Melbourne’s extraordinary COVID-19 quarantine failure

Extraordinary details have emerged of Melbourne’s epic COVID-19 quarantine failures, courtesy of the Herald-Sun and Sky News.

To summarise:

  • Security companies were being paid for workers that didn’t exist.
  • Lack of guards to properly secure the hotels due to these “phantom” people.
  • Guards were given minimal training (six hours of ­infection control training, some had only 5 mins).
  • Guards not following proper procedure – shaking hands, sharing lifts, sharing lighters, not wearing masks.
  • Guards wore personal protective equipment for up to eight hours without changing it.
  • Some guards let families go between rooms to play cards and games with others.
  • Some guards were sleeping on the job.
  • Some guards slept with guests.
  • Subcontracting guards at cheaper rate instead of standard guards.
  • Subcontracting guards switching shifts between hotels.

Thanks to these failures, a Bangladeshi man that was discharged from a Melbourne quarantine hotel after returning a positive test has potentially spread the virus to colleagues at a Woolworths store in the Sydney suburb of Balmain:

These 50 co-workers are now in self-isolation.

The failures that allowed this man to return to Sydney are indefensible:

The man tested positive after flying into Melbourne from Bangladesh on June 11, but was cleared to be released from the hotel quarantine after 14 days inside…

Under the national guidelines, there is no requirement that a person who has tested positive for coronavirus while in hotel quarantine has to return a negative result before they’re allowed to leave…

In this case, the man was deemed recovered by Melbourne health care workers, but information from NSW Health suggested he had persisting symptoms…

The clusters of cases at quarantine hotels unambiguously demonstrates why Australia MUST NOT OPEN THE BORDERS TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, TEMPORARY WORKERS OR WOULD-BE MIGRANTS UNTIL THE PANDEMIC PASSES.

If we cannot handle a few hundred returning Australians without major outbreaks and lockdowns, how are we going to handle hundreds of thousands of foreigners from virus saturation nations that have no investment in protecting the country?

The answer is obvious. Opening Australia’s international border is an asymmetric bet that offers huge downside risks for minimal upside. It risks further shutdowns and places Australian lives at risk.

Australia’s international border must remain shut to everyone other than citizens and permanent residents. There must be no exceptions.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Even those lame excuses for why it went wrong are crap. Basically the guards were doing hanky/panky & virus got out. Cut to the chase please, if we stuff around making up stupid excuses like “oh 5 mins training, PPE lacking…blah blah” we are ignoring what really went wrong.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      That’s not fair. No one trained them in how not to shag the guests. I know I’d easily make that mistake.

      And I know how horny chicks can get after a few days without. Bet the guards felt a duty to help.

  2. Such as lack of health and govt oversight of quarantine? If not for Cedar Meats and hotel quarantine leakages the country would be COVID free now except for quarantine hotels. We would be opening up like WA and SA have done and reactivating economy. By September there would be industry sectors that would not need JobKeeper.
    But now its Ground Hog Day and its 6am again. Grrrrr.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        “Returning Australians”…. a passport instantly makes you a dinky-di, cookie cut Australian.

        • You don’t even need that. Perm residents come in too and you get Perm residence in this country after 4 years (which is the length of a uni degree). There are lots of Australian permanent residents that don’t actually live in Australia.

  3. migtronixMEMBER

    This is Victoria to a tee. The vast majority of the sheeple absolutely will be vicious on “enforcement” against each other but if you have a badge of any kind whatever then its OK and mistakes happen.

    Pathetic nanny state that delivers worse outcomes.

    • I would say this is Australia to a tee. Gut any kind of standards, outsource to the cheapest Labour force possible to save a few dollars (despite the cost being worn elsewhere) and then point the finger and blame the individuals for the screw up, call for an inquiry with no teeth to make a set of recommendations, then ignore them a few months later.

      Hello Bangladeshi and Chinese students….

