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Leith van Onselen


  1. haroldusMEMBER

    OHAI Queens!

    Am in Newy tonight, up the end of the freeway.

    I have some extremely boring gardening stories on teh way!

  2. john6007MEMBER

    Unquestionably strong Bank Story

    So I do a bit of work as a Tax Agent, a (mature) client asks for copy of 2018 assessment, original, all 4 pages??? (2019 already lodged). Turns out its for a finance application (WBC). Who would of thought, a word processed tax return copy is no longer any good? Property to the moon?

    • I may be wrong, but I don’t think you’ve ever made a pre-emptive comment, all I see is retrospective. Happy to be wrong but just seems like you’re playing at being savvy.

      I made a very poor investment this evening. $12 for a large kebab that was definitely not large. Now I’m awake late and hungry and contemplating walking to the servo in my pjs ala haroldus.

      • haroldusMEMBER

        If I was to do it again, I would have changed teh slippers into shoes.

        Really, you don’t want that sh!t on the floor at home.

        And thinking about the experience, what do they care what you wear?

        • As long as your todger is not swinging out in the breeze through the hole in your PJ, I don’t think they do… and even then, you may get staff discount to put it away.

      • Arrest Chinese Supremacists

        heavy in silver (more long term), fcx tech stocks, qqq, xme, hhe, x, slca. looking to buy a casino stock because that’s all opening up and will be huge this summer. gold and gold miners to a lesser extent. gold/silver for the long term and gold/silver miners i should have sold but not too worried about the volatility.

          • Jevons ghostMEMBER

            The best casino in the land (the ASX) stayed open. Hadn’t you noticed? Now likely to become the casino of choice for mum and dad specufestors (at least for a while)

      • DominicMEMBER

        Speaking of kebabs, any idea where can I find the best one in Brissy?

        Thinking lashings of tahini and hot chili sauce right now

  3. Always a problem when authors of a paper are denied access to their own data….


    Maybe Trump is right after all.
    Authors have retracted their paper claiming that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are hazardous.
    The problem is that some of the data is implausible, the authors have conceded errors, and then the authors were unable to obtain the data in order to get its veracity independently checked.
    Faced with these insurmountable problems, 3 of the authors requested the paper be pulled.



    • Same lead authors and same suspect Surgisphere dataset in this NEJM paper. Lancet got pulled. Wonder what NEJM will do with this.

    • If Trump is right, it’s not because he’s a genius and knows anything about science. More likely that he bought shares in some company that makes the stuff.

      • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

        A lot here seem to think that Trump is an imbecile. Yet he consistently gets it right. Could it be the simple minded living in the matrix cant see and think with clarity whats real and whats propaganda. The bloke is a billionaire and rose to US president. Stack that against your own success in career or business or political activism. Take away the rationalisations of how he had it easy or whatever and look at things honestly. Could Trump really be so dumb or just lucky as people project.

        • He won’t release his tax records and there is certainly some suss frontrunning going on relating to Tweets.
          Not sure that takes any special genius.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Maybe people call him an imbecile because they’re giving him the benefit of the doubt ?

          Didn’t someone figure out he’d actually be richer if he’d just taken the money he inherited and stuck it in a simple savings account ?

        • Interested PartyMEMBER

          “A lot here seem to think that Trump is an imbecile.”
          Just a mix of psychological projection with a splash of condescension , and topped of with a sprig of twisted moral superiority.
          Nothing serious. HCQ + zinc will fix thing.

        • buttzilla 24/7

          so not a deep-state military actor? previous name: Ron Masak? (as in may sack?) i think he was on murder she wrote lol! /sarc

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          Don’t know about Trumps savvy.
          Anyone who inherits $hit loads of money can increase it, well maybe Malcolm Fraser was an exception.
          Trump has been bankrupted a few times. Doesn’t

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          Don’t know about Trumps savvy.
          Anyone who inherits $hit loads of money can increase it, well maybe Malcolm Fraser was an exception.
          Trump has been bankrupted a few times. Doesn’t believe in paying his debts.
          Not the halmark of a financial genius, just a crumby crook.

        • Trump started with a substantial inherited fortune and blew it all in casinos so spectacularly that he got tax losses that have taken 20 years of income to eat through. He got it back by laundering Russian money into US real estate, which yes used his knowledge of real estate learned from his father. The only savvy thing he has done is build his brand, and then monetitise it with the various Trump labelled buildings. That said, the US banks gave him little option as none would touch him after blow up the casinos. Only Deutsche Bank lent to him … and their adventurous wave of lending not just to Trump almost bankrupted them. Trump negotiated hard in bankruptcy, sure, but he’s a big talker, bullies those he thinks he can, is a spiv and a crook. Just like Alan Bond but upsized a lot. At least Bondy started from nothing. When Trump leaves the White House he will be a lot richer than when he went in.

          • Rorke's DriftMEMBER

            Curious your narrative sounds ridiculous, like you’re trying to weave together propaganda hit pieces you’ve read over the years to create your own. “blew it all in casinos” people who build casinos don’t tend to site in them and gamble money away. You acknowledge then dismiss his success in building an international brand yet people invest their whole careers in marketing and businesses invest billions in seeking that, so why not just begrudge him some credit for it and just argue why you hate him on some sounder ground. You’re like the bloke watching Mike Tyson fight and yelling at the screen that you’d just give him an uppercut. I’ll put you down as an employee in some stable organisation, never having had a go in your life.

      • He is unpredictable, but I am not sure that is not part of his strategy. Adversaries are not able to read him, which gives him an advantage.

        He was the first public figure to state the infection fatality rate was way under 1%. He didn’t work this out – his advisers did.But he was brash enough to say this months ago.

        • That’s a bit selective there, steve. He also said that it would simply disappear and expected it to have gone away by Easter, plus plenty of other predictions about the virus that have turned out to be dead wrong. Getting stuff wrong is no biggie, but making out that you are never wrong is.

          Reminds me of when Deng said, after the death of Mao, that Mao was 70% right. The context to that was that in the 1930’s, and subsequently, Mao killed off any of his followers who doubted that he was always 100% right.

        • Rubbish economists are 50% right but they predict a lot and then republish the ones that were right. Trump is not even half right but he only republishes the right ones. Just like he scores his golf.

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      What we are seeing here is the single greatest aspect of science as a means to gain real understanding of the world around us. Self correction.

      Sure in the short term there is some embarrassment for people that are supposed to prevent this sort of thing happening in prestigious journals but long term it’s science working as expected.

      As an aside, it’s highly unlikely that the drug actually is beneficial, the results from the actual field trials show nothing better than placebo from what I have seen.

  4. DingwallMEMBER

    Maybe we have another export other than dirt ………….. numberwang…….
    US jobs report explodes higher as firms on a hiring spree……………….. before lockdown ended LOL

    • Here where I live in Europe, traffic is back to what is what prior to this plandemic BS. Walking in the city, it’s as if everything is back to normal, summer is here. No panic. People have almost forgotten about the MSM created covid garbage.

      From my connections in Australia, a 16yo just landed his first job at a restaurant, life seems normal there too… The Coronavirus was a temporary blip. People keep conflating the stock market / asset prices with unemployment and scratching their heads.. In fact, Australia doesn’t even have an unemployment problem.. jobkeeper and jobseeker fixed that.. yes.. fixed it. The economic effects of “unemployment” from your textbooks don’t come true when you pay carntts $1500 a fortnight.

      • I wonder why none came up with such a great idea to pay from the budget everyone who doesn’t have a job and single-handedly fix the problem of unemployment that bothered world economies for centuries.

        strictly speaking they are still unemployed, but are not unpaid … so all these years it was not unemployment that was the problem but rather “nonpayment”

        • Not sure why my comment was not allowed through.

          But anyway, don’t trust your hyperinflation theories and historical examples as if to be scientific fact that can equally be applied in all situations.

          As long as just about everyone, including the experts of all sides of economics, especially to raoul pals of the world (i.e. “experts” that people believe to be credible) don’t understand debt and how it works in different currencies and countries, then people will continue to scratch their heads and keep masturbating to some kind of armageddon scenario in their minds.

          • DingwallMEMBER

            i have been getting a few not let though lately. Some random word is being picked up and my post tagged as spam.

          • I don’t think such scenario would produce inflation issue … as long as there are slaves somewhere around the world to produce all the food and other crap for next to nothing …

            the problem with such solution is quite different … more of a moral problem that would eventually divide population and cause bloodshed …

          • DominicMEMBER

            Les, you appear to be calling everyone out for not understanding what’s going on. I accept the challenge – and expect to win. Easily.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        The US unemployment figure is as believable as the Chinese unemployment figure. Everywhere we look, all the countries in the world is slowly turning into a copy of China.

        • DominicMEMBER

          It was a ‘classification’ error apparently. The second in as many weeks. Too late to ‘fix’ now, so the story goes.

          I struggle to think the White House has their paw-prints on this — there’s an awful long way to go to the election and therefore a whole heap of lies to tell between now and then. Seems a dangerous tack.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Same classification error that sees people “working” zero hours on JobKeeper here. It’s all a massive neoliberal scam…

          • Dominic – Trumpy is transactional. Every successful grifter and aluminium siding salesman knows, you close a deal by neutralising one objection at a time. His current problem was the spiraling unemployment rate. He’ll now be able to argue that he had managed to turn the economy around, but then came the “riots”. I have no idea if the stats were manipulated, but he will keep using them up until November at least.


    Stock market news live updates: Stocks surge as US economy unexpectedly adds 2.5M jobs in May … Emily McCormick … Yahoo Finance


    Stocks spiked on Friday after data showed the coronavirus-stricken U.S. economy unexpectedly added jobs in May.

    The Dow advanced more than 2% shortly after market open, adding more than 700 points. The 30-stock index hit its highest level since March 4. The S&P 500 also rose more than 2% and hit its highest level since February 26. The Nasdaq Composite rose about 1.7% to the highest level since February 20, and was just 1% off its record highs from February 19.

