damage

      The deniers are just too dumb to recognize a pantechnicon when it’s barreling straight at them. 😴

      • Well hide in a box for the rest of your life ffs. Look at the statistics from the US and Europe, most including myself have little to no effect. So as a young person with a family my future should be destroyed to protect you. Maybe it’s time you and the rest of the paranoid individuals here get off your phat backside, exercise and eat as healthy as possible and therefore protect yourself from illness, disease and reduce your risk of covid complications.

        • Bad reactions to SARS-CoV-2 has nothing to do with exercise and living healthily. It’s mostly genetic. The doctor I linked above is perfectly fit and slim, yet now maimed by this virus. Obesity is a risk factor, yes, but about ½ of all Aussies are obese, so good luck with that.

          And why is your future “rooned”? Find a way around this. What are you, a taxi driver?

          • An Australian aged less than 75 years old has more chance of being eaten by a great white shark than they have chance of dying from Covid. This includes everyone living West of the Great Dividing Range and East of the Perth hills.

            Spare me the examples made of the extremely unlucky young people who have suffered extensively from the virus and are now being paraded as average examples .

          • It’s not just the dying, Einstein, it’s the damage to brain, heart and other organs.

            Oh, never mind ….. 🙄

          • And who is more at risk? Those with obesity, hypertension, type2 diabetes. The immune deficient and elderly should be protected. I rest my case.

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        I think the term “covid-denier” is a misnomer most people dont deny it exists, they deny its any where near as serious as we are being told. I find it interesting that so many apparently intelligent people on MB like to apply labels to views that do not agree with theirs. Would you call the Police and have these so called “covid-deniers” arrested if you could ??

        • It’s denying science. Science tells us that this is a mofo bad bug. The let-it-rippers are deniers, dumb, and some even psychopathic.

          • Yep, all the scientists are profiting from COVID, just like the climate scientists are part of a global conspiracy. Thanks for the unique insights!

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Absolutely, every doctor in the world is on BiG pHaRmA’s payroll and, despite their own friends, family, economic interests and personal ambitions, are all acting as part of some coordinated campaign of fear and misinformation.

            Where do you people go to school?

        • Yep the science coming out of the Lancet and NEMJ are top notch, they would never use fabricated numbers to massage their outcomes.

      • DodgydamoMEMBER

        Thanks for this, will seek it out to watch…Drs Xand and Chris are great. Looks to be quite an eye opener

    • I used to pay to come here for a macro view of business. If I want ill informed medical opinion there are no shortage of junior staff wandering around at work and it is free.
      Rupert is looking to MB for inspiration on how to cover an issue tendentiously.

    • Our medics are not capable of telling us when this will stop, we have to wait for the answer from the politicians.

    • If you’re not in WA I hope it stays that way. Things are pretty much back to normal here, other than for the social distancing bit you can go to a restaurant /cafe etc, have a beer in the pub and pretty much do as you like. We’d like it to stay that way so all those cv19 deniers, non believers or it’s just the flu stay the fuk away.

      Thank you.

        • BigDuke6MEMBER

          I dont approve of medics whining to the media – its a bad show.
          Its like all those surgical trainees who whinge about bullying to the SMH because someone finally told them they were useless, a danger to the public and to do something else.
          you have to treat them with kid gloves but standards have to be maintained otherwise all you lot will suffer.

  3. dosbitzelMEMBER

    I came off a flight from the US in Feb. A week later everyone in my household had a dry cough and intermittent fever, my partner who suffers asthma got hit hardest. We called the local hospital to see about testing but at that point they weren’t concerned because I hadn’t traveled to or from mainland China and to call back if symptoms got worse. We had all the symptoms minus loss of taste and smell.
    After the cough and fevers left we both spent 2-3 months finding it hard to breathe, Ive never had asthma or any other respitory issues yet some days it felt like I had just run up a hill yet I was stationary in my car driving to work. My partners Asthma was the worst she had had in years. We had to get steroids eventually to try and clear up our lungs.
    If it infact was Covid19 we had (I was at Staples Centre 24 hours before flying which was later revealed to be a hot spot in LA at the time) the symptoms were mild and manageable but my lungs took months to get back to normal capacity.
    If it wasn’t Covid we had there is no way in hell I want to try the real thing because the loss of lung function was anxiety inducing.
    Ill be masking up and staying at home.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      thanks for sharing the personal experience. I hope you and your wife have, or eventually do make, full recoveries.

      Out of interest, I assume that you share your personal experience directly with friends and family and co-workers ? What is the general attitude of those that you tell this story to in person ?

