UQ VC paid to sell out Australia

Unbelievable. Via Domain:

Liberal senator James Paterson has taken aim at universities’ reliance on international students, using a speech in Parliament to reveal confidential details about the University of Queensland vice-chancellor’s pay incentives to deepen ties with China.

In a late-night speech on Tuesday, Senator Paterson said a whistleblower from the university had given him a copy of last year’s senior staff remuneration report, which showed vice-chancellor Peter Hoj had received a $200,000 bonus based partly on his success in growing the university’s relationship with China.

According to Senator Paterson’s read-out of the document, one of the key performance indicators Professor Hoj was judged against was a “sound and strategic positioning in China” because of its growth as a research provider and it being a “very important source of international students” for at least another five years.

The remuneration report noted Professor Hoj had visited China six times over 2018 and 2019 and the demand for UQ courses from Chinese students had “continued to grow strongly and we will likely end up with 63 per cent of commencing international students coming from China in Semester 1, 2020”.

Professor Hoj was awarded his “significant” bonus in 2019 even though, Senator Paterson said, he had not been as successful against another key performance indicator seeking “greater diversity” in the international student body to make the university more financially resilient.

A hostile foreign power has taken control of QLD’s leading university and it is now threatening the life not just of free speech but the very lives of students themselves.

This goes far beyond any acceptable behaviour by a public institution and is in open violation of Australian community standards if not law.

The Federal Government must intervene by threatening to withdraw funding unless the university:

  • sacks the VC and/or puts in a program of management cleansing of CCP elements;
  • reaffirms its commitment to free speech;
  • boots the Confucius Institute from campus;
  • apologises to Mr Pavlou and offers compensation.

Sure, it sets an uncomfortable precedent. But UQ has already gone far beyond uncomfortable in its CCP embrace. This is a kind of market failure and the Government is in its rights to restore community standards.

Is QLD and its leading university a part of the CCP autocracy or part of the Australian liberal democracy?

There is no grey area.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Glorious Taiwan

    Our educational institutions need to be promoting democratic values.

    Why are Confucius Institutes backed by CCP fascists part of our education curriculum?

    It would be like Australian unis having institutes funded by Suharto during the 1980’s to promote the Indonesian government’s values.

    How about a Marcos Institutes in the 1970’s?

    Not far from having the Hiltler Youth in Aussie primary schools in the 1940s.

    • International education is a farce as it relates to the Chinese. They have formed ethnic ghettos within their campuses and their cities and suburbs of choice. It would make no difference for them culturally to just stay in China and learn remotely.

      It’s time the University sector is forced to be accountable for the appalling outcomes with regard to assimilation of their Chinese student body within our culture.

      English language requirements must be increased, and rigorously tested and independently audited at the start and completion of a student’s degree, as a condition of a University’s accreditation.

      All VC’s remuneration KPIs should be subject to achieving the outcome of better assimilation.

      Right now they’re just playing at being property developers, and with accountability only to their compromised Boards.

      UQ has been one of the most voracious developers in the surrounding suburb of St Lucia. They have spent decades buying up property, in anticipation of Empire Building. All of which predicated on Chinese bums on lecture room seats, and bouncing on student accommodation beds. But none of those Chinese bums could give a flying funk about the future of this country.

      If this isn’t one of the most transparent acts of selling out this country, all to modestly enrich a handful of individuals, I don’t what else is.

      We should all be outraged, and demand action.

      No more hospitable welcome for Chinese students in this country,

      • Hard to disagree with that.
        What I want to know is: why are those international $tudent$ so $tupid? Unless it’s a ticket for residency, then why pay top $ to live in a country where no-one likes you, where you can’t understand the locals, where you can only hang out with your own and eat food at restaurants owned by your own? Where’s the attraction in that?

        • Two main reasons:
          1. Foreign university degrees are/were highly thought of back home – they used to be the path directly into a mid-tier CCP job.
          2. You can be really stupid and still pass in Australia, no exams needed here, only money counts.