    The Labor Department’s jobs report Friday morning stunned market watchers, showing that the beleaguered economy added 2.5 million jobs last month, when consensus forecasts had called for another 8 million payrolls to be slashed. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate rose to 13.3%, well below expectations of a surge to 19.5%. … view & read more via hyperlink above …
    May jobs report: US economy unexpectedly adds 2.5 million payrolls, unemployment rate falls to 13.3% … Emily McCormick … Yahoo Finance



      Fairlie, South Canterbury, Motel for sale for $1 …

      A South Island motel owner struggling under rent bills is desperate for a way out.

      Government’s commercial rent relief too little, too late for motel operator … Zoe George … Stuff NZ


      “Mongrel” landlords spurred Justice Minister Andrew Little to announce a commercial rental package this week, but it’s too little, late for some – including motel owner Trace Harper.

      She’s now trying to sell her business for $1, as she faces losing her home to cover business expenses including commercial rent.

      Three-and-a-half years ago Harper purchased the Aorangi Motel business from its former owner, who still owned the buildings she leases. She was offered a rent reduction after chasing the landlord for months, but said it’s not enough to save her business, or her home. … read more via hyperlink above …

      • That’s the going price for distressed assets in NZ, Hugh; NZ$1.
        Didn’t some bunny just pick up a whole media ’empire’ for that as well? Yes, is the answer, and the buyer will have about as much clue about the costs involved in running the business as the motel owner above did. Disaster awaited them both. (Shades of Allied Farmers buying broke Hanover Finance and not realising that the existing debt came along with the deal!)

        • STD works just as well in the case of the corporate entities! Sexually Transmitted Debt, that is.


            … For example … when can we expect to start seeing grossly excessive government spending / waste being dealt with effectively ? …

            US labour market data surprises; Fed says consumer debt levels fall hard; China cancels some US ag buys; China consumer debt demand jumps; debt interest rates rising; UST 10yr yield at 0.89%; oil and gold up; NZ$1 = 65.1 USc; TWI-5 = 69.9 … David Chaston … Interest Co NZ


            … extracts …

            … Bond yields are rising fast over the past week. It seems investors are moving back into equities as the mood lifts about restarting major economies. If it lasts, this will have an unfortunate impact on government budgets that have mushroomed recently to battle the economic impacts of the pandemic. Sharply higher liabilities combined with interest rates that have almost doubled from very low levels will eat into tax revenues very fast. Yes, central banks can create new money to buy increasing amounts of government debt, but obviously they can’t do that forever. And if market push bond interest rates higher, the taxpayer will need to shoulder an increasing load just to make the interest payments …

            … The UST 10yr yield is up again, today up another 8 bps at 0.89%. For the full week, it is up a remarkable 26 bps as investors start pricing risk back into American Government debt – in fact, long term debt from all governments.

  6. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Ermo & Niko update.
    It was easy to get out of that hoist job for that builder . All I did was to write in the quote 50% deposit and they promptly sent a courier to bring it to a specialist hoist repairer. Glad to rid of it even though I didn’t charge consulting fee for diagnosis.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        There does seem to be less outrage than when African gangs were targeting Indian students a few years back.

        I think what you’ve read there is their version of anti-chinamanism.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Understandable advice. You see the hate in the blog posts written here and the extreme hatred in the comments! Personally I love the Chinamen-like races, mostly their lady ones.

          • Pretty much the same thing as at a straight party, except that there’s a whole bunch of people dancing far better than you ever could. (I’m assuming that you are a straight white male.) A friend put on an Amy Winehouse night after she passed away. There were two straight guys in the room. We were the worst dancers here by a very long distance.
            Funnily enough, a friend in a black metal band was playing in a room downstairs at the venue that night. He’s quite well known in the scene. The scene has has a really big [email protected] element and he’s from Asia. So, all these dudes and dudetttes are always talking about how good his music is and then sprouting off daft [email protected] speech. The bass player even started dating one of the dunderheads. The world is a very strange place.

          • “there’s a whole bunch of people dancing far better than you ever could.” you say that as if that would bother most blokes, footsie.

            Try this one: “there’s a whole bunch of people able to recite entire chapters of Lord of the Rings.” Again, I think, meh. Not saying there’s anything wrong with jitterbugging or being totally immersed in fantasy fiction but I don’t feel any sense of inadequacy either.

  7. My historical epoch was better than yours!


    “.. “If the Black Death caused the Renaissance, will COVID also create a golden age?”

    Versions of this question have been going around as people, trying to understand the present crisis, reach for history’s most famous pandemic. Using history to understand our present is a great impulse, but it means some of the false myths we tell about the Black Death and Renaissance are doing new damage, one of the most problematic in my view being the idea that sitting back and letting COVID kill will somehow by itself naturally make the economy turn around and enter a period of growth and rising wages…”

    • All the historical data strongly suggest that a prolonged period of social and economic damage follow such events, better yet – weaken nations for invasion or takeover.

      That aside, considering the increase of such events due to AGW and modern human activities it would seem a good time to – organize – for the inevitable. Otherwise this whole tightly coupled market thingy and human rat race for the cheez will make the black death look like a kids chicken pox party as everything unravels.

      • I seem to recall reading about those.
        Mothers would send their ‘unvaccinated’ children off to catch the virus at an early age as the consequences in later life could be life-threatening.
        And it worked – for most. Pity about poor Angela tough, who died at 4 from being an early casualty.
        But, needs must, as they said…..

    • I think Renaissance started before with Dante and Petrarch but interesting point is this (from wiki):

      The demographic decline due to the plague had economic consequences: the prices of food dropped and land values declined by 30–40% in most parts of Europe between 1350 and 1400.[44] Landholders faced a great loss, but for ordinary men and women it was a windfall. The survivors of the plague found not only that the prices of food were cheaper but also that lands were more abundant, and many of them inherited property from their dead relatives.

      USA and many parts of Europe saw property prices down by almost 50% in post GFC world … and what we got out is not a Renaissance but social media boom that is by far the biggest threat to humanity

      • DominicMEMBER

        The chances of us seeing falls of 30-40% falls in food prices are c.zero.

        But if it happens I’ll be a lot better off for it

        I would also question the source for the claims that food prices dropped by that magnitude in Europe post GFC.

      • robert2013MEMBER

        Yes culling a population does free up resources. WW2 had the same effect for the boomers. Maybe climate change will do it for today’s humans.

        • that’s not true, neither in USA or UK, Canada, Australia … had many casualties in WWII, in fact most of those countries increased population quite quickly during and after the WWII

          post war period and BBs had a good life not because resources were freed but because debt has been abolished ..

          • Jumping jack flash

            Interesting that debt was abolished. I haven’t heard that one before. Will have to look that up.

            I thought it was through the resulting R&D efforts over the next few decades stemming from captured nazi war tech, culminating in the cold war. A highly profitable time up to and including Reagan.

  8. For the befuddled … especially after last nights links debt irrationality display …

    It might be thought that “modern” refers to the fiat money world in which we have lived since major currencies broke with gold convertibility in the 1930s … In fact, however, it is a kind of inside joke, motivated by this observation of Keynes

    “The State, therefore, comes in first of all as the authority of law which enforces the payment of the thing which corresponds to the name or description in the contracts. But it comes in doubly when, in addition, it claims the right to determine and declare what thing corresponds to the name, and to vary its declaration from time to time – when, that is to say, it claims the right to re-edit the dictionary. This right is claimed by all modern states and has been so claimed for some four thousand years at least. (Keynes 1930, p. 4).”


    But then mythology has always drawn many to its comforting promises …

    • Interesting article by Lars
      This bit in particular

      “..New? Cranks? Reading one of the founders of neoclassical economics, Knut Wicksell, and what he writes in 1898 on ‘pure credit systems’ in Interest and Prices (Geldzins und Güterpreise) soon makes the delusion go away:

      It is possible to go even further. There is no real need for any money at all if a payment between two customers can be accomplished by simply transferring the appropriate sum of money in the books of the bank …..”

      Only a matter of time…..months, days?

      Is anyone still using liabilities of the Central Bank at the moment? Notes and coins etc. With the private banks getting paid interest on their account balances at the RBA and the target rate cranked down to 0.25% the Central Bank balance sheet is now little more than a dusty taxpayer supplied back stop for the private bank balance sheets.

      Knut would be most impressed.

      • Way to redirect what Lars was pointing out …. back to – your – narrative comfort zone pft.

        Come on … Keynes was just pointing out order and effect from time immemorial without some plank in his frontal lobes, not that half of what he said sails over some heads or get mangled by orthodox filters.

        Back to your personal views on money, law dictates what a business can and cannot do, now whom again blew the barn doors right off any restrictions in seeking profit again? Remember interest is a risk premium, as well what can be charged in fees, some silly bunch then said caveat emptor and rational agent models would sort it all – how did that turn out?

        Having two diametrically opposed ideas from a social psychological perspective can’t be remedied by hard currency [zero interest], otherwise the whole free banking, great depression, and a plethora of other historical events would have never happened. Why would anyone want to restrict money supply based on some biblical fairy tails or their ilk.

        • You are at your worst when you cut and paste and don’t even bother to read what you are cutting and pasting.

          You are incapable of dealing with the issues even when your super hero Lars directly refers to them.

          Private bank balance sheets v central bank balance sheets is the issue.

          Here is a larger quote from the article YOU quoted.

          “…What Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) basically does is exactly what Wicksell tried to do more than a hundred years ago. The difference is that today the ‘pure credit economy’ is a reality and not just a theoretical curiosity — MMT describes a fiat currency system that almost every country in the world is operating under….”

          You better throw Lars under the bus like you do Hudson when he is mean to your private banker view of the world.

          If you think the balance sheet of a Central Bank is hard money you are simply displaying your ignorance.

          Point me to where MMT demands that central banks maintain the smallest possible balance sheet relative to the size of private bank balance sheets?


