Jacinda Adern won’t open borders for international students

New Zealand has suffered a mini outbreak of COVID-19 cases imported from returning travelers:

After previously declaring the country was coronavirus-free, New Zealand has now recorded seven new cases within the last week.

All of those cases were imported from abroad, with Ms Ardern on Monday predicting more cases in the coming weeks.

She said as the pandemic continues to grow globally, it was inevitable more and more cases would arrive on New Zealand’s shores.

“One of the reasons we will keep seeing more cases is because we have had a doubling of the number of people in the last month coming back to New Zealand,” she told TVNZ1’s Breakfast, noting the number of arrivals in quarantine had doubled within a month.

“When New Zealanders return home, the likelihood of cases amongst those returning New Zealanders was very, very high.”

Because of these risks, Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has rejected the idea of flying international students into New Zealand to support the university sector:

Ardern said the Government was “not at this point” considering allowing limited numbers of international students into the country.

Australia’s policy makers should take a leaf out of Jacinda Adern’s book.

The announcement that Australia will fly in thousands of international students from July, funded in part by taxpayers, beggars belief.

In doing so, Australia’s governments and universities will greatly increase the likelihood of further COVID-19 outbreaks throughout Australia.

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    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      Say 5000 foreign students in quarantine. And then the hotels leak it to the staff if not enough PPE (e.g. Melbourne).
      All this for their 30K a year in fees minus 2K in hotel bills,, (150 million in) vs the cost of shutting the economy again. (billions…)..
      Minus the vice chancellor salary of 1 million times 8 universities.
      Meanwhile the primary school teachers get a low salary…

  1. Assuming this isn’t another lie, Jacinda has proven she’s better than either of our political parties.

    Sure she ponzis like the best of them in normal times, but the rest seems decent.

    • Jacinda has an election to win.
      An impending election is good for focussing the political mind.

  2. This must be taken with a grain of salt. Ardern has done and will do nothing about the platform she ran on. It’s amazing that she is revered at all.

  3. For the sake of context, it’s probably worth pointing out that she’s making this non-core promise 86 days out from an election.

  4. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Um, this is because the Labour Govt has been caught out in a series of errors at the border that only the truly incompetant could manage. Like letting people into the country and not requiring them to go into quarantine at all due to :”compassionate reasons”, but leaving them to wander around New Zealand while infected. Nobody leaving quarantine got tested. They cant even find the people who have left quarantine to try and test them now. This Govt cant even manage to quarantine 250 people a day, let alone open the border to anyone else. We went 3 weeks with “no new cases” – turns out that was because nobody was being tested. Now that they finally are, we are getting 2-3 new cases a day. Previously we just let those 2-3 people out of quarantine and back into the community with no tests required. The only upside of such mind bogling incompetence is that the National party now looks electable.

  5. Pretty Boy Floyd

    ScoMo will keep the borders shut if he knows what is good for him. The Aussie public has had a gut full.

  6. She is cute and is clearly having fun doing politics. If she follows through with this, she might just deliver the housing affordability she promised.