          • Surely the CCP isn’t that stupid? Assuming it’s not, then it’s the $tudent$ who are.

          • Stormy Waters

            3/4/5 Path to PR
            6/7/8 Channel for getting capital out of China via PR via property
            9/10/11 backup plan to leave China (i.e. patriarch/matriarch on follow PR kids on parental visas)
            12 Counterfactual is China’s polluted, hive cities

          • Reason #3 Hukuo.

            Almost all the Chinese foreign students and partners in Australia are recruited from the Chinese Hukuo underclass.

            The Hukuo system is Chinese internal pass system based on residency permits.
            Over 60 million Chinese rural peasants migrated to Chinese eastern seaboard industrialisation but never secured a tier 1 or tier 2 city residency status.

            Now 103 million Chinese internal illegals.
            The current Chinese 10 year plan is to move these 103 million internal illegals out of their tier 1 & tier 2 cities by 2023.

            China built the ghost cities to resettle them but they refuse to go.
            Fearing an east coast China mass rebellion, the Chinese government in conjunction with the Chinese criminal syndicates then started exporting then as migrant guestworkers and ‘foreign students’ or whatvef foreign visa loophole they could exploit.

            Over 9.8 million low life Chinese Hukuo have now been exported to Africa Asia Europe US & Australia…

            Being a Chinese Hokou lowlife greatly assists toot chances of securing a foreign visa.

            $2,000 or 10,000 rmb buys an Australian PR for a broken down diseased Chinese Hukuo factory worker or a misfit petty criminal Hukuo with a bad social credit score.
            The Chinese government & criminal trafficking syndicates provide all the fake documents & falsification to assist the export of their social burden to another country.

            Basically what has come into Australia is over 1.3 million mainland Chinese communist Hukuo useless misfits & lowlife – recruited from this pool of 2nd generation peasantry, petty criminals, useless and socially undesirables.

            In China they have no legal internal residency and are denied residency pass, property purchase or rental, public services, education, Health care etc..

            Here they live the dream, in fetid Chinese enclaves living and working illegally as fake TR / students and then we gift them a PR with free Centrelink and Medicare..
            Anyone who has spent time in China knows who is or isn’t a Hukuo underclass.

            But if you have any doubts – go ask a mainland born Chinese who is here on a PR or TR…

            🔻“Where were your parents / grandparents born?”
            🔻“What is your Chinese Hukuo status?”
            🔻”What is your Chinese social credit score?”
            🔻“How come you have 2 or 3 identities?”
            🔻“How come you have TB, Hepatitis etc but were still allowed into Australia?”
            🔻“How come you own 4 x 2 Bed units (full of 6-8 or more Chinese subletting cash in hand bunk share) when your income is $40k fixing phones in a shopping centre?”
            🔻Where does your money come from?”

            They are basically Chinese slum clearance being aggressively exported including as mules to launder money into Australia safe haven residential property, run the vice drugs and labor rackets, send back remittances & be the advance guard of Chinese colonisation.

            Our border control & visa filters are set for the absolute lowest bottom of the barrel scrapings China can dump into Australia.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Do you think this is unique to the Chinese students? Have a look at the Indian and Napalese. Yes they largely come here to work illegally, but they also never assimilate and form ghettos. We do a bad job of this all round.

  2. Wow.

    I am no fan of Paterson at all (although his hair is very 1940s-ish) but I can walk and chew gum at the same time. Bravo.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      You just need to remember someone like Paterson isn’t doing this sort of thing out of any sense of principle or ethics.

      Eg: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=626073987965795

      I’d be also willing (and eager) to lay down a whole bundle of pineapples that he’s in full support of the for-profit model of higher education that has produced this outcome.

      Fundamentally, this is just a standard-issue conservative attack on academia.

        • Ideological purity is not just in the thought but also in the bearer of the thought.