          There is nothing inconsistent between MMT and central banks offering zero interest deposit accounts to everyone. Deposit accounts on the Central Bank balance sheet are just as much credits as deposits on the balance sheet of a private bank.

          A nice big fiat Central Bank balance sheet accessible to all the citizens is too much democracy for the likes of you.

          If some gold bugs still prefer to bury gold bars under the lemon trees in their backyards that is matter for them and of zero interest to me.

          If Skippy wants to keep all his assets in the form of short terms investments at Gran pappys private bank and earn some interest good for Skippy.

          Though of course you hate people having choice don’t you.

          A private banker “tankie” never changes its spots.

          • Always with the knee jerks, tiresome.

            Firstly if your memory functioned you would know I don’t trade in the staawck markets nor live off interest on idle money in banks since the GFC – I work and invest in actual businesses that employ people at a local level.

            You lost me at tax payer during your emotive filled diatribe, no I don’t put Hudson or Lars on some pedestal for worship and diverge on a few things centered around agency and contracts serving Corporatism, of which banks are a part of, although not leading the agenda. I respect them, but then there are many – many more than that.

            Furthermore I’ve mention that I don’t ascribe to MMT or PK based on emotional bias, but on the information that constitutes their body of works and its methodology in arriving at it. Quite the departure from your offerings IMO.

        • Jumping jack flash

          “Remember interest is a risk premium,”

          Interest stopped being a risk premium around 1999. Certainly around 2008. There needs to be risk for there to be a “risk premium”.

          This was especially true in 2008 when the banks stopped needing to worry about risk entirely because they were suddenly “too big to fail”. Then every policy after that just reinforced that fact – the continued IR manipulation down to zero, soon to be negative, and now QE. There is no risk.

          If interest was a “risk premium” as you say, and yes, once upon a time it certainly was, then in the realm of negative interest rates the economy should be running at infinity. We all know this is not true.

          You should consider interest as more like a tax paid to banks now.

  9. happy valleyMEMBER

    Time Person of the Year – without a doubt, Jerome Powell, saviour of the financial universe. How great is America.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Boring and so yesterday – it’s party time. Where’s an invite from Reus to the next relos party?

  10. El Trumpo on today’s jobs figures:

    “Hopefully George [Floyd] is looking down right now and saying there’s a great thing happening for our country. It’s a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody.”

      • I seriously think he is at risk of assassination. You can’t keep poking the dog like that and not expect repercussions.

        • I would have thought that the people most likely to assassinate someone (gun toters) would be in support of Trump, and therefore not likely to kill him…?

          • That’s what I’ve thought for ages. But his taunting of black people could well push a particularly militant one over the edge.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      And won’t it be just marvellous when George and The Donald can eventually catch up in heaven?

    • Wasn’t there an anti 5G protest a few weeks ago that had few thousand? Don’t remember the politicians getting up in arms about that or involving the courts.

      • I don’t think they marched though, so easier police. The BlackLivesMatter protest had turned into a march of 10,000.

        At least that’s what Gladys seems to be saying. More likely it’s that Ray Hadley didn’t tear pieces of her and the police Minister when he heard about the 5G protest.

  11. Interesting interview from 1984 with KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov. He was stationed in India, defected in 1970 and ended up in Canada.
    According to Bezmenov only 15% of KGB efforts were spent on espionage, and 85% on what was called ‘ideological subversion.’ This was a long, multi generational, 4 step plan where a country was basically softened-up, and the groundwork was lain to slowly instil the socialist agenda into peoples minds. Final take over would then be accomplished through the ballot box or by force. People from politics, media, academia and also writers were invited to the Soviet Union and encouraged to push the ideology in their home country. Unbeknownst to these people they were considered useful idiots and the first to be eliminated after take over.
    1- demoralisation, and
    2- destabilisation were implemented by introducing moral relativism and forcing equality/social justice.
    3- A crisis, was created and
    4- Marxist-Leninism implemented, which was called ‘normalisation’.
    Titbit: the interviewer is G. Edward Griffin, writer of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’; required reading if you are interested in the history of central banking.

    • roylefamilyMEMBER

      Maybe not.

      G. Edward Griffin (born November 7, 1931) is an American author, filmmaker, and conspiracy theorist. Griffin’s writings promote a number of views and conspiracy theories regarding various of his political, defense and health care interests. In his book World Without Cancer, he argued in favor of a pseudo-scientific theory that asserted cancer to be a nutritional deficiency curable by consuming amygdalin

      • Wikipedia: “Built as the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, the reality can’t be more different. Anonymous Wikipedia editors control and co-opt pages on behalf of special interests. They forbid and reverse edits that go against their agenda.”
        Sharyl Attkisson, investigative journalist, on astroturfing and manipulation of media messages:

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Leninism was a Right wing deviation of Socialism and not left libertarian Marxist at all.
      One of my favorite Chomsky clips explains this here.
      7.30 to the end if this clip articulates perfectly how the propaganda systems of both the USSR and the US worked together to incorrectly labeled the destruction of socialism by the USSR as”Real Socialism” all be it for different reasons, leading to massive and widespread misconceptions to this very day about political reality. Anything uttered by the establishment today, in any country, on the subject of political ideology is mostly just hogwash.
      Like calling China Communist when really it is just an Authoritarian military dictatorship run for the benefit of a small number of Oligarchs,…not that much different than American Plutocracy,…just without the pretend Democracy.
      If something is not democraticly run and controlled by the people then there is nothing “Left wing” about it at all.

      • I don’t want to get into a discussion regarding the semantics of the different political factions, endless and to my opinion pointless discussions follow that deflect from basic truths: socialism has never and will never work. It looks nice in theory but when you involve the human factor it falls apart. The same could maybe be said about capitalism, although what we have now is so far removed from capitalism it’s not funny. Big government that micro manages or hands out monopolies is more of a problem I think.
        In the description I was using the words Bezmenov was using, and for myself it was interesting to see that the agenda he described has been playing out for everyone willing to see. Especially regarding the captured media/academic complex pushing progressive thought. There are also a few parallels with how China is operating and trying to win ‘hearts and minds’.
        In another interview Bezmenov mentioned that Sun Tzu was required reading at the KGB academy.

        • ” It looks nice in theory but when you involve the human factor it falls apart. The same could maybe be said about capitalism, although what we have now is so far removed from capitalism it’s not funny. ”

          Capitalist: Socialism has never worked
          Socialist: we have never had proper Socialism

          Socialist: Capitalism has never worked
          Capitalist: we have never had proper Capitalism

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          In the description I was using the words Bezmenov was using, and for myself it was interesting to see that the agenda he described has been playing out for everyone willing to see.


          The western world has spent the last 40-odd years selling off public assets, destroying public services, diminishing workers rights and wages, undermining democratic processes, allowing private entities vast amounts of influence into Government and policy, militarising, embracing consumerism, and you think it’s the *socialists* who are taking over ? What ? Because ladies can get divorced and p00ftas can get married ?

          • Hahaha! You really are something Smith.
            Always being the valiant White Knight fighting for the downtrodden, the women, the homos. Yet you are perfectly happy to have cultures invade Australia that consider women second class citizens and chattel, and who think that the best way to treat homos is by throwing them from high buildings. You must have a special mind that can hold such dichotomous thoughts. Are you a bit special Smith?
            Or is it all just part of residing in the ‘World of Smith’? You know, that bubble you vegetate in which is impervious to facts, logic and rational thinking. Tell me something Smith, rumour has it you are leading a 100% green and renewable existence by having your head so far up your cloaca, that you can feed yourself by ingesting and recycling ad infinitum your own urine and dung. Is that true? Quite an accomplishment really. Who said Aussies can’t do innovation hmm?

          • ErmingtonPlumbing, trying to reply multiple times but no luck, bot keeps disappearing my comment.
            Wasn’t using hateful words either as far as I know. Try again, my comment was:
            ‘We have seen capitalism being corrupted ‘in last 40-odd years’, and people are justifiably sick of what we call capitalism these days. And as people in the ‘west’ have forgotten the horrors of socialism, and where it eventually leads, we are now ready for the corruption of socialism. Keep skinning the cat one way or the other.’ And then I mentioned where to look for who is financing the different political factions, as none of them could exist without their consent and approval.

          • I’ll try saying it in a different way.
            Let’s say after WWII most western countries started out with capitalism. It starts out ok, but then after a while it gets more and more corrupted by groups that can force certain self interested policy. People get sick of what is called capitalism and are ready for ‘change’. So we try socialism. It starts out ok, but then after a while it gets more and more corrupted by groups that can force certain self interested policy. People get sick of what is called socialism and… et cetera.
            Nothing really changes, the same group is laughing all the way to the bank and people are so blinded that they can’t work out who are the real wardens of their prison cel.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            The western world has spent the last 40-odd years selling off public assets, destroying public services, diminishing workers rights and wages, undermining democratic processes, allowing private entities vast amounts of influence into Government and policy, militarising, embracing consumerism, and you think it’s the *socialists* who are taking over ?

            Because the Western World has also spent the last 40-odd years dismantling the cultural identity of the dominant White Christian male patriarchy that existed here before. The patriarchy that the enlightenment took place under, the patriarchy where the rights of the worker was championed. The patriarchy that prevented attacks on families, by animus filled feminists and corpratists and individualists who champion and promote singleton living and the avoidance of the hard work that raising families, is only surpassed by the unending stream of mass migration and diversity.

            If you think the two are not connected then you only have half a brain – culture matters and we are reaping the dysfunction that was sown by the culture war of the 60s and the celebration of the individual over society.

            Evil isn’t the pursuit of a better society, it is the pursuit of individual freedoms at the expense of society.

          • buttzilla 24/7

            ass-backwards m8, the enlightenment was absolutely crushed by Abrahamism. It is the very reason we have returned here.

