Ruby Princess another government COVID-19 failure

The decision to let passengers disembark from the cruise ship ‘Ruby Princess’ when it arrived in Sydney on 19 March has been linked to hundreds of COVID-19 cases and at least 22 deaths.

The New South Wales Government subsequently launched an inquiry into the events surrounding the disembarkation.

Documents provided to the inquiry indicate that an Australian Border Force (ABF) officer gave permission for passengers to disembark after mistaking test results of passengers with flu-like symptoms. The officer thought they had tested negative for COVID-19 when they had actually tested negative for the flu.

Labor says the federal government should now apologise to the NSW government, given the head of the ABF had previously blamed the NSW government for the incident:

Labor has seized on the revelations the ABF officer had given informal clearance to disembark and then misunderstood testing results before a final decision. The shadow home affairs minister, Kristina Keneally, has called on the federal government to apologise after the head of the ABF previously blamed the NSW government for the incident.

The commonwealth’s submission, seen by Guardian Australia, explains that after the Ruby Princess arrived in Sydney at 2.30am on 19 March, an ABF officer (Officer O) gave verbal authorisation to disembark between 6am and 7am – before test results had been obtained from passengers including at least 11 in isolation.

At 7.31am, a second ABF officer exchanged text messages with the NSW Health department, which advised the ship was “low risk” despite “elevated numbers of flu” and “all are OK to debark”.

There’s no doubt that Ruby Princess was a major blunder by the ABF. It drove the first wave of COVID-19 infection in NSW, illustrated clearly below:

Sadly, after almost eliminating COVID-19 infection across Australia, Victoria’s hotel quarantine bungle let the virus back in, resulting in a second wave of infection that is far worse than the first.

In my view, Victoria’s hotel quarantine failure is much worse than Ruby Princess.

Ruby Princess’ failure was caused by individual error, whereas Victoria’s hotel quarantine failure was the result of deliberate outsourcing of vital biosecurity to untrained private security firms, rather than experts. Moreover, the Victorian Government ignored repeated warnings of problems in hotel quarantine from senior public servants.

Regardless, the damage is done and Australians have been badly let down by their governments.

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  1. I think too, early in the piece, it was such a fast-moving thing, that the systems weren’t necessarily robust enough. It’s not excusing it, but it’s a reason.

    Vic, though, as you keep saying, there is no excuse.

  2. considering what happened in Victoria, I now firmly believe reusa’s company was involved in the incident and the guard is reusa’s cousin or apprentice.

  3. The Govt’s fault? Highly unlikely. The private sector must be to blame somewhere here.

    And the Russians.

      • Yeah, them too.

        So, to review the list of bad guys:
        Climate change
        Tony Abbot
        Donald Trump

        … feel free to add to the list but please keep it consistent.

  4. PalimpsestMEMBER

    I carry no candle for BorderForce. Nevertheless, NSW Health indicated ‘nothing to see here’. The agent was pushing him with a Doctors report that could be implied as ‘nothing to see here’ There was no one there to tell the officer, the fact they don’t have the flu means there’s actually a problem. So here’s a person that can’t make a medical decision, but has no support or backup or advice from anyone that can, and sees no reason to hold disembarkation, what is the rational action? I’m sorry, but NSW can’t flick this to the Commonwealth like that. They had the duty to provide that advice and decision making support. Good try though and some people swallow it.