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Leith van Onselen



    STAY DOCKED Cruise holidays STILL off the cards as UK government warns ban will continue … Kara Godfrey … The Sun

    THE UK government is still banning all cruise holidays – despite the travel ban being lifted for 74 countries.

    Last week, the government announced the full list of air bridge countries which would be exempt from the UK quarantine, due to come into place tomorrow (July 10). … read more via hyperlink above …
    The World’s Cruise Ships Can’t Sail. Now, What to Do With Them? … Fran Golden … Bloomberg

    Hurricanes, humidity, expired permits—they’re all costly threats to empty ships. … read more via hyperlink above …

    • why do they keep them in CBD?
      There are more than enough hotels around Airport, less commuting, less people around, …

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Any chance the security firm is also providing contacted employees to the Wallabies?

      It would explain the tackling.

    • That IDGAF attitude is so pervasive it always makes me cringe when I hear some commentator or politician talk about “communities” and how “how communities are affected by …” etc. The notion of community died a long time ago. That DH is symptomatic of the breakdown in our society brought on by the greed of our politicians and their mates.

      • truthisfashionable

        Yep, 35years of killing ‘mateship’ within Australia and then suddenly when they need communities to act like communities they are shocked nobody cares about others.

        There was occasional glimpses of ‘mateship’ during the fires on the NSW South Coast (viewed via the news, and excluding that IGA that decided ripping off his community was preferable), interestingly it seemed very absent up northern NSW.

  2. Ulrike Meinhof

    Has anyone else noticed how quickly MB has degenerated into a site for nothing but posters seeking confirmation bias. It’s sad, really sad, MB today is the intellectual equivalent of wanking on a school bus and scaring little girls with your big bad parts, What happened to MB’s strength, openness, newness, rawness, inclusiveness? Are we all just dirty old men, happy to see any excitement in that excuse we fervently massage. There used to be more to MB than just this, surely there’s more to life than this, yet here we meet each day on the school bus and wank.
    Is this honestly what 21st century intellectualism looks like?

    • More like I never said – that – and oh look squirrel …. and for some let the sinners all burn …

      • Ulrike Meinhof

        Normally I’d respond that this is a pathetic response, but since it is the only response I guess it is me that is pathetic.
        I will live with that result unless it kills me first.
        RIP Ulrike 1976 Stuttgart

        • Marx is required reading, yet, what others have done in his name and attitudes towards critiques, say labour theory of value, is on par with some AET cornerstones – moralistic dogma. Then one has to put it all into historical context with the time period, sadly the environment is not steady state and not all – opinions – stand the test of time.

  3. “A new report has declared it could be feasible to make essential elements needed for lithium batteries in Western Australia, potentially adding billions in value to the materials dug up from the state’s mines.

    The report, titled Li-ion battery cathode manufacture in Australia, also called for the repurposing of BHP’s nickel sulphate pilot plant at CSIRO’s Waterford facility south of Perth into a small-scale battery precursor material production facility.”