      • You are right ErmingtonPlumbing.
        If there is an elite, they can use any -ism to oppress the people, and they don’t really care which, as they will always have the good life.
        That is why the most important and fundamental issue is who is the elite that is in control of money creation and how is this power used. This question should come before any talks about politics.
        If people don’t start with the basics and take their grievances to The Hamptons or 33 Liberty Street, nothing is ever going to change.

    • roylefamilyMEMBER

      However the video is very good. The interviewee gets straight to the point. The USSR was not socialist. It was a state capitalist regime.

      • I think the ideal of socialism is used to project a more fair and equal world view, and in doing so lures in the disenfranchised.
        But time and time again it ends up a nightmare. Communism is but the next step after socialism has been accepted.

        • It is not a natural step. Because of its broad appeal and superior ethical position and economic outcomes, totalitarians use the appeal of socialism to gain power and then once they have it, revert to their hard right ideology. These people were never socialists.

          “The power elites use ultra-leftist methods to appropriate assets… and once they’ve go them they share among themselves in an ultra-rightist way.”
          -Pu Zhiqiang on Chinese Communists

          Communism and totalitarianism are much more aligned to conservative right-wing ideology than socialism. Is the Chinese Communist Party nationalist? Do they use nationalism to foment support? Are neo-Nazis nationalists? Is Nationalism a right-wing ideology? A cursor examination of the facts would suggest that yes is the answer to all these questions.
          As much as you can draw a direct line between socialism and liberalism, you can draw a direct line between communism, nationalism and conservatism. The primary goal of CONSERVatism is to CONSERVE power for the elites. This is pretty much what Communism does without using the veneer of democracy that many western nations have.

    • stats were similar when it comes to CIA or other similar agencies … excluding Mossad that used large resources to hunt nazis in south America

    • Thought he was struggling to get finances a little while ago.

      It should be noted that he also has white stains on his jeans in the photo.

      • Ahmmmm… it’s uh.. paint… yeah… just paint! … pay no mind to his unshaven palms, those two things are completely unrelated!

  12. Mitchell Stuart

    One interesting aspect of US immigration is that African migrants far outperform legacy African-Americans. Income, imprisonment, welfare use are all much better for African migrants than African-Americans.

    There are (Black-only) youth science programs in the US that cannot fill a single seat with African-Americans, instead are flooded with applications from African migrants, and so 100% of places go to them.

    These African migrants are incredulous about the current situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylAh9VjLTiU&feature=youtu.be

    What is keeping African-Americans down is probably the culture and behavior of the group, as well as systematic poor parenting, rather than racism.

    As the African migrant in the video pointed out:
    When a Black kills a Black: “Snitches get stitches!”
    When a White kills a Black “Black lives matter!”

    • Holding down a job and being respectable is seen as ‘acting white’. Best stick with ebonics, ghetto and ganster culture ’cause that’s what being a real black is about.

      Best move on from LaShonda naming, gangster swaggering and thug-life glorification.

      Contemporary black culture is toxic.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yes. That’s the problem. I’m sure if we only had a time machine, an arsenic laced peanut butter and bacon sandwich, and the ability to rewrite Footloose with Kevin Bacon’s character as the villan, that things would be much better for Americans generally. Especially those in family trees subjected to centuries of oppression and poverty.

      • Who wouldn’t listen to a guy named Killer Mike talk about peace at a news conference in a top bearing the logo Kill Your Master?
        Seemed to escape any media scrutiny or comment.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I see a class issue being manipulated by a #fakeleft into a Racial one for simple divide and conqure reasons.
      The left proffessional class establishments types hate the working class of all skin colours.

      Disproportionate incarceration and murder of black people is happening in America and their are certainly Racial and historical dimentions to this but it is also important to remember that double the number of White people are also murdered by the police in the US every year!
      Less per capita for sure but the per capita difference narrows dramatically when comparing to only Working class and poor whites.
      Police brutality and incarceration for minor offences is a problem for all working class and poor Americans all of whom are under attack by a ruling plutocratic establishment who don’t give a Fk about them.
      Without widespread Working class Solidarity no threat to the status quo exists.

      • In USA it’s both, class and racial issue combined

        but class is a dirty word so none, even fake left is ever going to mention it

      • migtronixMEMBER

        You need glasses and a new hyme sheet – get off the class crep you’re a small business owner and you won’t even employ a worker!! FFS

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Concerned your gains and enjoyment of the status quo might be under threat Mig?

      • In US Police is violent, not racist, last year they killed 756 people ( mostly to protect themselves), 399 of them were whites, 209 blacks (it s high but their crime rate is much higher too).Studies have not seen any correlation between skin color of the cops and those who got killed.

        IMO the fact that 54% of blacks kid do not live with their dad is a big issue, ask any teacher the problematic kids are very often without dad. #BlackDadsmatter

        By the way here in Oz, non-indigenous have a Higher death rate than indigenous prisoners (since 2003)

        There is so much BS around at this moment it s ridiculous to have to fact check everything

        • Super Phoenix

          What is wrong with having to fact check everything? I mean, if you are going to make a decision based on a certain piece of information, you’d better double-check, triple-check that key information. After all, information without two independent confirmations is weak and information without a single independent confirmation is meaningless.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Ermo you should check out Jesus Hotep (Bryan Sharpe) being interviewed by Alex Jones


        I’ve posted and commented on it below already, it is not a particularily long or boring discussion and gives a good point of view of an African American male on things like BLM, the media class and many of the topic already discussed above like.

        “how as a black man you will never be handed the microphone unless you conform to a particular narrative.”

        Which is a similar theme that the likes of Chomsky or Piliger continuously mention in their own interviews.

    • The real cause of the problem is something no one dares to mention anymore.
      Co-discoverer of DNA, James Watson, dared to a few years ago, being old enough not to care about his reputation anymore.

    • I wonder if any of the funds from the BLM charities will go to those in India where the lowest caste ranges from similar to even darker skin tones and face probably one of the most vile examples of skin colour discrimination at this current time on top of being in a developing country.

  13. Very odd that China would destroy these Coronavirus samples on 3rd January.

    According to the official WHO timeline, on the 3rd of January, China was telling the WHO the pneumonia was caused by an unknown entity, and it was not until 7 January that a coronavirus was determined to be the causative agent.

    It’s a strange world sometimes.


    On January 1, Wuhan Institute of Virology’s director general, Yanyi Wang, messaged her colleagues, saying the National Health Commission told her the lab’s COVID-19 data shall not be published on social media and shall not be disclosed to the media. And on January 3, the commission sent this document, never posted online, but saved by researchers, telling labs to destroy COVID-19 samples or send them to the depository institutions designated by the state. Late Friday [May 16, 2020] the Chinese government admitted to the destruction … but said it was for public safety.

    Strange indeed the public was thought to need protecting from an agent not yet known to be causing any disease.

  14. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    China warns citizens not to visit Australia when they cannot anyway …. ouch that’s just nasty

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Oooh dem Chinese are getting real scary….next thing you know they’ll be threatening not to buy all our children’s homes …….and then where will we be ?

      • Just_Straya_Things

        that’s when our Gov’t will provide a new homebuyer scheme for overseas investors!

        10% down (inc. existing homes), fast-tracked PR, finance with one of our Big 4 – how good is that!

    • The next thing you know the daigou are going to actually bring back and ask for refund on all the milk formula, and so, Colesworth will go into receivership because of that! Oh the humanatee! 🙄

  15. Weird I’ve been trying to write a post that goes to the spam bucket every time I include the term
    v o n M i s e s F i s h e r
    Like why would that trigger the spam bot??

  16. Wonder why my post pointing to further Chinese disinformation in early January keeps being moderated out.

    • Like 80% of these case Steve, I think it’s the bots at work, not usually the MB web masters. The site is built and customised on a purchased platform, I am pretty sure generic, constantly changing comment moderation comes with the package. The generic component probably reflects global trends in abused word sequences. However, the chaps here can also moderate comments manually. I am just drawing this conclusion extrapolating from my many years of web administration. I have no inside info

  17. Very odd that China would destroy these Coronavirus samples on 3rd January.

    According to the official WHO timeline, on the 3rd of January, China was telling the WHO the pneumonia was caused by an unknown entity, and it was not until 7 January that a coronavirus was determined to be the causative agent.

    On January 1, Wuhan Institute of Virology’s director general, Yanyi Wang, messaged her colleagues, saying the National Health Commission told her the lab’s COVID-19 data shall not be published on social media and shall not be disclosed to the media. And on January 3, the commission sent this document, never posted online, but saved by researchers, telling labs to destroy COVID-19 samples or send them to the depository institutions designated by the state. Late Friday [May 16, 2020] the Chinese government admitted to the destruction … but said it was for public safety.

    Strange indeed the public was thought to need protecting from a virus that was ostensibly not known to be causing an infection at the time.

  18. The Imagine rewrite was good a good giggle. It made me think of another challenge. Something to the tune of Miss Freelove ’69.

    I can exec anywhere and I’ll buy back most the shares if you give me half the chance.

    • Give me free debt out of sight, I’m going to grab a pen and write a big junk-rated traaaanche

      • It started out one afternoon a Skype call in from my oak boardroom amongst some special friends.
        Soon some others dialed on in, some vested interests, a President, and printers did soon spin.
        Jerome Powell. (Jerome Powell)
        Come back some time. (Jerome Powell)
        Jerome Powell (Jerome Powell)
        Covid One Nine.

        • Pure genius!

          Nothing more I can add to this master work, except possibly the sound of a money printer going brrrrrr on the guitar high notes near the end

          • The video clip would need to start with trick across a young Liberal type who then says “I bet you think I’m greedy. Don’t you?”

  19. https://www.theage.com.au/national/let-s-not-copy-a-broken-empire-20200605-p55014.html

    “It’s bizarre that America, alone among the developed nations, has no universal health care along the lines of Australia’s Medicare. Barack Obama tried to change that. Even though he enjoyed control of the White House, the House and the Senate for a while, he was unable to get the result he sought. America’s health-care system remains one of its deepest sources of inequality and disadvantage.”