      • 1000

        How the fk has Chairman Dan survived this long? As Mig pointed out too many nanny state loving fks (Vic Libs love the jack boots as well) that give him a free pass. Meanwhile, small business owners going to the wall in droves.

        All you can do is watch this country become a full time clown show.

        • They are like frogs in boiling water, they don’t notice the infringements on their civil liberties since they have progressively been eaten away over many years.

          Having lived in Europe for 6-7 years and come back on 2013 I really noticed it. Saw a NSW licence plate surround not long after I returned it said “NSW The Nanny State”. Could say the same about Victoria.

          It’s like the people living here have Stockholm syndrome. They love big dumb Government making a million rules on how to live their lives.

          In case you can’t tell I’m libertarian.

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          And WTF is Gladys doing ?
          Shut the NSW /Vic border immediately.
          Anything less is criminal neglect.

          • The business interests that run the Libs have determined the outcome. Gladys is doing the needful.
            If some peasants die so be it..

      • migtronixMEMBER

        You don’t understand Gav, it’s the 5 minutes module training that makes it up & up. Without that all the victorian sheeple know perfectly well it’s dangerous to outsource cheap – but they’ve been trained and you haven’t so…

        • GunnamattaMEMBER

          to outsource cheap

          Welcome to ‘Service delivery’ as known by public sector organisations all over Australia. There will be a load of ‘contract managers’ and ‘customer service managers’ with their fingers all over the contracts, another load of people studying ‘KPI’s’ and getting loads of meaningless statistics on the consumables (PPE gear present – check) (facility and room capacity – check) (requisite number of people pretending to be ‘security’ – check) without anybody checking that the core requirement – a properly trained and equipped punter, operating with clear instruction, in a facility fitted out to ensure tasking – is actually taking place.

          • ….add to that pathetic underpayment and a lack of English, and despite all our trumpeting of equality and proud multiculturalism, a blind spot for the thousands we’ve dumped here and then failed to pay, house, treat or think of as equals. Happened in Singapore with migrant workers, Germany with migrant meat workers, USA with black underclass etc

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            Every tine you point this out Gunna, I silently scream, “It’s in every large Australian company too!”.
            Project Managers who have never had any deep experience in the field they are managing is so obviously a recipe for disaster. All care, no responsibility.

          • Yep, As the old axiom goes:
            You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
            So today we simply measure what we can’t manage

            I must be the last of the old school, I was taught that the managers job was to cleanup all the F’up that everyone else makes and to do this in real time. The managers job was to see clearly where the implementation would fail and then position themselves at this location/s and arrange their work/schedule to ensure that the breach was filled.
            No KPI’s nor performance reviews, no contracts, no BS excuses, just make it happen
            And I wondered why I didn’t fit in when I returned to Australia.

          • drt, failing to pay or treat as equals the new arrivals is far from a blind spot. It is the intention.
            Cheap labour and bigger markets for the oligarchs and corporates, a warm fuzzy feeling for the inner urban progressives who don’t really have to interact with the new arrivals apart from the $5 tip to the Uber Eats delivery guy.

          • I just find myself nodding in agreement here.

            @Buck not to mention performance reviews often emphasize the wrong behaviours, wrong metrics and deliver bad outcomes for those working under management. The amount of times I had to justify myself and my skills to some other manager sitting around the globe I’d never met nor interacted with, but for some reason was reviewing me… The whole thing just added an unnecessary layer of stress that wasn’t needed.

          • GunnamattaMEMBER


            Your skills are possibly irrelevant to that unknown dude reviewing you.

            They will only want to know about your ‘behaviours’ and ‘leadership ethos’ and the only behaviour they will really want to know about is your ability to take your warm moist lips and place them on the right parts of the said ‘superior’ (preferably with warm moist tongue gliding between the cheeks). The ‘leadership’ required involves ensuring that absolutely no questions are sent above you by your subordinates that require knowledge of what you do by your superiors.