      • dosbitzelMEMBER

        I work maintenance in construction mostly solo and am generally quite insular hence my mainly lurking on here so I haven’t really had a large audience although the people I have told seem to have a somewhat interested indifference. We have both made full recoveries in the lungs. For what its worth my partners GP is confident we had it due to how long we were experiencing breathing difficulties. I’m mid 30’s and quite active (weight lifting etc) and it kicked me around in a way no other flu or cold has.

      • Daughter’s friends in Preston, Vic, young couple neighbours also returned in Feb from US and suffered similarly. Still unwell and anxious I gather.

        The Australian has an article in today outlining this. Behind a paywall. heading:-

        “Covid-infected young facing life of disability”

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yep. That syndrome was definitely going around in Jan-Mar. I had it. Some nights I struggled to breath. Everything tasted metallic. And the ringing ears I still get. Not to mention the loose poop. But hey, sh1t happens.

    • Ajaydee73MEMBER

      My mother in law had something that sounds identical in Feb. But of course they weren’t allowing tests then. There is a Youtuber from the US who had the same thing in January. More recently he had a test for antibodies and it came back positive. This thing has spread much further than the tested/confirmed numbers would lead you to believe.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      I still have days where I get dizzy and actually the mask makes it much worse.

      But ask yourself, if it wasn’t covid why does nobody care what it was despite so many, even on this page, describe these symptoms?

          • I was very concerned about all the MB punters reporting in sick when you first did months ago. But you all stopped posting about it pretty much as soon as all the ideological battles regarding lockdowns had been fought and won here. Then as everyone started opening up again and enjoying some freedoms there was still no updates on this supposedly super concerning illness.

            You even went back to being your old self of just being a sh!tposting d!ck. No mentions of super concerning illness.

            Now that the ideological battles of lockdowns are pointlessly being fought again, surprise surprise – you’re all back to being super concerned about this illness none of you had posted about for months.

            For the record, three families in my extended family went down with similar illness as you at the same time, even some recurring symptoms now. Two of them work in health, got tested, literally the flu. They’ve been tested a couple of times no covid. You tell me which is more likely you all had

        • Have you not read the info given out by the various health depts on this seasons flu? Nearly dead and buried on all counts, so the odds are it’s unlikely that those MB posters who reported their symptoms all had the flu.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yeah it’s amazing how rare strange things can occur to people in life and then make the news. Unfortunate for sure.

    • The SMH story on the fit GP who survived but now has a scarred heart (no exercise) and epileptic seizures (no driving or bike riding) was also sobering

      Unfortunately, many people do not heed warnings like this. They only sit up and take notice when it affects them personally, or their loved ones, or their immediate circle.

      That’s also the reason we have hordes of climate deniers. It just seems so remote until it affects you personally, for a lot of people. It’s an evolutionary weakness. We don’t care much about other people, or even our own descendants, unless we already know them.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        There is also a deep resentment of expertise, growing in parallel with the ongoing automation of our working lives.

        • i think it’s understandable that people are p1ssed. it’s clear that those who suffer most from economic shutdown (poor, young, underemployed) are those who were already getting screwed by the system. and it’s more likely the crisis will result in the screws being tightened more on the neoliberal project rather than using this as a chance to reasses society’s values and priorities.

          that said, for me letting it up will represent the final victory of neoliberal values in Australia. we’ve thrown in the towel on any idea of returning to a society based on ethical values and a shared vision of belonging – it’s pure individualism and the final victory of the interests of big capital over the social collective. maybe we already passed that mark a generation ago…but abandon hope all ye….

          • Yes we are merely an economy rather than a society supported by an economy.

            The more we import from dog-eat-dog cultures like India and China, the more this will be seen

            We need to have a vision in the way Federation set a tone for what Australian society should be.

      • Yup, if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, ergo, it’s FAKE.

        Before we came down from the trees this was no doubt a valuable trait and helped us survive in the small groups we evolved to live in, but our inability now to realise and act ahead of a disaster is what will destroy us. Covid or GW = identical reaction, as you so aptly observe.

        No other species has the ability to recognise disaster before it strikes, and it seems the majority of humans don’t either.

      • Ironic then that you insist on pretending to not acknowledge that the vast , vast majority of people who catch it recover well and they do so easily. This is without mentioning the 80 percent of people who are symptom free or the 98 percent of people who will never catch it at all.

      • World is now shutting down coal plants faster than it’s opening them

        coal-fired generators are being shut down so rapidly there may be none operating by 2025.

        What else do you want?