    Obama never tried to create a system like Medicare. He tried to create a public insurer under Obamacare which would be cheaper than private insurers.

    Fairfax should invest in a computer with which to do Google searches for factchecking.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Seriously? Do you have any idea how much copy they would have to dump every day if someone started fact checking it before publication? Delusional.


    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      In the USA, absolute ontrol of Senate needs 60 votes, and Obama never had that.

    • A few weeks ago their chief US correspondent made the common error about happiness in the DoI. The fact check job was done by editors but the Internet has gutted all those jobs and the journalists are on tight deadlines to publish so costly/timely checking is impossible.

    • alwaysanonMEMBER

      My understanding of Obamacare (as an American expat who reads the news back in my other country pretty avidly) was that it was sort of like the Australian penalty at tax time if you don’t have insurance – but for everyone and with no public system to fall back on. So rather than expanding the public system it was about forcing all the healthy young people into the private one to help fund the sick people. It also fixed one of the key wrongs of the system – that you could be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. So it was a bit of a quid pro quo with the insurance industry “I am going to force every American to buy from you but you and won’t offer a public option to compete with you and you in turn can’t deny any of them coverage even if they are already sick.”

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Funny and depressing how attempts to implement something to the privatised right of Medicare got howled down as Socialsim.

      They must think us all hard Commies downunder.

      • buttzilla 24/7

        on the coasts they’re perplexed as to why they don’t have Medicare. In gawds country, yes – we are commie scum. edit: same states that put up dementia-dawg.

    • Lord Winchester EntwhistleMEMBER

      Our fellow member LBS tell us universal HC (presumably with private alongside) does not enjoy support in the USA as Americans are terrified of dying on a waiting list for elective surgery


      Waiting for a survey with higher sample rate so as to tighten those confidence intervals somewhat !

      Whilst I wait, I’ve got the tanning master onto tanning 15 hogshides and the brew master getting 15 hogsheads of ale down to the cellars !

  20. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    My solar system plus battery was installed yesterday. The battery will cover nearly all night time use and gives backup to my fridge/NBN circuit so I can preserve the frozen protein over a short term blackout too (3-4 days). Last 2 month bill was over $700, electricity bills will now be cut by an estimated 95%. If you own your home, don’t have shading issues and have some cash savings in the bank it is a pretty decent return – especially given the recent cuts to term deposit interest rates.

    • What did you put up exactly.
      Any tips on what to look out for?
      Would be very grateful for any useful comments.

      • +1 which battery? We have 10kw of Panels and I’ve looked at Sonnen & Tesla batteries and in NSW (without any subsidy) it doesn’t seem to pay back under 7yrs.

    • PaperRooDogMEMBER

      Mate! You’ve been played. ScoMo says Nev Power & his mates are going to make energy cheap again! Australia is going to use it’s natural advantages to become competitive & we can all have improved living conditions too. In a few months time you are going to look like a fool! 😂 /sarc

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      I second that, we have had a 5kw solar and 3 kwh battery for 2 years, power bill went from $1200 p/a to zero.
      Battery does provide enough for a couple of circuits during blackouts, bot we keep a generator and fuel as back up.

      • I built my own battery system (10kwh traction batteries) (5kwh of Li-Ion)
        charging is from 3kw North facing array 2kw E and 2kw W
        and haven’t paid a penny to the Electricity mafia in over 2 years
        Just in case I have a 8KW generator but I’ve only ever used it 1 / month for maintenance reasons.
        I use and 60 to 80% discharge the Li-Ion batteries most nights, the traction batteries hardly see any use. they are almost always fully charged, I give them one full discharge once per month just to be certain of the capacity.
        I got the Traction Batteries super cheap from several old electric fork lifts.

        • My advice to anyone thinking of getting Batteries is to first understand your usage and look at why you use as much Electricity as you do. It is much cheaper to halve your usage then it is to double the size of the Battery you need.
          This doesn’t mean you need to become a scrooge, it is more a matter of adjusting usage patterns to fully use PV as it is generated and then minimizing the power you use after the sun goes down.

          • MountainGuinMEMBER

            100%. Batteries are great and I’m looking for one with a provider that pays high rates for peak time discharging like Reposit and a few other companies.
            But in the mean time I’ve got timers for hot water, dishwasher, clothes washer to run one at a time during daylight to soak up as much solar PV as possible. Got a timer on the fridge too to turn it off 7am to 8.30 to delay some power draw to use morning PV and off 8pm to 10pm to shift some usage to off peak.

          • Simply adjusting your power usage patterns and PV panel placement can address at least half your Summer power storage requirements.
            So many people are still installing North facing PV when what they really need is West facing PV. West facing PV is ideal for cranking up the AC in the afternoon so that you come home to a cool house and can maintain the cool inside temperature until outside temperatures drop off. We’re very fortunate, in most parts of Australia, that we don’t have hot nights, this makes west facing PV ideal for direct driving your AC.

    • What system / company and how much did it cost? I’m looking at the same idea at the moment.

      • Found Solarquotes to be a very handy source of information when I did mine. Check them out.

      • desmodromicMEMBER

        I’ve recently installed a 7.2Kw system in the Adelaide Hills, panels only. Good quality panels (24) and best quality invertor for $6900 after $4200 rebate from SA government. As installed the current system will pay for itself in ~3 years. We run the heating using solar through the day and have adjusted the timing of some high energy use activities to when we are generating power. We are generating more and using less power than originally anticipated, mainly because we have also improved the thermal insulation in the walls and installed double glazing. The extra expense of batteries didn’t quite add up as all options had a 10 year payback and the gear only a 10 year warranty. Solarquotes is a great resource and I found my installer through their site. Highly recommended.

        • Did double glazing cost a fortune? Unfortunately for me, my heating is gas. Plus I have fireplaces. So going solar won’t cut down my gas bills.

          • desmodromicMEMBER

            $21,000 total for 3 large windows (2.1×2.3) with tilt and swing Euro style opening and one with sliding door, plus 6 standard size windows with Euro tilt and swing mechanisms, plus full height laundry door and side window. Frames are uPVC and it looks good. For what we got and the effect on energy loss, I thought it good value. See here https://www.deceuninck.com.au If you go for fancy wood or aluminium frames the cost is almost double.

          • Locus of ControlMEMBER

            Thanks Desmo for introducing me to tilt-and-turn type windows. Never heard of them before, but having seen them, they look pretty awesome and should I ever build, I’d want them.

          • Reus's largeMEMBER

            I got a quote from a window place to replace sliders double each side, 6m wide x 2.7 high, $6800 for single glazed, and $8500 for double glazed, place in Woy Woy, Brisbane Water Glass.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      About 10 years ago I previously installed a 5kw system with no battery which was nearly all north facing – it was designed for the fat rebate (48c!) we had in WA back in 2010. I achieved payback in under 5 years and learnt a lot about solar.
      For this system the rebate on any units exported to grid is only 7c per kW but for importing from the grid it is 28c so it is all about ensuring I self consume my electricity and import as little as possible. This system is 26 panels facing E, N, W. Note in Perth we have a different electricity usage pattern to eastern states – with very high usage in summer due to those insane heat waves of 40+ degrees for many days so west facing panels are an excellent idea in this city. This system is over 10kW. The battery is a LG Chem which is rated to store 9.8 units. Without the battery my panels would cover an estimated 60-65% of usage. With the battery the system will cover estimated 90-95% of usage. I paid for good quality panels as I want them to last – replacing anything on the roof is pricey due to labour unless you are going DIY. You can definitely buy cheaper gear but have the risk it needs replacement at some point (yellow panels/busted inverters).

    • Jumping jack flash

      Very interested. When I finally sell my soul to the bank hopefully early next year for the biggest load of debt I can take on, I want to at least stop paying gouging electricity companies.
      The idea was a 10kW system and a Tesla battery but they are very expensive. They do come with their own inverter now though, so there’s that.

  21. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I’m so p1ssed off that the court of appeal allowed the Sydney protest march today. I wanted chaos!

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Probably why it’s so quiet on here today. Everyone off at the marches supporting each others’ civil rights and ethical stances on social issues.

      • Because there is nothing more empathetic than a shut-in. Maybe a Sky News talking head. Though, if I’m being honest, I think that here is the place where love flows freest. It’s as if the whole site is forever caught mid candy flip.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          An enclosed virtual space of free flowing candy-floss and free range unicons indeed. I think it’s the mutual love, respect and understanding I appreciate the most.

  22. migtronixMEMBER

    Carlton is looking kinda busy for 5:30pm. Loads of restaurants open and people already there eating.

    Recession is another thing the boomers lied to us about, its a nothingburger and useless people get a couple of months holiday – big deal! We should have them more often…

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Agreed. And the relations parties are in full swing again plus I know quite a few massage lounges that have accidentally opened a bit early in Sydney just as long as to come in the back door.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        No-one has that except for international students, as has been explained above – 3k in the hand every month is nothing to sneer at, the rest of us have to pay 2k to get 3k in the hand….

        • Well I am yet to find out if I get any JobSeeker or JobKeeper money. They are still reviewing my application, can you believe that? Since April when I applied. At least Rudd’s money was in the people’s hands quickly. The Liberals have made everything too hard.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Couldn’t you just find a job? I’ve been slammed by recruiters all week.

            But yes that is pretty disgraceful.

          • Yes I’ll be working harder to find a job now. I wanted time off to do a few things after working non-stop. I’ve been doing lots of work around the house and other projects, but none of which pay bills. 🤣

  23. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I’m getting so sick of my very important comments disappearing into the ether! It’s making me very jaded.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Odd. Usually you’re gagging for it. A bit of rigour and discipline I mean. But yes, they should know better.

    • Blame me for that. Stopped subscribing because of it, months later when it appeared stable (no complaints evident), re-subbed and bang it’s happening again!