            If you show any talent in collecting lips or tongues on your gluteals you will be given the opportunity to scope the project to engage the next motivational consultant.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Project Managers who have never had any deep experience in the field they are managing is so obviously a recipe for disaster. All care, no responsibility.

            Reinforced by the way any formal PM training will teach that subject-matter specific knowledge is unnecessary for, if not harmful to, successful project management.

            (This opinion is rarely shared by the people being project managed, in my experience, except where they are using it to game the system.)

      • Agreed. The only reason this “she’ll be right” attitude didn’t prevail in Sydney is because the NSW government were so embarrassed by the Ruby Princess debacle, they knew they couldn’t take any chances with quarantine. The sight of police officers in uniform patrolling the hotels would give the impression (and, as it turns out, the reality) that the government were taking things seriously this time.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          I walk past the Stamford all the time, I knew this was joke because I could see them outside having cigs.

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          Well they have very short memories.
          We are goingto let the Virus loose if the Government does not immediatley shut the Vitorian border.
          What a bl00dy farce

    • SweeperMEMBER

      Nanny state?
      This is neoliberalism to a tee.
      Classic example of another failure of a public private partnership where you involve the private sector in running a public good.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      To be fair, the traditional Victorian police greeting of “BANG BANG BANG. Freeze!” may have something to do with that…

  4. Saw vision today of police working the suburb lockdown checking drivers ID. They were handling every drivers license as they did the license check. MADNESS. They were wearing gloves but the drivers weren’t. Only takes one positive driver and the virus is on the cops gloves to spread it to everyone else.

  5. Will there be any consequences for these massive failures or is it another case of “oh well, don’t let it happen again”?

  6. Super Phoenix

    The Force is strong with this one.

    Do not underestimate the power of the Moron Side.

  7. That the 2.5 million third world TR on pretext visas living in our 2 main cities in highly congested fetid migrant slums….
    were going to be a virus pandemic incubation hub and the transmission vector to Australians…..

    That was noted in comments in Macrobusiness way back in Jan 2019 – a year before the Chinese Virus spread into Australia.

    The 2.5 million third world TR are a long standing economic, social and BIO SECURITY risk.

    That the migrant zones in our major cities would see outbreaks, and we then a suburb by suburb lockdown in Melbourne then Sydney was commented on in MB (Jan 24th 2020 MB).

    Specifically – the Chinese mainland communist PR fleeing back to suck off Australian welfare brought in the virus – and then the TR migrants in the vast fetid Sydney or Melbourne migrant slums became the incubation hub and vector to spread the disease.

    Via the TR illegal activities and job theft in retail, food & cash handling, their cultural lack of hygiene, and their active evasion of any identity & location tracing.

    All proven correct – as we now see.

    Australia had the chance to exit these 2.5 million migrant guestworkers since January and certainly by March 2020 when the Australian lockdowns began.

    Their visa pretexts are invalid.
    Their TR foreign student or partner pretexts were always fake & then shutdown.
    No fees paid, no funds, no COe compliance.
    The so called TR skilled jobs, rural work, working holiday & protection visa pretexts all exposed as nonsense. The third world detritus entering via the NZ SCV racket should be sent back to NZ.

    The case is now even more compelling.

    You don’t get a Bangladeshi or Nepalese without chronic infectious communicable disease.
    Or an Indian or Pakistani, Middle Eastern or African.
    They enter riddled with TB, the full spectrum of Hep, Malaria, Dengue, Ndm-1, venereal disease, chronic skin infection, intestinal parasites and so on.
    You don’t get a disease free Chinese (esp not in what we allow in / being 1.4 million mainland born Chinese Hukou underclass. 1.1 million as non Australian Chinese sole passport PR or TR).
    And few North or south Asians would pass a proper Australia medical check.

