Daniel Andrews must resign

During yesterday’s press conference by Premier Daniel Andrews, where he locked down metropolitan Melbourne for another six weeks, he repeatedly blamed Victorians’ “bad behaviour” and “complacency” for causing the horrendous spike in COVID-19 infections:

Not once during the press conference did Daniel Andrews concede his Government’s own incompetent handling of hotel quarantine, which was initially responsible for transmitting COVID-19 from international arrivals into the broader community.

Had hotel quarantine been handled competently, infections would never have gotten loose into the community and Melbournians would not be in this precarious situation.

It was the Andrews’ Government that signed the contract with private security firms to manage hotel quarantine, rather than commissioning the Victorian Police, the Department of Corrections, or requesting assistance from the Australian Defence Force.

Outsourcing quarantine to poorly trained, ill-equipped private security firms caused the failures, which included:

  • Security companies being paid for workers that didn’t exist.
  • Lack of guards to properly secure the hotels due to these “phantom” people.
  • Guards given insufficient ­infection control training.
  • Guards not following proper procedure – shaking hands, sharing lifts, sharing lighters, not wearing masks.
  • Guards wore personal protective equipment for up to eight hours without changing it.
  • Guards letting families go between rooms to play cards and games with others.
  • Guards sleeping on the job.
  • Some guards slept with guests.
  • Subcontracting guards at cheaper rates instead of standard guards.
  • Subcontracting guards switching shifts between hotels.
  • Guards moonlighting as Uber drivers.
  • A Bangladeshi man that was discharged from a Melbourne quarantine hotel after returning a positive test travelled to Sydney where he potentially spread the virus to colleagues at a Woolworths store in Balmain.

Now Melbournians will tonight be placed under home lockdown for another six weeks and many businesses will go broke.

The least Daniel Andrews could do is show some humility, fess up to the quarantine failures, apologise, and refrain from blaming the victim.

As Premier of Victoria, the buck stops with him.

Daniel Andrews’ poor handling of this crisis, and failure to accept responsibility, shows that his position is no longer tenable. He, therefore, must resign.

Leith van Onselen


  1. he doesnt even look like hed be fit to serve as the secretary treasurer of the goondiwindi rotary club let alone the premier of victoria

    • Hadron CollisionMEMBER

      I was going to say the sub vice chair (fairways committee) of the Manangatang Golf Club but then I realised what a smear that would be against that august Mallee sandscrape course.

  2. Good article Leith.

    The condescension and not owning responsibility for anything was what did it for me. Throw in all the rest, not to mention OBOR, and in the real world he should be turfed. We’re unfortunately in clown world at the moment.

    The other issue is the Vic Libs are garbage as well who want a return to the ponzi asap, so Victoria is screwed long term.



      I was chatting with a client yesterday arvo saying “it’s the leader of an organisation that has to take responsibility for major mistakes, that’s what you’re there for.” Then I turn on the radio and Dan is blaming the populace, without ANY concessions or reference to systemic incompetence on his watch.

      Mind you, from what I’ve seen from that faceless muppet from the Victorian opposition who has been doing the rounds, we’d be absoloutley screwed if they were in.

    • ZevombatMEMBER

      “I apologise for the position that we find ourselves in. I’m accountable as the leader of our state.”

      Vic Premier @DanielAndrewsMP on ABC
      when asked about the hotel quarantine program and the state’s outbreak of new coronavirus cases.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yeah well Tom never went full retard.
      Neither did Dustin Hoffman yet Sean Penn in I am Sam,…went the full retard.
      Now no one gives a fk about Sean Penn.
      You never go the Full retard.
      Thus is a lesson for all of us,…especially old Danny boy for whom the pipes are definitely calling.

      • Can you apologise for using that term please? I’m offended by your usage of language here.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          What?,…Danny Boy?
          Stop being such a PC retard Gav.
          Anyway,…It’s not cultural appropriation to reference Danny Boy if you’ve got Irish ancestry. Which I have!

          • I think Gav was offended that you assumed Danny’s gender.

            It would have been more sensitive to note that the pipes are calling for Danny boy / girl / thing / it.

          • And do I detect an implication that Danny was also fat? Paging Dr Demography! …. Dr Demography to the emergency room!