  24. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I think we’d all agree that it’s ace to see on the news tonight that auctions are going off. Boom times ahead for sure

    • Yeah even Coreliar was umming and ahhing about whether to print a negative this week for Syd. Last min -0.05 tipped it for the week…
      Date Sydney(SYDD) Change in daily Melbourne (MELD) Change in daily
      6/06/2020 173.23 -0.05 155.87 -0.08
      5/06/2020 173.28 0.03 155.95 0.00
      4/06/2020 173.25 0.03 155.95 0.01
      3/06/2020 173.22 0.05 155.94 0.03
      2/06/2020 173.17 -0.08 155.91 -0.05
      1/06/2020 173.25 -0.02 155.96 -0.04
      31/05/2020 173.27 -0.01 156.00 0.03

  25. migtronixMEMBER

    “Moses, this is the Lord thy God, commanding you to obey my law. Do you hear me?”

    “Yes, I hear you I hear you. A deaf man could hear you”

      • migtronixMEMBER


        “Yes your highness?”

        “oh Bob, do I have any openings this man might fit?”

        • migtronixMEMBER

          “the peasants feel you have no regard for them”

          “what?! The peasants are my people. I love them.


        • Well we could use a new wine steward your Highness.

          I’ve got a great corkscrew!

          • migtronixMEMBER

            “we are so poor we don’t even have a language, just this stupid accent”

          • Torquemada; do not employ him for compassion
            Torquemada; do not beg him for forgiveness
            Torquemada; do not ask him for mercy
            Let’s face it, you can’t Torquemada anything!

    • Thanks for the share, that’s a good article. Very topical for Oz right now, we have a lot of the same concerns as the Zambians but none of the official outrage, and none of the violence, yet….

  26. Just got home to find an overwhelming petrol smell over my property. Very close to servo so figured tanker was unloading but no. Wandered around, checked the cars and nothing amiss. The smell only goes away occasionally when I can smell woodfire smoke but then petrol smell comes back. I’m starting to worry my neighbours may be insane. Maybe it’s an LNP member burning evidence

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Probably a vent from the servo’s underground petrol tanks. They would have a flashback device so no real danger and would only vent out when pressure builds up due to temperature or atmospheric changes.

    • Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

      Maybe a leaking pipe at the servo?
      The gasoline vapour can diffuse through soil layers and along service routes.

  27. haroldusMEMBER

    My sister is about to finish her PhD on Federal ICAC. And is applying for an anti-corruption job with the UN.

    She is so annoying.

    • If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure that you’d find her annoying even if she wasn’t a more decent human being than yourself.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Its imprudent to assume such things as being obvious Arthur.
          Get with the times Man/Woman/Gender non Binary

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          As a parent of twins who are boy & girl, it is amazing how often I will get asked if they are identical when they’re standing right there.

    • has she got opinion on why Australia is not implementing anti-money-laundering agreement?

    • migtronixMEMBER

      “The media have been on us about that,” a speaker said at one point, to which several people shouted back: “F— the media.”

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      You can still say arse, and in a country as messed up as Straya arse and its multiple variations are well suited. I encourage everyone to use arse as much as possible, particularly arsehat.

  28. BigDuke6MEMBER

    Anyone got thoughts on haoma mining. Got delisted and people talk about it on hot copper

    • I find it concerning how many Americans I know have a problem with anti-facsist movements…

      When I point out which way they are their culture tend to lean, their still not sure of quite what I talking about…

      I point out that running as far away from socialism as you can doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in a good place; i am generally met with with blank stares or straw men versions of what I’m actually saying.


      • The next afternoon, speaking from the White House Rose Garden, Trump reiterated that promise as flash-bang grenades echoed nearby. Peaceful protesters, demonstrating against nationwide police brutality against people of color, were sent screaming and sprinting away. “In recent days, our nation has been gripped by professional anarchists, violent mobs, or, arsonists, looters, criminals, rider rioters, antifa and others,” Trump told reporters.

        Experts called Trump’s designation an “empty threat” that would be challenged in court. But it wasn’t a new idea: Last year, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, R, co-sponsored a bill to brand anti-fascists as terrorists. – snip


  29. I wonder how that fund performance is going with mkts back to highs and $A at 70?
    As they say past performance no guarantee of future performance. I do wish you boys well however.

  30. GunnamattaMEMBER

    I hope everyone has their popcorn ready……..

    Former trade minister’s ‘wellness’ business owes $1 million to underworld figure

    Former Liberal trade minister Andrew Robb is running a health and wellness business partly funded by convicted drug trafficker Shane Charter, the biochemist at the centre of the Essendon and Cronulla football doping scandals…….


    The former minister in the Abbott and Turnbull governments came on board to boost the start-up’s credentials and for his extensive local and international political connections, particularly in China.

    Mr Robb retired from politics in 2016 to become a business and political consultant, most recently advising the Victorian government on its decision to join China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative.


    Mr Charter is nicknamed “Dr Ageless” because of the network of anti-ageing clinics he once ran that dispensed human growth hormone and peptides to wealthy clients, athletes and underworld figures.

    The former weightlifter came to prominence in 2013 after it was revealed he was the biochemist responsible for sourcing some of the “supplements” used by the Essendon Football Club in its controversial doping program.

    The 57-year-old, who is a close associate of Mongols bikie figure Toby Mitchell, is known for getting into sometimes violent disputes as part of his money lending and debt collection businesses.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I kind of like the idea of ScoMo’s government being so sure of having turned things around they are looking for some clear air to go to the electorate with…….only to see headlines linking an ex tory Minister who has already taken Chinese money for selling out Australian interests and advises a State government on China links to the criminal world.

        • Wellness centers [tm] in both the U.S. and O.Z. are rife with corruption and links to dirty money. Went through that model back in the day with Richard Smith whilst tracking down flows.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      That nice Mr Charter must still be kicking himself for collaborating with such a poor character as Andrew Robb.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      A very diplomatic business associate had some dealings with him when he was a minister. The interactions sounded very odd. (Edited: want to be a little diplomatic.)

      • Well, AR had declared some pschological issues before he dropped the block on Turnball as opposition leader. Perhaps it beat the dog ate the homework excuse.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “Mr Robb retired from politics in 2016 to become a business and political consultant, most recently advising the Victorian government on its decision to join China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative.”

      One of the Conservative Partisan fkhead radio “personalities” on 2GB was having a big dig on Dan Andrews and his China ties the other day and then went in to praise ScoMos criticism and firmer stance against Dans CCP ties.
      I come across so many boomer customers who’s entire world view is formed by 2GB that they think the LNP is on their side,…Fcvken idiots!

      • Andrew Robb seems to make some strange choices for a person who should have a fairly solid financial presence.
        – parliamentary pension and all its perks.
        – consultancy money – almost $900,000 a year from the Chinese company that was allowed ,with his blessing, to purchase the port of Darwin.Treason actually, that one.
        To be in the position of owing one million dollars to a convicted drug dealer with motorbike gang associations is bizarre.
        You would have to be spending it quickly to need to make that kind of loan.
        You couldn’t spend that on coke if you tried.
        Gambling debts?

  31. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    I don’t usually watch (or listen to a lot of interviews) however WFH has allowed me the opportunity to listen to more of them.

    Believe it or not this is the first one I’ve ever listened too by Alex Jones (who Mig has informed me is a giant Trump turd sucking lacky), but the reason I listened to it wasn’t for Jones but to hear him interview Jesus Hotep, who I came across through my interest in crypto.

    From there I cam across of few more of his words from time to time, especially in regards to his experiences as a black man and “how as a black man you will never be handed the microphone unless you conform to a particular narrative.”

    My interest in Hoteps further increased when I did a little research on them and found out how much they vehemently dislike white liberals, who they consider to be extremely rac!st in their condescending and patronizing views towards African Americans – essentially determined to rob African American men of the own agency.

    Which is where a lot of the Hotep’s criticism of BLM movement resides, describing and viewing it is a white liberal organisation used to manipulate black opinion.

    If you do some research about Hoteps you will generally find that they are described thus:

    “defined a hotep as “a person who’s either a clueless parody of Afrocentricity” or “loudly, conspicuously and obnoxiously pro-black but anti-progress.” These are black people who believe that sex!st responsibility, politics, and gender roles are pillars of honor and tools to overthrow rac!sm. As such, they consider g.a.y and feminist “agendas” to be strategic attacks against the fight for Black liberation. They over-indulge in conspiracy theories about everything from aliens to the illuminati and tend to lean towards faux-African motifs and accoutrements in their day-to-day lives.


    But of course if you then take the next step to see where and from which cultural quarters these views mainly originate, you will generally find they come from the same one that likes to refer to white people as “Fellow White People”.

    Personally I find it interesting that the same enmity which is used to attack and dis-empower white male patriarchal role models, should also be so vocal and scathing towards a black male patriarchal identity – which in reality is in fact a lot of what the Hotep creed is about. Upstanding, masculine, empowered role models rooted in an African male sense of the identity.

    Anyhow, nowadays any identity that is identified as a contemptible backwards enemy of “‘progress'” by that particular part of our societies, is now something I always consider worthy of further investigation, which is why I’ve provided the below link:


    Jesus Hotep on the US race riots, the frequency in respect of the political cycle that these events tend to occur, the role of the “liberal media” and liberals in general have in terms of perpetuating a sense of ‘Injustice’ (which of course is always a great motivator – what better reason to do something than injustice…. even if it is largely manufactured).

    Interesting POV if you can get past Jones’s gravelly voice which sounds as though he has a half formed lurgy in the back of his throat. It only goes for 30 to 40 minutes.

    PS: Those with TDS need not fear, he was only mentioned once in passing.

  32. Good to see the infamous Jane Halton having her halo embellished in the weekend magazine.

    Pity she had to be the public service facilitator for the infamous Tampa event used by Johnny H and his mate Reith to take Australian politics to a lower level than before.