    (And if Morrison has another brain fart and let’s in the Hong Kong Chinese, they won’t be either clean or useful either. Any Hong Kong person with genuine skills & money got themselves a PR or alternative passport a decade ago. All that’s left in Hong Kong now is the residue old sick & useless misfits and criminals & their dirty Chinese money)

    👉🏾The TR invariably enter with a falsified health documents.
    👉🏾The Foreign agent doctors are paid bribes as part of the Agent procurer fee and trafficking process.

    The Falsified offshore agent doctor health clearances plus minimal tests or checks by Australia are all part of the lure to easily enter Australia
    To then live & work illegally on pretext visa, to repay the agent procurers & to send back remittances, extend stay secure a PR & be an anchor for chain migration.

    How do we know they have falsified health checks?

    Most of the TR / non NZ born SCV do not have any real health care cover, despite this being a visa COe compliance requirement.

    These TR then present to our medical centres and public hospitals for emergency health care.
    Either using a borrowed Medicare card ($50 in Lakemba – fake name photo and blood type match) or just present to emergency, get treated and sign the form to pay, then plead hardship.
    And do it over & over again.
    No medical treatment can be refused.

    Go visit Westmead or any medical centre in Sydney western suburbs & see for yourself.

    We also have tourists from China or Indian enter just for this Medicare & to get the PBS drugs to send & resell back in China or India. It funds their trip.
    It’s called ‘Medicare Tourism’

    When the migrant TR present – they are invariably found to be riddled with long standing disease, infections and parasites that they entered with.
    Because they lie. They are liars.
    They are not victims. They are not exploited.
    They knowingly lied and colluded with the criminal foreign agent procurers and traffickers to get into Australia on false health documents & visa pretext.

    And once in Australia, they continue to lie cheat and steal in job theft, in false identity & illegal living conditions, as they participate in the foreign criminal run Australia migrant guestworker black economy.

    The same applies for corona virus.
    They lied, cheated, were working illegally, evaded identity checks.
    Now Melbourne has locked down some of the migrant zones – isn’t it time for an ADF / Vic Police full sweep of these migrant zone in house to house inspection and forced identification of all the occupants..
    There will be shocking findings.

    Huge nests of third world migrant illegals.

    15 -20 Indians in a 2 bed unit, in garages & sleepouts, the usual asian drugs dens and brothels, tens of thousands of migrant guestworkers who have breached visas or overstayed for a decade.

    An economic, social and bio security risk that need to be rounded up and deported.

    • As stewie says culture matters.

      I admire your persistence mike. People need to hear this outside the mb forums.

      Whether it’s mb or an associate s Facebook group who is a scientist . I’m seeing more and more people willing to have an opinion, or at least be willing to hear my controversial views.

      This includes my immediate family who acknowledges their indigenous heritage, and my recent comments regarding BLM . If a piece of filth puts a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach they are not worthy to live. Also the protestors in Australia are importing divisive rascist ideoligies which one had hoped at died out here in the 00’s.

      Sharing my families blood , I grew up with the nickname ‘a’b+o , offensive I know. But now as someone who has grown up and become a functional adult, I’m now told I have white male privilege.

      The problem isn’t rascism, it’s people. People who need to reason things they are too f stupid to comprehend. It’s basic human emotions of fear , exceptionalism , fomo, blah blah.

      • Reus's largeMEMBER

        To add to that modern society has become to scared of everything, an example was two well dressed young men in suits in HellBourne acting all scared and timid because they had to order Nando’s from the counter and not via a app, and all the keyboard warriors that have a opinion on forums but can’t back it in person.

        This means that they will default to insult and the security of the popular theme if they are threatened, like being “offended” or “racism” or blindly following a cause because it gives them a sense of inclusion.

        I think “social media” has caused a lot of these issues and will be the downfall of our civilisation.

  8. Segregate Victoria

    The quarantines should be overseen by the military with each floor monitored 24/7. Each door leading to the hallway set with an alarm.