      • No need to use the word retard. derogatory in nature to many…. just like how you are an old washed up nobody who missed the boat on the 21st century.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Yes If Rupert was the Woke 21st Century hipster that he yearns to be,…he would have gone with “The R word”
            Not actually used the word her/they/it/himself

            As for calling me an old washed up Nobody!
            That really hurts my feelings,…sniff.

        • Hadron CollisionMEMBER


          It’s not woke to say words like this can be offensive to people.

          Some here want to push *so hard* back against VS etc they miss the point a lot of the time due to their reverse moral panic at wokeness.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Funny how its always the language of the Working Class that university educated, inner city, virtue signaling “Leftists” always appear to be so Put out by.
            They demand that action must be taken to correct such language transgressions and yet very little do we hear from these middle class “Lefties” on the subject of redistribution or the economic and Political empowerment of the Working class and Poor.
            Just lots of thought and language policing and lecturing downwards by these packs of self righteous, useful idiots (should I have gone with Retards?) of Corporate Plutocracy
            I find their claims to speak for “The Left” orders of magnitude more offensive to me than the offence they claim for themselves, or others, over the use of ANY Word


          • drsmithyMEMBER

            It’s not woke to say words like this can be offensive to people.

            Suggesting even a shred of responsibility lies with the giver of offense rather than the taker of offense pretty much the definition of political correctness wokeness.

            The fundamental point of calling people PC “woke” as an insult is to ridicule the underlying premise that racism/sexism/ableism/whateverism-they-might-be-talking-about is a problem.

            That is why we have daily virtue-signalling threads like the one above, where people pretend to take offense at absurd things on a daily basis.

      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        Are commenters seriously woke-shaming a satirical quote from a satirical movie?

        Is this Inception-level satire? Is it too early for me?

  3. Makes little sense for him to resign and wait for someone else to get up to speed on the National Cabinet process and the state based Covid response.

    He just needs to be better.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      Hardly anything to get up to speed on. Read the script you’re handed & presto : expert.
      Just look at the number of newly minted Covid experts & epidemiologist on world stage since the EVENT began

      • billygoatMEMBER

        Don’t knock my tin foil hat. It’s the most comfortable & cheapest thing I own. I made it myself:) #craft #craft T

  4. Dan will go when Gladys and Dutton resign for the Ruby Princess debacle – so not likely going to happen.

    • This is 10 times worse than Ruby Princess. The whole nation was in flux then. It was the beginning of the pandemic. Four months on, the Victorian Government had the benefit of knowing what they were dealing with.

      • Cookie Cutter

        Dutton is the one who should have resigned over Ruby Princess – his “Border Force” is the one who let everyone in.

        • Maybe. But at the beginning of this crisis we were in a severe state of flux. There were massive numbers of arrivals into Australia from all areas and we still didn’t know what we were dealing with.

          Andrews cannot make this excuse. His is the only jurisdiction to completely stuff up hotel quarantine. Hence, Melbourne is closing while everywhere else is opening up.

          • Cookie Cutter

            Very true.

            Meanwhile, other politicians are not going to miss the opportunity for a publicity stunt with the ABC is telling us that “Bill Shorten teams up with local butcher to deliver Halal packages to residents locked in public housing towers “

          • migtronixMEMBER

            My sister in Perth was saying “we’re in total lockdown”, I said what you mean it’s Melbourne going into lockdown? “oh the state is in lockdown we can’t go anywhere”, but aside from that? “everything is open again we can do whatever we want”.

            So they’re stuck in WA, which is very small 😂

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Meanwhile, other politicians are not going to miss the opportunity for a publicity stunt with the ABC is telling us that “Bill Shorten teams up with local butcher to deliver Halal packages to residents locked in public housing towers “

            There were several tweets from on the ground at the time highlighting that Blank Sheet-here actually turned up without any attempt at media fanfare (or pre-arranged timeslot) organised at all.

      • The point is that politicians aren’t accountable anymore, and too many of them have been involved in shocking errors of judgement (Morrison – Hawaii, Barnaby and his mistress, Dutton facing contempt of court, Angus Taylor’s water rorts, Bridget McKenzie sportsrorts etc) and never stood down let alone apologised.