  33. ‘Free money’: Real estate agents flooded with calls about HomeBuilder grant


    But Tom Forrest, chief executive of the Urban Taskforce, which represents property developers, said the scheme would have limited use in Sydney, where fewer packages were available under $750,000. “If I was to be cynical … I’d say it seems to be directly targeted at Queanbeyan,” he said, referring to the NSW town in the seat of Eden Monaro, where there will be a byelection on July 4.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      Cynical? For $750k in Sydney he wouldn’t get out of bed even after the butler had undertaken some hard polishing…….. of his shoes of course

    • If it is targeted at Eden Monaro and Queanbeyan it’s a p1ss poor effort. Not many in that region can afford a $150k reno and $25k is only handy for those already in the process of building.

  34. I know we are all homeowners these days, or about to be, so nobody cares anymore.

    But do people still think house prices will go down or nah?

    • My opinion is that shyte quality housing will get a good walloping. Where as quality houses will remain out of reach. This is because of the crazy costs to build these days. My uncle is a builder and when I showed him my home he told me cost to replicate today was almost what we paid. So basically the land was free.

      I’m sure prices can fall below replacement cost, but my suburb hasn’t been ruined with high rise development yet so I think will remain expensive.

      My guess though is that prices in the area could fall 15-20% over the next couple of years. Not enough for me to hold off buying for a few more years waiting for that to happen.

    • robert2013MEMBER

      I like to think the tide will turn and one day people will put family and country ahead of ideology. However more and more I wonder if I am like Winston in 1984 putting my hope in a revolution launched by quiescent proles that never eventuates. Maybe I too will come to love big Brother.

    • Without knowing the full story it’s hard to form an opinion. Lots of knacker kids in Ireland had attitude and would often ridicule African or immigrants. I once got jumped by a bunch of 20 of them because I didn’t enjoy having a snow ball shoved in my face and pushed 1 of the kids out of the way. Lucky for me I didn’t fall to the ground or I would have got a good kicking. I saw them do it to other passersbys. Kids living in Government housing were the worst.

      Not saying the kids deserved what they got or these are not Nigerian thugs (most likely) but hard to know what events lead to this.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Apparently, the young lad getting kicked posted a white square on his instagram account.

        Basically he refused to take the knee – and for that he had the fcuk beaten out of him, was slashed and repeatedly stabbed in the kidneys.

        It’s not how they keep the working class dividied – it is how they divide our society. They were NEVER a part of Irish society they were imported into it.

        The English did this 400 years before, when they totally transplanted an unruly band of rebellious Scotts from Scotland to Northern Island, creating 400 years of conflict and bloodshed…. and people who consider themselves ‘liberal’ are doing EXACTLY the same thing again.

    • Jim's Central Banking

      All lives do not matter equally. The rich are more valued than the poor and the dominant ethnic and religious group of a country is more valued than the minority groups, of course, if individuals of those minority groups happen to be rich, it’s all good.

  35. So we had mass economic destruction, thousands losing their livelihoods and forced social distancing for the greater good apparently, and it was all overturned just like that for a protest? I hope there is a class action against the government so this social distancing scamdemic can be overturned. And the behaviour by Democrat pollies and Hollywood in the US promoting violence, looting and hatred towards ALL cops? They are showing their desperation and are pushing more people to the right. Some cops are bad like the ones involved in Flloyd death but what will the world be like without any cops? Not all are bad and most are doing their best to do their job while being a target for any crim with a gun, all for 30k p/a. How many cops die on the job in the US? Do their lives matter also? What about these lives? http://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/02/black-americans-killed-in-riots-across-american-cities/amp/
    2020 is the craziest year in my living history

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Yeah just like 2016 was and you brietbart bros still haven’t figured out it’s your fat demagogue doing it…

        • Migs his own man and mind, he does not need me to tell him what is and what isn’t, so don’t cast aspersions for the lack of rebuttal to his views.

          • Hard to rebut a blank statement “Trump is behind the riots”.

            If that’s what he means.

            Left-wing, pithy, difficult to understand and for the most part unsupported… it’s a known formula

          • If that’s what your bias filters contort what mig said ….

            Please deconstruct what mig said to arrive at that conclusion.

          • I don’t think it’s possible to reliably determine what he means. Similar to the majority of your posts.

          • Idiot web commenter: “U r dumb”

            Normal web commenter: *coherent message with some level of evidence*

            Genius web commenter: “U r dumb”

          • So rather than answer a simple question of how you arrived at both how you label mig in a slur and then proceed to put words in his mouth, you devolve into some make believe generalized scenario about all comments.

            All you have to do is – show – how you arrived at your conclusions, dusted.

          • Judging from my current convo with mig, it looks like I figured out his message after all

          • I think mig has deeper issues with currant events than Trump, but, Trump is throwing petrol on everything let alone presenting a bad brand image.

        • migtronixMEMBER

          Trump is behind the escalation, yes. Evidence? Check out his twitter feed.

          Dumb, bogany and Trumptard is also a pattern…

          • What escalation?

            Things have deescalated since the National Guard rolled in and Washington DC has been locked down.

            Glad to be the kind of dumb bogan who requires any evidence whatsoever of what I claim

          • migtronixMEMBER

            “Wow! 96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party (and I believe this was before the “GREAT” Jobs Numbers yesterday). Thank you!”

            From the guy who won on calling them RINOs…

          • I’d rather see an armoured car then buildings on fire, small businesses being looted, people being beaten on the streets, etc.

            But I’m just a Trumptard, what do I know.

            Trump was probably responsible for what happened before the MRAPS too.

          • Oh I see … you would rather see people aka citizens take the increasing social dysfunction and looting with a coke [tm] and a smile.

            Then some wonder what the face of neoliberalism looks like …

          • People aka citizens can burn down as many police stations and small businesses as they want, and beat as many random people on the streets as they want, and shoot as many cops as they want

            And the only people they’ll ever hurt are people aka citizens

            Neoliberalism does its best work in Latin America etc. where this sort of behaviour on the part of the mob is just another day.

          • Police stations … ummm wonder why considering corruption and propensity to use deadly force.

            Seems big Corp stores and high end luxury shops are the ones getting the treatment and not mom and pop shops.

            With the end of the old USSR and China some liken the US to inverted totalitarianism, same neoliberalism focused on its own citizens due to increased frictions in its application abroad.

          • Skippy, the stock market went up like 5% in the week of rage. All those high end stores are insured, but even if they’re not, it doesn’t matter. Louis Voutton doesn’t care if they lose a few handbags or if their landlord has to eat the losses from their shop being destroyed. There’s only upside for them, if a traditional law-and-order candidate e.g., Trump is reelected. If that doesn’t happen, then the losses were insignificant anyway.

            The rioters can vent their rage against the police if they want. The vast majority of citizens saw what happened last week as justification for police power. It is likely that the police will get more funding and more fancy toys now that the one week free trial of low-level insurgency has expired. Even if they don’t, neoliberals don’t care. If the police can’t protect them well enough, that’s what private security is for.

          • I’ve got more to say but I can’t get it past the filter or work out what is objectionable about the comment. Oh well.

          • Quite aware of it all, still does not sort out your original comment or how Trump went from a liberal democrat to far rightwing loon pond – without blinking an eye – because there is money in it for him and his.

            I’ve already linked above thread to how far authoritarian right he’s moved since his Oprah days, let alone tweeting out for proud boys to sort it.

            Pinkertons next you say – ???? – misty eyed romanticism always brings a tear to my eyes …

          • buttzilla 24/7

            “I’ve got more to say but I can’t get it past the filter or work out what is objectionable about the comment. Oh well.” – well then you need to reach emancipatory level of education to grasp / wrestle your own cogdis with a ray of introspection, friend.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            “I’d rather see an armoured car then buildings on fire, small businesses being looted, people being beaten on the streets, etc.”

            Lololololol the whole thing STARTED with people getting beaten on street – which Trump immediately turned into a campaign circus.

          • No idea what you’re talking about mig. Do you mean George Floyd? If so, do you mean to say that because the “whole thing started” with George Floyd, that means anarchy must reign across the USA? What did Trump do exactly? The “you loot we shoot” thing? Looting was already out of control when he sent that, and I don’t think the looters are such mindless drones that the Tweet made them do a whole lot.

            As ever you need to unpack your thoughts or just start and end with lololololol.

    • It’s almost like people are stupid and blind.
      Hey everyone should we take some time to assess everything? nah lets just go berserk from day 1 and throw money around to anyone asking for it.
      Honestly this is the bandaid issue to the real problems that everyone loves to ignore which is cleaning up the bad parts of your community instead of wishing people didn’t associate you with the bad parts of your community. And i leave this open and vague because every community has bad eggs which give each race their own bad stereotypes.

  36. Untersberg Mountain

    Spruik on, now it’s businesses for sale …


    Interest in buying a business is exceeding the number of businesses for sale, as buyers look to secure future employment amid the COVID-19 pandemic, experts believe.

    Fortunately there is a handy tip for buyers looking to make an astute move incinerate what meager funds they have left.

    “The sellers aren’t dumping their businesses. Don’t try and offer silly prices as from what we have seen people won’t take them.”

    I can see this going really well…

    • What I’ve learned is that nothing is more bullish than a recession

      People who never had the slightest interest in investment in the past are now keen to buy at pre-rona prices

      To think we ruined our society with mass-1mmigration to prevent recession and then one comes along and nobody cares

      I mean, it was sort of obvious with Japan having a decade-long recession and continuing to be one of the best countries in the world to live in.

      It is almost like elites have been lying to us

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Completely agree, the boomers lied about recessions like everything else.

        • Yeap. This will be retrospectively made the most traumatic incident to happen to Australia since the 90s recession too, so nobody catches on.

        • Nah mate it was tuff. 17% interest rates and all that. It wasn’t easy paying off that $80K mortgage on the inner city terrace in 7 years.

  37. migtronixMEMBER

    “Currently six people are in hospital, including two patients in intensive care. 1593 people have recovered.”

