MB Fund Podcast: Is the recovery driven by Robinhood & Robots? With Kevin Muir (The Macro Tourist) – Updated with podcast audio


  1. DominicMEMBER

    I think it’s fair to surmise that the market will simply not be allowed to revert to fundamentally driven valuations. Even the central banks realise this by now. The printers will continue to hum from now until the bitter end (whenever that is).

    • Agree. It is all just 1s and 0s anyway now. So not even running out of ink or paper can slow this down.

  2. Kevin has forgotten about his Market Huddle episode where they demonstrated the stock market got absolutely smashed in real terms during the last inflationary bout.

  3. buttzilla 2.5D chess

    jesus, everyone knew they were forwarding/fronting orders to hft’s waay back over 2 yrs ago… are ppl this slow???!!??

  4. That was the most confusing Podcast I have ever listened to. I will listen again tomorrow & try and work out what was actually being said. Was he describing a 30 year bubble from now on that no-one needs to worry about? Is it that it is actually true that a government can print & it does not ever matter except one day? I think somewhere in that podcast it was mentioned that USA has a $28Trillion deficit, how does that work, is that just “whatever” or is it important? Is that a number that means something anymore? The thing that I find more odd is that the world economy is earning not much & yet the stock market is at levels of Feb last year when everything was OK? So is everything OK?