        Andrews should have been grilled to death over Cedar Meats and the branch stacking saga, yet it’s only a few weeks on and it’s all forgotten. The obvious out for Andrews is that he’s not responsible for the operations of the Security Company in question that faked invoices and didn’t manage things. Afterall, Morrison was able to get away with not holding a “hose” in the bushfires. The lockdown of the public towers will probably annoy Greens but appease right wingers so politically it may not be a net loss.

        Then throw in the likes of Alan Jones and his Sky News buddies consistently saying the virus is fake as well as Morrison supporting Clive Palmer’s legal action against the WA government border closures. Like Federal Labor, the State Opposition is weak and full of idiots like Michael O’Brien and Tim Smith who have politicised the issue and undermined the message by calling for loose restrictions and reopenings well before the hotel quarantine debacle. Give it time and the media will have moved on to some story about bogans fighting over toilet paper or some D-Grade celebrity selling nudes online.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      As they say quite frequently down in them there southern parts, the only real solution is to Lock ’em in Eddie.

      I believe the point was that if that had been done right we probably would have avoided this.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      I am in Perth the awe with which McGowan is held by the locals Is amazing. Several of my Mums friends who are rusted on liberal supporters are getting ready to vote for him at the next election.

      • That proves why it is in leaders interest to overreact to the virus. Treat it like it’s war and you’re seen as a war leader – who then tend to do wel in the polls.

        Pinochet in Queensland is doing the same. None of this ‘flattening the curve’ malarky – aim for total erradication!

  5. I so glad that the same Andrews’ Government, that signed the contract with private security firms to manage hotel quarantine, has signed the MoU for Belt and Road with the CCP. What could go wrong with such competent sorts on the job? And when it does go wrong Dan can find another scapegoat.

  6. Segregate Victoria

    That’s what you get when you use scab labour being paid cash in hand to secure the nation’s biosecurity. How many businesses are going to go under, how many people lose their jobs because Andrews wanted to use untrained scabs to protect the nation from a deadly pandemic.

    Third world leaders aren’t even that stupid, short sighted and corrupt.

    • Third world leaders meet gristly endings when they get it wrong. Dan Andrews will probably end up chancellor of a Melbourne university. For his relationships in China.

      I love how everyone loathes progressives . It’s a beautiful thing to see. Especially as they denounce each other as right wing.

      Being a leftist must be terrifying; constantly afraid of being purged for not keeping up with the latest holiness absurdity. Haha stupid cultists!

      With luck they’ll start purging academics as the economic crisis worsens 🙂 🙂

      • Yeah, brown paper bags all around on this one??
        Stinks of special deals for special mate$$$.

  7. He’s just done what most big consulting firms do in the corporate sector. Think of McKinsey, KPMG, Deloitte etc..do. come in make recommendations and some c-level nut job Hoover’s it all up and runs with it. Guts the real skill and outsources it to some sub-contractors who don’t really get it. 10-12 months later c-level genius discovers it doesn’t work and has to go back to the old way.

    • GlendaFMEMBER

      ’10-12 months later c-level genius….’ is promoted and moved into the next level c job and receives a huge bonus for saving the company soooooo much money…… the poor outcome seemingly isn’t important!

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The trick is to never change from the old way of doing things.
      Make a deck of shiny ppt slides, run a pilot project and then hand over the new ‘system’ to the regular workers who built the old system to implement.
      Fat fees for guaranteed failure. The perception of progress is maintained, without the risk of being responsible for any real change.

  8. Resign: (verb, obsolete) “to voluntarily leave a job or office as an act of honour or expiation”.

    The term is virtually unknown in 21st century usage. Historians point to the extraordinary example of Cook resigning over Blair’s disgraceful war crimes.

    • The days of ‘It’s not what you do when people are watching, but what you do when they aren’t” are so far in the rear vision mirror that it makes me wonder if there ever was such a characteristic.
      Today; people can get caught on tapes of many kinds, and still stand up and say with a straight face “That’s not me! It may look like me but it isn’t. It must have been doctored” and, yes, get away with it.
      All hope is lost.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Lol its much worse! See Donald Trump – he’ll lie about the lie he just lied about 5 minutes before then say the opposite 5 minutes after! And that idiot who does the press conferences now, dear Lord.