  4. Ajaydee73MEMBER

    The virus will disappear fastest if it’s allowed to die out naturally. It’s currently dying out in the US, but would have done so sooner if it weren’t for the lockdowns. The lockdowns didn’t save lives, it just destroyed jobs and businesses.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Cases in the US fell during lockdown, and are now rising again rapidly.

      You don’t get to just make up your own facts because the real ones are too hard to understand.

      • Here’s a fact : In that hotbed of adequate healthcare and social discipline known as India , there is a fatality rate of 31 people per 1,000,000 who die from COVID in association with other, probably terminal , co- morbidities .

        Perhaps you should scan the extent of viral ruination amongst the other 190 odd countries where COVID isn’t utterly politicised to alter the outcome of domestic elections.

      • @ RSensai

        “You don’t get to just make up your own facts because the real ones are too hard to understand.”

        Why not? Trump does.

        The pied piper of lies and obfuscation with a horde of all-too-willing ignoramuses, narcisists and sociopath followers.

  5. Ahhhh….the glory days of fear mongering !

    This is a personal favourite of the genre. Screen shot taken in the first week of April as a prediction for deaths in Indonesia during that month alone . Three weeks to go from the prediction!


    It’s worth remembering how we got to be in this position of normalised panic spread. It was an initial shock and awe campaign followed up by continued farcical-level fake news and fear propaganda.

    • [img]https://i.ibb.co/d4sHT0n/8-DF5-D00-A-8-CBF-4-EB2-BD9-F-A88-A6-ACB8-A1-D.png[/img]

      Old saying: never trust a troll who cannot even get html right.

      • Not sure why you’re attacking me personally ?

        Anyway , the image was a screen shot of the televised prediction of over 250,000 deaths in Indonesia by the end of April 2020 . Prediction was made first week of that month. The Indonesian fatality stats currently sit at 5600 deaths over 4 months past the deadline.

        Don’t you get the feeling that the virus is being massively oversold ? I was an initial believer in the COVID Armageddon. I left Indonesia in February so that I could be safe back in Oz as it unfolded. I wore a face mask on the flight back to Oz ! I won a carton from a fella who wagered that the virus would be out of the news within a month. Since then I’ve gradually lost respect for the official narrative as it’s utterly at odds with every single prediction made .

        I’m not the enemy, just a fella with a different opinion on an issue with no genuine consensus.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Is it entirely possible that a model/prediction is made by a series of underlying assumptions, and should those assumptions (such as government intervention, people’s own behaviour in self-isolating hygiene, limiting movement etc) are incorrect, than the model is too?

          Frankly, I’d have been more surprised if the model was correct.


            Agreed. There’s a saying in statistics. “all models are wrong, some are useful”.

        • Yep Indonesia is the paragon of honesty when it comes to COVID stats. Probably due to their prayers:

          The issue has garnered nationwide debate in Indonesia, with the country’s health minister Terawan Agus Putranto calling the Harvard study “insulting” and arguing Jakarta has not yet recorded a single case “all because of prayers”.

          Their health minister seems to know what he is on about.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Why does Indonesia bother having a health system? Just pray it away!

            (spoiler: does not work, Covid is ravaging US bible belt despite overwhelming thoughts and prayers)

        • Not sure why you’re attacking me personally ?

          Because you’re trolling with copy-paste boilerplate links from other forums.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Oh you really are the king of panic merchants. How do you survive your extreme fear?

  6. This bloke actually hasn’t displayed any serve symptoms yet. Maybe we should see and update post in a few days time before we all start to panic over him.

    Also, with the reports of people dying in their 30s, can they also post any other health conditions they may or may not have had?? Funny how they stress “but could not provide more information about the case”???????

  7. The only solid stats / maths i see are that its close to 90% of people who die from it are over 70 y.o.
    Also the 10% under 70 also may or may not have a pre existing condition they know about , or they aren’t aware of.


    • Jesus, get with the program, man! It’s not dying we’re worried about, it’s the disability, the damage to brain, heart, lungs. FFS, stop this bullshet.

      • Anecdotal, I’ve come from not knowing anyone who was infected with SARS-Cov-2, to knowing someone who knows someone who was infected, to now knowing someone who was infected.

        51 year old woman, healthy, ideal weight for her age and height, eats healthy, exercises and yoga 5 days a week, suppliments Vitamn C, Vitamin D, Zinc tablets daily, started supplimenting from January. Being from East Asia, she jump on the suppliments and masks early.

        3 weeks, quite sick, bloody sick for 4 of those days (thought she was going to die, no ventilator required), 3-1/2 days in hospital. Recovered, recovered? Now on tablets to regulate her thyroid gland, recommended she takes them for 6 months, then they’ll see. Sensation of tingling and numbness waves up and down her right arm that comes and goes, no trigger, no consistency, heat flushes come and go when ever, as with sleepiness.

