States brawl over hotel quarantine

Last week, Victoria ceased accepting international arrivals at Melbourne International Airport, owing to the explosion of COVID-19 cases arising from failed hotel quarantine.

This ban meant that 65 international commercial passenger flights due to arrive at Melbourne Airport between 1 July and 14 July would need to land elsewhere.

However, the NSW Government over the weekend also limited arrivals at Sydney Airport to just 450 per day – 1% of pre-pandemic levels – as Sydney struggles to cope with an influx in its hotel quarantine system.

In doing so, the NSW Government has  called upon the federal government to more evenly spread the load of international arrivals and quarantine around Australia:

“New South Wales has borne the overwhelming burden of returning Aussies on behalf of the nation … I only think it’s fair, given those diversions, that other states take on those flights from Melbourne,” [Premier Gladys Berejiklian said]…

This is fair enough. The primary reason why New South Wales and Victoria have incurred the lion’s share of COVID-19 infections is because they have taken the overwhelming majority of international arrivals into quarantine:

The other jurisdictions lobby incessantly for more immigration, which has flowed overwhelmingly into Sydney and Melbourne.

They should put their money where their mouth is and accept a fair share of international arrivals into quarantine.

Leith van Onselen


  1. DominicMEMBER

    We’re virtually Covid-free here in QLD, so, er, no …

    Off to Alice Springs for youse.

  2. I reckon the other states should say “given NSW has had the lions share of immigration for the last 10 years, they have the best infrastructure in place to support this influx as they have been for the last decade”

  3. This seems counter intuitive to me. Why would you send more people that you just know are going to be infected to areas where there is no infection. You just risk spreading it to the rest of the country. I dont understand how we can be so strict and smart when it comes to quarantine of animal and vegetable diseases to protect our flora and fauna but so stupid when it comes to this. The best thing to do now is send ALL international arrivals to Victoria for quarantine and close the borders of victoria to all people. No one in or out to victoria. This way the risk does not spread to other states. And why are we wasting money to use hotels. The airports are not busy. Passengers should be marched off the plane straight to a barb wire fenced off areas in the airport grounds with tents that keeps each group separate to wait out the quarantine. And no body leaves for 4 weeks and without a negative result. Anyone refusing to get tested gets to stay indefinitely until they agree.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      Support this as it makes sense. Instead we will do the opposite.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      Only ‘normal’ passengers Angryman. The rich and influential are allowed back to their mansions to ‘self isolate’. Good on you Kerry. As to our efficiency with regard to animal products, at least they’re dead so they can’t get into their Holden utes and tow a boat over the border using some minor track….
      During the tough phase of the lockdown in Qld (April) my wife and I were overtaken on a country road by 5 guys all in the same car laughing their heads off at something. They were going at a hell of a rate but you hoped that they wouldnt crash. The bodies might have infected the ambulance & rescue services.

  4. surfbeach2536

    “The other jurisdictions lobby incessantly for more immigration, which has flowed overwhelmingly into Sydney and Melbourne.”

    What jurisdictions are lobbying? I just thought it was the Feds caving into big business…

  5. When they say returning “Australians”, do they mean citizens? Dual passport holders? Permanent residents? Existing visa holders? It’s hard to know what that term means anymore.

    • Reus's largeMEMBER

      people with $$$ is the only thing that matters to #scottyfrommmarketing so I expect there to be plenty of those inbound still

    • All of the above.
      Australian residence and citizenship has been degraded to the point of meaninglessness.

  6. Just charge travelers for their stay in quarantine. Problem solved, you’re welcome.

  7. You are all soft hysterical people with no literacy when it comes to numbers concerning the virus.

    I think you are all enjoying the hysteria, WFH, and being antisocial hermits.

    You’re all pathetic cry babies.

  8. Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

    Brought to you by Leith “QLD open the borders dummies!” Van Onselen
    Sorry champ cannot take you seriously on this stuff anymore.