      • The ‘public relations’ industry is defined by its capacity to profit from what would ordinarily gag a maggot. In the process, malfeasance has been normalised as just another ‘perception management’ challenge to serve the powerful through strategy to create deniability; the Prince Andrew Defence coupled with a little bit of Chewbacca Defence. It’s the new normal and a social cancer that grew ever larger when ‘truth seeking’ was no longer the spoken goal of the media or pursued with a straight face. It followed the money. Profits in a career in ‘journalism’ now come mostly from helping people tell lies by manipulating those who think that the truth arrives in a press release. It’s now all tail and no dog.

  9. “Now Melbournians will tonight be placed under home lockdown for another six weeks and many businesses will go broke”


  10. It seems that Andrews is actually your best hope for a house price slide. You should be praising him, not demonising him.

    • Yeah i do like where the house are headed but does the price for it have to be peoples lives? How many of those infected will not survive and / or have chronic conditions going forward? And then the freedoms. Steep price to pay.

      • Everyone is always unwilling to pay the price. …And then your cry and moan about how you can’t have your price crash.

        Let’s lower the rates some more, perhaps? Wouldn’t want anyone to lose their home or anything.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        You sound surprised that the Housing Collapse will ruin peoples lives.
        Why ?

        • I don’t mean ruined lives due to debt – that’s a well worn path. I am lamenting that it has come alongside a deadly virus taking lives..

  11. Next Victorian election is November 2022.
    I reckon he knows it ill be a distant memory bythen.
    The punters won’t hold him to account especially when he slings a few baubles their way.

    • GlendaFMEMBER

      Depending on how successful the ‘belt and road’ program is….if he pulls that off, then he’ll be the hero, until the CCP start making inroads into VIC politics openly….

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      I reckon he knows it ill be a distant memory bythen.

      Absolutely anyone thinking it (The COVID 19 economic impact) will be a ‘distant memory’ in 2022 simply isnt getting it.

      Weirdly enough, I actually dont think most Australians (and most people in the US, UK in particular as well) actually do get that, still.

      This event will bring about the end of the NeoLiberal era, and probably blow the budget of every developed economy on the planet so far out of the water it will take generations to recover. It will – given much of the world has spent a decade stuffing cash into assets after 2008 – likely have a much bigger economic impact than WW2.

      I would have though that by November 22 that will probably be dawning on more people than it currently is – that maybe people – particularly those ‘entitled’ people of Australia – might have twigged to the idea that it is not an inconvenience, but involves genuine and lasting pain. And the searing anger of that pain realisation will likely exorcise an awful lot of vested interest and entitlement.

      Mark it in your calendar…..November 22 – distant memory……you will need the laughs

      • The return to lockdown of 2020 will be a distant memory. Not the virus.
        I get the virus extremely well. I have even experienced aerosol-generating inpatient enjoyment very closely.
        But thanks for your input.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Perhaps you could have been clearer, I thought you meant the virus and not this lockdown too.

        • GunnamattaMEMBER

          I disagree with you even there Olaf.

          Forget about ‘ what we you doing when Kennedy got shot, the Challenger disintegrated, or 9/11?’

          I think this will be the most minutely chronicled, obsessively analysed, heatedly argued over, and socially reheated event of all time. There will be scriptwriters working on the miniseries already. The security services of basically every nation on Earth will already be baking tomorrows conspiracy theories. The blame being apportioned now a little more than an hors d’oeuvre of the feast to come.

          In the Australian context the get out of jail free experience we had with the Ruby Princess will be forever lamented in a ‘what if?’ kind of way by a nation which will know in its soul that it was a group of people in Melbourne who ignored warnings and placed their entitlement to social interaction or protest over the desire to prevent any further spread of COV19 and visited pandemic on the nation.

          Make sure you sanitize and wear your PEE, and thanks for your half baked input too, and dont forget the right Medicare cost codes

  12. Rubbish. There is no way Andrews should resign. What you want some lesser politician, one of the useless factional bosses to take over during this crisis? Or even worse you want the idiot Liberals to take over? Those ar$eh0les are worse than US republicans and Tony Abbot in their determination to wreck things. With this virus you have to get everything right, you can’t make one error, and it’s not like this problem is something our public sector is trained for. So mistakes were made. That’s bad, but no reason to destroy the functioning of the state. No I don’t want Andrews to resign and he should stand firm against the shrill and ignorant calls for him to do so.