        She went to a neurologist last week to determine whether the tingling and numbness were due to nerves in her arm, or some other motor neuron whatever, the neurologist has referred her to another nerve specialist to confirm his findings that, it is indeed the nerves in her arm that are damaged, and the damage, in his words, done by the virus, is permanemt.

        I really don’t want to catch this thing.

  8. Aussies Not Doing The Right Thing

    Those complaining about the lockdowns, what it does to the economy, what being cut off from the rest of the world will do to the economy, just have to learn to live with less. We’re entering a new world. Not everyone will be able to trade in the Discovery every 3-5 years LOL. Overseas holidays replaced with a week at the caravan park by the coast.

    Literally not my problem if people didn’t have 12 months of living expenses saved up, or didn’t plan for the worst case scenario. If it wasn’t COVID it could have been illness, illness of a loved one, normal recession, industry becoming redundant, etc. What were these people planning to do in those circumstances?

    • Do you not realise most of these people you whinge about have been living from hand to mouth before this virus, some because they’ve loaded themselves up with debt and others because of their inability to gain well paid employment.

  9. “Melbourne attention whore posts facebook video …”
    If he thinks a viral infection is bad, wait until he completes his studies and sees what other trauma is out there.

    • So you’ve moved from sneering at climate scientists to sneering at actual medical people who work in emergency rooms?

      What a prince.

      • Ah, hes still a student. If hes this surprised by some viral symptoms maybe he picked the wrong profession. Wait til you see some smashed up bodies, or a serious case of MRSA Necrotizing fasciitis.

        So you’ve moved from a climate doomer to a virus doomer. That wasn’t foreseeable.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          Some of us have family members and friends working in those Hospitals. The people working day in and day out are all at high risk of catching covid.
          Your contribution is sht posting on a blog forum. Your mother must be so fkn proud.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Except you don’t catch trauma or nec fas off someone who comes into your ED. So that analogy’s a non-starter.

          • So you think the worst thing this second year nursing student will see in his career is Covid? Really?
            You are correct though the MRSA probably won’t walk into the ED, it is likely already there and in the operating theatres.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            There’s a pretty blindingly obvious difference between seeing pathology, and taking pathology home with you.

        • V,

          He’s an RN, not a trainee. I think by 2 yr RN he means he’s in his 2nd yr as a RN.

          Edit: just spoken to a RN and she said your only call yourself an RN after you’ve completed your training and registered by the appropriate authority.

  10. TightwadMEMBER

    Just reading the comments today is a fascinating example of how the reaction to this virus is fracturing our society.
    One group watches in horror as we turn into something akin to N Korea with troops patrolling the streets and curfews. The other group are screaming that everyone should be locked up and stripped of their civil rights with no end game other than more lock downs and no one allowed to leave or enter the country.
    There is no reconciliation to this other than as time goes by more and more people are realising that a virus that only affects a tiny percentage of the population is not a good enough reason to trash all of our civil liberties and pass all control of our lives to a handful of bureaucrats in order to obtain a ‘perception’ of safety.

    • only affects a tiny percentage of the population

      Please present your published research disproving the research showing long-term problems in a large % of “recovered” patients. Until then, fer gawd sake STFU.

      • What is long term about 6 months?
        You know what else our governance even admits is related to organ and brain issues?
        Now ask if all of society is walking round with perma-busted organs from every previous flu outbreak or whether millions of years of evolution means our bodies are tuned to adapt and repair from a pathogen like this.

        • If you still have symptoms after 6 months, it’s a serious consequence. It will probably be with you for years, or for life.

        • Says who? What % at 6 months anyway and how much damage? Is damage showing less?

          I know Team Panic have their hearts set on this, but they may need to be open to the alternate that it is not the case…

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      One group watches in horror as we turn into something akin to N Korea with troops patrolling the streets and curfews. The other group are screaming that everyone should be locked up and stripped of their civil rights with no end game other than more lock downs and no one allowed to leave or enter the country.

      I think you mean, one group thinks that the precautionary principle in the face of a new disease makes perfect sense, one group cares only what happens to themselves and is happy to take that chance and a third is beset by paranoia and believes they are being persecuted.

      • TightwadMEMBER

        I think ‘precautionary principles’ is an understatement for curfews, masks, track and trace, lockdowns etc.
        The problem is I wish to continue living the rest of my life in the knowledge that the mortality rate of COVID is akin to me being in car accident not trembling in my lounge room, however, I have no criticism if you wish to hide yourself away.

