Greedy, self-interested lobby: China business not greedy, self-interested

Oh, the cognitive dissonance! At Domain:

Australia’s former trade commissioner in China believes Australian business leaders must speak out against the deteriorating relationship between the two countries and that keeping low-profile is no longer an option.

Accusing the Australia China Business Council, the Business Council of Australia and the Australia-China CEO Roundtable of being silenced, Michael Clifton said the business community must do more to highlight China’s contribution to the economy and deserved better than to be dismissed as a greedy, self-interested “pro-Beijing lobby”.

Mr Clifton spent six years as the head of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission in China until 2017 and now leads the China Matters think tank.

China Matters is not a “think tank”. It is a greedy, self-interested lobby that spends much of its time trying to undermine CCP critics:

China Matters hosts regular national meetings and China policy dinners to bring together a diverse set of senior representatives from government, business and academia. We regularly engage with parliamentary representatives at our China Matters in Parliament forum. Our aim is to formulate recommendations to strengthen Australian policy toward the People’s Republic of China. Check out our Eighth National Meeting, held at Como House in Melbourne.

China Matters board directors, advisory council and team members regularly publish commentary in Australian media which can be viewed on our public outreach page. China Matters does not have an institutional view.

Its greedy, self-interested funding partners insist upon it:

CM’s problem is the same as every other CCP apologist. They have not shifted with the new normal. Today, all business engagement with China comes with a democracy-busting grovel indistinguishable from treason.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. As a seppo who pays for Australian security with my tax dollars, I wish you’d all go to blazes.

    Burn, Straya.

    • You are a lunatic, but if my taxes aren’t spent on Australians who hate me, I’m OK with it.

  2. Payne determined to show Australia is not “a hapless pawn in America’s increasingly tense stand-off with China“. Of course we are. Not an independent bone exists. However politicians realise that appearing too gung-ho all the way with the USA tends to undermine the impetus as saner voices urge moderation and calm.

        • “…..We don’t agree on everything though – and that’s part of a respectful relationship.” – Was Marise giving a backhander to the audience? The one that’s been pressuring us with trade sanctions?

          That word RESPECTFUL doesn’t seem to be held in the same esteem by interfering China Controlled Perverters as one could conventionally expect by people dealing from the top of the deck…..

          • Words can mean slightly different things in different cultures, and when one thinks it is #1, that’s the lens it is seen through.

            Refer “grovel” above.

  3. Michael Fisher

    The modus operandi of “China Matters” is to gaslight public debate – the latest tactic is to claim that business leaders are somehow “silenced” in Australia from making pro-economic arguments by….it’s not actually clear who is “silencing” them, but anyway we need to establish more summits/councils/advisory bodies to do an end-run around the security or human rights side of the China debate.

  4. Xi Jinping’s wolf wanker foreign policy isn’t helping China Matters…. reality intrudes on the China Fantasy.