UQ threatens freedom fighter, Pavlou, with jail

Via News:

A student activist who led protests against the Chinese Communist Party claims the University of Queensland has directed a top-tier law firm to threaten him with contempt of court.

Drew Pavlou said his lawyer Mark Tarrant received a letter from Clayton Utz, representing UQ, which outlined plans to initiate a new contempt of court claim against him.

The confidential letter, dated June 16, was received by the 21-year-old Brisbane student on Wednesday and has been seen by AAP.

“I read it as a threat to intimidate me into silence, but unfortunately they haven’t figured out that doesn’t work me,” Mr Pavlou told AAP.

“It’s just absurd – the case was dying down and there was no media … but for some reason they wanted to pour jet fuel on the issue by threatening me with imprisonment. It’s so illogical and self-destructive.”

Mr Pavlou said he feared a contempt of court action could result in a maximum three-year prison sentence.

“It’s pretty scary when you’re threatened with imprisonment,” he said.

“I’m just 21, I don’t have the resources to fight a case like this.”

Not much need to add to that. The young man is doing a great job of humiliating the CCP-corrupted UQ.

Perhaps the university should move straight to organ harvesting in its re-education campaign.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. DingwallMEMBER

    How does contempt of court work? The only court he has been in so far was the kangaroo court at UQ (university’s disciplinary board) wasn’t it?

    • He might have breached some stat decs or similar.

      Either way, unless he has deliberately flouted a court order, imprisonment seems a stretch.

      • I always thought contempt of court was one of the few, if only, offences where you could be held indefinitely – at the HM’s pleasure? Yes, maybe he is in or offending a lower level body with a 3 year max?

    • He started a civil case against a CCP official based in the PRC Brisbane Consulate in the Qld Courts. In that case he issued a subpoena for documents and obtained being emails between UQ and the CCP discussing how to deal with him.

      It is now obscure to whom the subpeona was addressed (UQ vs CCP official) as the reporting has been tampered with on the MSM sites due to fairly agressive re-education of the editors/owners in the last few weeks, but in any case he got the emails which UQ, it may be inferred, would have preferred not see the light of day.

      He (reportedly) then used the emails to defend the internal University proceedings by the UQ to have him expelled as a student. At one stage he may have tweeted links to extracts from the documents, but the hosting site webmaster has also since been re-educated.

      Now there is a rule which says you are not supposed to use documents obtained for one purpose (his court action) for any other purpose:

      Where one party to litigation is compelled, either by reason of a rule of court, or by reason of a specific order of the court, or otherwise, to disclose documents or information, the party obtaining the disclosure cannot, without leave of the court, use it for any purpose other than that for which it was given unless it is received into evidence.

      Hearne v Street [2008] 235 CLR 125

      That is what they are angry about.

      • Absolute BeachMEMBER

        Thanks mate. I learnt something. Much appreciated. Please keep it up if there are legal matters at the core of postings.

      • DominicMEMBER

        In the era of social media they can be as angry as they like. Is it enough though to dismiss his case entirely? He doesn’t really care at this point, let’s face it. The public damage to UQ is his primary aim.

    • From my very limited experience, contempt from a magistrate perspective is anything that he or she views as against their beliefs…my Lord!

  2. I don’t see all your news etc. but – where are all the other students who are up in arms about the way one of theirs is being treated? Where is the collective student outrage?

    • You mean all the other students whom will either return to or have family back in CCP land. All those students whom purchased a degree (sorry, a university place) and would rather attention not be focused on their own academic records.

      Those whom don’t fall into that category either have more important BLM matters to deal with or would not dare speak out at the risk being targeted by either of the other two groups.

    • Students don’t realise how much power they actually have. They are treated as customers. If so, those customers need to demand to speak to the manager.

  3. UQ has gone the full Murdoch.

    To think – in the 60s and 70s Australian universities harboured the draft resistance movement against the Vietnam war. This was particularly relevant at UQ when on 8 September 1967: “a massive illegal march protesting involvement in the Vietnam War occurred after Queensland University students were refused a “permit to march”. As many as 4,000 students marched from the University of Queensland into the city.”


    This was at the time of Queensland premier Joh Bjelke-Peterson, who’s insularity and lack of respect for freedom of speech/expression and love of cronyism led directly to a Royal Commission that exposed widespread corruption that this culture had produced.


    It was illegal to protest in QLD prior to that – and apparently little has changed.

    Today it is UQ that sicks ’em with ‘Clayton Utz’ and threatens students with jail terms. Corrupt activity has been moved into the board room where dealings with foreign states are confidential and students either ‘clients’ or ‘threats’ to the business model.

    The comparison of today with the late 60s is stark, sickening and ascribes a dangerous culture at the heart of Australian universities that once, used to be the only places in QLD where tyranny could be fought. That it could happen in Queensland post-Fitzgerald is deeply disturbing as this RC showed that the lack of scrutiny and cronyism that formed the culture of QLD government allowed corruption to flourish.

    The UQ emperor is wearing no clothes and only one student has had the balls to call it. How dare this VC and his ex-foreign affairs China lackey mate cash in on removing free speech at a university.

    Hats off to Drew Pavlou – upon his shoulders rests the dignity of free speech and protest at Australian universities.

  4. Every Life Matters

    Send Hoj back to Denmark.

    Pavlou’s life must be in danger. Chinese patriots get nasty. Just look at how they violently responded to peaceful pro-democracy protesters last year.

  5. He should set up a Go Fund Me. I’d give him $50 bucks …

    Death to the CCP and their traitorous fellow travellers