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      This state is not functioning. It is a basket case. Re read the post. Employers go bust, 10,000 people walk through the streets. guards sleeping with people in quarantine….

      • Coronaviris is a massive logistical, social, medical and economic challenge for any government. Most governments around the world have dropped the ball at some point, some never bothered catching it in the first place. The Vic Government made mistakes, yes. Talk of resignation and sacking will just make it worse.

        • fitzroyMEMBER

          Public servants wearing red shirts, then stacking branches, OBOR, jobs for incompetent mates everywhere, of which the quarantine appointment was one was but one, set up an inquiry so you can shut down any accountability. Pick a kind generous person to run it so the findings are not castrophic. This is cynical political bastardry at its worst. Thousands will lose their jobs and their cash.

    • While I am no fan of the liberals, throughout this sh$$%^^show they are the only ones who have resisted full totalitarian style lockdowns, complete loss of freedom and support of small businesses. I am grateful scomo is the pm over that labor wuss tbh. I cannot believe though how many people like yourself praise this totalitarian lockdown particularly of the houso flats which is something that has not happened in any other country in the world bar you know where and you guys cheer it on. Absolutely unbelievable. What about the economy that Andrews has now thrown under the bus along with thousands of jobs, suicide, depression, domestic violence that will continue to occur because of this? The cure is far worse than the disease, I will never vote labor again for the rest of my life.

      • Segregate Victoria

        Your attitude is why we need hard lockdowns because people don’t care about spreading the virus to others.

        • fitzroyMEMBER

          if you are going to lockdown, do it. The Japanese did fine without lockdowns as did others, They have a cohesive society, ours is balkanised.

          • Segregate Victoria

            Japanese wear masks and are respectful of other peoples health during normal times.

            Most Aussies think this is either just a flu, a hoax or a conspiracy.

          • “Most Aussies think this is either just a flu, a hoax or a conspiracy”.

            That’s a rash generalisation. The loony fringe don’t represent the majority.

          • This virus is not just the flu bro at the same time what’s the endgame here? We stay locked up for the next decade? No one seems to explain to me how we will get out of indefinite lockdowns.

        • You gotta be kidding. The people of Aus must be the dumbest in the world. My income is not affected in fact my job is more secure as a result. However I hope your one of the masses that goes off the financial cliff post Sep 30. Protect the elderly and at risk, don’t house arrest the healthy, is that so terrible?

      • You think China is the only place that locked up hard ??? Think again.
        Worrying about ‘feelings’ won’t fix it.
        The towers were locked quickly cos the ‘ no speak a da english’ doesn’t cut it either.
        What has been shown is that waiting to long can have serious consequences.
        The virus doesn’t care !

      • I will never vote labor again for the rest of my life.

        This is the correct action to take. Hopefully all Australians will do likewise and we will be rid of one deadly virus (Labor) within a few years.

        My only question CharlieM – What took you so long?. I have never voted 1 Labor and never will.

        • I used to think labor was more for the average worker, but now I realise that they love to destroy your income, splash cash to get you reliant on handouts for food and shelter then wham when I say jump you say how high.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        The federal government closed the borders 4 weeks to late. Even after the closure to you know where, the border was open to most other countries.
        What really saved us initially was the government of you know where locking down hard.
        Any disease that doubles the number of infections every 3 to 5 days will cause severe strain on a hospital system.
        A small portion hospitalizations of a very large number cases, is still a large number.

    • “With this virus you have to get everything right, you can’t make one error”…

      And yet Andrews has made the biggest error of all by completely stuffing up the vital function of hotel quarantine. But he’s too arrogant to fess up and apologise for his own government’s mistakes. Instead he blames the victims.

      • surfbeach2536

        All that said a rule for face masks to be worn by anyone leaving their home should be a priority.

          • Looks like you listed the security guards who failed to me. Am I missing something or is this “pink batts” logic all over again.

            You campaigning early Leith ? Back on the Liberal bandwagon early I see.

            Here’s a joke that does the rounds “Whats the most irrelevant thing in Australia ? The Victorian opposition”.

          • Dumbest comment of the day. Who hired the private security firms to manage quarantine over the Victorian Police or Department of Corrections? The Andrews Government. The buck stops with them.