        • I think you’re missing the point that he’s trying to have it both ways… drive university funding down to force them to rely on international students to fund their research while at the same time complaining that the universities are relying too much on international students. It’s just a shame that most Australians aren’t smart enough to see that the ideology of these wingnuts is completely inconsistent and irrational.

          • Time to separate education delivery from research.

            Two functions corrupting each other.

            Education focused on Australian students, funded by Australian students and taxpayer.

            Research to be funded through government (for research we need), and through commercialisation (research where there is a need that can be capitalised on). Research can in part fund itself by selling its insight to the educating function for the purpose of developing curriculum.

            Time for some radical thinking and a paradigm shift for the better.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            The system worked fine before the neoliberals and right-wing culture warriors sank their claws into it.

            There’s no need to separate “research” and “education”. Those two things are complementary – what do you think the point of a PhD is ?

            There is a very good reason to separate “job training” and “University”. But their conflation is the result of excusing business from its part of the social pact. Universities shouldn’t be teaching people how to do jobs. Technical colleges and businesses should be teaching people how to do jobs.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          LOL. Black-holed. Let’s try this in parts.

          So you’re saying that this is ok?

          Is what “OK” ?

          Superficially, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything illegal that’s gone on here, and delving into the morality and/or ethics of a situation usually gets one branded as a bleeding-heart, justice-warrior lefty and therefore wrong.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          The corruption of our higher education sector is scandalous, but the example above is only one – arguably minor – aspect of it. More importantly, the cause is not “China”, “China” is just an implementation detail.

          The cause is the commercialisation and corporatisation of the education sector, which has gone hand-in-hand with the general culture-war vilification of academia, education and knowledge as things of intrinsic value.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          We have spent decades creating a culture where academia outside of profiteering is viewed with something between bemusement and suspicion, because it’s pretty much just people who think stuff like systemic discrimination and transsexuality are real.

          As usual, the biggest cause of our problems, is us.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          OK, so it’s either the URL to a particular online retail store, or the mention of the specific book.

          Look up a book called (apologies) Sc13nc3 M4rt. Author’s initials are PM.

          • Thanks for the considered response drs

            Always like your comments

            I wonder though , aside your valuable comments, have UQ gone too far and if so , irrespective of the cause, is there not value in calling it out ?

          • drsmithyMEMBER


            I wonder though , aside your valuable comments, have UQ gone too far and if so , irrespective of the cause, is there not value in calling it out ?

            There is value in knowing about it, sure. But terrible people are still terrible people even when they occasionally do something you might agree with. Even Mussolini got the trains on time, etc. Intent matters, and Patterson’s intent here is almost certainly to attack and create mistrust in UQ as an institution, rather than out of any real concern that the VC is being incentivised to attract Chinese investment and the implications thereof.

            Personally – and UQ was my alma mater – I’m appalled by their behaviour around this issue, in particular their treatment of Drew Pavlou, and have written some strongly worded emails to that effect, which I’m sure were just skimmed and binned. But fundamentally this is being driven by the commercialisation of the higher education sector and abandonment of academic principles and leadership, So I recognise it is an outcome that has been produced by the incentives under which the organisation has be restructured to operate, and that the only way to “fix” it is to address those incentives – otherwise this problem will just resurface at some point in the future, in a different way.

            Now, “calling it out” suggests some sort of concern based out of principle. Implicit in this, IMHO, is a belief that other sorts of similarly ethically or morally questionable behaviour would be “called out” as well. I’m being a bit pedantic here, but words are important because we can’t have rational and useful discussion without a common and consistent understanding of their meanings.

            Since there is somewhere between zero and fvck all likelihood James Paterson raised this issue for any reason other than playing politics, it follows that there’s no reason to expect he would call out any similar – or worse – behaviour – at a University or in any other institution – on any timetable except his own. That is pretty much the only point I was raising originally.