    This is an utter disgrace.

    It’s merely good luck that Australia has escaped the worst of this virus.

    The unis were talking about unis themselves overseeing the quarantines. You have to be joking.

    The unis are so corrupted by foreign money that they aren’t willing to fail foreign students, do you really think they are going to report a small quarantine breach to the government? What a joke. Have their $20k per year customer/sucker kicked out of the country?

    The unis are too stupid and incompetent to monitor cheating in exams, how do you think they’ll go monitoring a quarantine?

    You have to laugh at the government costing the economy billions all because they assigned $20 per hour scab labour to enforce a quarantine. If that doesn’t encapsulate the neoliberal mentality nothing does.

    • SweeperMEMBER

      And now the free market types draw exactly the wrong conclusion that it was due to state overreach.
      No it’s due to involving the private sector in managing a public emergency.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Don’t count your chickens yet SV.
      This clusterf#ck has all the signs of getting out of control.

      • Brahmin Australian

        It’s been demonstrated that western countries don’t really have the capability or resolve to contain this virus.

        It will be a matter of time before we have breaches elsewhere, especially if we’re gung ho in bringing in tens of thousands of students.

  9. Exciting to see the Herald Sun and Sky News can do some investigate journalism when they really want to.

    • DominicMEMBER

      The MSM have had it cruisy for so long and now they’re screaming blue murder because people are going to the fringe for their news. “Misinformation!”

      Wouldn’t it be sweet if they realized that the only way to turn their fortunes round would be to get their hands dirty and report the real news.

      • True that. Then they’d incur the wrath of their masters (the 1%) who would immediately sever the funding of those media outlets.
        When livelihoods are at stake, falsehoods become the currency.

      • Then they would require truth seeking journalists rather than self righteous progressive programmed journalism graduates. As soon as a profession has a degree attached the the race to the bottom begins and the scum rises to the top.

    • When there is a Labor Premier to attack. If Scummo was responsible they would be meek as lambs.

  10. Another perfectly valid argument against importing international students is the technological advance of remote learning – it was considered good enough for Australian students during lockdown, same goes for international students during border closures. Biosecurity is a higher priority than Johnny Foreigners who only want to come here to work.

  11. Can I please ask why do we need an enquiry or RC every time.
    The country is run by morons
    Everyone one this site would know from common sense how to run this circus

    • Yes. But there’s lots of free money to be had in any of what’s going on at the moment, and if ‘you’ don’t take it – someone else will.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        So it’s not just the state treasurer and free money you don’t want to be between, you just want to take it before they do? Keating was an idiot blow-hard then…

      • The people who run the royal commissions are very capable and smart
        Look at Kenneth Hayne
        The problem is politicians ignored his recommendations

        People have become greedy

        • GlendaFMEMBER

          The problem was also the ‘scope’ of his invistigative powers, I believe he was severly ‘hamstrung’ by the narrow scope and simply wasn’t allowed to down down specific paths.

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      @bcnich, would they though? We once had one of the most efficient public sectors in the world. Now we outsource to the private sector where 80% of suppliers are just interested in profit, and not in serving the country or doing a good job. This is a prime example of where if it’s actually an important job do not give it to the private sector in Australia.

      • PAL
        It’s not what I’m saying
        Keep these things in the public sector
        I’m saying get better politicians who make the decisions
        Probably some key characteristics that I would require if I was employing someone to run the country or state
        Qualified (may be business background)
        Has integrity
        Held accountable….maybe similar to business you can’t walk away from wasting billions eg NBN who made the decision to lose $50 Billion, you can’t just walk away in business, why aren’t they penalised on their pension
        There are probably more

        • Shades of Messina

          a) where do you find these people ?!
          b) why would you want to go into politics ?!