            The Victorian Opposition are useless turds. But that’s irrelevant here.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            Leith, the Victorian opposition are useless, and have a high portion of happy clapper nut jobs.
            Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

          • “Looks like you listed the security guards who failed to me. Am I missing something or is this “pink batts” logic all over again.

            You campaigning early Leith ? Back on the Liberal bandwagon early I see.

            You’re way out of line with this. Whatever happened to ministerial responsibility? I know that has been long forgotten in today’s politics on both sides but, hiding behind contractors you appointed is no excuse. Even the law is very clear on this point (eg: a private firm is still be liable for OHS etc when the employees of contractors work for them). Additionally, if the argument from the Vic government is that people are not taking responsibility for their behaviour, well then what’s stopping him from leading by example?

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        An enterprising young journalist might be assembling a timeline of when each of the litany of failures above were first notified to the Andrew’s Government and what their response/s to each was/were.

        … it’s akways the cover-up that …

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        To be fair to Dan Andrews : all the other states did the same thing with subcontracting security guards, and all the other states also have security guards and hotel staffs catching COVID. The big difference is the other private security guard companies didn’t cover it up until one month later.

        If someone needs to be held responsible, it is the idiot that told the security guards not to get tested even if they have symptoms.


        • ZevombatMEMBER

          Yes, it’s obviously an opportunity to put the boot into the premier but the security company delivered those failures. The focus on politicians several steps removed from the signing if the contract means those really responsible aren’t taking the heat for it. Who was it decided to ghost shifts for profit and not test the guards? Where are the consequences?

        • NSW had police on the ground and in charge of the whole operation. That’s what made the difference.

      • DouglasMEMBER

        Leith great article and sheets home responsibility to Andrews and his cohort. What amazes me is that in normal operation of a government or business there is monitoring of progress of a decision. However with hotel quarantine in Victoria or Robodebt in the Commonwealth there appeared to be no continuing assessment of the situation. In addition what about personal responsibility and ownership of decisions and liability. The governments have just enacted that if a decision is made by a small business proprietor which through proven negligence and accident causes death then a jail sentence may be enacted. What about similar punishment for decision makers in the Ruby Princess and hotel quarantine in Victoria debacles?

    • Dan, can you please do referring to yourself as a third person. Go and fall on your sword.

  13. Every state uses private security firms, and every point you make points towards a failure on the security firms – not the State Government. This is exactly the same as the mouth breathers response to the “pink batts deaths”.
    There will be outbreaks in other states – we know that its a matter of time. So if every time there is an outbreak around the world should the leader resign ?

    This is an incredibly poor article.

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      This is a failure to take responsibility for what was obvious. This did not happen in other states. Whocouldanode is not an answer.

    • Qld police managed quarantine in qld, assisted by private security…… good, different

    • The headline is a pity. The alternative to ALP is a LNP gov driven by IPA neoliberalism. It is only Gladys and Dan who prevented Scotty from going the IPA preferred route aka current UK and USA outcomes.

      His team stuffed up supervising implementation (but hey in Neolib land the private sector always does it better), but the overall game plan has been ok.

      DocX’s comment yesterday about winter/current climatic conditions in Vic may also be relevant.

      • simon woodMEMBER

        I think the potential impact of cold weather is a furphy. If this is the case, then why are the southern states of Arizona and Florida, which are in the middle of their summer, experiencing spikes in corona cases?

  14. Hubby heard on radio apparently in some cases these guards were not even told that they were minding people covid positive. So no wonder they didnt sre an issue letting people go into each others rooms. It is a complete eff up.
    Still, dont forget to blame the CCP in your rants. If a foreign totalitarian govt cant mind a wet market surely you arent expecring anything better from anyone else.
    But i am liking how this virus shines a light on incompetency within weeks…

  15. Ulrike Meinhof

    So much posturing, so many words, what are you actually going to do about it?
    “Protest is when I say I don’t like this. Resistance is when I put an end to what I don’t like”.

  16. I don’t think Daniel Andrews will resign and I don’t think a liberal premier in the same position would either.

    Things are easily forgotten these days…Scott Morrison….bushfires…anyone??

    • Agreed and there is obvious action to take.
      Vote Labor and Liberal last and 2nd last at every opportunity. If everyone did this then Labor and Liberal would lose all power within a few years.

      • Ulrike Meinhof

        Forget that!
        Labor and Liberal deserve to be in first and second spot, they’ve earned that position in the queue.