      • The identity or motives of the person revealing the information isn’t all that relevant here. The unis are being widely criticised, and rightly so given their deplorable behaviour. If the unis weren’t engaging in scandalous activity, they wouldn’t be getting criticised.

    • because theres a general expectation of not working in this manner? It needs to be put in law then.

      • Business people are allowed to promote their products to potential buyers.
        I think that young Aussies will soon realise that UQ is selling something they don’t want to buy.

      • Well, it’s not treason.
        From that report, it’s hard to tell which US laws that guy broke.
        Don’t get me wrong, I wish this behaviour could not occur.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Correct. Let’s have a look at this statement from the article:

      “This is a kind of market failure and the Government is in its rights to restore community standards.”

      Er, no. Where’s the ‘market’? The inducement to be educated here in straya is the promise of PR — there is no ‘market’ here, this situation is a direct result of Gubbermint policy. So, we need to patch up another loop-hole that was ultimately intended anyway?

  3. Can’t we deport hoj back to Denmark or wherever he is from for being against the Australian people??

    Foreigner needs to go back home

  4. DingwallMEMBER

    Not really the VC….. it’s the top dogs and the Board who provided him with direction and assigned and undertook his performance measures and reviews. They should be hung out to dry … preferably in down-town Wuhan.

    • As much as the VC is complicit, totally agree it’s the board who needs to be held accountable.

      • DominicMEMBER

        Indeed. Somebody wrote this performance clause into his contract.

        Actually, I know somebody on the Board – I may have a word.

  5. BabundaMEMBER

    A hostile foreign power has taken control of QLD’s leading university

    I can confirm this is not hyperbole

  6. I’m a quarter way through an MBA with UNSW. Our lecture material, readings and any other material that is uploaded to the online portal for students is available in Chinese and English.

    • Treasonous Twiggy

      Aren’t you supposed to complete the degree in English? Isn’t it a basic requirement to understand English at an advanced level?

      • Yes. The level of English I’ve encountered is atrocious. It’s quite odd, if you’re going to do a course for PR, you’d do something cost effective and easy, like accounting. I don’t understand the rationale behind doing an incredibly expensive paper when you have no ability to grasp the concepts.

  7. Unbelievable indeed, UQ has just been exposed as a corrupted entity; any self-respecting prospective student should avoid UQ like the plague in my humble opinion.

    • DominicMEMBER

      In a quasi Govt role? Ha ha ha ha ha

      Failing at what you do doesn’t get you sacked from a Govt role. Multiple charges of kiddy-fiddling might have them ‘review’ your employment. But it would have to be really bad.

  8. this is caused by corporatisation of public (state) universities in Australia

    was anyone expecting anything else?

  9. One of the real culprits is Peter Varghesi, Chancellor, who set these kpis and approved the bonus. He is a known “international” (and one of the architects of Howard’s open the floodgates mass immigration policies).

  10. robert2013MEMBER

    If Gladys Liu can remain in Parliament, Hoj can remain at UQ. This is what it means to live an economic zone, not a nation.

  11. Time to separate education delivery from research.

    Two functions corrupting each other.

    Education focused on Australian students, funded by Australian students and taxpayer.

    Research to be funded through government (for research we need), and through commercialisation (research where there is a need that can be capitalised on). Research can in part fund itself by selling its insight to the educating function for the purpose of developing curriculum.

    Time for some radical thinking and a paradigm shift for the better.

    • DominicMEMBER

      drsmithy would disagree.

      He’ll be along any minute to chastise you with some woke wisdom. I mean PhDs – what would we do without them? Probably live in caves, no doubt.

  12. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    You are aware that Peter Hoi has been selected to be one of the Uni representatives in the government Foreign Interference Taskforce, along with Catriona Jackson (Universities Australia – with close links with the Australia China Business Council) ?

    The irony is not lost…

  13. Based on the media conference yesterday re meat/ china seems might be a lot easier and more apt to just cede Qld to China.