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          We would be far better served by picking our Representatives the same way we pick a jury.
          By a lottery using the electoral roll.
          Think of the benefits, no political parties and all the corruption they generate.
          No elections of corrupt picks of said political parties.
          The elimination of “Career Politicians” and the corruption that goes with too long a tenure .
          The chosen representatives will be at least as intellegent as the current incumbants, far less influenced by the lobbying industry which will shrivelle

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      So that every nasty question to the Premier can be answered with ‘wait for the inquiry to finish’

    • You clearly have no friends that are QC’s or Judges
      Imagine having to ask why we need another Royal Commission
      the answer is bl00dy obvious, especially when the IP rents are down.

  12. Does anyone on MB still seriously believe in the efficacy of the tests?

    I am re-posting this article in full because it is an important piece of research which confirms suspicions many of us had from the beginning regarding the coronavirus diagnostic tests. These tests have been used to justify extreme and unprecedented government actions which have eroded fundamental precepts which have been the basis of Western civilization since the Enlightenment.

    Governments of “democracies” around the world have now appropriated for themselves the power to confine you to your home and otherwise interfere with very basic freedoms at their sole discretion, based on a dubious proposition about public health and the greater good. These governments granted themselves these powers without any normal democratic process. It was a naked power grab of the most egregious kind.

    It is crucially important now that we look into the potentially fraudulent “scientific” evidence which has been used to trash our freedom and our economy.

    I would suggest that is our duty as stakeholders in the concept of a free society to tackle this head on. We must not let them continue to perpetrate fraud which serves the purpose of stripping us of our rights.

    • nah, people don’t want freedom … just a tiny bit of illusion of safety … because there is a big bad wolf out there … scary

      • Rather a reassuring lie than the inconvenient truth.
        Right Doc? What the fk is wrong with human psyche?

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          You guys have been the only switched on peeps on here when it comes to this virus. The rest have been yella bellied fearful freedom hating scum. They can live there lives in the sh1t hole they’ve created with their Lock. Us. Down. rubbish. I wish c0m1ng was still around. He was good too. Fearful cunce got him smacked for speaking up.

          • BigDuke6MEMBER

            Australians have never got rid of the rum Corp on their back convict mentality. The media laps it up and the suckers take it. Defund the police.

          • Why don’t we randomly test the test kits for the rona? See how many test positive?
            Wouldn’t that throw the proverbial cat among the [false] positive test pigeons?

        • it’s in human nature …
          that’s why humans were the first animal species to be domesticated

        • GlendaFMEMBER

          ‘Rather a reassuring lie than the inconvenient truth.
          What the fk is wrong with human psyche?’
          One word…FEAR…..that is what controls the majority of the population out there

          • The conquest of FEAR is in the moment of its acceptance.
            So why accept it with open arms? Have we lost the willingness or fortitude to ask questions, lest we be labelled ‘Conspiracy Theorists’? Because the conspiracy isn’t stemming from the WOKE, it’s stemming from the Govt and the Media.

            “The charge of conspiracy theory is a mighty powerful tool. It always works as a means of shutting down debate over the remote (as opposed to the proximate) causes of events, ideologies and movements.” – The Badness of Crowds, Paul Collits, The Freedoms Project, Thursday, 02 July 2020.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        When are you immigrating to the land of the Free and home of the Brave Doc ?
        You sound like you would fit right in.


      Jesus. I certainly wouldn’t want you muppets beside me if we went to war. You’d be denying the wars existence and walking across the “fake” battlefield to get to your freedoms (soy double chai latte)

      • I take your point FUD.
        War reported on the news would be slightly more tangential than the bogus rona numbers that we’re being fed.
        Nevertheless, we can still respect our differing views and defy the division that this plandemic is creating.

      • you would, instead, just lock yourself into a house to prevent any deaths caused by invading military?

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Exactly right!

      In Melbourne we have loads of contractors bureaucrats politicians all pfaffing about – and playing hoppo-bumpo – a few punters coming off planes.