    That war we had on covid, when do we get a public holiday?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      We’ll need a hashtag to get behind to lobby the Govie hard for another Public holiday as most LNP capitalist pigs dont like them (Except for ANZAC day).

      I recommend #BoomerLivesMatter.

      Maybe we could #ChangetheDate of Australua Day and make the 26th of January,…Boomer Day!
      No one want to lose a public holiday.

      Australians all let us rejoice, our Boomers are Covid free,

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Yes well we know you’re priorities are to your LNP boomer cp clients and not us 😘

      • If we are gonna have special boomer days, can we get 1 called Franking Credits Friday first week of the new financial year and Negatively Geared November?

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      – Nice to know nothing really changes.
      – It was good of the Germans to put up so many English language based posters btw. Mein Deutschë sprechen nein gut nein fabre. Helped a lot.
      – The more history films I watch the funnier the brown shirts’ leader character from the Blues Brothers gets.
      – Thank goodness twitter didn’t have to decide whether or not to moderate that clip for publication. 😀

  38. Does this site publish a list of banned words that will send the post instantly to the spam bucket?
    Maybe I could understand it if I was using colourful language, but seriously, why is f i s h and any derivative of f i s h a banned word?
    I cant think of a single thing that I could say about f i s h that would be even mildly contentious
    So I googled f i s h to see if there was some disparaging way to use the word. Wikipedia was useless but Urban Dictionary sure proved educational.
    Maybe we should have f i s h insult competition to see exactly how creative MBers are.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      I have never seen one comment containing so much c a r p in my life. 😉

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Gotta say, this is really p1ssing me off too. It’s never been so bad. I write a heart felt story detailing my recent relations party in all its glory and hit submit and it just farkn disappears and I can’t be farked writing it again.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Obviously the filter is manned by a T r o u t.

      A R a i n b o w T r o u t.

    • Why does this site even have a filter? People swear constantly anyway and we’ve got a guy who more or less just writes Der Sturmer articles about events in the present day.

      • You do understand that minus these filters posters would be using the F(f i s h) word as if it were acceptable in mixed company. This ain’t just a building site we need to be cognizant of the fact that young readers might emulate our behaviour, where would the world be if every one if 4 letter F words were suddenly considered an acceptable part of polite discourse.

  39. migtronixMEMBER

    “Brunswick Street is now known for its trendy boutiques and eateries inhabited by tourists from the ‘burbs,” Maz Wilson, a co-founder and artist at erstwhile Brunswick Street institution Pigtale Pottery, writes in the book Brunswick Street: Art & Revolution.

    “For a few short years, this vibrant neon strip with an edgy mix of grunge pubs, retro cafes, art galleries, comedy clubs, experimental theatre and bookstores was the hottest ticket in town. But soaring rents inexorably pushed out the avant-garde and a raft of cashed-up entrepreneurs and fashionistas moved in.



  40. fake fight against glorified common cold … turned into a fake fight against racism – both part of the great distraction

    • The shades of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have had their lives prematurely cut short by this glorified common cold are looking at you now. I don’t imagine they’re particularly amused, because they’re also seeing the grief of their families and friends.

      Have you ever experienced grief caused by the death of someone you love? It’s agonizing. You are so dismissive about the deaths of others, as though it’s a trivial thing. I can’t imagine what happened to you to make you this way.

      • Fight was fake not the virus
        Damage by virus is unfortunate and unavoidable but damage by government was definately unnecessary and avoidable.

        And yes I lost so far a few people I loved but never wanted to punish or exploit everyone to extend their lives a bit. I never wanted to stop people from driving after my grandfather died probably more than a decade prematurely.

          • Again to suggest a global response was some planned event is high CT stuff, zero data beside high infection rate. To date the best is that it spreads indoors under crowded conditions and through super spreaders, morbidity in elder care is more a case of systematic failure of various health systems and the age care facilities themselves E.g. most driven by market based incentives and ownership – see private equity mobs.

            The rest can be filed under never let a crisis go to waste by the usual suspects.

            Rewriting events to fit into some concocted ideological narrative post facto is a form of Agnotology.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          It wasn’t fake fight against the virus, and in Australia 🇦🇺 it has been successful.

          Had the federal government closed the borders 4 weeks earlier, we wouldn’t be suffering the economic pain we are currently experiencing.

          • our “succsess” was not thanks to government response, at least not more than the “success” in Napoli where measures were same and more late than in Milan yet very few people died
            Simply virus is not spreading in some places regardless of what government does – it never really spread in Australia, even before any measures were introduced … – this is a fact that can be checked and verified … why it didn’t spread we still don’t know

            Sure, Had the federal government closed the borders 4 weeks earlier, we wouldn’t be suffering as much economic pain we are currently experiencing, but that would have been equally the case if they didn’t introduced meaningless lockdowns that did nothing but destroyed economy and inflicted psychological suffering onto Australians

            Number of cases in Australia were directly proportional to number of imported cases because there was almost no local transmission. 5000 of confirmed infected people who arrived (2000 arriving before any measures) failed to spread to virus to even half of that number … Reff effective reproduction number of the virus in Australia was well below 1 even before any social distancing and isolation has been introduced

            so not only that government failed to control border on time (remember F1 and cruise ships debacles) but also destroyed economy by useless and unjustifiable measures based on modeling from another country based on fake chinese data.

      • yeborskyMEMBER

        LSWCHP, agree with you. I’m constantly surprised by the casual way in which posters here pray for the financial and physical annilhilation of an entire generation, for thousands of young families to be bankrupted for taking a chance to own their own homes, while so many armchair warriors, ars*holes and peanuts post stupid, puerile, uninformed, nasty, aggressive, repetitive (choose one or more) responses that merely clog this blog with garbage on a daily basis.

        • Come on … post GFC most the yobs were rubbish service jobs with poor longevity or sharing gig precariat level, many saddled with debt for rubbish certificates [not to be confused with education]. On top of all that big business is still looking to off load any labour costs, especially legacy.

          All whilst the top have, even after the largest transfer of wealth in modernity post GFC have only increased their share. If anything Covid19 has only speed up the process of off loading labour due to profit concerns, not some master plan to screw the unwashed, its baked in one way or the other.

          BTW whats with the owning a house thingy once mobile labour theory became fashionable, first mover advantage is kinda moot these days.

        • who do you think will pay the burden of lockdown depression? old and rich?

          if anything, this destructive response to non-existent epidemic will make impoverished young people further away not only from home ownership but further from a decent food

    • Economic plan – get locals to fill the demand gap until they can jack immigration to the moon.

  41. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Gotta stop doing impossible jobs. Just welded pure titanium mesh only half a millimetre thick. Just too much stress and eyesight not up to scratch compounding the angst.
    Got some tips from NASA site which helped.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Thing is when Obama when president nobody blamed Bush, when Bush was president nobody blamed Clinton.

        Only when Trump is president do you blame someone else for what the US government is doing. Amazing….

        • Interested PartyMEMBER

          reconcile the date difference.
          and…..much of the US gov has been trying to remove trump….or haven’t you noticed?

    • And just about every other communicable disease has fallen off a cliff as well.

      doctorX is completely horrified by that. How dare people clean their hands and maintain higher levels of hygiene. Don’t they realise they are weakening the specie!

      It only took 14 generations of Black Death to get a bit of immunity happening in Europe.

      Bat flu should be a piece of cake.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        I know right! I haven’t even had to have a dose of antibiotics for months.

        • Untersberg Mountain

          A bit of relief from that Ceftriaxone 500mg IM must be welcome. That is one painful injection, bloke!

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Actually it proves what a lot of us hard arse righties said for years about thousands of people clogging up doctors clinics for the stupid flu! They didn’t stop having it they just didn’t go to doctor for crying out loud.

        • “..a lot of us hard arse righties..”

          Huh – I saw you being outed as a lefty above with Skippy offering an assist!


          I spilt my peppermint tea.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            I was hoping you were going to join the love in 007 and all would have been at peace in the MB world.
            You know I have a soft spot for all 3 of you guys.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Yep. Including Chlamydia. But I don’t put that down to COVID. More likely the bushfires.

        And significantly reduced numbers of available koalas.

    • bzunicaMEMBER

      My spouse works as a nurse in a Medical Centre and there has been a huge increase in the uptake of the flu shot. Saw figures of something like 6 million people this year as opposed to 2.5 million last year. Could at least part of the reason be that the flu shot actually works?

  42. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Jebus cannot post anything, I know it’s a great loss

    Oh wow this actually got through

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Was watching the SBS Homeles program… $200.00+ for a ‘room’ with a comfortable matress and a microwave. God bless Australia.

      Oh. That’s a week btw. And starting price.

    • Comes with an XE Falcon Ute. Ran when parked. Will be worth a motsa in 7 years. About the time the property doubles in value.

    • Lord Winchester EntwhistleMEMBER

      Ski.com.au – now Ian and co know how to run a site and forums!

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Asian grocery stores* mate. Not kidding.

      If I wasn’t encircled by BWSs…

      *I can only vouch for ones in the CBD that happen to all be ‘below stairs’ – but that’s half a dozen at least!
      And there’s always the Pancake House in the CBD too (assuming it’s still open all hours^).

      ^I miss Ron. Both of.

      Edit: PPPPP`
      `Seems totally apropos at this point: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor° Performance.

      °Or All Gone in this case.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I take it you didn’t go to last years EKKA then? This wouldn’t have come as a surprise if you had.

    • We are suckers. Come from Chile post-30. Do a cheap English course – get work rights for yourself and wife and free education for your kid. And we’re supposed to help them?

      We are a joke.

      • +1
        I know someone who is here on a visa doing some sort of Business Studies course and working in Aged Care. I noticed them doing their assignment and could see someone else’s name on a report they were copying from. I asked where they got the report from. Apparently as part of the deal of getting the visa and enrolling in this ‘educational institute’ the students are supplied with previous reports / assignments to copy.

      • I think they have to pay for kids education

        the rest is true – 80% of all people on student visas (primary or dependent) are not students but immigrant workers