  17. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    Maybe Dan should go. As long as Melbourne remains the only state in lockdown, the Question of accountability will be front and centre.

    But if you ask me, the change that really hurt victorians was when every football team left the state. More than anything else. Sure, the new lockdown is bad, but voters will be thinking that we’ve got through one lockdown, we’ll get through another. But the symbolism of footy leaving Victoria to go north is quite shocking. Its unthinkable. If you wanted to really hurt Victoria, take away the footy. Somebody seriously stuffed up there……..And the counterpoint to the symbolism of footy going north is the tower blocks full of locked down immigrant peasants….footy leaves Victoria vs migrants locked in hi-density towers……Dan’s nuts are in a vice now

    • While we’re at it, where’s the afl grand final gonna be played …… not Melb in an empty mcg, surely

    • No Melbourne Cup. No crowds at the Cricket or Tennis. No big concerts at Melbourne Park.
      Congratulations Victoria, you played yourself.

  18. Rent Seeking Missile

    He’s the elected leader. Victorians chose him for executive office. LOL.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  19. Good points in the article Leith, but you can’t use the army to enforce quarantine.

    You can use the army for logistical support but you shouldn’t be using armed forces in any role that involves enforcing “discipline” on the people. We’re trashing enough institutions and democratic norms already. If a government body is going to do it it would have to be the police or some other institution.

  20. Why would anyone who lives in Australia, voluntarily decide to live in Melbourne?
    Apparently they do good coffee??

    • LVO will explain to you the Melbourne drives the Oz economy and by not living there you are missing the greatest opportunity of your life.
      Go the Vic’s….you reap what you sow.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        Certainly do. They shouldn’t have got back after the red shirts stuff. Unfortunately we have no opposition here.

  21. tripsterMEMBER

    Pretty sure that it will come out that it got into those public housing towers as a result of attendance (either by those living there, their contacts or friends) due to the BLM rallies.

    • The authorities undoubtedly know the answer to that question. But, they will fight very hard to keep it secret, due to “privacy concerns”.

      • Not saying this point is wrong but how could the residents have known about the blm rallies if they have so much trouble with English and are only watching foreign tv?

  22. Well my 15min trip to work took 1.5hrs this morning due to the borders being shut. How you city folk do it day in day out is beyond me.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Mate what’s the point of spreading the blame across a bunch of others no better or worse.
      Let Danny Boy and Gladdies and Dutton carry all the blame to the end of this crisis and then have the recriminations.

  23. rob barrattMEMBER

    Failure in public service projects is normal. I worked for a large IT company and the rule for responding to a government tender was: LNLL – Lie Now, Litigate Later. The reason behind this is obvious: if the government were to spend money bringing in Business Analysts to examine the existing system, talk to the user base, document what they need and produce a set of specifications and a set of options then produce detailed specs & business rules you would be in the happy position of being able to ask for a quote for a tightly specified system to be built for a fixed price. Problem is, they spent money.
    So, the government alternative is: Put out a tender with broadly worded specs and accept the lowest fixed price bid.
    Now of course, the cost inevitably blows out when the true scope of the task emerges. You then indulge in litigation with the system builder.
    So, LNLL is the only way to get awarded a government contract. Both sides know what is going to happen.
    It’s an exercise in cynicism. It’s inevitable when politicians and the heads of the relevant government departments never have to bear responsibility for any debacle.
    To produce a reasonable spec for security contractors would have taken less than a week, but it’s SNAFU, give them a 100 word spec then:..

    Just blame the contractors. Problem is, Andrews & co didn’t realise that this project was different.

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      Have a judicial inquiry. Pick a lovely kind forgiving person to run it. Then don’t answer any questions pending it…..

      • Ulrike Meinhof


        The conclusion that it is impossible to separate the revolution in the “heartland” from that in “underdeveloped areas” is based on an analysis of the unique character of the capitalist ruling system. Without a revival of revolution in the West, the imperialists, with their logic of violence, will be able to develop their exit strategy through a catastrophic war, and it will be impossible to prevent the world’s superpowers from imposing crushing oppression.

        Il Manifesto: from Thesis 52

  24. Surely it’s time all politicians and public servants went on jobkeeper. We’re ‘all in this together’, aren’t we,?