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    Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor July 2020

    This report highlights the key issues faced by New Zealanders and how this has changed over time. Additionally, this report covers the following: • Performance of the government as perceived by New Zealanders • Ability of different political parties to manage different issues • Top 10 issues: New Zealand vs Australia • People’s views on keeping the border closed …

    … The Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor asked 1,000 New Zealanders to select from a list of 20, the three most important issues facing the country and the ability of the country’s political parties to best manage these issues. The New Zealand Issues Monitor has been running since February 2018.

    The top three issues facing New Zealanders in July 2020 are the economy, followed by housing / cost of housing and unemployment. Healthcare / hospitals, poverty / inequality and Inflation / cost of living occupied the fourth, fifth and sixth positions respectively. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … Is political progress on land supply and infrastructure debt financing fast enough ? … first … check out Urban Development Minister Phil Twyfords website …

    Urban Development … Hon Phil Twyford … Beehive

  2. … and too … important media reports from December … in particular Hon Phil Twyfords 1st Reading Speech on the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Bill … How is progress ? …

    … When can Kiwis have $50,000 serviced lots / sections … like the Americans … check out

    Government and National support Bill enabling government-approved infrastructure projects to be paid for using levies imposed on landowners – even those who didn’t know they’d be levied when they bought their property … Intertest Co NZ

    How Judith Collins (NZ National Party Housing Spokesperson) has more in common with her arch nemesis, Phil Twyford, than one might be led to believe … Jenee Tibshraeny VIDEO INTERVIEW … Interest Co NZ

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Joe Biden: “I have a Joke. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?”
    CNN: “Don’t Know. How many?”
    Joe Biden: “To get to the other side”

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Unfortunately that does seem to reflect the current state of the Republicans response to almost every major issue. I don’t believe Biden was really that cruel however.

  4. The Bird is the Word …

    “Capitalism depends for its legitimacy on the shared illusion that when scarcity occurs it is natural. There really are only so many resources to go around, and capitalism’s claim is that a free market allocates those resources most efficiently to produce the greatest wealth for the society as a whole. The system isn’t actually natural, of course, and informed people understand both that there are jobs the market won’t adequately do and that the rules of the game are human creations that can be tweaked to favor capital or labor to a greater degree. But you can understand those qualifications while still appreciating the wealth-generating capabilities of the system as a whole.” – snip

    Wellie I’m off to my sweet Qld’er in Red Hill site to play with my new Graco and DeVilbiss gear … fixing up all the mess of the previous mob before they got the sack [just wow] and now just dealing with old legacy issues. At least I can walk away everyday with a feeling of accomplishment that will always be there.

  5. migtronixMEMBER

    “It’s frightening to watch the people of an educated rich nation just sit by and watch their president take away everything that they have including their own personal health.
    Now I understand what happened in Germany during the 1930’s”

    At first I thought, I dunno Pete – long now. But maybe it isn’t…
    How do you get to a point in the most technologically advanced nation on Earth where the politics becomes so narrow and toxic one side decides its anti-science and anti-technology just to get elected?