          • Exactly, imagine if we find out in 1-2 years 10-30% of those infected and survived have chronic illnesses – lung, heart, neurological issues which affects their ability to contribute to society. As well as the economic impact of increasing unemployed/higher health costs it can reduce the overall health of people to make them more susceptible to Covid again in the future you are only immune for a short period of time.

            Letting the virus rip also gives China an asymmetric advantage where if it does have a long term impact on a large part of Western populations that could not control it they have a very easy track to supremacy. If ‘it is just the flu bro’ and will eventually spread to all their population then they will have to face the music economically as well.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          I think ‘precautionary principles’ is an understatement for curfews, masks, track and trace, lockdowns etc.

          Not really. It’s a highly infectious disease about which we know relatively little.

          The problem is I wish to continue living the rest of my life in the knowledge that the mortality rate of COVID is akin to me being in car accident not trembling in my lounge room, however, I have no criticism if you wish to hide yourself away.

          Yes. You’ve made it perfectly clear you fall into the “fvck yous, I’m good” group, which is why all this faux concern about “fracturing society” is such transparent bvllsh!t.

  11. TightwadMEMBER

    Every experts prognostications/models/forecasts on this subject have been complete garbage.
    Incidentally, you are a prime example of someone who becomes offensive when your opinions are challenged,

    • Plus 1

      I warned some senior public health officials at the start of this that constant prognostications and daily briefings were going to be counter-productive.
      Sadly turns out to be the case.

      Hugh hendry puts it best from 35s to 1min.

      • Hugh Hendry, the guy who was so unsuccessful as a fund manager that he went bust and retired in ignominy? That Hugh Hendry? Great source of advice!

        • Well retirement on St Barts can’t be too bad, better than the malthusian hole you crawled out of no doubt.

          • I’m sure his poor clients’ money is allowing him to live large. Your hero, eh? Figures.

          • So many strawmen, where to begin? So I agree with one idea from the man and now hes my hero? I must have missed where that is stated.
            FFS, you basically have to be an accredited investor – presumably you know what that means – to have had access to those hedge funds, so who is ‘poor’ here?

  12. The more lockdowns the better.
    Anything to fvck this garbage v1brant ponzi scheme economy and start again.
    A vaccine is not needed. Just a rapid test for entry to places of frequent meeting will lower the transmission rate that the virus dies out.

    • +1 to the more lockdowns the better, if people don’t like it can go live in another country. Stop whinging, stop whining.

    • Agree. Couldn’t see the population p0nzi being crushed without the lockdowns – a small price to pay to see the likes of Liz Allen and the university migration lobby smashed. Businesses reliant on migrant slave labour led by the Innes Willox should also get a shellacking and should hopefully never rise again.

      The icing on the cake is self declared genius Codpiece Joye to be embarrassed further, as well as the 1mpotence of the RBA. Meanwhile twitter is going nuts with left wingers trashing ABC journos for defending their News Corp colleagues.

      Who needs drugs when one has schadenfreude?

    • Agree. Couldn’t see the population ponzi being crushed without the lockdowns – a small price to pay to see the likes of Liz Allen and the university migration lobby smashed. Businesses reliant on migrant slave labour led by the Innes Willox should also get a shellacking and should hopefully never rise again.

      The icing on the cake is self declared genius Codpiece J0ye to be embarrassed further, as well as the impotence of the RBA. Meanwhile twitter is going nuts with left wingers trashing ABC journos for defending their News Corp colleagues.

      Who needs drugs when one has schadenfreude?

    • The problem is the second it’s relaxed the Powers that Be will crank up the fvcking ponzi scam x100000000. Look at the 30,000 foreign students that were due here secretly in July before lockdown part 2 happened.

  13. He’s definitely from Melbourne (or MALben as they say down there). There’s no doubt in my mind about that.

    Is his video more about attention seeking, getting likes, self-promotion, etc.? Maybe.

    Reminds me of leave Britney alone.

    Leave COVID alone!!

    Anyway, I wish the bloke a speedy recovery in any case.

  14. What if…..
    What if this was engineered..
    What if, a country engineered it and had a control…
    What if they could send ppl to countries with different strains…
    Hmmm…A Cold war is interesting..

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      What if the virus got from bats to humans via the Chinese trade in wildlife. No conspiracy, just what has happened previously and will happen again while ever the trade exists.

    • There is no “what if” on engineering this virus etc. Have you only been following this for 5 minutes? Virologist have stated quite clearly and quite often that the DNA shows it isn’t man-made or been interfered with.

      However it got into humans did not involve any human planning.