      In Sydney they would have pulled a shipload up in the CBD and handed out flyers as they walked off into the streets.

      Every conurbation in Australia of more than 500k people should be fenced off now, 50 klm from the GPO, and aerially sprayed with disinfectant 3 times a day, just after the pallet loads of canned tuna, corn and beans are parachuted in! They should also be told to make room for about 600 k refugees from Hong Kong.

      Anyone outside the fence who sneezes, coughs, looks a touch eye glazed, or is monitored touching their nose more than twice an hour should be projected inside the fence via trebuchet after being immersed in sanitizer for 90 seconds. All officials in the public domain with the words ‘manager’ ‘minister’ ‘director’ or ‘chief’ in their position titles should be dunked daily.

      And the capital city should be moved to Pooncarie

      • haroldusMEMBER

        I think there’s a guy in Ermington who might be able to help you out with some beans.

  13. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Pretty embarrassing that 100 years back we could do quarantine better. No hotels in cities with poor oversight. Separate remote facilities staffed by health care and military personnel. Separate bays for ships to wait in.
    Dont just review how to do hotel quarantine, go back to using remote dedicated facilities.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      That would not be a very nice thing to do to people especially to migrants. Sounds racialist to me.

    • time to put all leprosy people back somewhere far from civilisation , for example North heads

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Previous governments sold most of them as tourist resorts, and if they haven’t, they want too.

      By the way, they were all built for the previous pandemic.

    • Yes, and dedicated fever hospitals as well, here in Brisbane, Redcliffe or Redlands would be the go. Time to admit that we are not going back to BAU…… soon as the restrictions come off all over the world people abandon social distancing and off we go again. Same will happen here.

  14. Side DishMEMBER

    How long before a class action is launched against the security companies ?

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      That’s not how it works. What will happen is the security company will sue the VIC government for endangering their staff, receive millions of dollars as a confidential settlement, none of which will go to their staff.

  15. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    These the same type of security guards that tell you Victorians how to act at AFL games FFS couldn’t have happened to more deserving people, grow some ba lls Jebus chri st

  16. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Getting Jiggy with it at a verified quarrantine building is pretty risky. Sheesh, some people will take jiggy anywhere they can get it. Would have had a crack at a leppa back in Jesus day too me thinks.

  17. This is how the quarantine was expected to work. Broken by design. They want to let virus rip to finish off the already busted economy so they can initiate the hard reset.

  18. Warders are we. Whom to we ward? Whom do we ward?
    Spite of us all he is free, he is free! Pretty warders are we, he is free!
    Night has spread her pall once more, And the prisoner still is free.
    Open is his dungeon door, Useless his dungeon key!
    Every chamber, every outlet Have we searched but all in vain!
    He is free! He is free! Pretty warders are we!

  19. Anyone see 7.30 report last night with the acting CMO Paul Kelly?

    He was asked if the infected guy who left quarantine in Melbourne to travel to Sydney had tested negative prior to leaving? Clearly the answer was no, but he just avoided the question. So apparently the process is: infected traveller goes into quarantine, sits in a hotel room for a couple of weeks, and then leaves without being tested to ensure he is not longer a risk to the community.

    At around the 7 min mark –

  20. BradleyMEMBER

    Australia will get what it paid for ie pay peanuts, get monkeys is a truism that will cost this nation every day the mass migration scam and and it’s side effects are left broken and not repaired. If just one plane load of international students with working rights lands now, our fate is sealed. So glad I escaped to a region relatively unblighted by this stupidity.

  21. No surprises there. Having done some advisory for a number of different players in the security market can sum up by saying – they all gangsters (and many seem to somehow be connected to the bikies or indirectly or paying off …). Needs a massive reform and investigation. Lots of rorting. Losts of subing to subbies who sub who then sub. (Oh hang on sounds just like our tradies ….) Its a big happy club of mates. The big qn is who got the kickback in Labor. Oh hang on unions – Labor … lol